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Posted on October 18, 2022

Aom Dining Club Bar and Restaurant – West Java, Indonesia


Kittens, we’re feeling grandiose and dramatic today. We require a LOunge that reflects our mood, hence today’s soaring brick arches and crystal chandeliers. Pick a corner from which to sit and watch the world or plant yourself smack in the middle of everything. It’s TUESDAY and you deserve whatever you want.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Details His Songwriting Process for ‘Encanto’ and ‘Hamilton,’ and the ‘Emotional, Surreal’ Experience of Seeing His First Songbook
In the digital age, the traditional songbook — filled with lyrics and sheet music and maybe some pictures — can feel like a lost art, but it certainly is not to classical musicians, and particularly musical theater veterans. So even for Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Pulitzer winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, his first songbook, containing 27 songs from “Hamilton,” “Encanto,” “In the Heights” and more, was a big deal.


Bridgerton Season 3 Will Chronicle Penelope And Colin’s Love Story
Yes. The Netflix sensation’s first season, which centred on Daphne and Simon’s romance, was based on the first novel in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, The Duke and I, while season two, which followed Anthony and Kate, took its plot from the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me. As a result, fans had assumed that season three would track Benedict’s path to wedded bliss as laid out in the third book, An Offer From a Gentleman, but on 15 May, Variety reported that this would not be the case. Instead, the show would be skipping ahead to explore Colin and Penelope’s relationship further, as Quinn does in the fourth book, Romancing Mr Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan herself confirmed the news during a Netflix panel discussion in Hollywood, adding, “I have kept that secret since two weeks into season two.”


Maneet Chauhan’s Diwali is Full of Light and Laughter
Flowers, candles, music, and of course, food, are central to the chef and TV star’s celebration

When Maneet Chauhan recalls the Diwali celebrations from when she was growing up in Ranchi, in Jharkhand in eastern India, she laughs when she remembers the rush to get ready for the holiday, which is the biggest festival in India.
“There was always a big lead up,” she recalls. “My dad had a scooter and we would ride around to find the firecracker shops that were set up a week before. Then we went home and did a big house cleaning, and lit up the whole house with diyas, the candles we set up everywhere. We lived in a small community, so we’d take sweets to our neighbors and visit them; that’s a big part of the holiday. A friend would host a Diwali party; a big potluck, with music and fireworks and so much food. All us kids would hang out together and play games, while our parents played Bollywood music and danced.”
Not surprisingly, the food figures largely in Chauhan’s memories.


How women are using art to reclaim their bodies
Hettie Judah examines the power of art to inform and influence society’s attitudes

On 3 May 2022, London’s Goodman Gallery held a private view for the artist Ghada Amer’s exhibition “My Body My Choice”. That title was bitterly prescient. Earlier that day, a draft was leaked of a US Supreme Court ruling, showing that Roe v Wade – the landmark 1973 decision conferring the right to abortion – was on the verge of being reversed.
Since the 1990s, Amer’s work has explored the policing of the female body – its sexual urges, its size and shape, its rights to exposure or concealment. Using stereotypically “feminine” media, she has transformed pornographic imagery in joyous explosions of coloured embroidery and spelt out feminist tenets in floral planters.


Dr Pepper Releases Bourbon-Flavored Soda (That Doesn’t Contain Any Alcohol)
The boozy flavor is meant to invoke tailgating cocktails.

Drinking trends constantly ebb and flow but in recent years we’ve seen an interesting confluence of soft and hard drinks. A movement towards mindful drinking has fueled a surge in things like non-alcoholic beers and spirits. But at the same time, plenty of brands are also licensing their names for boozy iterations for the first time, from Hard Mtn Dew to Lipton Hard Iced Tea.
So no, Dr Pepper is not going the Hard Dr Pepper route. (At least not yet.) But the classic soda brand is tipping its hat to both current trends — a growing love of mocktails and an influx of soda/spirit crossovers — by releasing a new limited-edition non-alcoholic beverage, Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve.


What Christina Ricci Knows Now
The 42-year-old actress talks her Emmy-nominated role in Yellowjackets and reuniting with Tim Burton for the new Addams Family spin-off Wednesday.

You’re currently working with Tim Burton on an Addams Family spin-off series called Wednesday.
“I know it might sound stupid, but I was really touched to be asked to be involved in it. The worlds that Tim creates are so beautiful and grandiose and amazing. It also didn’t really feel like I was revisiting the Addams Family world that I was originally a part of—this is a brand-new version of it. So, in many ways it didn’t feel like something familiar, and that’s great too.”


Jacqueline Stewart Wants to Show You Another Side of Hollywood
As an academic, a film-program curator, and a TV personality, you do work that bridges the gap between scholarship and entertainment. You’re a professor in the department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago, as well as the host of Silent Sunday Nights on Turner Classic Movies. What made you also want to take on the job of director and president of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, in Los Angeles?
“I was looking for ways to expand the reach of my scholarship and my work. My experience at Turner Classic Movies demonstrated that people really want to go more deeply into film history. And film can be a vehicle for a much broader dialogue. In 2020, as larger questions were coming up about when we are going to see real change with regard to racial equity in this country, it just seemed to me that the Academy Museum would be a place where I could have a broader impact on those discussions. One of the balances to strike at the museum is to get people who want to have an entertaining experience to also slow down and really feel like they’re learning something new.”


A Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu—and a Detailed Hourly Schedule That Will Help You Pull It Off
This Thanksgiving will be your easiest yet thanks to our complete menu that includes turkey and all the trimmings.

In most families, there’s no diverging from the classic menu—turkey and all the trimmings—and thank goodness for that. With many of the beloved foods gracing the table just once a year, replacing them with newfangled creations would surely disappoint. Indeed, the biggest crowd-pleasers are often the standards that have emerged from the family kitchen for generations.
Our comprehensive Thanksgiving menu has every dish you’re looking for, but it’s designed to be adaptable if certain variations do arise. You can prepare it entirely or choose individual recipes, weaving them into your customary spread.
And as any cook will admit, getting every Thanksgiving dish to the table at once is an exercise in master planning. Half the battle is knowing which elements can be prepared days before the first guest arrives and which should be finished on the stove while the bird roasts in the oven. Our tried-and-true schedule for managing the feast will help you pull the holiday off sans stress.


Harrison Ford Joining ‘Captain America 4’
He will be taking on the role of General Ross, previously played by the late William Hurt.

Ford will appear as Ross in Captain America: New World Order, which will star Anthony Mackie reprising his longtime Marvel character of Sam Wilson. The Cloverfield Paradox helmer Julius Onah is set to direct. The movie will take place after the events of 2021’s Marvel Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which saw Wilson finally accept the shield and mantle of Captain America.


How to Cook With Herbs de Provence, a Dried Herb Blend That Will Transport You to the South of France
Plus, how to make your very own mix of Provençal thyme, oregano, summer savory, and rosemary.

Flavors and scents remind us of where we’ve been—and help us dream of where we want to go. Similarly, certain herbs and spices can help us adapt the most basic meals into creative dishes redolent of another place and time. Herbs de Provence, an aromatic dried herb mixture, is the perfect example of this.


Companies are being forced to reveal what a job pays. It’s a start.
New pay transparency laws will help, but they still aren’t enough to eliminate the pay gap.

You wouldn’t rent an apartment or even buy a pair of jeans online without knowing the price. Soon, many Americans won’t search for a job without knowing what it pays, either.
A series of local and state laws, both newly adopted and soon to be in effect, will force companies to divulge what a job pays when posting an open position. Besides being common sense, the intent of these laws is to shrink the persistent wage gap that divides white men from women and people of color. Lowering the pay gap would be an important step forward for equality in the US, affecting everything from Americans’ quality of life to how they see themselves. But while pay transparency is a much-needed improvement, a lot more is needed to truly create balance for all Americans.


The skills you should know before moving out on your own
How to budget, make a phone call, and other important life skills you should know.

When Genevieve Bellaire graduated from law school in 2015 at 26 years old, she had acquired ample knowledge of case law, but didn’t really understand the deal with health insurance, taxes, or how to find an apartment. What were all these forms she was being asked to complete at her new job? How do you set up a 401(k)? “I found that I just really didn’t have the answer,” Bellaire says, “and oftentimes, didn’t even know the question to ask to make smart decisions.”
Bellaire realized many young people were similarly ill-equipped to deal with the realities of adulthood. According to a 2021 survey of recent US college grads, 81 percent wished they were taught more life skills before they graduated. After years of following a syllabus, there are few instructions for how to get your act together outside the confines of a classroom or your parents’ home, she thought. In 2021, Bellaire launched Realworld, an app designed to answer those same adulting questions for its user base of over 100,000.


Royal biographers, ex-parliamentarians and aristocracy ‘outraged’ by upcoming season of The Crown
With Season 5 of the Netflix drama hitting screens next month, including some entirely invented scenes, a royal biographer has dubbed the series ‘odious’

There is growing opprobrium over the storyline of The Crown, after it has emerged that Netflix has invented a scene in which the then Prince Charles tells Princess Diana she should be ‘thrown… into jail for being a bad mother.’ Commenting on this, the official royal biographer of the late Queen Mother, William Shawcross, told the Telegraph that it was ‘odious and deliberately hurtful’.
Shawcross said, ‘The Crown is an odious series, filled with lies and half-truths encased in lace and velvet. It is astonishingly and deliberately hurtful to individual members of the Royal Family, public servants who cannot answer back, let alone sue for damages.’ He went on to accuse the drama’s creator Peter Morgan of waging ‘a campaign to abuse’ the monarchy and ‘to destroy by lies a vital institution’. He called the show ‘an absolute disgrace’.


It’s Not Diwali Without Mithai
We visited five South Asian sweet shops across the United States as they prepare colorful treats for one of their biggest days of the year.

Visiting a South Asian sweet shop during Diwali is a joyous and chaotic experience. Lines trail out the door. Employees furiously pack ornate boxes containing laddoos enriched with ghee, spongy rasgula and all manner of colorful sweets, often made with dairy, sugar and nuts and sometimes topped with a layer of edible silver foil. Friends and relatives meet around the display cases by happenstance, exchanging good wishes. Diwali, which will be celebrated within South Asia and among its diaspora on Oct. 24 this year, commemorates the triumph of light over darkness. Central to that celebration is mithai, or sweets. Mass-produced mithai are readily available online, but these five independent shops make their sweets by hand every day, offering their local South Asian communities a taste of the familiar. Diwali is their prime time.


This Luxury Tequila Brand Just Released Its Gorgeous Día de los Muertos Bottle — Here’s How to Score One
There will only be 6,500 Clase Azul bottles up for grabs.

Today, Clase Azul unveils its latest limited-edition tequila for Día de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead, which this year begins on Nov. 1 and ends on Nov. 2. It’s the luxury brand’s second iteration of their Nuestros Recuerdos, meaning “our memories,” bottling series.
Día de los Muertos is one of Mexico’s most important holidays, honoring those who have passed away, and for this bottle, Guadalajara-based brand Clase Azul and master distiller Viridiana Tinoco have concocted a tequila (in a hand-painted decanter) that effectively commemorates the occasion.


This Hidden Region in Italy Has 25 Charming Towns and a 123,000-acre, Wildlife-filled National Park
From storybook towns to otherworldly landscapes, the Central Apennines is one the most underrated destinations in Italy.

Sitting on the gentle slope of the hill above the town of Barrea, Italy, I took in the ethereal view of the golden sunrise piercing through the clouds, casting a soft glow on the mountains above the creamy blue waters of Lago di Barrea and the red roofs adorning every home. But above all else, one thing stood out: the quiet.
Located less than a two-hour drive east of Rome, Barrea is just one of 25 charming towns in the 123,000-acre National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise in the Apennines Mountains, a range running through the length of the Italian mainland. Despite the crowded sites in the capital of Italy, about 100 miles away, this region — the central Appenines — is far less trafficked, to the extent that most Italians I talked to throughout my travels couldn’t believe a foreigner was visiting.


The Red Queen rises: House of the Dragon star Eve Best unpacks Rhaenys’ explosive moment
“We wanted her to be rising like a phoenix from the ashes,” says episode 9 director Clare Kilner.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from House of the Dragon season 1, episode 9.
House of the Dragon episode 9, the penultimate episode of season 1, picks up in the twilight hours of the morning after King Viserys (Paddy Considine) dies in his sleep. Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) and his allies on the Small Council waste no time commencing with their long-laid plans to put Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) on the Iron Throne, while Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) is forced to make moves of her own. In the end, a grand coronation is held at the sept in the Dragonpit. Aegon, wearing the crown of the Conqueror, thrusts his father’s Valyrian steel blade Blackfyre into the air before the people of King’s Landing as the new ruler of the realms. And then… an explosion.


Is Cate Blanchett Our Greatest Living Actor?
She has a slew of pantheon-worthy performances to her name — and her latest movie ‘Tár’ suggests the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”

Is Blanchett the best we have? In terms of range and her knack for transformation without losing that je ne sais quoi we associate with movie stars, there are few who could match her at the moment. But when it comes to letting you see the human condition in all of its various states and giving you the feeling that she isn’t acting so much as being in front of a camera? Tár merely confirms what we already suspected: The answer is a resounding yes. Lydia Tár is a great artist who finds herself at the end of her reign and end of the road. Blanchett makes you feel like you’re watching a greats artist coming into full bloom right before your eyes.




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