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Posted on November 21, 2022

Aurora Restaurant and Club – Madrid, Spain


Let’s go for chic whimsy today, darlings. It’s MONDAY and we could all use all the help we can get to take this day on. A LOunge full of delights and comfy seating is just the ticket. Settle in and tell us about your Thanksgiving plans, even if they’re only “Eat pizza and binge-watch something.” It’s all good in the LOunge!


Inside the First Night of Adele’s Long-Awaited Vegas Residency
The superstar thanked fans for attending the “perfect” first performance.

Adele has finally taken the stage in Vegas.
The Grammy-winning musician began her long-awaited “Weekends With Adele” residency at the Colosseum in Caesars’ Palace Friday night, several months after postponing the concert series due to pandemic-related delays. During the emotional night, per The Guardian, the singer called the new production “just perfect.”
“Thank you so much for coming back to me,” she said to the audience of 4,000 fans. “It looks just like I imagined it would.”
For the show, the “Easy On Me” singer chose a custom Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown, designed by Daniel Roseberry. The black silk velvet dress featured an off-the-shoulder neckline, elbow-length sleeves, and a drop waist satin sash that extended down the front of the column skirt. The sash was fastened with a piece of statement jewelry, a large gold buckle adorned with abstract nipples and pavé crystals.


Why and How Celebrities Are Boycotting the 2022 World Cup
The soccer tournament kicks off this Sunday in Qatar.
The 2022 World Cup will kick off this Sunday, November 20, in Qatar. The country will host 32 pro soccer teams for 64 matches over 29 days—a first for the Middle East. But despite the historic nature of the tournament, much controversy has risen around it due to Qatar’s politics and policies against women, the LGBTQ+ community, and migrants.
The oil-rich Muslim nation has many oppressive laws targeting women and homosexuals, as well as accusations of free-speech censorship and human rights abuses against migrant workers, particularly domestic ones.
Women in the country continue to need their male guardian’s (father, brother, uncle) permission to make key life decisions, including whom to marry; in some instances, where to study, travel, and work; and choices about the reproductive health. Domestic abuse also remains a massive problem.


Everything We Know About The White Lotus Season 3
Creator Mike White already has ideas for the anthology’s third season.

HBO’s The White Lotus showed viewers a vacation to remember, receiving critical acclaim and 10 Emmy Awards for its sleeper-hit first season. The limited series turned anthology is returning for its second season in a new luxurious location, and the sensational premiere had fans wondering whether the dramedy and social satire will return for another year.
Rather than waiting for the whole season to air, HBO decided to plan another return to a luxurious White Lotus location, per Deadline. The news came only three episodes into season 2, after the premiere’s 7.6 million viewers made the series the most-watched title on HBO Max that week.
“[Creator Mike White’s] courage to explore the uncharted waters of the human psyche, paired with his signature irreverent humor and buoyant directing style, have us all dreaming of more vacation days at the resort we’ve come to adore. We couldn’t be more thrilled to get the chance to collaborate on a third season together,” Francesca Orsi, EVP of HBO Programming, said in a statement.


Naomi Biden Wore Ralph Lauren to Marry Peter Neal at the White House
At 11:00 am on Saturday on the South Lawn of the White House, Naomi Biden, the eldest granddaughter of President Biden, married Peter Neal in front of approximately 250 guests. “It has been a joy to watch Naomi grow, discover who she is, and carve out such an incredible life for herself,” said the President and First Lady. “Now, we are filled with pride to see her choose Peter as her husband and we’re honored to welcome him to our family. We wish them days full of laughter and a love that grows deeper with every passing year.”
The bride walked down the aisle wearing a Grace Kelly-inspired dress by Ralph Lauren. Naomi has a history with the classic American brand, having worn a look by Ralph Lauren on Inauguration Day as well as attending the Ralph Lauren fall 2022 fashion show in New York this past March with her sister Finnegan.


Broadway Musicals Don’t Have Asian Roles. Helen Park Is Changing That.
Of course Helen Park hears the tinkling before I do.
We’re on our second round of beautiful artisanal makgeolli—a traditional Korean rice wine—at Hana Makgeolli’s airy, serene tasting room in Greenpoint when Park asks brewer Alice Jun, “Is there a…bell?” Jun, behind the bar, gestures at the stubby stems of the lovely ceramic vessels we’re sipping from; each hides a tiny chime that jingles when the cup is moved. Park laughs.
It makes sense that Park hears music everywhere. She’s been immersed in it since she was a child in Korea, writing her first song in middle school as a gift to her parents for Parents’ Day. And with the new musical Kpop, opening November 27 at Circle in the Square Theatre, she’s become Broadway’s first Asian American woman composer and only the sixth Asian composer of a Broadway show.


Gwendoline Christie Talks Wednesday and Why Fashion Is a Form of Storytelling
Next week, Netflix’s Wednesday—a new reboot of The Addams Family franchise, with Jenna Ortega as the titular character—will make its grand premiere with a star-studded cast. Christina Ricci—who you may remember as Wednesday in the ’90s films—plays Marilyn Thornhill, Catherine Zeta Jones plays Morticia, and Gwendoline Christie co-stars as Principal Larissa Weems. Working with director Tim Burton has always been a bucket-list career goal for Christie. “I’ve wanted to work with Tim Burton my entire life, and genuinely could not believe that this opportunity arose,” says Christie. “Tim infamously celebrates the outsider and tells stories in the most intriguingly original and uniquely definitive manner.”


Adele Kicked Off Her Vegas Residency in Showgirl Style
Her Vegas-ready look played into Adele’s signature glamorous, Old Hollywood style. It included a black, silk-velvet column gown with a bateau neckline, and was punctuated with a drop-waist satin sash, which was fastened with a golden bijoux buckle adorned with pavé crystals. Like so many of Adele’s winning stage looks, it was modern showgirl attire—one that demands a stage, basically. And with five months of shows to come, here’s hoping that there will be many more custom creations from the fashion house to be unveiled. It’s clearly already off to a strong start.


The White Lotus-Inspired Travel Guide to Sicily
Where to eat, sleep, and sightsee like the HBO hit’s new class of privileged Americans.

There is more to it all than just perfectly Instagrammable moments, of course. Sicily is an island—the Mediterranean’s largest—with an incredibly rich and turbulent history. The earliest signs of human activity here date back to 12,000 BC, and due to its geographic location, it has been invaded, conquered, and fought over by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, and French—all resulting in what is today a vibrant, culturally diverse destination. And then there is its pièce de résistance: Mount Etna, Italy’s largest volcano, that towers over the northeast, as magnanimous as she is volatile.
Much of The White Lotus takes place in the shadow of Etna in the charming clifftop town of Taormina, though our characters do frequently venture off-campus for cultural excursions, whether it’s to explore ancient villages or take a tour of The Godfather’s filming locations. In the spirit of the show’s second season, a T&C travel guide for planning your own idyllic—and, hopefully, drama-free—sojourn to Taormina and beyond.


Dangerous Liaisons Star Nicholas Denton on Villains and Vulnerability
In the hit new Starz series, the Australian actor plays half of literature’s most diabolical pair.

It might be tempting to play a young Vicomte de Valmont as a villain. After all, the rakish Frenchman who makes up half of Dangerous Liaisons’s legendarily gruesome twosome ends up being one of the great bad apples of literature (and film, and the stage). But that isn’t what Nicholas Denton had in mind.
“Valmont is this young cat who’s existed in a well-to-do world with no consequences for his actions; he has an ego complex and feels like he can do whatever he wishes,” explains the actor, who plays Valmont in the new Starz series Dangerous Liaisons, which charts the beginnings of Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’s infamous characters. “But once that world is ripped out from under you, what lengths will he go to get back what he thinks is his? That’s a strong anchor for an actor, and also an audience.”


A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing the Space Under Your Kitchen Sink
A few simple storage solutions will streamline this area, which is a hub for cleaning supplies, grocery bags, and other miscellaneous items.

It may not be very big, but chances are your under-the-sink space is one of the more overlooked and undervalued storage opportunities in your home—but it only take a few minutes to turn this small area into something streamlined and accessible.
Start by examining everything you currently store in this nook. “Due to their awkward size, these spots can often become a dumping ground for your bulk cleaning sprays, grocery bags, and supplies,” says organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal. “The good news for you is that under-the-sink organization is one of the quicker spots to dive into when reorganizing your kitchen.”


These Are the Easy, Essential Salad Dressings Everyone Should Master
Kiss bottled salad dressing goodbye and make your own, instead. It’s healthier, cheaper, and ready in a flash.

Making salad dressing from scratch is a no-brainer. It’s quick, easy, and tastes so much better than any of its store-bought counterparts—and cheaper, too. All you need to do is gather the ingredients and whisk them together. You can even delegate this ultra-simple task to the kids.
Take your salad to the next level by starting with these four recipes. They are the easy vinaigrettes and dressings that should be in everyone’s arsenal.


Adele opens her Las Vegas residency in Schiaparelli haute couture
Her stylist shares her tour wardrobe journey

Adele certainly dressed for the occasion to open her long-awaited Vegas residency, in none other than a dramatic Schiaparelli haute couture gown.
She took to the stage in her look – covered in Lorraine Schwartz jewels – a timeless black velvet and silk column gown with a bateau neckline, a drop waist and a satin sash fastened with a gold buckle.
Adele is one of those celebrities that rarely sets a fashion foot wrong. The secret to her success? Keeping it authentically her.


A Perfume That Actually Makes You Happier? How Functional Fragrances Are Revolutionising The World Of Luxury Scent
When it comes to fragrance, it is as much about innovation as it is instinct, discovers Sali Hughes.

Imagine a world in which wherever you found yourself truly happy – in a forest, a fruit market, nuzzling a snoozing baby – you could capture its unique smell and have it re-created in a fragrance. Where perfume could be made to directly trigger a precious memory, to evoke a specific mood or emotion. Where your perfect scent could be identified by a brain scanner at your nearest perfume counter. Except this isn’t some beauty fantasy, it’s a commercial reality. Modern brands, from niche start-ups to global heritage houses, are applying neuroscience and unprecedented technical innovation to beauty’s oldest art form and attempting to not just make us smell good, but make us feel good. A new generation of so-called “functional fragrances” are set to revolutionise the way perfumes are composed, sold and experienced forevermore.


Ticketmaster Apologized to Taylor Swift for the Chaotic Mess of the Eras Tour Ticket Sale
The company still doesn’t seem to think it’s the anti-hero of the situation though…

Well. The saga of Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift continues.
In a blog post explaining what went so very awry with the debacle that was the Eras Tour presale/lack of general sale, Ticketmaster issued a (very brief, but still technically there, in-writing) apology to Taylor Swift for failing to keep what were apparently multiple promises that it could handle the unprecedented demand the tour generated.
“We strive to make ticket buying as easy as possible for fans, but that hasn’t been the case for many people trying to buy tickets for Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour,” the company wrote in the post, titled TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR ONSALE EXPLAINED. “First, we want to apologize to Taylor and all of her fans – especially those who had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets.”


A Potato Pie for Supper
Try this Renaissance recipe at your next holiday feast

If you’re looking for something unique to grace this year’s Thanksgiving table, we’ve got just the thing: a potato pie from 1653 with a saucy history.
This recipe comes from the volume A True Gentlewomans Delight: Wherein is contained all manner of Cookery: Together with Preserving, Conserving, Drying and Candying, Very necessary for all Ladies and Gentlewomen.
What a mouthful. But that title was devised for people who wanted to eat like the upper crust. The recipes are attributed to Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent. She was in the entourage of two English queens and was also known for her medicinal remedies. After Lady Grey died, a London publisher decided to put out what he claimed to be a collection of her recipes—although they were probably written by her cook.


The incredible shrinking future of college
The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever.

In four years, the number of students graduating from high schools across the country will begin a sudden and precipitous decline, due to a rolling demographic aftershock of the Great Recession. Traumatized by uncertainty and unemployment, people decided to stop having kids during that period. But even as we climbed out of the recession, the birth rate kept dropping, and we are now starting to see the consequences on campuses everywhere. Classes will shrink, year after year, for most of the next two decades. People in the higher education industry call it “the enrollment cliff.”


Holiday traditions aren’t set in stone. You can update them.
Renegotiating your holiday traditions should be a group effort.

Every Thanksgiving for over a decade, Jen Darnell would pack her kids up and hop on a flight from their home in Argyle, Texas, to meet the rest of her family where they live in Las Vegas. As the season approached each year, she dreaded spending thousands of dollars on flights for herself and her four kids only to contend with tension and bickering once she arrived. “There is some fight of some kind,” Darnell, 40, says. “Always.”
Eight years ago, Darnell had a change of heart. She made a conscious effort to only partake in events or people that brought her peace, she says. This particular tradition didn’t. She sat it out — and continued to skip Las Vegas Thanksgivings thereafter. Instead, Darnell and her kids swap turkey for tacos at a local Mexican restaurant, a less stressful tradition. “It seems harsh, but [for] the last eight years I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, I have had the best, most peaceful times,” she says, “with tacos and margaritas.”




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