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Posted on October 20, 2022

Moshu Treehouse Bar and Restaurant – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Is it a hunker-in-a-bunker day for you, darlings? Because we’re kinda feeling it ourselves. We had a flurry of off-blog activities, responsibilities and appointments in the first part of the week and we kinda feel like staying in our sweatpants all day and eating pie. But that would mean acquiring or making a pie and that may not be happening. Alas. Fortunately, we have today’s LOunge, which gives us the cozy grandiosity we’re seeking. Come hunker with us!


Lupita Nyong’o on the Intense Shoot for ’Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and the Weight of Global Stardom
The famously private actress opens up about the hard-but-healing process of making the year’s most anticipated Marvel sequel — while still mourning Chadwick Boseman — and her ambivalence personifying Black beauty.

Lupita Nyong’o learned lots of valuable lessons as an acting student at the Yale School of Drama — on Shakespeare, accents, the Alexander technique — but there was one crucial omission from the curriculum. “We kept being told that it’s going to be one long, lonely, hard and fruitless journey, being an actor,” Nyong’o says. “You’re going to be Policewoman Number Three for a long time before you can get anywhere. They helped us to mentally prepare for failure, but they did not prepare us for success.”
In Nyong’o’s case, success came quickly and dramatically when she earned an Academy Award for her very first feature film role straight out of Yale, in 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. In videos of Nyong’o at that time, as she did press and accepted awards, she seems preternaturally poised. But that grace was masking a turmoil underneath that would have serious ramifications for her health. “I was mitigating my panic at all times because extreme failure and extreme success, the body doesn’t know the difference,” says Nyong’o, now 39. “Either way, you are in distress. I’m proud of how I weathered that particular storm, but it cost me. It cost me physically. I was extremely thin. My body was ravaging itself, and I got fibroids.”


Christy Turlington Burns Reflects on 34 Years as the Face of Calvin Klein Eternity
The model talks fragrance, working with her husband, and keeping the spark alive.

The year was 1988. The face of Eternity for Calvin Klein? Supermodel Christy Turlington. Amid all the chaos over the last few years, it’s nice to know that some things never change—and get better with time. Christy Turlington Burns is back as the face of the Eternity fragrance, this time along with her husband, actor Ed Burns. The campaign captures the essence of Calvin Klein’s new Eternity Eau de Parfum Intense for Her and Eternity Parfum for Men.
“What I’ve liked about each phase, as the fragrance has evolved, is that it’s gotten more complex and a little more exciting,” Turlington Burns says speaking to BAZAAR.com. “It’s always been sensual. It’s always been romantic. It’s always been an amazing classic, but these latest scents really feel to me a little bit more supercharged.”


Everything We Know About Queen Camilla’s Coronation
Including the crown she will likely wear to the historic event.

Camilla, Queen Consort, is set to be coronated next to husband King Charles III next year in a ceremony that will take place eight months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
In a statement shared with media outlets, including BAZAAR.com, a spokesperson confirms that the Saturday ceremony will be held at London’s Westminster Abbey.
The last queen consort to be crowned in Westminster Abbey was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, during the coronation of King George VI in 1937. At the time, she was bequeathed a purple velvet crown with ermine trim and 2,800 diamonds, per the Royal Collection Trust.


The ‘Golden Girls’ Pop-Up Restaurant is Coming to New York City
Tickets for The Golden Girls Kitchen are on sale now.

Before the pandemic threw the hospitality industry into chaos, TV-themed pop-up restaurants had become a formidable trend. Derek Berry alone had turned it into a career, creating concepts based off shows like 90210, Breaking Bad, and Saved by the Bell — the latter of which proved popular enough to tour around the country.
Apparently, people still have an appetite for nostalgic television: Back in July, Berry — this time working with the events platform Bucket Listers — helped launch The Golden Girls Kitchen in the Los Angeles area. Now, that pop-up is slated to start a run in New York City next month.


The Discourse Has Cheated Olivia Wilde
What a strange little world we live in. This week, the burning question on everybody’s lips appears to be, completely unironically, whether or not Jason Sudeikis threw himself under the wheels of his former partner Olivia Wilde’s car as she was backing out the driveway. Sudeikis performed the one-man Extinction Rebellion stunt to prevent Wilde from taking a salad with “special dressing” to her new lover Harry Styles. (The special dressing in question appears to be merely a favorite recipe from Nora Ephron’s Heartburn.)
It was the couple’s unnamed nanny who spilled the beans on the protest. (What is it with celebrities and their nannies?) According to nanny anonymous, Sudeikis also allegedly—this is the first “allegedly” in the clusterfuck of allegations in this Hollywood debacle—banned the staff from listening to Styles’s music in the house. Depriving anyone of “Watermelon Sugar” feels particularly petty, but Sudeikis has also had Wilde served a manila envelope with custody papers in front of thirty thousand people at CinemaCon. What can I tell you: Hollywood people really do love a dramatic scene.


Jeni’s Teams with Uncle Nearest Whiskey on ‘Boozy’ Eggnog Ice Cream Flavor
The collaboration provides an alcohol-free way to enjoy the combination of whiskey and eggnog.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has never shied away from collaborations, working with partners as diverse as Dolly Parton and the TV show Outlander. Now, in the lead up to the holidays, the ice cream brand is bringing back a seasonal favorite flavor — and working with a new partner to give it some extra kick. Welcome back Jeni’s Boozy Eggnog ice cream, now in partnership with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Just don’t expect these pints to give you a literal buzz.


With the First Lots From His New Auction House, Pharrell Williams Heads Down Fashion Memory Lane
On the fifth floor of a nondescript building in SoHo, Pharrell Williams opened up his archives. Filling the softly lit, purple-carpeted space—which was open to the public, by appointment, this past weekend—were people diligently arranging items in glass vitrines atop tall columns and the smell of fresh espresso.
The visit—an auction preview that felt more like a museum exhibition—offered a fabulous survey of that braggadocious era when big diamonds, big cars, and big egos ruled the world of ’90s and early-aughts hip-hop. A few of the 52 items on display: a Rubik’s Cube made of 18k gold and diamonds; a mammoth, multicolored Louis Vuitton steamer trunk; an 18k yellow-gold-encased PlayStation Portable and Blackberry; three pairs of Adidas Stan Smiths covered in chunky Swarovski crystals; and a Super Mario pendant featuring yellow gold, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds of the white, brown, and yellow varieties. Williams’s coveted one-of-ones are well earned, the material manifestations of crafting top-charting sonic earworms for everyone from Jay-Z to Justin Timberlake to Britney Spears to Beyoncé over the course of three decades. And now many of those treasures are going under the hammer.


Monopoly Releases Napa Valley Edition with Plenty of Wine References
Some famous Napa wineries have found their way onto the reimagined Monopoly board.

It’s incredibly divisive, painfully long, and utterly ubiquitous. It’s Monopoly! Since first being published in 1935, the board game has been sold around the world, and the concept has been adapted for all sorts of variations to the point where seemingly every town, college, and existential thought has its own “-opoly.”
But apparently, there’s always room for more Monopolies, and this week, America’s best-known wine region has announced it has finally gotten its own official version of the Hasbro-owned game: Prepare yourself for Monopoly Napa Valley Edition.


Are Blackout Curtains Key Not Just for Sleep, But Improving Long-Term Health?
The earth is getting brighter. About 99% of people living in the United States and Europe spend their nights beneath the gleam of artificial lights, according to a 2016 report published by The New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness. The effect is called Sky Glow—a poetic term for the cumulation of house lights and streetlights we began burning over the past century to improve our safety and productivity through the night. Unfortunately, it’s obscured the Milky Way for an estimated 80% of Americans.
According to two studies published this year, Sky Glow is detrimental to our sleep and long-term health. The REM-cycle disruptions spurred are linked to heart disease, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. I write this from one of the brightest cities in the world, on the most brilliant street I have ever lived on. My bedroom experience more closely resembles that of Chevy Chase’s resentful, floodlit neighbors in Christmas Vacation than it does the blackout cave our ancestors spent hundreds of millennia evolving to sleep in. According to the data, I am not alone.


Costume Designer Deborah Lynn Scott on 40 Years of ‘E.T‘ and Making ’Avatar 2’: ‘There are Huge Leaps in Every Technical Way ’
“Titanic,” “Avatar” and “Back to the Future” are just a few of Deborah Lynn Scott’s many credits as a costume designer, but Steven Spielberg’s “E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial” is one that Scott is particularly fond of. “I have fun memories of making it, and I can’t believe it’s 40 years,” Scott says as the film celebrates its 40th anniversary. “I think it’s lasted partly because Steven was adamant about not doing a sequel or remake and all those things that keep it a classic and unique.”
Henry Thomas plays Elliot, the 10-year-old who befriends the lost alien and with his siblings Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) helps E.T go home.


Dame Judi Dench calls The Crown ‘cruelly unjust’
With Season 5 of the Netflix drama hitting screens next month, including some entirely invented scenes, Judi Dench has joined the ranks of those expressing dismay at its ‘crude sensationalism’

Judi Dench has joined the growing opprobrium over the storyline of The Crown, in a ‘strongly-worded letter’ to the Times. The Oscar-winner, who is one of Britain’s most distinguished actresses, has accused the Netflix series of ‘crude sensationalism’ and said that it was ‘cruelly unjust’. She called on Netflix to insert a disclaimer at the start of the programme to say it is a ‘fictionalised drama’, a move that the streaming giant has resisted so far. This, she said, would not only be a mark of respect for the late Queen, but would also help preserve Netflix’s reputation.


These Will Be the Biggest Food Trends of 2023, According to Whole Foods
Expect to see plant-based pastas, nostalgic snacks, kelp products, and lots of date derivatives on shelves in the coming year.

Every year, there are a few buzz-worthy food trends we can’t help but participate in. The latest craze of 2022 is butter boards—beautiful spreads of butter topped with flaky salt, lemon zest, and anything else you think complements the rich dairy product. But with the year nearing a close, we can’t help but wonder what 2023 has in store for food lovers. To help, Whole Foods recently released its list of the top 10 food trends for the upcoming year.
“Our trends predictions are an exciting look at where we believe both product innovation and customer preferences are headed in the coming year. We anticipate seeing these trends in the food industry at large, on dinner tables, in lunch boxes and on our store shelves,” said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, chief marketing officer at Whole Foods Market.


The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Beloved Ferragamo Pumps
When Maximilian Davis took the helm at Ferragamo this season, he looked to the Italian brand’s famous Marilyn shoes – the red Swarovski-encrusted pumps created for Marilyn Monroe by the shoemaker for her 1960 film Let’s Make Love – for inspiration. Indeed, the fashion house’s new signature red draws from the heels, as well as the flag of Trinidad and Tobago, reflecting Davis’s heritage.
The heels epitomise Monroe’s long-standing relationship with Salvatore Ferragamo – “the shoemaker of dreams” – whom the actor helped make famous. The 5ft 3inch star began buying her heels from the brand’s store on New York’s Park Avenue after moving to the city in 1954, as well as ordering directly from the brand.


This Glass-domed Train Is One of the Most Scenic in the World — and It’s Offering Discounted Tickets Now
Whether you travel through the Canadian Rockies or American Southwest, Rocky Mountaineer promises beautiful views and impeccable service.

In April and May, passengers can witness the beauty of the landscape coming back to life after a long winter. While remnants of the melting snow may still be visible on the mountain peaks, fresh blooming flowers and sleepy animals reawaken below. Later in the year, Mother Nature puts on a different kind of show, with October presenting all the typical signs of fall. Trees with vibrant red and golden yellow leaves blanket the landscape as the Rocky Mountaineer rolls through, while animals forage in preparation for the colder months ahead.





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