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Posted on October 24, 2022


Dabpa Artisan Bar and Restaurant – Kowloon, Hong Kong


We want a LOunge that looks like Luke Skywalker’s bachelor pad today. Why? You know why. Because it’s MONDAY and we all need a cool, comfy fantasy space in which to hide out and avoid our responsibilities. Come join us!


Angelina Jolie to Star in ‘Spencer’ Director Pablo Larraín’s Next Film About Opera Singer Maria Callas
Angelina Jolie will star in Oscar-nominated director Pablo Larraín’s next movie, a biopic about famous opera singer Maria Callas.
Titled “Maria,” the film “tells the tumultuous, beautiful, and tragic story of the life of the world’s greatest opera singer, relived and re-imagined during her final days in 1970s Paris,” according to its logline. Steven Knight (“Spencer,” “Peaky Blinders,” “Eastern Promises”) wrote the script.
Callas was an American-born Greek soprano singer and one of the most famous opera singers of the 20th century. She was born in Manhattan and received her opera training in Greece when she was 13 and later moved to Italy for her career. Throughout the years, she dealt with near-sightedness that left her nearly blind and multiple scandals in her personal and professional life. She had an intense rivalry with Italian opera singer Renata Tebaldi, plus an affair with Aristotle Onassis (who later married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who coincidentally was the subject of Larraín’s film “Jackie).


How the Sacheen Littlefeather Controversy Exposes the Complexities of Identity and Who Gets to Call Themselves Native
On Saturday, a bombshell report from the opinion pages of the San Francisco Chronicle whipped up #NativeTwitter into a frenzy. The report, authored by Jacqueline Keeler (Diné/Yankton Dakota Sioux), claimed that venerated White Mountain Apache/Yaqui activist Sacheen Littlefeather had fudged her identity and, according to Littlefeather’s sisters, wasn’t actually Native.
This comes four months after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences sent Littlefeather an apology for her mistreatment at the 1973 Oscars, when she stepped in for Marlon Brando and declined the award because of Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans.
And it comes mere weeks after Littlefeather’s death.


Fall Is Actually the Best Time to Wear Bright, Bold Nail Art
From groovy florals to funky cow print.

Switching to dark, moody nail polishes come fall is one of the many arbitrary beauty rules that are made to be broken. Bright shades and expressive designs shouldn’t be reserved only for the summertime. In fact, the crisp, breezy fall days are the best time of year to wear loud manicures.
It’s actually been scientifically proven that bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow are mood boosters and associated with the feeling of joy. And who couldn’t use some extra cheer as the daylight hours get progressively shorter?


A Handy Guide to the Dragons in House of the Dragon So Far
You know Caraxes, and Syrax, and Seasmoke and Dreamfyre…

In any given shot over the course of Game of Thrones’ eight seasons, it’s relatively easy to decipher which of Queen Daenerys’ dragon babies—Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion—is which. But toss a dozen additional dragons into the mix, and recognizing one fire-breathing beast from another becomes a little more strenuous. Besides, what if you don’t even recall the most famous dragons of all? Keeping tabs on these majestic scaled creatures might be a challenge for audiences of HBO’s new Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon—especially if they aren’t devoted readers of George R. R. Martin’s books.
Already, multiple different dragons have popped up in the new prequel series’ first nine episodes, though you’d be forgiven if you’d only counted a few. And there could be as many as 17 onscreen by the time House of the Dragon wraps up its final season, as co-creator Ryan Condal teased during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con.


25 Luxury Advent Calendars That Are Worth the Splurge
Counting down to the holidays has never been so much fun.

From uncovering Net-A-Porter’s beauty best-sellers to an array of delectable Parisian treats from Ladurée over the course of nearly a month, the best luxury Advent calendars can feel just as rewarding as receiving a full-fledged beauty gift this season. And if your friend or family member looking to elevate their routine but not sure where to start, Advent calendars provide bite-size (and sometimes full-size!) opportunities to introduce them to a new brand’s range of essentials. To give your holiday shopping list a little extra oomph, we’ve pulled together a few of the best luxury Advent calendars to shop now, from Dior, La Mer, Diptyque more. Consider these elevated gifts supremely upgraded stocking stuffers—even if they decide to open all their boxes at once.


Hulu’s New Docu-Series The Hair Tales Is a Love Letter to Black Women
In 2019, Tracee Ellis Ross launched Pattern, the hair-care line that would inspire women from all backgrounds to embrace and nurture their coils and curls with a range of products designed just for them. As an actor and a Black woman, Ross has pushed for better representation in Hollywood in the same spirit. Her portrayal of Joan Clayton on Girlfriends (which aired from 2000 to 2008) showcased a story and perspective rarely seen on television at the time. It continues to serve as a touchstone for many Black women navigating life, love, career, and their hair. Furthering her mission, Ross’s latest project is the upcoming Hulu docuseries The Hair Tales, created by Michaela Angela Davis and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey, Davis, and Ross. “The Hair Tales is an intimate and intentional discovery and exploration of the joy and beauty and power and humanity of Black women told through the metaphor of our hair,” Ross tells Vogue. “We are using hair as an organizing principle.”


13 Shows to See On (and Off) Broadway This Fall
New York theater is healing; for proof, just look at the record-breaking $1,043,825 that September’s Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction raised for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS or the scads of illicit recordings of Lea Michele in Funny Girl across Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. As the city plunges headlong into fall, it’s as good a time as any to see a new—or newly revived—play or musical; the most difficult thing may simply be determining what to buy tickets for and when. To help you sort that out, here’s a guide to some of our favorite (and most eagerly awaited) shows this season. Happy theatergoing!


Want to Start Antiquing, but Don’t Know Where to Begin? We Asked Collecting Experts to Share Their 7 Best Tips
If you’re new to the thrill of the secondhand hunt, keep these helpful reminders in your pocket as you navigate local shops, flea markets, and tag sales.

Furnishing and decorating your space with a curated collection of antique or secondhand items has major benefits: You can skip the long wait for big-box pieces delayed by the supply chain, create a truly unique space that expresses your personality, and trim your environmental impact by reusing items instead of buying new.
But making your first forays into the world of antiques and collectibles can feel more than a little overwhelming, with multiple options for where to shop—an antique shop, thrift store, or online?—and thousands of types of items on display, from 1970s salad server sets to Victorian-era furniture.


What does it take to be a successful luxury brand today?
Luxury sales might be rising, but what it takes to be a successful high-end brand has shifted

What is the purpose of the luxury industry in unsteady, troubling times? As we enter a winter that, for many, will be more challenging than ever before, the way we spend our money will change. For the majority, it’ll mean cutting back. We may be more conscious of what we invest in. It might mean smaller, more affordable indulgences – beauty treats are already rising in sales, specifically lipsticks, according to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel. So in a post-pandemic, environmentally aware and economically stretched world, what does a luxury brand need to do to be successful?


The Crown In Vogue Features Never-Before-Seen Photographs Of The Royal Family From The Magazine’s Archives
The idea for The Crown in Vogue sprung up, not at all fully formed, during the late spring of 2020 when access to Vogue’s archive of photographs – “the stuff of history”, as the magazine once called it – was difficult. Which was putting it mildly.
Tucked away round a corner in the basement of Vogue House in London’s West End, the Vogue archives are contained in two rather featureless rooms, low-ceilinged and airless. A clever system of sliding cabinets allows both a Tardis-like capacity for holding much more than they might seem capable of. Row upon row of old-fashioned filing cabinets, like sentries lined up, hold envelopes of prints. Most of these are impeccably marked up with names and dates – apart from Vogue’s royal archive which, as bad luck would have it, was scattered throughout – the stuff of history stuffed into large boxes. Together with scouring every issue of Vogue – it was launched in 1916 and for many years came out fortnightly – there was a good 18 months of study here, and it began in earnest. From time to time during those long months of research, I was one of only a small handful of people working in Vogue House, its seven floors eerily empty.


The Eternal Charm of Charo
The musician, icon, and world-famous “cuchi-cuchi” girl on how she’s deftly managed male egos for decades.

Different generations of Americans know you from different things. To some, you are forever the “cuchi-cuchi” girl. Others know you from Dancing With the Stars and Instagram. As a child of the ’80s, I first saw you on The Love Boat and The Muppet Show. As long and varied as your career has been, a lot of people don’t know that you are an accomplished flamenco and classical guitarist. When did you start playing guitar?
“I learned from the Romani who used to camp on my grandmother’s farm in Murcia, Spain, when I was about 8 years old. I was watching them play, and it was magic. The older one, probably the chief—he liked that my hair was almost red, like my mother’s, in two ponytails. He went, “You like this?” I said, “Sí, señor.” Eventually, he gave me the guitar. They called him el faraón, which is Spanish for “pharaoh.” I’d do a little thing with the guitar, pero my hand was little. He told me to put things between my fingers when I went to sleep—like a frog, to stretch the spaces.”

What 6 ‘House of the Dragon’ filming locations look like in real life
“House of the Dragon” takes “Game of Thrones” fans back to the fictional continent of Westeros.
In real life, filming took place across Europe on beaches and medieval towns open to the public.
From King’s Landing to Blackwater Bay, here’s how George R.R. Martin’s world compares to the filming locations.


30 Indigenous Clothing Brands to Support and Follow
Shop all the beautiful dresses, jackets, jewelry, and more.

If you’ve landed on this story, chances are you’ve been looking for a way to show some love to Indigenous people via shopping the amazing clothing and accessories brands founded and owned by members of that community. And, wow, that is an excellent choice, because when I tell you that there is some seriously high fashion in this space, I am not messing around.
From s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g jewelry pieces, vibrant textiles, eye-catching silhouettes, and cool basics to elevated streetwear options, there’s really something for everyone right here.


How to move your body when your brain won’t cooperate
The mental health benefits of moving your body are considerable, even though the barriers to entry can feel high.

This is a feeling most of us know well. There are days when you have the motivation, others when you have to muster up your willpower to get moving, and some when you decide to just take the day off. But movement, and resolving to do something even when you don’t feel up to it, doesn’t need to be about getting fit or hitting a personal record in the gym. The best benefits of being active in some way are often the ones we don’t see touted on Instagram — like having more energy during the day, building strength, boosting brain health, and other mental health benefits. Movement provides nearly everyone and every body with these benefits — no “perfect” aesthetic necessary. And while someone who is navigating a serious bout of depression or anxiety likely won’t have the same intrinsic motivation capacity as someone whose mental health is stable, everyone benefits from moving in some way.


Climate Activists Throw Mashed Potatoes on Monet Painting
The stunt in a German museum was the latest attack on widely admired art, carried out by protesters demanding action on climate change.

Two climate activists threw mashed potatoes on a glass-covered painting by the celebrated French Impressionist Claude Monet on Sunday inside a German museum, the latest art attack intended to draw attention to climate change.
Videos show the activists dousing one of the artist’s works, “Grainstacks,” with a thick yellow substance that covered the painting’s warm red hues. The oil on canvas is one of 25 paintings the artist made around 1890 of stacks of hay in the fields near his house in Giverny, France.
The activists, a man and a woman, each glued a hand to the wall by the painting. Then, the woman shouted in German that the world was in “a climate catastrophe, and all you are afraid of is tomato soup or mashed potatoes in a painting,” referring to a similar attack this month in London by activists who threw cans of tomato soup on a painting by Vincent van Gogh. In videos posted online, liquid can be seen dripping from the painting’s frame as one of the activists speaks.


Why Everyone Should Make Brunswick Stew, a Southern Classic
Soul-warming, savory and sweet, this dish with a deep history is perfect for right now.

Everyone loves Stewie.
Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall — 7 feet, if you count the wooden paddle coming out of his head — Stewie is the official mascot of Brunswick County, Va. A smiley cast-iron pot, he’s filled with Brunswick stew, the motley mix of shredded meat with the “Virginia trinity” of tomatoes, corn and butter beans.
Dixie Walker, tourism coordinator for the county, designed Stewie a few years ago and occasionally wears the costume. This month, she donned the Stewie suit once more for the 25th annual Taste of Brunswick Festival in Lawrenceville, Va., the Brunswick County town where stew masters from across the country competed for the honor of best stew. One goal of the festival — and of Stewie — is to spread the word about Brunswick stew and the county that shares its name.




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