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Posted on September 13, 2022

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Enjoy today’s gorgeously elegant and exquisitely well-appointed LOunge, kittens. It’s TUESDAY and you deserve it. We, however, must dash as it’s the day after the Emmys and we have  a metric fuck-tonne of celebrity gownery and tuxery to throw your way. Ciao for now, darlings!


The 22 Best- and Worst-Dressed Celebrities at the 2022 Emmys
Tom + Lorenzo weighed in, and you won’t want to miss who won the 2022 Emmys red carpet and who…didn’t.

Here’s a little secret no one will tell you about the Emmys red carpet: It’s the easiest red carpet event of the year to cover. It’s not as prestige-obsessed as the Oscars, as wild as the VMAs, or as envelope-pushing as the Met Gala. It’s just TV stars trying their best to look pretty for the nice folks at home. There are rarely any true disasters, but among all the fun and fine fashion on display, we managed to find a few choices to quibble about.


Jean-Luc Godard, the Legendary French New Wave Director, Dies at 91
Jean-Luc Godard, the French director and writer, has died at 91, the French newspaper Libération has reported.
Widely considered one of the finest auteur directors in history, Godard was a founding father of French cinema’s New Wave movement. He rose to prominence through the 1960s following the release of his ground-breaking 1959 film, Breathless. Such was the impact of the work that film critic and New York Film Festival founder Richard Roud once opined, “There is the cinema before Godard and the cinema after Godard.”
Radical in his approach to film-making, he pioneered the jump-cut technique, encouraged his actors to break the fourth wall as part of a Brechtian ‘alienation effect’, and together with his director of photography Raoul Coutard often shot with handheld cameras and without a script. Ardently dismissive of cinematic traditions, director Quentin Tarantino praised Godard’s ability to be “thumbing his nose at cinema technique but always finding some clever anti-version of technique.”


A Portrait of David Bowie as an Alienated Artist
The musician was a consummate showman, but “Moonage Daydream,” a new documentary, rarely shows him at play.

The last time I saw David Bowie—in many ways, the ultimate rock star for my generation—who died in 2016, I was cheating on him with another pop artist. We were on a rooftop in Williamsburg. Journalists, musicians, and the like had gathered on that late-spring evening in 2006 to watch TV on the Radio perform a short set from their second album, the eclectic and catchy “Return to Cookie Mountain.” I had fallen hard for the group’s co-lead vocalist, Tunde Adebimpe, with his thick spectacles, sweet demeanor, and idiosyncratic voice. Sometimes Adebimpe sounds like a stoned drill sergeant, and at other times like a kid on the brink of adolescence. Like Bowie, he is what I call a character singer—someone who sings in the imagined voice of the character in a song. That night, the group performed a strong set, and when I wasn’t watching Adebimpe I was looking at Bowie. Standing in the middle of the crowd, clutching a beer, the then fifty-nine-year-old star was lithe, moving to the music. He was a husband and a father for the second time, but age had done nothing to dim his apparent enthusiasm for the new, especially if it was off-center and indisputably itself, like TV on the Radio.



Black Cowgirl Magic
“A lot of rodeos are like track meets. People come in, do their event, and leave. But Black rodeos are more like a show. There’s music, barbecuing out in the parking lot, and dancing. Everybody is there to have a good time, and all of your family and friends come and hang out. It’s like a little reunion in addition to a rodeo. When Raemia isn’t barrel racing or steer un-decorating—which is a sport you’ll see mostly at Black rodeos, where riders chase a steer down and rip a piece of duct tape off of its back—she’s hanging out with her family on the campgrounds, usually wearing cutoffs and a tank top. In this picture, she’s practicing roping on a calf dummy, just because she loves it. She competes in multiple events and usually participates in the rodeo’s opening ceremony. Black rodeos kick off with a rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing, the Black National Anthem, while someone on horseback rides around with a Pan-African flag. The announcer usually knows everybody and has playful banter with folks. If a bronco rider is doing a good job, the announcer will be like, ‘Hey, take off your hat and wave it around!’ A black rodeo is just like any other rodeo, but with its own flavor. Everybody knows each other. It’s less about competing against the other riders and more about showing what you can do.”


20 of the Best Books About Queen Elizabeth II
From exhaustive biographies, to illustrated coffee table books, and dishy accounts from former palace staffers.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, if you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of the longest-running female monarch in world history, there’s a wealth of books out there to delve into. From exhaustive biographies, to illustrated coffee table books, to dishy accounts from former palace staffers, here are 20 of the best books you can read about the queen.


ABC’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Special Casts Josh Groban, Rita Moreno and Joshua Henry
Josh Groban, Joshua Henry and Rita Moreno will star in ABC’s “Beauty and the Beast 30th Anniversary Special,” Variety can exclusively reveal.
Groban, who recorded the original song “Evermore” for the 2017 “Beauty and the Beast” film, will play Beast. Henry, who recently starred on Broadway’s “Into the Woods,” will play Gaston. Moreno will serve as the show’s narrator, guiding viewers along the classically enchanting tale. As previously announced, Grammy winner H.E.R. will play Belle in the live-action/animated hybrid.
The special will be recorded live and feature never-before-seen musical performances. Jamal Sims is doing double duty as executive producer and choreographer. Sets will be designed by Julio Himede, and “The Masked Singer” costume designer Marina Toybina will recreate Belle’s famous yellow gown, plus new outfits inspired by the classic story.


All the Royal Warrants Queen Elizabeth Issued to Food and Drink Brands Are Now Invalid
Companies have two years to either get their Royal Warrant renewed by King Charles III, or else stop printing the Royal Arms symbol on their products.

When you spend 70 years on the British throne, a lot happens — and among the many things Queen Elizabeth II did during her reign was issue hundreds of British Royal Warrants, official acknowledgements that a company supplied goods or services to the royal family. The companies could then, in turn, legally advertise this connection, including using the Royal Arms symbol on packaging and advertising.
However, interestingly enough, upon the passing of any British royalty, the Royal Warrants they issued become invalidated. And now the clock is ticking for brands who want to continue advertising their relationship to the crown.


Jacob Elordi to Play Elvis in ‘Priscilla’
Just when we thought we’d made it to the other side of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis and Austin Butler’s accent, Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla looms on the horizon. Priscilla tells the story of Elvis’ wife Priscilla Ann Presley who met Elvis in Germany at 14 and the courtship (read: grooming), marriage and infidelity that followed.
Jacob Elordi, of The Kissing Booth and Euphoria fame, will be taking on the role of Elvis alongside Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla herself. The A24 film is an adaptation of Priscilla Presley’s 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me. Peering into the private life of the Presleys, Priscilla details Elvis’s advances, life on the Graceland estate, starting a family and raising their only child, Lisa Marie Presley. And that’s only the first year of their relationship.


American Tourist Fined $455 for Eating Gelato, Drinking Beer on Steps of Roman Fountain
The fine came as local authorities try to crack down on “decorum” in the Italian capital.

An American tourist in Italy learned an expensive lesson this month: Be careful where you choose to sit to eat your gelato… though the fact that it was after midnight and he was also drinking a beer probably didn’t help.
The 55-year-old tourist was issued a €450 fine (about $455 at the current exchange rate) for sitting on the steps of the Fontana dei Catecumeni in Rome on September 3, according to The Guardian. During the day, the fountain is a popular tourist attraction, but at some point in the evening, it had reportedly been cordoned off to prevent anyone from sitting in the area; however, the tape had apparently been removed, leaving the clueless American wondering why the police were citing him for breaking what are known as the city’s “urban decorum” rules.


Photographer who captured the last image of Queen Elizabeth II shares her memories of that day
“I got a lot of smiles from her”

The royal photographer, Jane Barlow, who captured the final public images of Queen Elizabeth II – during Her Majesty’s first and only meeting with the UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss – has shared what the mood was like at Balmoral on that now-poignant day, and their final conversation together.
As well as capturing the moment that Her Majesty shook hands and greeted Truss, Barlow also spent a few minutes alone with the Queen – who she describes as being frail but “in good spirits” – as they waited for the PM’s arrival.
In classic British style, Barlow says that she and the Queen made small talk over the mundane, such as the stormy Scottish weather they were experiencing. But, despite the grey skies outside, Her Majesty appeared bright and upbeat.


‘The Woman King’: How Costume Designer Gersha Phillips Relied on African Artisans to Create Warrior Costumes
Costume designer Gersha Phillips drew upon African tradition while creating outfits for “The Woman King,” Gina Prince-Bythewood’s movie about female warriors in the 1800s. The film starring Viola Davis will debut Sept. 9 at the Toronto Intl. Film Festival ahead of a Sept. 16 release by Sony’s TriStar.
During her research, Phillips discovered that Agojie warriors in West Africa wore baggy pants during that time. Initially, she designed outfits in that style, but several iterations later, she incorporated wrap skirts — also seen in historical archives. Since the women were going to be moving a lot, Phillips says, “I had to consider functionality. Everybody had to fight, so we ended up using a stretch-knit fabric so they could do what they needed to do in it.”


A 100-year-old ‘mushroom home’ with a medieval theme is on the market for $4.5 million, and the owner knows it’s not for everyone — take a look inside
The house was originally constructed by a local builder named Earl Young, who was known for his whimsical, fairytale-like stone cottages. His homes have been referred to as “mushroom houses” and “Hobbit homes.”
Young lived in the Thatch House until the late 1940s with his wife and their children, per the Charlevoix Earl Young District report.
“This happened to be the house that Young built for himself when he was 20,” Seitz, a mechanical engineer, told Insider.
Young is known for his mushroom houses, but he did not design this property in that style, Seitz said: “It had a totally different roof, and it was really a normal house of the 1920s.”
Seitz decided to completely remodel the roof by making it wavy, “like a floppy hat,” he said. He drew inspiration from the thatched houses of Cape Dutch in South Africa, where he grew up.
It helped that the house was located near where Young built his collection of mushroom houses, Seitz said.


Work sucks when you’re the only one left
Not everyone quit during the Great Resignation.

There has been no shortage of stories about the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, or whatever you want to call it. The rate of people quitting their jobs has declined somewhat, but it still remains above pre-pandemic norms. There are still about two job openings per every unemployed worker in the United States. The labor market remains incredibly tight.
There has also been no shortage of stories about the impact all of this is having on consumers. Air travel sucks. Restaurant service is a disaster. Customers are throwing full-blown hissy fits in public.
What does this add up to for the workers still on the job, trying to make their situations work under increasingly tight and stressful conditions? The “labor leftovers,” if you will, are being asked to do the same amount of work or more in order to compensate for their current situations. And, to put it plainly, it sucks.


The beginner’s guide to running
Getting into running — even as a complete beginner — is easier than you think.

Running is relatively low maintenance in terms of gear. Sure, there are tons of pricey accessories runners can splurge on, but beginners can (and probably should) do without the bells and whistles. One piece of equipment deserving of time and attention, though, is your shoes. “It’s always appealing to go with the sexy Nike shoes,” Nesi says. “But sometimes it’s not the right shoe for you.”
While this seems like extra credit, experts are unanimous in their advice to visit a specialty running store to have your gait — how your legs move while running — evaluated and to try shoes recommended based on your body and support needs. For instance, if you overpronate — your ankle rolls down and inward when you take a step — specialists at the store will be able to identify that while watching you walk and recommend a shoe with more stability and support.


King Charles III: A style retrospective
In honour of the King’s ascension to the throne, Tatler takes a look back at his discerningly dapper wardrobe

King Charles III has ascended to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. And while the UK continues its 10 days of mourning with tributes, commemorations and celebrations of her life across the country, our new King takes his first steps as monarch.
Throughout his time as the Prince of Wales, Charles always provided us with exemplary English excellence when it comes to fashion. Exceptionally tailored suits from Anderson & Sheppard, sleek shirts from Turnbull & Asser, traditional kilts in Balmoral tartan, and the perfect rural-chic outerwear from Barbour, his dedication to the fine art of British craftsmanship is exactly what solidifies him as a stalwart of sartorial elegance.
While these classic silhouettes imbue a timeless charm, the King has often fought for the future of fashion. A passionate patron and founder of The Campaign For Wool, Charles worked tirelessly to promote the use of wool as a highly sustainable fibre in the worlds of fashion and homewares. From collaborations with heritage labels like Johnston of Elgin, to large-scale knitted art installations at Dumfries House, to providing training to young artisans looking to get into the fabric business, King Charles has always endeavoured for a stylish, and sustainable, Britain.


U.S. Returns Rare Coin Minted by Jews During Rebellion From Rome
The silver quarter shekel, estimated to be worth as much as $1 million, was minted in the first century by Jews who created it as a statement of sovereignty during the uprising known as The Great Revolt.

American investigators returned a rare silver coin to Israel on Monday that they say was minted as a marker of independence during the Great Revolt against Roman oppression of A.D. 66-73 and centuries later was looted from an archaeological site in the Valley of Elah.
The coin was seized in 2017 when collectors tried to sell it at an auction in Denver, where it was listed as having an estimated value between $500,000 and $1 million. But it did not clear the legal hurdles to be returned to Israel until this summer.
Experts say the coin, a quarter-shekel piece featuring palm branches and a wreath and dated to A.D. 69, is among the rarest coins remaining from the bloody Jewish uprising against imperial Rome. The Roman response included the sacking and burning of the Temple Mount in A.D. 70 and, in A.D. 73, the demise of the last Jewish holdouts at Masada.


A Journey Through Black Nova Scotia
The 400-year history of African culture in this maritime Canadian province is expansive, but it’s a story that’s been tucked into the shadows of Canadian history. Now, grass-root initiatives are changing that.

“Whenever I travel and tell people where I’m from, they always say, ‘There are Black people in Nova Scotia?’” said René Boudreau, 30, founder of Elevate and Explore Black Nova Scotia, a travel community and experiential business designed to inspire Black travelers to visit the province. “They’re always surprised when I’m like, ‘We’ve been here for 400 years.’”
As a Black American who’s developed a near obsession with the African diaspora, I’ll admit that I would have asked her the same question had we met under different circumstances. Though the 400-year history of African culture in the maritime province of Nova Scotia is one that is rich and expansive, it’s a story that’s been tucked into the shadows of Canadian history and not widely acknowledged for its contributions to the African diaspora.
Thanks to a collection of grass-roots tourism initiatives in the province, the narrative is shifting.


How to Pack Dishes When Moving
Tackle the kitchen like a pro with this helpful guide.

When it comes to packing for a move, the kitchen is a notoriously difficult room. Not only are there fragile items to be mindful of, but unlike the guest room, most people use their kitchens daily.
“The kitchen is always the last room that we pack up and the first room that we unpack,” says Janet Bernstein, owner of The Organizing Professionals, a Philadelphia-area company that offers moving services. “The kitchen will always take the longest. Most take at least eight hours to pack.”
The best way to tackle this moving juggernaut? With a solid plan, expert know-how, and plenty of packing paper. Here’s how to pack the room’s trickiest items like a pro.


The Best Paint Colors to Upgrade Your Front Door
Nothing boosts your home’s curb appeal faster than a beautifully painted front door. Not only is it an affordable way to bring a pop of personality to the exterior of your home, but the update requires just minimal work and the entire project can be completed in a weekend. “The front door is a real focal point of the exterior of your property,” says Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball. “Painting it in one of your favorite colors can quickly upgrade its look.”
When looking through color swatches, you’ll want to pick out a paint color that highlights both your unique style and your home’s exterior. “Always take into account your surrounding elements when selecting paint for your door,” says interior designer Becky Shea. “Consider your window mulling, ceilings, and everything that will live on your front porch so that there are no surprises when that bold or subtle door takes center stage.”


The Only Challah Recipe You’ll Ever Need (and It Gets You a Babka, Too)
This classic hugely versatile dough recipe from Claire Saffitz is rich, lightly sweet and ready to be shared.

If you don’t have the patience for breadmaking (or for baking at all), chances are you’ll still find challah, the enriched bread often served on the Jewish sabbath and during the High Holy Days, not only manageable — but fun.
Compared with more technical breads, like sourdough loaves or baguettes, challah is mostly hands-off, with an easy-to-handle dough. Plaiting it into a braid is pleasantly tactile, and the end result always looks impressive, even if your braiding skills are average. The loaves are also versatile, lending themselves equally well to sweet preparations (bread pudding and cinnamon toast) and savory ones (sandwiches and accompaniments to soups, stews and saucy braises).


The 10 Most Naturally Beautiful States in the U.S.
These states are home to must-visit national parks, dreamy, snow-covered peaks, and dramatic black-sand beaches.

From the icy glaciers of Alaska to the white-sand beaches of Florida, our country is home to stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife. Each state is beautiful on its own, but some are home to a plethora of awe-inspiring natural wonders, dramatic landscapes, and state and national parks (California, we’re looking at you), making them heaven for nature lovers.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up the 10 states where Mother Nature has truly outdone herself, taking into consideration must-visit national parks, coastlines, scenic drives, mountain ranges, and much more.




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