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It’s THURSDAY and, thanks to an early morning meeting elsewhere, your manly hosts are WAY behind on their manly hosting duties. Spread out, order some nosh, and talk amongst yourselves, darlings.



What Truth Does The Crown Owe the Monarchy?
The Netflix series has come under fire from the real-life establishment it depicts. But what duty does a fictionalized story have to its source material?

Season 5—and the series as whole—is therefore an interrogation, albeit a remarkably gentle one, of what went on behind these closed doors, and particularly how Elizabeth herself impacted the family members in her orbit. The series bears its name for a reason: It is not, for instance, called The Firm or even The Monarchy. It is The Crown; it is about the woman who wears that much groused-over headpiece, and what she represents. The drama is a humanistic character study, not a political thriller or a documentary, and it is often stubbornly devoted to both sides-ism. Morgan said it himself, following the queen’s death earlier this year: The Crown is intended as a “love letter” to Lilibet.


Rebuilding ‘Black Panther’: How the ‘Wakanda Forever’ Family Fought Through Grief and Injury to Create a $250 Million Superhero Tribute
“Wakanda Forever” represents the collective efforts of a tightly knit family of filmmakers working under unimaginably difficult circumstances. On Aug. 28, 2020, the franchise’s lead actor, Chadwick Boseman, died of colon cancer at 43, when Coogler was still developing the screenplay for the sequel; it was an overwhelming loss that also forced a major overhaul of the story. After cameras finally started rolling 10 months later, the production was derailed again when its new star, 29-year-old Letitia Wright, suffered devastating injuries on set, putting the shoot on hold for several months, followed by headlines alleging that she was unvaccinated for COVID-19.
None of this was how making the sequel to one of the most meaningful cultural sensations of the new century was supposed to go.


10 Beauty Advent Calendars You’ll Want for the Holidays
We’ve rounded up our favorites.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to ring in the holidays than with a beauty advent calendar?
If you’re not sure what to buy your loved ones this holiday season, they can be the perfect gift, and I’ll tell you why. First, they’re a great way to try out new products as they usually come with a good mix of full-sized and travel-sized products. Second, they’re a fun way to count down the holiday. Third, it’s a great excuse for pampering yourself.


Who Is Dr. James Colthurst, Princess Diana’s Close Friend in The Crown?
Colthurst served as the go-between for Princess Diana and royal writer Andrew Morton.

James Colthurst met a young Princess Diana on a skiing trip when she was 17 years old. The two became lifelong friends, and he played a critical role in the writing of Andrew Morton’s book, Diana: Her True Story, bringing Morton’s questions to the princess and delivering tapes she recorded for the author. Dr. James Colthurst features in season five of The Crown, so naturally, viewers may be interested to learn more about Diana’s doctor friend.


Mtn Dew’s New Fruit Quake Flavor Is Supposed to Taste Like Fruitcake
The soda brand is putting a drinkable twist on the controversial holiday dessert.

Over the years, fruitcake has become as much of a Christmas joke as a Christmas tradition. (Don’t blame me, I like fruitcake!) Mtn Dew has never shied away from a good joke. Someone just got married to one of the brand’s hard seltzers. And the soda brand is always down to release new flavors. In 2022 alone, we’ve seen Legend, Purple Thunder, the return of Typhoon after 11 years, six new flavors at the Mtn Dew Outpost, all sorts of iterations of Baja Blast, Overdrive, and Code Red Energy.
So now, Mtn Dew is hoping to use their soda star power to reclaim one of Xmas’s most maligned treats: Rolling out nationwide this month for a limited time is Mtn Dew Fruit Quake — a new Mtn Dew flavor with a sweet kick of fruitcake.


‘The Lion King’ at 25: How the Iconic Broadway Show Makes Each Production Different Around the World
In the 25 years since “The Lion King” opened on Broadway, the show has traveled all over the world and played to more than 110 million people. But there’s one thing that often doesn’t translate between countries: the jokes.
“What often does not cross over is humor,” said “Lion King” director Julie Taymor, who has overseen the show across 28 productions around the globe (with nine currently playing on three continents). That’s particularly true of the comic relief characters that are meerkat Timon and warthog Pumbaa. “That Borscht Belt humor, and how we cast it in New York — you have to find the local humor instead. When we were in Shanghai, for the hyenas and for Timon and Pumbaa, we had to find out, okay, where are they from? What is their accent?”


Protester Threw Eggs at King Charles and Queen Camilla
The tense moment was captured on video.

King Charles isn’t about to let a few bad eggs ruin his day.
While greeting well-wishers during a walkabout in York today, a protester in the crowd threw eggs directed at King Charles and Queen Camilla.
In video footage aired by ITV News, the eggs fall and splatter to the ground next to Charles’s feet. He glances at the cracked egg briefly before moving on to greet and shake hands with yet another well-wisher.
The protester, who was later arrested, reportedly shouted during the incident, “This country was built on the blood of slaves,” per The Northern Echo. In response to the egg throwing, others in the crowd chanted, “God save the king,” and, “Shame on you.”


The very best champagne for every occasion
Plus, the modern rules for enjoying a glass

The party season is oh-so close – and this year, the champagne is sure to flow even more freely than before. But are you familiar with the finer points of drinking sparkling wine?
As Oscar Wilde said, “pleasure without champagne is purely artificial”, but how should you consume this most celebratory of drinks – and, most importantly, which bottle is truly the best?
You might know how to pour a glass elegantly, or which brands you prefer to gravitate towards, but what does the modern etiquette of champagne drinking look like? Before the year’s long-awaited parties kick in, we spoke to Daniel Brennan, brand director at Laurent-Perrier, who reveals the modern rules.


6 New American Liqueurs To Try Now
These delicious, US-made liqueurs are designed not just for sipping, but for enhancing cocktails as well.

“This is French tarragon. It’s volatile, so we cut small batches, and it goes under alcohol within 15 minutes. Those bushes are common myrtle. We macerate it for Mirto, which Sardinians use to baste wild boar. And this spiky plant is a cardoon. In northern Italy, it’s prized as a vegetable.”
Renato Vicario was leading visitors around the organic garden he cultivates for his vibrant liqueurs: tarragon for licorice-tinged Dragoncello, cardoons for a barrel-aged amaro. The author of Italian Liqueurs: History and Art of a Creation, he’s been making such elixirs since his childhood in Piedmont, Italy, when his grandmother taught him how.


The True Story Behind Diana’s Bombshell Andrew Morton Biography
In The Crown Season 5, the second episode finds Elizabeth Debicki’s Princess Diana in a dilemma. (A note for the reader: spoilers are to follow.) She’s miserable in her marriage to Prince Charles, who is in love with Camilla Parker Bowles. The press follows her every move—so much so that Diana even fears that her home at Kensington Palace might be bugged. And most of all, she feels trapped. Leaving Charles means potentially sacrificing not only her role as an altruistic public servant but her sons: As heirs to the throne, they’d have to remain behind in England if Diana were to move anywhere else. “I’d love to have a book out there so everyone understands how difficult it’s been,” Debicki’s Diana says to her friend James Colthurst when he tells the princess that a journalist named Andrew Morton is writing a book. “But I don’t want to be responsible for starting a war.”


The Crown‘s hair and make-up artist on perfecting a royal flush and creating Diana’s doe eyes
An exclusive insight into creating those iconic royal looks

The Crown, now on its fifth series, is one of the most highly viewed, talked about shows in recent times. And it’s subjects – The Queen and the many members of the royal family – the most recognisable. The attention to detail on each aspect from the costumes to the character’s accents has to be immaculate, and when it comes to hair and make-up that task falls to Cate Hall, lead hair and make-up artist for The Crown’s last few and current series’.


36 Hours in Barcelona
​​​​​​​​In the 30 years since the Olympics turned Barcelona into a tourist magnet, the pull of the city’s architecture and food culture has only grown stronger. So much so, that the Catalan capital has become a key battleground in Europe’s fight against overtourism. Not all initiatives to lessen the crowds have triumphed: A moratorium on hotel construction survived only a couple of years. But in other areas, the balance has shifted in favor of locals: tighter restrictions regulate Airbnb rentals and the size of groups allowed to visit the Boqueria market. Bike lanes now crisscross the city, and the restored Sant Antoni market is again bustling with fishmongers and butchers. Most strikingly, Barcelona’s “superblock” initiative has turned chunks of the city into car-free, pedestrian playgrounds.


Princess Diana’s Jewellery Was A Symbol Of Her Growing Independence, Says The Crown’s Costume Department
Not many jobs involve five-hour deep dives for buttons in tiny vintage treasure troves nestled by the Sacré Coeur. But then working in The Crown’s costume department is not just any day job. Foraging all over the world for minute outfit details, such as the specific colour of thread used for those buttons to the lining of the garment they sit on, is par for the course for costume director, Amy Roberts, and head buyer and associate costume designer, Sidonie Roberts, who spend three months sourcing the cast’s wardrobe for each season.


Jennifer Aniston Has Nothing to Hide
Jennifer aniston has spent most of her adult life in the spotlight, with all its glare. At 53, she opens up about her path to leaving regrets and some deeply personal pain behind.

If we’re being literal, the hills above western Los Angeles are actually the only place where Jennifer Aniston is the girl next door. That’s what people called her for a long time. The girl next door, which is a ’90s euphemism that means she’s unintimidating, approachable. But here, along avenues of impermeable iron gates, among houses hidden behind hedges grown to make sure you know your place, the vibe is pretty intimidating. To live here, one assumes, you have to have achieved a certain kind of Olympian status, like having been among the most beloved figures in American pop culture for 30 years.


How to Clean Your TV Screen the Right Way
If you’re using glass cleaner and paper towels, read this—stat.

It happens: There are parts of our homes we simply don’t get to during our weekly cleaning routines. And as much as we love catching up on our favorite shows, our TVs are occasionally the items that get overlooked. It’s important, however, to make cleaning their screens a priority, since they’re prone to dust, smudges, and fingerprints.
Thankfully, it’s easy to make your TV screen sparkle again with the right supplies and methods, say cleaning and tech experts. Ahead, these professionals explain how to clean every type of TV screen—along with your remote control.




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