Selena Gomez in Rodarte at the MY MIND & ME Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on November 03, 2022

We were going to put Selena Gomez’s look at the My Mind & Me premiere up to a vote, but then we had an uncharacteristic bout of conscience and figured it might be a little crass, since this is her mental health documentary? Besides, we have an even more challenging look for you to vote on coming later today. As for this one, don’t worry, we’re still gonna judge it. We’re not that kind-hearted.



Oh, calm yourselves. We’re only teasing. This is kind of a great look. We say “kind of” because we’re not in love with the color and it was clearly impossible to show up looking unwrinkled. But we like the way it’s styled and how little touches help pull it together, like the manicure calling back to the earrings which match the dress, or the bag and shoes matching perfectly. You don’t have to do this level of matching in your styling, but it really helped this look.



Style Credits:
Rodarte Purple Satin Bias Dress with Bow Shoulder Drape
Paris Texas ‘Hollywood’ Metallic Crystal Mules

Styled by Kate Young


[Photo Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Abaca/Cover Images, BauerGriffin/ Images – Video Credit: Apple TV/YouTube]

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