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Posted on November 08, 2022

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Let’s be fabulous all day today. It’s TUESDAY. Normally, we’d tell you to pull up a chair and do nothing all day but you’re not allowed to do that unless you go out and VOTE today (said to the American kittens; all others can take a seat promptly). We’ll be going around and checking for your I VOTED stickers shortly.


The New Face of the Balmain Blaze Bag, Cher Talks Fashion, Politics, and Boyfriends
Cher is in a very good mood. Not just because she had a great time in Paris walking the runway at the Balmain extravaganza in September—she is the current face of the Balmain Blaze handbag—but because in the shadows during that trip was her new boyfriend, and doesn’t a new boyfriend make everything fresh and exciting? Is he the person in those recent pics of her holding someone’s hand that have gone viral? She confirms that yes, music producer Alexander Edwards is the guy, and yes, she is starry-eyed.


55 Thanksgiving Movies to Put You in the Holiday Spirit
The perfect pregame to the big feast.

Stretchy pants on. All judgements cast aside. Nothing says Thanksgiving like nursing a full belly while watching a flick with the fam. And there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a film that outright celebrates the day of the turkey or prefer something a little less on the beak, our curated selection of the best Thanksgiving movies is the list that just keeps on giving. Brimming with heartwarming comedies, artfully crafted dramas, animated classics, and even satire that wants to eat you alive, this cornucopia of cinema has something to satisfy every La-Z-Boy lounger. Plus, there’s enough here to hold you over until it’s time to peruse the best classic Christmas movies and Lindsay Lohan’s forthcoming holiday films.


Is Cuticle Removal Even Necessary?
Celebrity manicurist Stephanie Stone and beauty brand founder Jin Soon Choi share their expert takes.

One of the most essential steps in nail maintenance—aside from filing and polishing them to absolute perfection—is cuticle removal.
Your cuticles exist to protect your nails from bacteria and infection, experts say. Whether your local salon technician uses a cutting tool and flick of the wrist to get the job done, or you prefer the precision of tiny scissors at home, a smooth nail bed is essential for a long-lasting polish finish—but is this step in the care process actually doing more harm than good? “I know it’s really satisfying to cut your nails to see a clean look instantly, but this is a big no-no,” nail expert and beauty founder Jin Soon Choi tells BAZAAR.com.
To get down to the nitty-gritty facts of the matter, we consult Soon Choi and celebrity nail artist Stephanie Stone to get their thoughts on removing and cutting cuticles.


My Policeman Star David Dawson on History, Hope, and Harry
The powerful period piece, streaming now, looks at love and longing in 1950s Britain.

“I’m a history geek, so I love looking into periods of time that are very different to our own,” Dawson says. “I was really drawn to Patrick, and the question of how someone like hims not only survives but thrives in 1950s Britain. Out of necessity, he had two different personas, the public one in which he can achieve everything he wants, and then the private. There were very few places he could authentically be himself and I liked exploring the vulnerability of that and someone who, like all of us, just wants to find love.”


A New Era of Diamond Origin Transparency Is Here
How De Beers is setting the standard for ethically mined diamonds, while baking philanthropy into the company DNA.

Is it time we all knew exactly where our diamonds came from? The mining business has long been mired in controversy, plagued by issues around how and where natural diamonds are produced. It’s an unfortunate fact that some of the stones glittering on your fine jewels don’t come with a guarantee that they have been obtained via ethical, regulated, and safe means.
That is, until now. There is an industry-wide effort to usher in a new era of transparency in diamond origins, with leaders like De Beers setting the standard—and prioritizing philanthropy.


Why Lenny Kravitz Is Still a Menswear Icon
Ever since he made his debut with Let Love Rule in 1989, the singer has cultivated the same love-worn, pheromone-soaked and unbuttoned style. And it still looks fresh, too. One image that comes to mind is the rockstar at this past 2022 Met Gala. The 58-year-old artist (and father!) wore a dainty but sturdy corset that hit right under his chest, highlighting a delicate black lace shirt. It was all bits excessive and glam.
Every detail merely amplified the singer’s style legacy. Kravitz has been a seemingly ageless heartthrob with an unapologetic oft-shredded style to match since before some of last night’s nominees were even born. He is the purveyor of the flare! The mesh tank top! He has always shown off his sculpted biceps and Zeus-like pectorals, and why not? Kravitz has it; he should flaunt it, and he has, memorably, in his everyday style and in his own videos.


A Look Back at Princess Diana’s Hair Evolution—Including the ’90s Pixie Cut That Changed It All
“Don’t mind me, I’m just over here wondering if I can pull off early Princess Diana hair,” wrote one Twitter user, joining a chorus of voices sounding off on the late royal’s signature crop while bingeing the last season of The Crown. The historical drama’s fourth-season installment inspired a new wave of frenzy around the Princess of Wales’s singular style—her feathered shag in particular. And as fans brace for the new season, out November 9th, the mania around her famed coif continues.


Philadelphia Man Brings Joy to a Weary World by Eating 40 Rotisserie Chickens in 40 Days
Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch Alexander Tominsky take his final bite.

On October 8, a then-unknown man Tweeted a photo of himself tightly gripping a fork and knife as he prepared to tear into the rotisserie chicken on the plate in front of him. “I would like to Invite you all on a journey that I am on,” he wrote. “I am eating a rotisserie chicken every day for 30 days. Today is day 11. I will keep you all updated as I get closer to my goal.”
That well-seasoned, sodium-laden journey stretched from 30 days to 40 days, and it came to an end over the weekend on a pier near a Philadelphia Walmart with a crowd of hundreds cheering every bite.


Vlasic Created a Scented Candle That Looks Like a Jar Full of Pickles
Apparently, producing a pickle jar candle isn’t easy.

As a journalist, my job is to recognize trends, not judge them. Do I personally need candles that smell like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a dive bar or Swedish meatballs or soup or a burger, fries, and shake or cereal or stolen lemonade? No. (I actually don’t think I’ve ever lit a scented candle in my life.)
But clearly, people are interested in these amusingly scented candles. That explains why McDonald’s, Miller Lite, Ikea, Campbell’s, Shake Shack, General Mills, and Chipotle have all gotten into the scented candle game. At a time when bizarre promotions seem to be the most effective promotions, the idea of turning your brand into a candle is — like a candle’s flame — hot.


Emma Thompson’s Third Act
The actress and screenwriter takes on a musical.

Emma Thompson has what she calls “the habit of continuity,” an impulse hardwired into her by her parents, Phyllida Law and Eric Thompson, who were both actors and children from broken families. Thompson, who has been dubbed a Presbyterian in the high church of celebrity, still lives on the West Hampstead street where she grew up. She shuttles between London and a lush remote glen above Loch Long, in Scotland—where, in 1959, her parents paid three hundred pounds for a cottage—which was the rural idyll of her childhood. Those two places provide her with an “unassailable context” that protects her, she said, from her “capacity for self-deception.” She added, “I’m surrounded by people I’ve known since I was a child. They’re not going to put up with me being grand.”


Sylvester Stallone Gets Candid About Career, Regrets, Feuds: “I Thought I Knew Everything”
At 76 years old, the Hollywood icon is still fighting: On his battle for the ‘Rocky’ rights, the future of ‘Rambo,’ his pivot to TV (‘Tulsa King’ and a reality show), and the time he turned down $34 million for a movie role.

You’ve said before, “They say people don’t change, but they do.” How have you changed these last 10 years?
“A tremendous amount. In the beginning of my career, I was celebrating the fact that I had made it to the point of obnoxiousness. “See, I told you!” That kind of thing. When I look back on my quotes, I think, “God, a little humility would’ve been nice.” I was just with Ralph Lauren and we were talking about our success, which we call “luck.” People ask, “What’s the formula?” And he goes, “There is none, is there?” I go, “No, you just keep doing what you do naturally, and sometimes you arrive at a place you never expected to be.”


Why Alanis Morissette Dropped Out Of Last Weekend’s Rock And Hall Of Fame Ceremony: “Hollywood Has Been Notorious For Its Disrespect Of The Feminine”
Alanis Morissette was scheduled to perform a duet with Olivia Rodrigo at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend. The duo reportedly rehearsed on Friday, but Morissette opted out of the Saturday night performance. They were supposed to do 2022 inductee Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” together.
Morissette indicated via a lengthy statement on her Instagram page Monday that it had nothing to do with Rodrigo or Simon or any of the other female inductees. She went on to list a number of problematic behaviors in an “industry that is rife with an overarching anti-woman sentiment” including “condescension and disrespectfulness, reduction, dismissiveness, contract-breaching, unsupportiveness, exploitation and psychological violence (and more).”


90 Best Christmas Cookies That You’ll Want to Make This Holiday Season
Homemade sugar cookies, anyone?

If there were an official season for cookies, it would definitely be the Christmas season. Not only is baking cookies a perfect winter activity, they also make great gifts for your foodie friends or contributions to Christmas parties. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas cookies for you to bake this season, including German Christmas cookies, Italian Christmas cookies, and even some cookies you can make ahead of time. Of course, once they have cooled, it’s time to get down to business and decorate the Christmas cookies, such as drizzling icing on top or dipping in chocolate with sprinkles!
We all know that Santa isn’t the only one who will be munching on these delicious Christmas treats. From bar cookies to traditional sugar cookies and gingerbread men, there’s something on this list for everyone. Whether you’re bringing a platter to a cookie exchange or planning to devour the whole batch yourself (we support you!), these recipes bring the perfect amount of cheer to the Christmas season. Plus, these festive cookies, alongside other Christmas desserts are the perfect way to end any holiday dinner that you may be having. It’s time to bake!


Martha Prefers Artificial Christmas Trees—and the Reason Why Just Might Convince You to Make the Switch
During an interview with Today, our founder definitively shared her choice regarding the fresh or faux Christmas tree debate.

While Christmas is well over a month away, Martha—ever the holiday enthusiast—is already getting into the festive spirit. Our founder recently stopped by Today to talk all things Christmas, and was asked whether she prefers to put up real or artificial trees ahead of December 25.
This popular holiday-time debate makes the rounds every year, and while Martha has set up, decorated, and loved both iterations in her many homes, she knows what side she’s on. “I absolutely prefer artificial trees now,” she said. “I do not want the needles all over my house.”


Queen Consort unveils her ornate new cypher
Like King Charles III’s, as is tradition, Her Majesty’s new monogram incorporates Latin into its design

Following the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III’s accession to the throne, the Queen Consort has unveiled her own personal royal cypher. Reportedly selected by Camilla from a series of drawings, the cypher was designed by Professor Ewan Clayton, a calligrapher on the Faculty and Academic Board of The Royal Drawing School, in collaboration with Timothy Noad, Herald Painter and Scrivener at The College of Arms.
The royal cypher features Camilla’s monogram, ‘CR’, which incorporates the queen’s initial ‘C’ for Camilla and ‘R’ for Regina, Latin for Queen. The letters are shown in gold and swirled writing, interwoven around one another below an image of a crown.
The first time it will be seen by a large audience will be when the Queen Consort lays a cross at the Field of Remembrance.


‘Extremely rare’ furniture belonging to Marie Antoinette will be auctioned by Christie’s
The French queen was well known for her love of beautiful objects

Marie Antoinette is returning to the small screen in a new show dedicated to her life. Titled Marie Antoinette and starring German actress Emilia Schüle in the leading role, the eight-part series will tell the story of the wife of King Louis XVI. However, this is not the only return of the ill-fated queen to public consciousness: over the course of Paris Classic Week – a Christie’s sale devoted to classical arts – the auction house is offering a day dedicated to possessions once owned by the monarch.
Two pieces of furniture once belonging to the Queen of France will be available to purchase, including an ornate chest of drawers and a detailed armchair. Estimated between €800,000 to €1,200,000, the chest of draws is a fine example of the ‘Chinese-style’ lacquer technique, known as Vernis Martin. The piece was delivered to Marie Antoinette at the Château de Compiègne in 1770 together with its twin, now at Versailles. Described as ‘extremely rare’ by the auction house, it is decorated with gold and vermilion lacquered detail and stands on curved feet.


Bob Dylan Breaks Down 66 Classic Tunes in His New Book
“The Philosophy of Modern Song” offers commentaries on a range of music, written in the singer’s unmistakable lyrical style.

Come with me, and let’s stand in the rain of the clauses and sub-clauses in Bob Dylan’s devious new book, “The Philosophy of Modern Song.”
Dylan has rounded up 66 songs, from Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife” and Webb Pierce’s “There Stands the Glass” to Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and the Clash’s “London Calling,” and he riffs on them.
These riffs, which he flicks like tarot cards through a distant cactus, sound a lot like his own song lyrics, so much so that part of me wanted this to be a new record instead, wanted to hear these lines come croaking up from Dylan’s 81-year-old lungs and past his buckshot, barb-wired uvula.


The Most Beautiful Winter Train Rides in North America
These train routes show the very best of winter in North America.

Winter can be a magical time, so why spend those precious moments at home? Or worse, in the airport security line? Instead, a scenic winter train ride is an excellent way to not only reach your desired destination but also see the most beautiful views of the season along the way.
Sure, train travel takes a little bit longer, but the benefits can be immense. Across North America, anyone can take a scenic ride through mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests for about the same price — or less — as an airline ticket while also traveling in cushier seats and a more relaxed atmosphere. And these scenic rides aren’t just for summer getaways — winter is just as magical a time to ride the rails, if not more.




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