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Posted on October 17, 2022

Gaia Restaurant – Dubai, UAE


WAKEY WAKEY, darlings! Perhaps you’re not quite ready or in the mood for a bright, stimulating sort of LOunge but we’re afraid you’re going to get one anyway. It’s good medicine. Even if you don’t plan on being productive today, don’t you want to be wide awake to enjoy all your procrastinating? What good is being self-indulgent and irresponsible if you can’t keep your eyes open? Grab a seat and start your day loudly.


‘Funny Girl’ Star Tovah Feldshuh on Sharing the Stage With Lea Michele and What the Talmud Says About Gossip
“I got this call from [producer] Daryl Roth saying “Would you be interested in playing Rosie Bryce on Broadway?” I said, “I wouldn’t be uninterested.” I went to see the play, looked at the part and said, “Maybe I can do something with this.” I accepted the offer and saw the play innumerable times. Fanny Brice is the most startlingly brilliant role for a woman in the American musical theater. The rest of us are her spokes. But we don’t have to be wallpaper. We function to bring out various assets and liabilities of Fanny Brice’s character. So I said yes. [But] how can I distinguish this part? Well, I got one advantage: I’m Jewish. And I’m the first actress of the Jewish religion to play this part on Broadway in 60 years.”


Over a Thousand Paddingtons and Teddy Bears Were Left at Tributes for Queen Elizabeth
The toys will be donated to a children’s charity that was close to the late monarch’s heart.

Hundreds of Paddingtons and teddy bears left in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II have found a permanent home.
Buckingham Palace, The Royal Parks, and Barnado’s children’s charity announced yesterday that over 1,000 toys which were left in tribute to the late monarch outside of Royal Residences in London and Windsor will be donated to the charity, for which the late queen served as patron from 1983 to 2016.
To mark the occasion, the palace released a new photograph of Queen Camilla, who assumed the patronage of the nonprofit after the late monarch. In the photo, the queen consort wears a navy dress with decorative white stitching as she sits in the Morning Room at Clarence House, surrounded by dozens of bears.


Inside One Theater’s Challenge to Modernize the Opera
Met with protests from old-school opera purists, Teatro Regio di Parma is responding with fresh creativity.

Every creative knows that while art is nothing without history and context, it must move with and respond to the times. If instead of doing that, it stubbornly stays in its place, it runs the risk of becoming a relic or museum piece to be looked at only from afar—no longer a part of the social conversation.
The minds behind the scenes at Teatro Regio have studied and been immersed in the opera for most of their lives; like the purists, they are deeply passionate about the art form, and yet, they are certain that it needs to progress to stay relatable to today’s audience. Most creatives in today’s Teatro Regio team are under 50 years old (and it’s no coincidence, Meo says), have studied their crafts in universities around the world, and are introducing sustainability processes into their projects—something that simply was not considered a few years ago, much less when the opera was invented in the 16th century.


Iris Apfel Doesn’t Think Women Should Be In a Rush to Find Their Signature Look
She believes we all need to take our time.

With so many years of wisdom under her belt, the icon has a lot to share with young women who are trying to discover themselves and their signature style.
And her number one piece of advice is to practice patience.
“They have to invest some time, they have to find themselves, or else they’re like one of the mob — everybody looks alike,” she says. “They yap and yell about being individuals, but they all end up the same.”
“It’s painful to get to know yourself,” she continues, “But it’s very rewarding in the end; and you have to experiment. But if you work hard at something and you want it badly enough, you do it. You start at the bottom, and then you know what to do.”


Is This the Moment When Working Moms Finally ‘Have It All’? Not Exactly
Even for those making six-figure salaries, childcare can be prohibitively expensive—and with care work still grossly underpaid, we simply don’t have enough people willing or able to make a career of it.
Plus, companies aren’t just refusing to provide parental leave—they’re offering fewer weeks than before. According to The Wall Street Journal, the proportion of companies in 2022 that offered paid leave that went beyond what they are required to provide by law dropped to 35% from 53% in 2020. They’re proving that when the economy is tight—or even when it’s not, with many companies boasting record-setting profits—help for parents is first on the chopping block.


‘Rosaline’ Composers On Mixing Renaissance and Modern Instruments for Shakespearian Score
Hulu’s “Rosaline” (streaming Oct. 14) puts a rom-com spin on Shakespeare’s classic love story “Romeo and Juliet.” With that, composers Drum & Lace (Sofia Hultquist) and Ian Hultquist put a similar spin oty.
But for the composers whose credits include “Dickinson,” scoring comedy was more of a challenge than scoring drama. Sofia Hultquist said, “You have comedic timing to keep very much in mind. For ‘Rosaline,’ we tried to find very strong themes that we could use often so as to build a familiarity with the characters as well as play up the emotional arcs that were happening on-screen.”


Ms. Magazine at 50: Gloria Steinem Revisits the Early Years
A look back at the groundbreaking feminist publication’s early takes on abortion, the wage gap, American childcare, and more.

To hear Gloria Steinem describe the Ms. magazine office during its inaugural year of 1972 calls to mind a feminist workers’ utopia. The editorial team conducted meetings in a talking circle, passing a stick to indicate who was speaking. Salaries were need-based. When not in the “tot lot,” the art director’s five-year-old delivered mail via tricycle.Fifty years later, to flip through the magazine’s first year is to fall into something of a time warp. “I didn’t anticipate, then,” says Steinem, “that I would be here at age 88 confronting not exactly the same versions of issues, but the same kinds of issues.” Childcare. Pay equality. Mass incarceration. Angela Davis on the importance of writing for, about, and by Black women. Cynthia Ozick on the absurdity of defining a person by their organs: “If anatomy were destiny, the wheel could not have been invented; we would have been limited by legs.”


Lily James on the mood-boosting benefits of make-up
And the product she keeps “in every handbag”

Throughout her increasingly prolific career in the public eye, 33-year-old Lily James has executed countless beauty looks both on and off-screen, from romantic English Rose to audacious Hollywood bombshell.
While professionally the actress might use make-up as a tool to transform into character, or extend its presence off-screen, in her personal life it’s a means of self-expression. “I love to have fun with my beauty looks when I’m getting ready to go out,” she tells Bazaar. “Make-up really can change your mood, and when you look good you really do feel good – it’s so powerful.”


All The Times Cate Blanchett Proved She Was The Queen Of Red Carpet Repeats
“It’s chic to repeat,” Cate Blanchett’s stylist Elizabeth Stewart posted on Instagram as the actor rewore a series of looks at Venice Film Festival in 2020. First, there was the sequin gown by Esteban Cortazar that she first wore at the London premiere of Carol. Then there was the reworked Alexander McQueen dress, which she had transformed into a top that she could pair with trousers – showing what a dash of imagination can do in the world of red-carpet fashion.


The True Story Behind Empress Sisi & Franz Joseph’s Dramatic Courtship
In The Empress – the German royal drama based on the life of Austria’s Empress Sisi that debuted on Netflix this month – the first two episodes focus on her courtship with Franz Joseph I. They recount a complicated betrothal. Franz Joseph was originally promised to Sisi’s older sister, Helene. But, when the two families spent a weekend together, it was the younger Bavarian princess who caught the emperor’s eye instead. After a few stolen moments, they announce their engagement, much to Helene’s dismay.
It makes for a fascinating and dramatic episode. But how much of it is rooted in reality? As it turns out, a lot.


Geena Davis Is Ready for the Geenaissance
The actor discusses her new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” and her life as a feminist icon, data geek, world-class archer, and more.

If your perception of Geena Davis boils down to “Beetlejuice” and “Thelma & Louise” and “A League of Their Own,” you’ve been missing a much quirkier, more eclectic, more persistent person. And yet, to hear Davis tell it, she’s spent a lifetime trying to build up inner conviction. “I kicked ass onscreen way before I did so in real life,” she writes in her new memoir, “Dying of Politeness.” “The roles I’ve played have taken me down paths I never could have imagined when I dreamed of becoming an actor. They have helped transform me, slowly, in fits and starts, into someone of power.”


25 Gifts for Cheese Lovers That Are So Good, It’s Un-Brie-Lievable
Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, charcuterie — if they love it, we got a present for it.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that mean the most. For some, that might be their favorite TV show, for others that could be their morning cup of coffee, but for many it’s as simple as the perfect slice of cheese — yes, you read that right. It can be easy to see why the cheese lovers in your life love a good cheddar or strong Gruyère. Not only does it pair well with almost everything (pasta, meats, fruits, you name it!), but it is also classic comfort food. So, if you’re looking for the best gifts for cheese lovers, you’ve come to the right place.


The next frontier for climate action is the great indoors
Americans run “mini fossil fuel plants” in their homes. It’s time for change.

Millions of Americans are still reliant on gas combustion for their furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces, stoves, and ovens, not realizing the pollution they create both indoors and outdoors because of it.
“Many of us are basically running mini fossil fuel plants,” said Leah Stokes, a political scientist at the University of California Santa Barbara and senior adviser to the climate advocacy group Evergreen Action.
There are over 200 million of these “mini fossil fuel plants” throughout the country — all heaters, clothes dryers, and stoves that run on oil and gas, according to research from Rewiring America. Replacing all of these isn’t an easy thing to imagine or do. But a growing number of advocates argue it’s past time to try.


6 Outdated Bathroom Trends Interior Designers Are Tired of Seeing
Make your bathroom a more inviting space by swapping these design clichés for something fresher.

Bathrooms are equal parts sanctuary and utility. They’re simultaneously a room where you can light a candle and send the day’s thoughts away, and a practical space for getting ready, grooming, and bathing the kids. Aesthetically speaking, bathrooms should feel welcoming, serene, and functional. When a décor choice works against any of the above, it’s a recipe for a space that doesn’t feel quite right.
While everyone has their own sense of style—including color palettes that speak to them or unique features that enhance their own bathroom experience—certain design fixtures and motifs have overstayed their welcome. We asked interior design pros to help us pinpoint the outdated bathroom trends that are best to retire—and what you should do instead to create a space you’ll feel excited to walk into time and again.


Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?
We asked a veterinary expert which pet exhibits more intelligence.

The age-old question among self-described dog people and cat people is, “Which animal is smarter?” People who prefer dogs are inclined to say that dogs are smarter than cats, while cat people will, of course, claim the opposite to be true. The truth of the matter is, scientific research continues to explore the intelligence of both animals.
“The answers animals can give us about their capabilities are only as good as the questions we ask them,” says Annie Valuska, Ph.D., senior pet behavior expert at Purina Cat Chow. “Perhaps a dog outperforms a cat because the study was conducted in a lab environment, and cats are prey animals that have a suite of (adaptive) behavioral responses in a potentially scary situation that leads to them not participating.”
Dr. Valuska explains how intelligence in these animals is defined and put to the test, and the results of those studies.


Kiki Smith and Yayoi Kusama to Class Up the New Grand Central Madison Terminal
The artists will be making floor-to-ceiling mosaics for the underground Long Island Rail Road terminal opening in December.

At 700,000 square feet, Grand Central Madison, the new Long Island Rail Road terminal opening in December, has an impressive scale: It is costing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority more than $11 billion, and the project, its largest ever, has been underway since 2006. Once known as East Side Access, the terminal was carved out of Manhattan bedrock and stretches underneath Madison Avenue from East 43rd to East 48th Streets.
The terminal will also be an underground gallery of sorts, featuring enormous mosaics by two female artists with strong New York City connections, M.T.A. Arts & Design, which commissions art for the transit authority, is announcing Friday: Kiki Smith, a longtime resident known for her figurative work, and Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese sculptor and installation artist who lived in the city from 1958 to 1975.


The Greatest Generation
In “Half American,” Matthew F. Delmont tells the stories of the Black Americans who helped win the war abroad while battling racism at home

In January of 1942, James G. Thompson, a 26-year-old Black man from Wichita, Kansas, wrote a letter to the editor of The Pittsburgh Courier, the nation’s largest Black newspaper, asking the questions that were on the minds of many men preparing for possible duty in a segregated military.
“Should I sacrifice my life to live half American?” he asked. “Will things be better for the next generation in the peace to follow? Would it be demanding too much to demand full citizenship rights in exchange for the sacrificing of my life? Is the kind of America I know worth defending?”


13 Easy Pasta and Noodle Recipes Our Staff Cooks on Repeat
Shrimp pasta, Singapore noodles, one-pot wonders and more of our staff favorites.

Ease is subjective, and its meaning can vary depending on who you ask. In this collection of staff favorite recipes, easy can mean that your meal comes together in 15 minutes, or that it requires no more than six ingredients, or that you can pop a casserole dish of kitchen staples into the oven without firing many neurons. With all that newly acquired free time, you can finally live the weeknight life you’ve always dreamed of: Sign up for adult kickball! Host that book club! Go to bed at 9 p.m.!


An Irish Castle to Call Your Own
To most, the striking stone towers that dot the Irish countryside are quaint ruins. To a few ambitious people, they’re the perfect places to make into homes — and one-of-a-kind vacation rentals.

An authentic Irish castle that dates to the late 1400s, Cahercastle sat in ruins for centuries before its new owner painstakingly restored it. Castles like this one, also known as “tower houses,” pepper the landscape of Ireland. Designed as both fortifications and residences, most are just a single tower stretching up above the landscape, the interior floors and walls long since crumbled away. None would make the cover of a guidebook, but there is something about their humble appearance that feels so ancient, so Irish, so connected to the land where they stand.


Bartenders Are Cool If You’re Horny for a Negroni … Sbagliato … With Prosecco in It
After ‘House of the Dragon’ star Emma D’Arcy name-checked the now-viral cocktail, TikTok users are nervous for the sanity of their favorite bartenders

“A NEGRONI…SBAGLIATO…WITH PROSECCO in it.” With seven simple (and smoothly crooned) words, nonbinary House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy didn’t break the internet, but ensnared a significant and mostly gay portion of it. A clip of D’arcy and their onscreen nemesis Olivia Cooke discussing their favorite drinks went viral on TikTok and has heralded a new contender in the constant battle for drink of the moment: a negroni sbagliato.
In less than two weeks, the video has gone from a niche lesbian joke to a mainstream trend, spawning a platform-crossing wave of queer horniness, recipes, and dozens of memes worrying about unprepared bartenders. But several bartenders tell Rolling Stone they’re not concerned about the drink’s newfound fame—handling the masses (and their thirst) is in the job description.



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