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Posted on October 04, 2022

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Today’s LOunge has something for everyone in the vibe department, making it the perfect spot to spend a TUESDAY. Move from space to space as the mood strikes you, darlings. Spend all day spreading out. Do nothing that isn’t completely enjoyable to you. We’re off to the content orchard to fill our baskets with goodies. Talk amongst yourselves.


Hannah Waddingham Knows She Has Big Witch Energy
The ‘Ted Lasso’ star talks joining the ‘Hocus Pocus’ coven and finding her own brand of magic.

Waddingham plays the film’s pivotal Mother Witch, the magical enabler of the Sanderson Sisters (who are not to be confused with the Schuyler Sisters, though both trios live, with much fanfare, on Disney+). The British actress is best known for playing the steely club owner Rebecca Welton on Ted Lasso — she has an Emmy Award for the role — but she convincingly transitions into Halloween mode wearing face gems, feathered couture, and molten metal claws. In Hocus Pocus 2, she’s basically the Alexander McQueen of OG sorcery, and though “the world” is a pretty big place, Waddingham’s right: In history, witches are slain. In Hollywood, though? Witches slay.


Everything We Know About Lindsay Lohan’s New Holiday Movie Falling for Christmas
“It’s such a refreshing, heartwarming romantic comedy,” Lohan said of the upcoming film.

Falling for Christmas marks Lohan’s first major film since 2015. Over the last few years, the actress has spent time abroad, opened a nightclub a Mykonos, and even got secretly married just this year. The film marks the first of Lohan’s new partnership with Netflix that will see her star in and produce new projects for the streamer.
“It’s such a refreshing, heartwarming romantic comedy and I miss doing those kinds of movies,” the actress told Netflix’s Tudum. Ahead, everything we know so far about the sure-to-be holiday hit.


Investigation into Women’s Soccer Finds Repeated Instances of Sexual Misconduct and Emotional Abuse
The report reveals ongoing sexual assault and inappropriate advances by top coaches toward their female players.

An investigative report, commissioned by the United States Soccer Federation and published today, found multiple instances of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse by coaches in the National Women’s Soccer League—abuse that many U.S. Soccer executives, league owners, and coaches reportedly turned a blind eye toward for years.
According to the report—which was led by former attorney general Sally Yates, working with law firm King & Spalding—Christy Holly, formerly the head coach of Racing Louisville, sexually assaulted a player, Erin Simon, while showing her playback videos of her matches and on another occasion called her to his house for a meeting and instead showed her porn and masturbated in front of her. He was eventually terminated following an investigation, but the details of his abuse remain missing from his employment records, meaning potential employers would likely not see evidence of his misconduct in his professional background check.


The Cost of What You Allow The World to Call You
Moments between writer Honorée Fanonne Jeffers and her mother teach the power in an honorific, or—as her relatives said down south—in a handle on a name.

Born in 1967, Professor Jeffers will remember this history of Norman, imagining what her already imaginary life would have been. How, in the past, she’d have to watch the sky, to make sure she wouldn’t be caught on the wrong side of time.
And after living a decade in Norman, Professor Jeffers will find a favorite grocery store, filled with natural foods and friendly young white kids who smile at her. There is peace in this formerly historically troubled place. Except there is a young white woman who works at the store, who will insist on calling Professor Jeffers “girlfriend.”


A First Look At Netflix’s Ravishing, Emma Corrin-Led Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Emma Corrin went stratospheric following their turn as a wide-eyed Diana, Princess of Wales in The Crown—a part soon to be inherited by Elizabeth Debicki in season five—but the actor’s next role is a far cry from the naive young royal: that of Constance Chatterley in an electrifying Netflix adaptation of D. H. Lawrence’s most scandalous novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. First published in Europe in the ’20s, the explicit tale of a Baronet’s wife who begins a torrid affair with her gamekeeper only found a British publisher in the ’60s—with Penguin Books becoming the subject of a history-making obscenity trial as a result.


Cover Your Walls in Ranch with Hidden Valley’s New Home Collection
From wallpaper to blankets and pillows to a $10,000 couch, your home can now be dripping with ranch-inspired style.

People love ranch dressing, and even those who prefer other varieties of ranch have to admit that, as the inventor of the dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch will always carry a certain cachet. Hidden Valley likes to take that reputation and run with it — and so, over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of wild stunts: from individual ranch packets to hand out on Halloween to Christmas-themed RanchNog to an actual diamond ring manufactured from putting ranch seasoning under extreme pressure for five months.
Now, Hidden Valley has a new partnership designed to get fans to bring even more ranch into their home. And not just into their cupboards, but literally into every facet of their living space. Hidden Valley has launched an entire line of ranch-inspired decor with the help of interior designer Dani Dazey.


Classic Hollywood Star Anna May Wong Gets a Second Act—On US Quarters
The groundbreaking Chinese American actress will be honored as part of a US Mint program.

This month, Anna May Wong will take her immortal place on the face of the coins as part of the US Mint’s American Women Quarters Program. Set into motion in 2020 after it was introduced as a Congressional bill championed by Representative Barbara Lee, the program celebrates the often unsung achievements and pivotal contributions that women have made in the course of US history. Over the next four years, a diverse list of American women will be honored with their likeness on quarters, including Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, and Nina Otero-Warren.


Flights of Fancy: Cate Blanchett celebrates our natural world
Cate Blanchett has made her name with ground-breaking work that shapes the way we see the world. As her award-winning new film garners rapturous reviews, she joins forces with the artist Es Devlin on a creative collaboration for Harper’s Bazaar

The pair have more in common than a profound understanding of staging and how to make a visual impact. They are both passionate about environmental issues, hence their mutual keenness to collaborate; Devlin will show at COP27 this year, and her latest piece, Come Home Again, commissioned by Cartier and unveiled outside Tate Modern in September, celebrated London’s 243 most endangered species – birds, insects, animals, fish, plants and fungi. Each creature has been carefully drawn by hand, then enlarged, illuminated and mounted within a scaled-down, bisected replica of St Paul’s Cathedral. Every evening for 10 days, a different choir performed a version of evensong inside the artwork, their voices mingling with those of the birds and insects depicted.


The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Hold Hands In Two Never-Before-Seen Portraits
Photographer Misan Harriman has shared a pair of new, never-before-seen portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Taken on 5 September at the One Young World Summit in Manchester, they show Harry and Meghan holding hands before they walk out in front of the audience. In one, the couple looks straight at the camera, whereas in the second, Harriman captures them in profile. The Duchess is wearing a fire-red bow blouse and tailored paints from eco-conscious brand Another Tomorrow, while the Duke wears a blue suit. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moments before attending the opening ceremony of One Young World last month,” Harriman captioned the photos on Instagram.
Markle gave a speech at the event, which aims to empower youth leaders to build a better and more sustainable future. “We often hear people say ‘the time is now’, but I’m going to double down on that, by saying your time is now,” she said to the crowd. “The important work can’t wait for tomorrow.”


Baldwin Lee’s Extraordinary Pictures from the American South
A new book and a solo exhibition in New York make the case that he is one of the great overlooked luminaries of American picture-making.

It’s not often that a body of photography is hoisted up from obscurity and straight into the canon. When this happens, the images in question are often the work of a self-taught master, such as the compendious Arkansas portraitist Mike Disfarmer or the Chicago nanny and eagle-eyed street photographer Vivian Maier, both of whose œuvres had been left to molder until they were rescued by keen connoisseurs. But the work of Baldwin Lee, a graduate of M.I.T., where he studied with Minor White, and of Yale, where he studied with Walker Evans, has been hiding in plain sight. Selections from his archive of nearly ten thousand pictures, taken in poor Black communities in the American South between 1983 and 1989, have been exhibited sporadically. “I showed enough to get tenure and raises,” he told me recently, from his home near the University of Tennessee, where he has been teaching for four decades. But a new book from Hunters Point Press—the first-ever collection of Lee’s work—and a solo exhibition at New York’s Howard Greenberg Gallery make the case that he is one of the great overlooked luminaries of American picture-making.


A sumptuous first look at Emma Corrin and Jack O’Connell in new Netflix adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover
DH Lawrence’s famously racy novel is taking to the screen once more

From Bridgerton to The Empress, Netflix is on quite the winning streak when it comes to producing its own period dramas. Now the streaming platform is adding another major project to its roster, with Emma Corrin taking on the starring role in a new adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
Having premiered in September at the Telluride Film Festival, Netflix has now released a set of stills from the film, offering a first look at Corrin and co-star Jack O’Connell (known for his breakout role in Skins and subsequent hits like Unbroken and Godless). The images show Corrin in period dress – from velvet evening gowns to romantic tea dresses – in the character of Lady Chatterley, while O’Connell looks rugged as gamekeeper Oliver Mellors.


Everything we know about the lavish new Marie Antoinette biopic
The series will first air in France this month

The new series ‘tells the story of the incredibly modern and avant-garde young queen’, who, according to Variety, ‘impressed with her charisma’ and became ‘a fashion icon’. German actress Emilia Schüle will take the lead role opposite British actor Louis Cunningham, who will play Louis XVI.
Appropriately, like his fictional counterpart, Cunningham also comes from a line of royalty. The 24-year-old is the grandson of the late Prince Charles of Luxembourg, who grew up at his mother’s court until the German invasion during the Second World War. The young actor, who recently graduated from Oxford, made his debut in Bridgerton last year, appearing as Lord Corning.


Unearthing Everyday Life at an Ancient Site in Greece
Excavations in the Peloponnesian village of Iklaina are yielding rich insights into the lives of the Mycenaean civilization’s general population.

Over the past 16 years, the work at Iklaina represents the most comprehensive excavation of a Mycenaean regional capital. Excavations conducted on and around the Cyclopean terrace revealed an elite district composed of plazas, paved roads and administrative buildings, with large megara, or great halls used for formal events, at the center. Ceramic pipes used for distributing fresh water were found running beneath the site, and a network of stone drains provided an elaborate system of sewage.
In the interior of several rooms, the team found the remains of vibrant frescoed walls depicting scenes with ships, fish and people. Based on the way the buildings and walls were built on top of one another, researchers contend that the site was likely occupied between 1800 and 1200 B.C. (The existence of several collapsed walls and burned buildings suggest multiple phases of construction and destruction.)


Martha’s Trick for Removing Stubborn Labels and Stickers Won’t Leave Behind Any Sticky Adhesive
Martha says this method works on metal, glass, wood, or stone—and doesn’t require any chemicals whatsoever.

Few things are more frustrating than when you bring home a newly purchased item—be it a candle, baking dish, or vase—only to find that a label or sticker won’t budge when you try to remove it. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but the stuck-on stickers can also be hazardous if they’re left on an item you use to cook with or eat out of.


Our Most Popular Soup Recipes Ever
No matter the season, soup is guaranteed to please. While this collection is filled with recipes our editors love, they’re ultimately your picks! We combed through the archives and rounded up 30 of our most popular soup recipes.
The beauty of these recipes is that you can customize many of them based on what’s in season: squash and zucchini during the summertime, root vegetables during winter, or adjust based on what you already have. Whatever you decide, just make sure these all-star recipes are on your radar the next time a craving for something incredibly comforting strikes.


Forever changed: The grief and joy of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
EW goes behind the scenes with Ryan Coogler and the cast of the year’s most anticipated superhero sequel — and explores how the loss of Chadwick Boseman shaped the future of Wakanda.

“The movie is very much about how you move forward while dealing with a tragic loss,” explains producer Nate Moore. “All of the characters, both old and new, are dealing with how loss can affect your actions in ways that are emotional and surprising.”
Wakanda Forever is a story of grief, and Boseman’s death shaped both the plot and the filmmaking process. But it’s also a story of joy, introducing bold new heroes and celebrating the rich world of Wakanda. Every cast member says that the shoot was an emotional affair, but they also found it cathartic — and even fun.


The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time
A ranking of the most game-changing, side-splitting, tear-jerking, mind-blowing, world-building, genre-busting programs in television history, from the medium’s inception in the early 20th century through the ever-metastasizing era of Peak TV

HOW DO YOU identify the very best series in a medium that’s been commercially available since the end of World War II? Especially when that medium has experienced more radical change in the nine years between the finales of Breaking Bad and its prequel, Better Call Saul, than it did in the 60-odd years separating Walter White from Milton Berle? The current Peak TV era is delivering us 500-plus scripted shows per year, many of them breaking boundaries in terms of how stories are told and who’s doing the telling. So, we decided to update our list of television’s all-time best offerings, originally compiled in 2016. Once again, we reached out to TV stars, creators, and critics — from multihyphenates like Natasha Lyonne, Ben Stiller, and Pamela Adlon to actors like Jon Hamm and Lizzy Caplan as well as the minds behind shows like The X-Files, Party Down, and Jane the Virgin — to sort through television’s vast and complicated history. (See the full list of voters here.) Giving no restrictions on era or genre, we ended up with an eclectic list where the wholesome children’s television institution Sesame Street finished one spot ahead of foulmouthed Western Deadwood, while Eisenhower-era juggernaut I Love Lucy wound up sandwiched in between two shows, Lost and Arrested Development, that debuted during George W. Bush’s first term. Many favorites returned, and the top show retained its crown. But voters couldn’t resist many standouts of the past few years, including a tragicomedy with a guinea-pig-themed café, an unpredictable comedy set in the world of hip-hop, and a racially charged adaptation of an unadaptable comic book. It’s a hell of a list.


6 Chefs on What the Caribbean’s Rich and Varied Cuisine Means to Them
Meet the people serving up stories of the region — and adding their own ideas to the mixing bowl.

The food of the Caribbean is as multilayered as the numerous cultures that have touched its waters. Recipes passed down through the generations by word of mouth, and flavors brought from West Africa, South Asia, and beyond speak of resilience with each bite.
Fruit chutneys, fiery pepper sauces, and the ubiquitous breadfruit are always worth traveling for — but to find out what’s really cooking today, we spoke to some standout chefs about their work and the places they proudly call home.




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