T LOunge for September 29th, 2022

Posted on September 29, 2022

Alameda Bar and Restaurant – Madrid, Spain


Darlings, it’s THURSDAY and that calls or a chic, well-appointed LOunge with options to congregate in large, gregarious groups or to sit in the shadows, sullenly sipping and judging. There’s always something for everyone in the T LOunge, so grab a seat and be whoever you feel like being today.


Jeremy Strong Knows What You Think
The ‘Armageddon Time’ star on shutting out the noise, from the buzz of ‘Succession’ to that one very loud profile: “There’s a lot of mythologizing about my process.”

Strong is aware of his reputation for artistic zealotry — and to the scoffing that zealotry may elicit, even from his peers. Among the most openly dismissive of his immersive acting technique is Cox himself. Less than a week after this breakfast interview, the Scotsman will tell a Toronto Film Festival audience: “I don’t hold a lot of the American shit, having to have a ‘religious experience’ every time you play a part. It’s crap.” Cox did not mention Strong by name; he didn’t have to.
“There’s a lot of mythologizing about my process,” Strong says. “But it’s very unremarkable and is really just about concentration.” He feels his creative techniques are wildly misconstrued, due in no small part to a New Yorker profile that instantly went viral in December 2021 and has followed him everywhere — including here — though he is determined to make this the last time he engages on it.


The Rings Of Power Star Nazanin Boniadi On The Protests In Iran And What Comes Next
Protests have raged in Iran and across the world since Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman from the western city of Saqqez, died in Tehran after being detained by the morality police there this month. As women haven taken to the streets to speak out against Iran’s hijab law and other forces of gendered repression in their home country, Vogue spoke to British Iranian actor and activist Nazanin Boniadi about watching the protests from afar, the link between reproductive rights in the US and bodily autonomy in Iran, and how to support the protesters.


How False Eyelashes, Wigs and Blue Contact Lenses Helped Ana de Armas Transform Into Marilyn Monroe for ‘Blonde’
A photo shoot for the stills of Marilyn Monroe that would feature throughout Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde,” now streaming on Netflix, was essential to the hair and makeup team in transforming Ana de Armas into the celebrated icon.
Jaime Leigh McIntosh, hair department head and makeup department head Tina Roesler Kerwin spent two and a half hours each morning applying hair and makeup to de Armas.
“That photo shoot for stills gave us a chance to try out a lot of different colors and figure out what worked. It gave us a chance to figure out what worked better in black and white as opposed to color,” explains Kerwin.


Netflix Removes LGBTQ Tag From ‘Dahmer’ After Backlash From Viewers: ‘Not The Representation We’re Looking For’
Netflix has removed the LGBTQ tag from its Ryan Murphy-created Jeffrey Dahmer limited series, “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” The show, starring Evan Peters as the notorious serial killer, launched Sept. 21 on the streaming platform and was categorized under the LGBTQ tag for at least two days. A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to Variety the LGBTQ tag was officially removed by Friday, Sept. 23.


Marilyn Monroe’s Troubled Mother and Mysterious Father?
Filmmaker Andrew Dominik has called Blonde “a movie for all the unloved children of the world.” Here’s the real story of Monroe’s family life.

At the film’s beginning, a seven-year-old Norma Jeane Baker (Lily Fisher) is tormented by her alcoholic and mentally unstable mother, Gladys (Julianne Nicholson). She is shown directly threatening her daughter’s life multiple times— nearly drowning her in a bathtub and driving her toward the 1933 Griffith Park fire. As for her father, Gladys hangs a picture of him on the wall and tells Monroe that he’s a Hollywood power player (in real life, Gladys met Monroe’s father when she worked as an RKO film cutter). She even promises that the man will one day retrieve them from poverty. Throughout Blonde, Monroe is plagued both by a missing father figure (she calls both of her husbands “Daddy”) and subconsciously ubiquitous mother.


This Is The Best Celebrity Moment Of Fashion Month
Celebrities have been stealing the show at the spring/summer 2023 presentations – whether they’ve been sitting in the front rows, or walking on the actual runways themselves (did you catch Paris Hilton strutting her stuff at the Versace? That’s hot!). But today in Paris, designer Olivier Rousteing’s new collection for Balmain had debatably the best star cameo of the entire month: A finale walk from Cher. Yes, the legend herself.


Watch the gripping trailer for the lavish new Dangerous Liaisons remake
The classic tale of two rival lovers is getting the Starz treatment in an eight-part series

The eight-part series is described as ‘the story of a young woman who negotiates love, sex, class and power to navigate an oppressive, unjust establishment on the brink of collapse.’ The story follows the plot of Camille, a ‘mysterious stranger’ and Valmont, a nobleman whose titles were taken away by his stepmother after his father’s death, as they ‘ruthlessly seduce and manipulate’ their way from the underbelly of society to the highest levels of aristocracy.


What a Screen Can’t Capture About Fashion
A 1956 book is a refreshing reminder that there’s more to clothes than how they look.

Fast fashion has created a shopping landscape far removed from the one surveyed by Claire McCardell in her exuberant 1956 guide to getting dressed, “What Shall I Wear?” The book has now been reissued (with a new introduction by Tory Burch) and fashion critics have praised McCardell’s enduring relevance—and, although much about the world of clothes has changed, her voice retains its jaunty authority. McCardell was an American ready-to-wear designer known for pioneering women’s separates and sportswear. She favored adaptable shapes and simple materials, such as wool jersey, even for formal occasions; her innovations included ballet flats and skirts with zippers on the sides, for easy reach. McCardell, who grew up in Maryland, had studied fashion in Paris as an undergraduate at Parsons, but she came to eschew European influence—she was more interested in solving American women’s everyday style problems than in copying the French. Her emergence in the nineteen-thirties and forties helped bring about the beginning of homegrown U.S. fashion.


8 Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out of Style
Picking the perfect paint color can make or break the entire look of a room. Color can affect your mood, making you feel energized or calm. It can also make a space look smaller and cozier, or can open a room up. But there are a host of things to consider in deciding on the right shade: Will the year’s trending colors stand the test of time? How do you incorporate new hues into the room’s existing furniture, accents, and décor scheme? And how much should you take the room’s lighting (or lack thereof) into account?
While the answers to these questions will certainly vary by room or furniture piece, this go-to palette of colors is guaranteed to look chic for years to come.


10 Best Foods for Hair Growth, According to Dietitians
The top foods you’ll need to keep your hair strong, healthy and flourishing all year long.

Having thick, luscious, healthy hair goes beyond what you do to it or put on it — it’s connected to many factors including stress, genetics, environmental factors, nutrition and more. Oftentimes, vibrant and healthy hair is a reflection of overall health and most likely means that your body is nourished properly with the right vitamins and minerals.


How to Make Homemade Bath Salts
It’s surprisingly easy to prepare your own bath salt blend at home.

After a long, busy day, there’s nothing better than a hot bath—except, of course, a hot bath enriched with fragrant bath salts. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own custom bath salt blends to suit your needs (like soothing sore muscles or softening skin), then scent them with your favorite essential oils. As a finishing touch, use food coloring to make your salt blend a pretty, soothing color.


What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?
True crime has made huge strides in centering the victim. But we keep getting series like the Netflix docudrama.

Multiple family members have spoken out to make it clear that neither Netflix nor the creators consulted them or asked for their permission to use their stories in the 10-episode series. On Twitter, Eric Perry, the cousin of Dahmer’s first victim, Errol Lindsey, spoke briefly but compellingly, arguing that the new series is “retraumatizing [the family] over and over again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”


30 Kitchen Skills to Master Before You Turn 30
Learning to cook is an ongoing process, but there are some basic cooking skills everyone should have. While these skills are useful on their own, they’re even more helpful when you combine them: Once you know how to make stock, dice vegetables, and cut up a whole chicken, you’re already well on your way to making homemade soup. Whip up a fresh batch of buttercream, then follow our guide for filling and frosting the layer cake you baked.
It’s important to take good care of your tools and cookware too: Keep your knives sharp and your cast-iron skillet clean. We will also teach you how to make homemade pie crust, cook both fresh and dried pasta, and season with salt. From here, you can cook anything for anyone, anytime. Ahead, we’re sharing 30 of the most essential skills for home cooks to learn by the time they’re 30.


Oreo’s Next Flavor Is Snickerdoodle
Oreo revealed the new flavor in a string of secretly coded Twitter posts.

Oreo has released so many limited edition flavors we’ve all lost track. Seriously. Have you been to the “List of Oreo varieties” Wikipedia page? It looks like the bullet-pointed manifesto of a deranged cookie killer. As of this writing, the article features 172 bullet points. Some Wikipedia admin is staring at it right now, tears pouring down his face, praying for a clean up!
Things have gotten so out of hand that even Oreo seems to be tacitly admitting that simply announcing a new flavor has lost its luster like so many pre-gender-reveal-party phone calls. So today, the brand unveiled its latest variety on Twitter in a secret code: “Want to know the next OREO Cookie flavor?” the brand tweeted. “Read the first word of our last 8 tweets.” The results: “Our Next OREO Cookie Flavor Is Snicker Doodle.” “(Who knows what other desperate cries for help Oreo has been hiding in the first words of its tweets all these years?)


The Macallan Is Releasing a Scotch to Honor James Bond’s 60th Anniversary in the Movies
The Scotch will be sold in six different package designs, one representing each decade of the film series.

Few movie characters are as enduring as James Bond. The British secret agent’s big screen debut was 1962’s Dr. No — after which he immediately started making way too many sequels before way too many sequels was even a thing. Over the ensuing 60 years, 007 has appeared in 25 films (well, maybe 27 depending on who you ask), including at least two in all six decades.
Now, admittedly, Bond is known for his love of martinis — shaken, not stirred, of course — but as far as enduring beverages are concerned, nothing really compares to Scotch, so in that regard, the film franchise’s partnership with The Macallan — which dates back until at least 2012’s Skyfall when Bond drank the dram on screen — works well enough, right?


Meet Purple M&M, the Candy Brand’s First New Character in a Decade
Mars says Purple was “designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity.”

When you grab a regular bag of M&M’s, the colors will remain the same: red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and brown. But for the brand’s advertising campaigns, there’s a new color on the block: Purple.
Billed as the first expansion of M&M’s “iconic crew” in a decade, Purple has been added today as the brand’s latest “spokescandy.” A permanent addition, she’s the third female member of the M&M’s team alongside Green and Brown, but is the first female peanut M&M (if you’ve been keeping track of such things). That said, while capital-P Purple will be appearing in ads, lowercase-p purple candies won’t be coming to peanut M&M’s packs.


Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II removes grandchildren’s HRH status
In 2019, the same choice was taken by the Swedish household, who made the decision in relation to King Carl XVI Gustaf’s grandchildren

The Danish Royal Family released a statement on Wednesday evening outlining Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s decision to remove four of her grandchildren’s prince and princess titles, as well as their HRH status. The children of the Queen’s second son, Prince Joachim, (Nikolai, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10), will, from 1 January 2023, be referred to as counts and countess.


As Blonde hits screens, these are the Old Hollywood It couples who defined the 1960s
From Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Tatler chronicles the most captivating couples of the era

The only thing the movie-going public likes more than an onscreen drama is a real one. The ‘Hollywood romance’ is about as intoxicating an idea as there is – sexy, glamorous, on an epic scale and with an epic love story behind it. And no one did it with as much style as the Old Hollywood starlets, in an era of studio-decided romances, of huge individual fame before the crowded stage of modern celebrity and influencers competing for the limelight. These couples would unite on – and off – screen to show everyone else how it was done; or stars would marry literary royalty, political royalty and actual royalty, and reach dizzying heights of importance.


Ni Hao, Sawasdee, Xin Chào: Language Apps to Take You Through Asia
While you may not master every language ahead of a multistop tour through Asia, these apps and digital tools can help you get by (and maybe make you some friends).

For an English-speaking visitor to Asia — which spans close to 50 countries — navigating a new language can be daunting at first. A walk down a busy road in Malaysia, for example, may bring you into contact with Malay; written Simplified Chinese; spoken Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien; Tamil and perhaps even Hindi.
But while language can be a hurdle, it can also be a joy. We’ve collected some of the best language apps and technology for travelers to Asia — from full-fledged machine-learning translators to a simple tweak to your phone’s keyboard. With a small amount of help, you can translate dozens of languages and scripts, illuminate pictographs and characters, and learn something new.


America’s First Singaporean Hawker Center Opens Today in New York City
An idea that started with Anthony Bourdain and entrepreneur KF Seetoh becomes a reality in Midtown Manhattan today.

The first Singaporean street food hall (or hawker center, as they’re commonly known) opens in New York City today.
Self-proclaimed street food guru and entrepreneur KF Seetoh just opened the 17-vendor market in Midtown Manhattan called Urban Hawker. It’s meant to mirror the iconic, UNESCO-protected hawker centers in Singapore and is the first such hawker center in the United States. Many of its vendors are entering the country for the first time, including the folks behind coffee shop stall Kopifellas, the prawn noodle stall Prawnaholic Collections, and the Singaporean Indian Mamak’s Corner — and 11 of the 17 stalls will have chefs based permanently in New York City.





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