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Posted on September 07, 2022

Carmel Market Bar and Restaurant – Utrecht, Netherlands


Let’s all be swellegant AF today, yes? It’s WEDNESDAY and you deserve it. Swan through today’s gorgeous LOunge, flitting from table to table, grouping to grouping, conversation to conversation, like the social butterfly you are. Or, alternately, you could sit in a corner and read quietly or sullenly judge everyone from a distance. There’s no wrong way to do the T LOunge, kittens.



Lea Michele Is Back on Broadway—And Ignoring the Rumors
“It’s going to be sort of like a reopening, in a sense,” Michele tells me of her Funny Girl premiere. She cites new songs and arrangements, but the real thirst—and spiking ticket prices—is for Michele’s new Brice.
“I think that a lot of people might have had an idea of how I would be playing Fanny based on some of the things I did on Glee, but this character is a combination of everything that I’ve learned in my life,” she says. She has become inextricably linked with her Glee alter-ego, the Tracy Flick-ian striver Rachel Berry, but Michele also sees glimmers of herself in Brice’s constant, propulsive motion.


Netflix Drama ‘The Crown’ Finds Its William And Kate: Two Actors To Play Prince & Newcomer Cast As Kate Middleton In Season 6
After an exhaustive casting process, Netflix drama The Crown has found its Prince William and Kate Middleton for the show’s sixth season. Producers have gone for a double dose of William, with two actors chosen to portray him as he goes from teenager to young adult, Deadline has learned.
Teenager Rufus Kampa assumes the role of Prince William aged 15, while Ed McVey will portray the prince’s later teen and early adult years. Newcomer Meg Bellamy has been cast as Kate. All three are new to television roles.
Kampa will appear in episodes that chart how the British Royal Family coped with the tragic death of William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, who died in August 1997.


Jason Momoa Shaved His Iconic Head of Hair So He Could Cut Back on “Ridiculous” Single-Use Plastics
Jason Momoa has one of the most iconic heads of hair in Hollywood—and we’ll die on that hill. For as long as our beauty-obsessed brains can remember, his locks have been unbelievably long, insanely healthy, and mind-bogglingly frizz-free. Let’s chalk it up to his superhero powers a la Aquaman. Alas, the 43-year-old actor just made the big decision to shave off his hair for a *very* good reason. What is it, you ask? To do his part to save the planet and cut back on single use plastics.


Don’t Call Them Grandmas! The Enduring Appeal of the Senior Fashion Icon
Lately, it seems, everyone on the internet wants to get in touch with their inner octogenarian. People on TikTok are enamored with the coastal-grandma effect—think Nancy Meyers heroines—while others are trying the fancy-grandma aesthetic—with guiding lights like Iris Apfel—on for size. And though the popular trends of coastal grandma and fancy grandma seem at opposite ends of the style spectrum, a defining element between the two is the idea of dressing for oneself, divorced from all trends and external influences. Stylish senior citizens are now an ideal, praised for their effortlessness just as much as their eccentricities. The signatures they’ve built up over time are being fully celebrated to an extent we haven’t quite seen on this level before.


Dunkin’ and Harpoon Are Releasing Three New Beers, Including One Made with Actual Coffee Rolls
The new mix 12-packs will be available everywhere Harpoon beers are sold.

Dunkin’ has once again partnered with their Boston-area brethren at the Harpoon Brewery for a lineup for autumn beers — and once again, the collection is four brews strong. Called the “Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer,” the mixed 12-pack is headlined by their collaborative Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale — though for 2022, the beer features a new recipe. The pack also includes three brand new brews, all made with Dunkin’ coffee: Cold Brew Coffee Porter, Hazelnut Blonde Stout, and Coffee Roll Cream Ale.


The ‘Great British Baking Show’ Returns to Netflix this Month with 12 New Bakers
Plus, another holiday special of the beloved baking competition is coming this November.

Thanks to streaming services, viewers aren’t as beholden to traditional TV scheduling where our favorite shows return every fall from a summer hiatus. But despite airing on Netflix, The Great British Baking Show still sticks to September with its season premiere, and the popular U.K. competition show has just announced its return date on this side of the pond.
The British premiere date for “Series 13” of The Great British Bake Off — as they call it in its homeland — has been known for a bit: Tuesday, September 13. Traditionally, the renamed American airings happen a few days later, but Netflix had yet to officially announce the start of what will be known stateside as Collection 10. (Why does everything always have to be an eggplant vs. aubergine situation with these Brits?!)


The Grateful Dead Releases Pair of Official Wines with Gnarly Head
Featuring classic Grateful Dead imagery, the bottles will be available at major retailers this month for just $12 each.

Even during The Grateful Dead’s formative years as one of San Francisco’s most recognizable jam bands, alcohol was not the substance most associated with the group. But as The Dead’s core audience has aged, forcing previously long, strange trips to become shorter and more ordinary, many Deadheads are probably likelier to reach for a glass of wine over anything else. (Or maybe even just salad mix!) And so, to tap into that market, The Grateful Dead have announced a new partnership with California’s Gnarly Head Wines to release two limited-edition bottlings inspired by the band.


Six Standing Ovations Later, Lea Michele Triumphantly Returns to Broadway in ‘Funny Girl’
It appears the weather gods didn’t heed Fanny Brice’s humble request.
But not even a dreary, drizzly Tuesday in Manhattan could rain on Lea Michele’s parade as the former “Glee” star made her long-anticipated debut in Broadway’s “Funny Girl” revival. Before Michele could sing a note in her crystalline soprano, the crowd at the August Wilson Theatre leapt to its feet as soon as she appeared on stage, making it difficult to hear the show’s famous opening line, “Hello, gorgeous.” She would receive six standing ovations in all, crescendoing in a final, rafters-shaking round of applause.


‘Harry Styles Did Not Spit on Chris Pine,’ Rep Confirms: ‘This Is a Complete Fabrication’
“This is a ridiculous story — a complete fabrication and the result of an odd online illusion that is clearly deceiving and allows for foolish speculation,” Pine’s rep said in a statement to Variety. “Just to be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. There is nothing but respect between these two men and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create drama that simply does not exist.”


An historic 19th-century windmill that’s been converted into a three-bedroom home in Charing, UK, is on the market for £995,000 — take a look inside
Known as Charing Windmill or Field Mill, the structure was built in the early 1800s and was in use until 1891, listing agent Aaron Turner from Foundation Estate Agents told Insider. However, it’s unclear when exactly it was converted into a home, he added.
Set on 0.3 acres, the windmill is four stories high and comes with over 1,400 square feet of living space, per the listing.
“I think it created flour and things like that,” homeowner Joanne Rogers told Insider. “It’s called a smock windmill because it’s in the shape of a dress.”


250 Popular Girl Dog Names That Are Cute and Unique for Your Snuggle Buddy
Inspired by movies, food, pop culture and more for your furry friend!

Whether your kids have been begging for a furry friend or you keep seeing adorable pups everywhere you go, it might just be that time to welcome a new puppy to the family! But before you bring home a snuggle buddy, there is much to do to prepare for their homecoming.
While you puppy-proof the house and buy new pet accessories like a collar and dog toys, one of the most important things to do is decide on a name for your dog. Although there are tons of names to choose from, the hardest part is narrowing it down to one. There are popular dog names like Penny and Roxy to unique dog names like Nova and Dot and more. And of course, the list goes on with funny dog names such as Marry Puppins or Sarah Jessica Barker.


Want to be happy? Don’t follow your gut.
A data scientist on what truly makes us happy.

Should you trust your gut?
This is a question I’m constantly asking myself, though it’s usually on a subconscious level. I think this is true for most of us. We’re making all kinds of decisions every day. Most of them are trivial, like what to cook for dinner. Some of them are monumental, like whether to change jobs or sell your house.
But every time we make these decisions, we make them on the basis of some feeling or evidence. Sometimes we just go with our intuition, with what feels right. And sometimes we lean on our reason. We weigh the options, consider all the factors, and follow the logic wherever it leads.


How The Serpent Queen star Liv Hill took on history’s most brutal queen
The 21-year-old actress, who previously starred in BBC’s Three Girls and indie-hit Jellyfish, is bringing new force to the period drama

Long has history been intrigued by the infamous House of Medici: the Italian dynasty that held 15th-century Europe in its palm, producing three Popes, numerous rulers of Florence and, later, members of French and English royalty. Netflix first televised the legacy of the family in the 2016 series Medici. Now, streaming service Starz is reimagining the life of one of its most notable offspring, Catherine de’ Medici, in The Serpent Queen. It was this glamorous villainess who inspired the evil queen in Snow White.
Ruthless? Brutal? Vengeful? Breathless in a series of too-tight corsets, 21-year-old actress Liv Hill gives it all as the young Catherine. Gliding through gilt palaces with the ease of royalty, she is every bit the malign, menacing Medici.


Agatha Christie’s Latest Biographer Plumbs a Life of Mystery
In “Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman,” Lucy Worsley revisits the weird story of one of the 20th century’s most popular and enduring authors.

There have been at least a dozen books devoted to Christie in the past two decades, and Lucy Worsley’s “Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman” is a pleasant but inessential addition to the stack. Fans will admire Worsley’s identification of real-life people, places and phrases that Christie upcycled into her fiction. They will delight in seeing photographs of the author surfing in Hawaii, or learning that her favorite drink was a glass of neat cream. (“Cream, neat” should be an acceptable order at a bar. If we work together, maybe we can make it happen.)


During a Renovation, This Family Found 18th-Century Gold Coins—Worth $300,000—Under Their Kitchen Floorboards
In today’s money, the trove has a spending power of about $116,000.

Planning a home remodel any time soon? If so, be sure to look for buried treasure as you work. According to a report by CNN, residents of a home in Northern England uncovered hundreds of gold coins when renovating their kitchen in 2019. Their loot could be worth up to $290,000 at an auction hosted by Spink & Son’s next month.
During the refurbishment, the homeowners found a salt-glazed earthenware cup hidden underneath the concrete and floorboards of their home in Ellerby, North Yorkshire. Inside the cup were more than 260 gold coin dating from 1610 to 1727.


5 Tips for Making Perfect No-Bake Cheesecake
What you need to know about the filling, crust, chilling, and more.

When the heat of summertime hits, there’s no better dessert than a no-bake cheesecake. Ice cream melts quickly in the sun, and pretty much everything else requires you to turn on the oven. Who wouldn’t want a no-bake dessert with a cheesecake filling that does not need to be cooked in the oven and is still smooth and creamy with a rich flavor? No-bake cheesecake does not contain eggs or thickeners, so it doesn’t need to be baked. This also eliminates the problems of over-baking and cracking that can occur with baked cheesecakes.





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