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Adamo ed Eva Bar and Restaurant – Positano, Italy


It’s FRIDAY! What else do you need to know? Grab a chair and claim a spot in the sky as your very own today.


Who was Babe Paley?
Naomi Watts is taking on the role of the legendary American socialite – but who was she really?

The ‘Queen of New York’ might sound like a big role to take on, but Naomi Watts is up for the challenge. The actress is stepping into the well-heeled shoes of the glamorous Manhattan socialite Babe Paley for the second series of Ryan Murphy’s Feud.
Watts has already been seen on set in New York in character as Paley – complete with luxurious designer wardrobe. But who was she really? Here’s everything you need to know about the high-society it-girl.


Meghann Fahy Understands the Love Games Behind The White Lotus
The actress discusses how her character is “genuinely in love” with Theo James’ Cameron.

“I think the environment certainly facilitates that. Being in a beautiful resort with all of the views and everything, it really does help you just sink into [the tone]. It was an experience that I personally have never had. I don’t travel that way. I think that’s true for most of us who were doing the show. But it was really funny, because when we were shooting there for the first two months, it was [the hotel’s] off-season, so nobody else was staying at the hotel. And then the hotel opened to the paying guests, at the beginning of April, I think.
We were staying there while we were watching [the employees] get ready for everybody else to come. They were shampooing the carpets and they were painting the walls, and there were huge flowers being brought in from every direction. And then you started seeing it fill in with real people. And that was kind of a strange experience, because you’re starting to mingle and sit at the bar, or sit at breakfast, next to people that you’re, in a way, embodying for the sake of the show. So it was pretty interesting.”


Andrew Morton on His New Book, The Queen, and The Crown Season 5
The journalist behind Diana: Her True Story discusses the Netflix drama and his latest royal biography.

Andrew Morton regrets little about his bestselling 1992 biography Diana: Her True Story: not the surreptitious manner in which its interviews were conducted; not the warfare it catalyzed between the Prince and Princess of Wales; nor the way it was portrayed in 2022, on the fifth and penultimate season of Peter Morgan’s drama The Crown. He has only two wistful observations: That so many refused to believe his work was authentic when first published, and that he never got to meet with Princess Diana before her death, to express his gratefulness for their work together.
Indeed, he has Diana largely to thank for his worldwide recognition now. In the years since he became famous for his unprecedented royal scoop with the princess, Morgan has marketed himself as the ultimate expert on the monarchy, writing multiple books about Diana; Princess Margaret; Edward VIII’s wife, Wallis Simpson; Meghan Markle; and Prince William and Princess Kate, among others. He’s also proudly swept through the Hollywood circus, penning biographies of Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Monica Lewinsky, and David and Victoria Beckham. Now, he’s releasing his latest about the woman herself: the late Queen Elizabeth II.


White House Weddings Through the Years
Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden will have a White House wedding this weekend. Here, look back at some of the most famous White House weddings in history.

Since the White House opened in 1800, there have been 18 weddings and four receptions at the presidential residence. Soon, that number will rise: President Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden and soon-to-be husband Peter Neal will have a White House wedding this weekend, on November 19, 2022.
Typically only close members of the First Family or close staff, like Official White House Photographer Pete Souza, who married Patti Lease in the Rose Garden in October 2013, have been able to marry at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The last member of a president’s family to have a wedding reception (or wedding) at the White House was President George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush. Jenna married Henry Hager in May 2008 in Crawford, Texas, and then President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush threw the newlyweds a White House reception in June 2008. Before that, Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodham, married Nicole Boxer in the Rose Garden in May 1994 in a private ceremony and reception.


Why I Started Wearing a Signet Pinky Ring as a Queer Woman
The urge for queer people to signal has been fundamental throughout history. For many in the community, this has given their aesthetics and accessories deeper meaning. As a femme lesbian with a less obviously queer presentation, I want to be seen! Cut to me kissing my wife on the mouth or intertwining our fingers in front of other queer couples to say hello, we see you! Do you see us? Take care! Without my wife, I’m left to solo maneuvers like gesturing to my cuffed jeans, dangling my double gold chains, and waving my floral forearm tattoo, Vanna White style. As a last-ditch effort, I’ll feign reading The Price of Salt. In modern day Brooklyn none of these embellishments are conclusive, further complicating the ritual.


A Look Back at Nancy Pelosi Through the Years
Take a look back at her biggest milestones here.

Over the course of her trailblazing career, Nancy Pelosi has risen from Californian Congresswoman to the Speaker of the House. She is currently in her 17th term in Congress, and recently announced that she has plans to step down from her leadership position. In light of the news, take a look back the politician’s life in photos.


A Life-Long Soccer Fan Wonders: Is It Wrong to Watch the 2022 World Cup?
It’s a Thursday evening in November, and I’m sitting in front of the television, speechless. I have just watched the documentary Geheimsache Katar by sports journalist Jochen Breyer and author Julia Friedrichs, about the preparations for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. In the lead-up, various clips from it had appeared in my feed and on Instagram Stories. So I should have been forewarned.
But hearing with my own ears how women were compared to unwrapped or just-opened sweets by the people in charge onsite, and how homosexuality is described as “spiritual damage,” provided a hard reality check. I feel like actor Matthias Brandt, who, at the end of the ZDF documentary, responds to Breyer’s question about whether or not he will actually watch the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with a resigned sigh and shrug of the shoulders: “I was dreading that question…No idea!”


The Grandest White House Weddings in History
It’s official: this weekend, there will be a wedding in the White House.
Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden is to marry fiancé Peter Neal on the South Lawn, followed by a celebratory reception at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Anything involving weddings qualifies as joyous news, but this one especially so: the American public hasn’t had a presidential family member mark their marriage in Washington D.C. for around 15 years (Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of George W. Bush and Laura Bush, had a celebratory reception in June 2008, although their main wedding took place privately at their family ranch in Texas).
Yet, throughout history, many White House weddings have been held in the East Wing.


This Whiskey Bottle Christmas Tree Is a Festive Alternative to Evergreens
Only 100 of the limited-edition displays are available for sale.

Displaying empty booze bottles in your home after college tends to be an interior design “don’t.” But then again, Christmas is the time of year people drag a dead tree into their house to hang stuff on it, so, really, anything goes. With that in mind, Jameson Irish Whiskey has found a way to combine the best of both worlds: their bottle-based “Whiskey Tree.”


If You Eat One Cheese in Tuscany, Let It Be This
One of the best cheesemakers in Tuscany has opened his scenic cheese production farm to guests, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich Sardinian influence.

Some of the most famous food products of Tuscany are cured meats like salame Toscano, finocchiona, and other rich antipasto staples that transform less desirable pork cuts into something quite magical – a nod to the region’s history of “cucina povera.” The region’s cheese history is just as rich, and one spectacular organic cheese reflects an undersung aspect of Tuscan gastronomy: the influence of Sardinia.


Cher on Dance in the Movies—“I Would Always Go All Out”
In an exclusive excerpt from A24’s new book, On the Dance Floor: Spinning Out on Screen, music icon Cher shares her most vivid dance and movie memories.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sing and dance. They are my first memories. I remember dancing around my living room to West Side Story (1961). I would sing all the parts and dance every single dance, when there was no one else around. I remember my mom would hold me up by my fingers and we would bounce to the music.
From that early age, I’ve spent so much of my life dancing. Someone once summed it up pretty well: when they compared me to why John Travolta was such a great dancer, they would detail all his expertise and form. Then they said, “Cher’s just crazy.” What they meant was, I’m more about losing myself in the moment. I think that’s true. I will always go all out.


A Closer Look At The Racy Costumes In The New ‘Dangerous Liaisons Prequel
For Andrea Flesch, the esteemed costume designer behind Colette and Midsommar, Harriet Warner’s splashy, sexy new Dangerous Liaisons prequel was the project that almost got away. “I first heard about the show three years ago,” she tells Vogue over Zoom. “Leonora Lonsdale, the director, offered me the job, but I was working on something else at the time so I couldn’t take it. They hired someone else but then had to stop because of Covid, and when the other designer couldn’t do it anymore, I accepted.”
The series is certainly richer for her involvement. A ravishing eight-part period piece set in pre-revolution Paris and based on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’s 18th-century classic, it tells the story of Camille (Alice Englert), the soon-to-be Marquise de Merteuil, and Pascal Valmont (Nicholas Denton) before they become the venomous rivals embodied by Glenn Close and John Malkovich in Stephen Frears’s 1988 adaptation of the same name.


Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s Minimalist Engagement Band Was Inspired By Mother-In-Law Jackie’s “Swimming Ring”
As the poster girl for ’90s minimalism, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s jewellery collection was decidedly unflashy. It makes sense, then, that when John F Kennedy Jr proposed to her in 1995, he opted for a pared-back engagement ring that was in keeping with the rest of her wardrobe.
In fact, the eldest son of JFK was inspired by a gold and emerald band that belonged to his mother, Jackie Kennedy, which she dubbed her “swimming ring”, according to Carole Radziwill’s book What Remains. Bessette-Kennedy reportedly told the journalist (a friend whose husband Anthony Radziwill was Jackie’s nephew), at the time that her engagement band, featuring round-cut sapphires and diamonds on a platinum band, was “a copy of a ring [John’s] mother wore”.


Here’s how every villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe compares to their comic-book counterpart
Over the course of dozens of movies and TV shows, the Avengers have fought countless villains. We’ve compared every villain our heroes have fought in the MCU to their comic-book versions. This post contains spoilers for “Doctor Strange 2,” “Ms. Marvel,” “Thor 4,” “She-Hulk,” and “Black Panther 2.”


These Are the Most Popular Pet Names of 2022, According to Rover—Is Your Cat or Dog’s Moniker on This List?
Plus, discover some of the more cutting-edge names that are dominating the trend scene.

Choosing a name for your cat or dog is so personal—but as it turns out, there are a few monikers that are more popular than others. That’s especially true of this year’s batches, per Rover’s annual report, which was broken out by common female and male names.
Interestingly, Rover found that we gravitated to similar pet names this year, regardless of whether we have a cat or pup in the family—which explains why there are several crossovers between these lists.


Use Our Meat Temperature Chart to Determine When Every Cut Reaches the Right Degree of Doneness
From chicken and beef to pork and lamb, when it comes to the perfect piece of meat, temperature makes all the difference.

In our test kitchen, we’re always developing new recipes and working on new techniques for that perfect piece of meat. No matter how we cook it, one thing always holds true: Cooking meat to the right temperature can make or break the final dish.
There is a big difference in juiciness and enjoyability between a medium-rare and well-done piece of steak, and while no one wants raw chicken, they also don’t want an over-cooked bird. To ensure you cook your food to the perfect degree of doneness, buy a good meat thermometer and learn how to use it. Then, follow our meat temperature chart for guidelines to ensure you get it right every time—and don’t forget to rest the meat after cooking.


How Hollywood’s Most Realistic Prosthetic Penises Get Made
As full-frontal male nudity becomes increasingly commonplace on film and TV screens, the prosthetic penis has evolved into a new Hollywood art form. Kirbie Johnson investigates how the sausage gets made.

Viewers may not realize that makeup department heads aren’t just creating glitter tears and historically accurate eye shadow looks for their shows. Artists like Herbert and Donni Davy, the head makeup designer for Euphoria, handle makeup for the entire body, including prosthetics and wig application for areas beyond the scalp, like merkins. Herbert says her job on Minx ran the gamut: body bronzing, corrective makeup to cover tattoos, traditional makeup like eye shadow and foundation, application of facial hair and merkins, and, yes, prosthetic genitalia. There were at least 50 penises shown throughout the series, says Herbert, and about four or five of them were custom prosthetics.


Airport vendors have you right where they want you
Trapped at the gate, drinking a $20 beer.

There are tweets that can change the world. Then there are tweets that can change the price of beer at the airport, at least a little.
In July 2021, one thirsty traveler tweeted out an image of an airport bar menu, which, among other things, included an eye-popping $27.85 beer — Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught, to be specific — in LaGuardia’s Terminal C. It set in motion an investigation by the state’s inspector general, which found that 25 customers were charged “totally indefensible” amounts of $23 to $27 for a beer.
The Port Authority, the agency that oversees LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Airports in New York and New Jersey, released a 35-page policy guide for vendors in May 2022 trying to crack down on airport prices. Under the new rules, vendors aren’t supposed to charge more than 10 percent over “street prices” — meaning what you’d be charged at a supposedly comparable place outside the airport — and they’re required to offer lower-priced food and beverage options overall. There’s even a website that, among other things, tells you where you might find a $2 bottle of water at JFK.


Own an original Polaroid of Princess Diana for just £1,200, as David Bailey’s private collection goes on sale
The legendary photographer has put his private collection up for sale in a ‘lucky dip’ at Dellasposa Gallery, London

Princess Diana, Jerry Hall, Sir Elton John…. the great and the good of fashion, film and music have all been captured by David Bailey. Now the legendary photographer has announced that he has put his private collection of polaroids up for sale in a ‘lucky dip’ at Dellasposa Gallery, London.
For just £1,200, fans can pay to be entered into the lucky dip – where they will select an envelope which contains a unique Polaroid from Bailey’s private collection. The collection comprises 120 photographs, and features images of Bob Dylan, Princess Diana, Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger and Noel Gallagher. The gallery describes the approach as giving ordinary art enthusiasts a ‘rare opportunity’ to own a piece of Bailey’s ‘visual treasure trove’, which he religiously updated throughout his life.


History of Princess Thyra of Denmark’s Sapphire Tiara, as it is placed up for auction by the royal family
The glittering piece will go under the hammer at Bruun Rasmussen, one of Copenhagen’s leading auction house

With The Crown Season 5 on screens and King Charles III’s first state banquet on the horizon, the late Queen’s collection of royal jewels is firmly in the spotlight. Now, would-be princesses have the chance to buy themselves a piece of royal history when one of Denmark’s most impressive tiaras comes up for auction next month.
The Princess Thyra of Denmark’s Sapphire Tiara will be one of several outstanding pieces worn by princesses, queens – and a tsaritsa – that will go under the hammer at Bruun Rasmussen, one of Copenhagen’s leading auction houses and part of Bonhams’ global network, on 1 December.


How to Make — and Drink — an Aperol Spritz Like an Italian
The secret to making the popular Italian cocktail, according to the head bartender at a luxury Amalfi Coast hotel.

Drop into a bar in Italy, or just about anywhere during the early evening aperitivo hour, and you’re bound to see brightly colored cocktails in an orange shade resembling a vivid setting sun. And at the stunning Borgo Santandrea on Italy’s Amalfi Coast — namely, at La Terrazza overlooking the sea and the casual Beach Club bar — you can see both a breathtaking sunset and the vibrant cocktails. The cocktail is the Aperol spritz, which combines prosecco with the unique, bittersweet flavor of Aperol.





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