The “60 Years of James Bond” Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 28, 2022

The stars came out to honor the world’s favorite spy and also to wear some really nice watches for the cameras. We thank them for their service – especially this week, when the red carpet pickins tend to be slim. But don’t worry, kittens. We’re not so grateful for the content that we’d forget to be bitches about it. Come judge with us.



Alisha Boe in Emporio Armani

It’s cute and sexy; not really pushing any envelopes or reinventing any wheels, but then again, that’s not what this night is about. It’s about snagging free luxury watches – and hers is nice.



Daisy Edgar-Jones in Alessandra Rich

This design is not really working for us. It’s less about the belly cutout and more about the belly cutout in combination with that kind of awful lapel and the bracelet-length sleeves. The latter make good sense for a watch-modeling event, but the proportion on everything above the waist look a little dicey to us.



Daniel Craig in Tom Ford

Nothing to nitpick here, although he looks like he’s over the whole Bond thing for good.



Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Sabina Bilenko Couture

Oof. We’ll be blunt: we hate this design. It’s over-complicated, white satin is a terrible idea in general, and the proportions are awkward. We can’t imagine how irritating it would be to have to carry half a wrap around all night.



Hayley Atwell in Sabina Bilenko Couture

We’ll say this: the ladies are well supported and look spectacular (even if the tan line is a bit tacky). The dress design? Kind of an eyesore, to be honest. The pale blue doesn’t suit her and it looks dingy paired with a metallic gold. The corset is awkwardly unflattering and the purse is just plain hideous. Lady, you deserve better than this.




Oliver Jackson-Cohen in Dior Homme

A tuxedo jacket with a turtleneck just looks dumb. Love the shoes, though.



Will Poulter

Meh. The watch is nice, but the mismatched blacks bug and the shape is kind of unflattering.





[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag/Cover Images, Suzan Moore/PA Images/INSTARimag/Cover Images]

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