EMILY IN PARIS’ Ashley Park Is FASHION’s Winter 2023 Cover Star

Posted on November 11, 2022

Ashley Park’s positivity is profound. But having battled leukemia at age 15 and dealt with discrimination in Hollywood, the ‘Emily in Paris’ actor hasn’t always lived la vie en rose.



While she sometimes struggles wearing Mindy’s flamboyant fashions (have you seen how tall her heels are?), what’s important is that the clothing is true to her character. “Costume designer Patricia Field and I try to ensure that whatever outfit Mindy is wearing, you can tell she feels like herself — empowered and comfortable,” says Park. “Ashley might not always feel that way [laughs], but that’s what’s so fun about acting.”

“I always knew that fashion was going to be a huge part of the show because it’s set in Paris and has Darren and Patricia, who, of course, did Sex and the City,” Park reflects. “But we had no idea the show would become such a part of the zeitgeist.”

When I ask if Park has experienced discrimination firsthand, I don’t even finish my question before she responds with “Every second of every day.” But she doesn’t like to dwell on it. “If I thought about it all the time, I would never move forward,” she begins, mirroring her sentiments from our earlier conversation about leukemia. “This business is hard, so if you don’t find joy in it, then there’s truly no reason to be in it. I’ve always felt like acting is in my blood and bones — I just love it!”


FASHION’s Winter 2023 issue is available on Apple News+ on November 14th and on newsstands on November 21st.⁠


[Photo Credit: Nelson Simoneau/Fashion Magazine]

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