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Posted on November 17, 2022

Operncafé Brasserie – Graz, Styria, Austria


Oooh, doesn’t this all look gently comforting today? We just love a chic space that doesn’t ask a lot of us. Find the comfiest seat with the most flattering lighting and relax, knowing your plans for the day are fully sorted out. It’s THURSDAY and you deserve this respite as we head into the home stretch.


Dior takes over Harrods with a festive wonderland and fashion exhibition
The two iconic brands have come together, inspired by the magic of Christmas

This festive season, Dior and Harrods have come together, creating a glamorous Christmas wonderland and exhibition, which will delight any fashion and beauty fan. The Fabulous World of Dior – which is open to enjoy at Harrods from now until early January – is a presentation of delights, and brings the magic of the fashion house into the iconic department store.
The exhibition begins outside, where the façade of the Brompton Road storefront has been adorned with an installation celebrating the house – marking the first time a brand has ever taken over the entirety of the store’s windows. Dior motifs, including the compass rose, lucky stars and scintillating flowers – as interpreted by artist Pietro Ruffo for the Dior cruise 2023 collection – will guide visitors along the historic displays, where, once inside, they will then find a fantastic Dior-inspired gingerbread tableau.


Thierry Mugler’s ‘Couturissime’ at Home at the Brooklyn Museum
“Oh, my God!” a starstruck attendee gasped, walking through the Thierry Mugler “Couturissime” exhibition last night. Had they spotted the designer Marc Jacobs walking through the galleries with his husband, or was it perhaps the actor Julia Fox, seen taking in the show with her crew of friends? It was neither. “They have the tire dress here!” they added, pointing with a darkly lacquered extra-long stiletto nail across two galleries, having seen the mannequin wearing a suit made of rubber from the spring 1997 collection dubbed Les Insectes in the distance. “That one is so sick.”
The exhibition—which opened at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art in 2019 and has since made stops in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Munich, and Paris (at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs late last year) before making its final stop here in Brooklyn—features more than 100 looks, as well as photographs, sketches, videos, and even a scented room. Though Mugler was a French designer, there is a certain energy reverberating from having his work here in the city that makes it seem like a sort of homecoming.


Is Broadway Ready for KPOP? Helen Park Knows It Is.
The composer brings a history-making musical to the Broadway stage, featuring real K-pop artists and bilingual songs.

It’s not KPOP’s first time in New York, however. The initial Off-Broadway production received a sold-out, extended run at Ars Nova and was the most nominated show of the 2017-2018 theatrical season. The years since then have been even better to Korean popular culture, with K-pop “idols,” Korean dramas and series, and even beauty products amassing extreme popularity. Sensational performers like Blackpink, BTS, and Twice have galvanized passionate fans from every corner of the globe. In Park’s KPOP, real-life singer Luna—of f(x) fame—stars as MwE (pronounced m-wee), one of the many acts putting everything on the line for a one-night-only concert. MwE has big dreams but an even bigger secret that threatens one of the industry’s hottest labels. It’s a story that both criticizes the ills of the K-pop-producing machine and humanizes the talents that make it work.


Reneé Rapp Is Hitting All the Right Notes
The Sex Lives of College Girls star is ready to take over your playlists.

Reneé Rapp never expected starring in a hit HBO Max series to feel like an “extra little bonus” in her career, but as we sit down to chat just weeks ahead of the second season’s premiere — where our conversation drifts away from Sex Lives of Colleges Girls and towards the upcoming release of her debut EP, Everything to Everyone (out now) more often than not — the 22-year-old can’t help but admit that’s precisely her reality: Her heart is in her music.


This West Coast Train Route Has Been Enchanting Riders Since the ’70s
There’s a moment shortly after Amtrak’s Coast Starlight pulls away from the station in Oxnard, California, when passengers migrate to the glass dome observation car in pursuit of a coveted window-facing seat. The train lunges west, dips down to the sea, and the Pacific Ocean fills the window frame. This view continues for over 100 miles and has been dazzling riders since the route’s inception in 1971. The Coast Starlight departs once daily and takes 35 hours to trek from Los Angeles all the way up to Seattle (and vice versa). And despite garnering popularity for its coastal scenery, there’s plenty more on display when riding along this journey. After traversing California’s iconic coastline the train also soars through sprawling valleys and winds around snow-capped mountains and cascading waterfalls, easily lending it status as one of the most beautiful train routes (if not the most) in all of the United States.


Joan Didion’s Sunglasses Sold for $27,000 at Auction
One of the buzziest items, in addition to the Annie Leibovitz and Julian Wasser portraits of Didion, was the accessory in Lot 5: a pair of brown faux-tortoiseshell Celine sunglasses worn by Didion. The writer was famous for often wearing large sunglasses by the French house and even starred in its eyewear campaign back in 2015, when Phoebe Philo was still at the helm.
These particular sunglasses were the only Celine pair in the auction, though other optical and sunglasses frames—including a Bottega Veneta pair—were being auctioned off at lower entry points. It’s no surprise then that the sunglasses sold for an impressive $27,000—rising up steadily from an initial $9,500 in a bidding war between three anonymous bidders. “They’re nonprescription, so you could wear them proudly anywhere,” said the auctioneer shortly before the bidding began.


Taylor Russell Is Hollywood’s Boldest New Red Carpet Risk-Taker
With her breakout role in Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All alongside Timothée Chalamet, Canadian actor Taylor Russell is having a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. But not only is she one of Hollywood’s freshest new faces—Russell has all of the necessary A-list red carpet style nous to back it up. During the film’s press tour over the past month, the actor has been proving that she’s in a total fashion league of her own, choosing unique looks that stray from the glitzy status quo. No classic (read: boring) gowns here—Russell favors silhouettes that are more experimental and way more avant-garde.


Princess Margaret: A Royal Who Actually Enjoyed Being Royal
The fourth episode of The Crown is a Princess Margaret tour de force, showing how the Queen’s sister adapted the style of royalty into a lifestyle.

Through all five seasons of The Crown, Princess Margaret has remained the steadfast heroine, maybe the only character who almost always earns our empathy and adoration. The foil to the Queen’s superhuman sense of decorum and duty, Margaret is all desire, all vice, all complaints. She is camp embodied, in her jet set caftans and her sadness and cigarettes and teased high hair. She is the kind of person who seems to have figured out exactly how to spend her time doing a job that requires her to do very little indeed. While her sister visits with prime ministers and attempts to provide comfort in times of national strife, Margaret hangs out with naughty celebrities, holes up in Mustique, and gets divorced as a revolutionary act. Some of the most memorable scenes of the show have simply been Margaret walking around, smoking.


What’s the Difference Between a Liqueur and a Spirit?
Think of spirits as your canvas, and liqueurs are highly collectible, colorful paints.

There are only two sorts of visits to your neighborhood liquor store. There’s the efficient, somewhat hurried stop before a last-minute dinner party, that housewarming you completely forgot about, or while you’re on your way to comfort a friend who’s had a particularly grueling day at work. Then, there’s the leisurely stroll through bottle shop shelves filled with charming, familiar labels and grape names. On these visits, you’re more likely to notice and take a closer look at the occasional bottle that you’ve never seen before (and might not be sure how to pronounce), but desperately wish to display on your home bar.


Figgy Pudding Spam Puts a Seasonal Spin on the Classic Canned Meat
Pumpkin Spice Spam was surprisingly popular. Now Spam is taking on the Christmas season.

Seasonal stunt products have become all the rage, so when Spam released a bizarre pumpkin spice variety in autumn of 2019, the classic canned meat brand was more following the pack than going out on a limb. But what was unexpected was just how successful that launch ended up being: Pumpkin Spice Spam sold out in about seven hours.
This year, Spam is at it again with another strange seasonal release — but as odd as it sounds, the brand is pitching their new Christmas concoction with confidence: a Spam spin on figgy pudding.


‘The White Lotus’ Costume Designer Breaks Down the ‘Pleasurable, Juicy’ Looks of Season 2
When she found out that Season 2 of “The White Lotus” would be set in Sicily, costume designer Alex Bovaird knew she’d have to up the ante.
“When people, especially Americans, go to Italy, they dress up a bit more. They bring their A-game,” she says, nodding towards the more beachy and casual wardrobe seen in Season 1, when the series’ rich and morally bankrupt characters cared little about impressing the Hawaiian people surrounding them.
Season 2 also traverses further outside of the White Lotus hotel than Season 1 did — again, because wealthy Americans are more likely to take a holistic interest in a Western European country than in the Pacific Islands, where the resort was treated like it was the entire world. And the more locations there were, the more the costumes varied.


How Keke Palmer Invented “Keke Palmer”
The hilarious and impossibly irreverent actress, the one you know from ‘Nope’ and winning over the internet, is a persona of her own making — and only part of the story: “I also exist outside of this caricature.”

Keke Palmer — the name is a derivative of her middle name, Keyana — is a creation, one that Lauren Palmer has been honing her entire career. The actress, singer and producer says as much in the launch video for her startup, a digital platform called KeyTV. In it, she makes the duality literal, appearing as two different people: Lauren in a beige dress and Keke hamming it up in a sequined jacket. It’s Keke who aggressively courts 11.5 million Instagram followers with daily hits of comedy. Keke’s the one whose flamboyant gesticulation and charismatic storytelling style are sought after by talk show bookers. As for Palmer’s career-shifting performance this summer in Jordan Peele’s $171 million-grossing sci-fi satire, Nope, there’s some Keke there, too. Neither alter egos nor fabrications, the twin identities are merely a distinction Palmer has made to survive and, as evidenced by the year she’s had, thrive in the entertainment industry. “I’m a quirky artist, but I’m an artist, and it’s important for people to understand that Keke is just a part of who I am,” she says. “It’s been a winding road of trying to figure out how to do what I love but also exist outside of this caricature.”


How to Organize Your Linen Closet, According to the Experts
Streamlining this space will make it easier to access bed sheets, bath towels, and more.

Your linen closet is a powerhouse—it holds spare bed sheets, extra towels, and even beauty supplies we don’t have room for in the bathroom or bedroom. But being a storage facility for all of these everyday items means the space can quickly become unorganized. Rather than trying to maneuver your textiles into an already bursting space, opt for a total closet clean-out instead. Start by decluttering—then find a linen closet organization system that works for you.


Ingrid Silva Is Working to Make the Ballet World More Inclusive
“Black dancers don’t get a lot of opportunity to succeed because people don’t believe we exist in this art form,” says the Brazillian-born ballerina. But she’s determined to change that.

Dance Theatre of Harlem, the company Silva has been with for over a decade, challenges that notion, creating a space for dancers of colors, especially Black dancers, to learn and feel seen. “Dance Theatre of Harlem highlights dancers of color and what the stage should look like,” she shares. “I think that’s really important because every young kid who comes to watch us, they see themselves. And that’s the change right there. It’s what made me who I am,” she says.
Being a member of the company is the reason a pair of Silva’s hand-dyed pointe shoes were featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Taking the Stage exhibition in 2020. Silva recalls that her shoes were included in a section about the history of the Harlem dance company and described it as “one of the most memorable moments of my life.” Just two months after that, she starred on the November 2020 cover of Vogue Brasil while pregnant and completely nude except for the brown pointe shoes on her feet.


A royal rural retreat: Escape to the abbey that The Empress’ Sissi of Austria hailed as the ‘most romantic place in Europe’
Sissi, immortalised in Netflix’s The Empress, stayed in the 1880s

Gripping royal period drama The Empress, which was recently renewed for a second season, has captured viewers’ imagination and led to a renewed interest in the life of tragic Empress Elisabeth ‘Sissi’ of Austria.
Now fans of the Netflix series can get even closer to the story by booking a stay in the former abbey tucked away in rolling countryside on the Cheshire-Shropshire border where the empress (played on screen by rising star Devrim Lingnau) lived for more than two years in the 1880s.


Tenoch Huerta Mejía and the Beauty of Representation in ‘Wakanda Forever’
The Mexican actor’s breakthrough moment playing Namor in the “Black Panther” sequel is especially gratifying for the antiracism activist.

“Becoming an actor was as far-fetched as it was for me to become a professional American football player from Mexico,” Huerta said in Spanish by phone from a moving car in Mexico City. “You can’t dream with what you can’t see. I didn’t see people with my skin color onscreen.”
But now, the Mexican star, 41, from the city of Ecatepec just outside the Mexican capital, has leveraged that first taste of the dramatic arts into a blossoming career that landed him the role of Namor, the flying ruler of the fictional underwater kingdom of Talokan, in the superhero epic “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”




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