Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco at the MEET CUTE Premiere

Posted on September 21, 2022

Co-stars. No, really. This may look like Kaley Cuoco graciously agreed to pose with a fan who broke the press line, but she is, in fact, standing next to her co-star at the premiere of their romantic comedy Meet Cute. It’s so not cute.




We ONE HUNDRED PERCENT believe that celebrities do not need to dress formally to promote their work. We also believe that they aren’t obligated to wear high-fashion labels or even to have their style dictated to them. That might sound surprising coming from two bitches who make part of their living telling celebrities what’s wrong with their style, but we think it’s consistent with our evolving views over the years. Put briefly: we don’t think performers and artists need to dress like they’re at a society gala or a corporate social event in order to promote their work. We DO believe that stars need to dress according to their brand, the project they’re promoting, and the venue in which they’re promoting it. If Pete was promoting a dude comedy with a bunch of male co-stars and he showed up for a photo call in this, we’d probably still trash him for it, but he’d at least be somewhat in line with the context of the situation. But this is a rom-com red carpet and there’s no way in hell a female rom-com co-star would be comfortable showing up looking like they’re running to the gas station for some emergency condoms. She would get the worst press of her life if she showed up like this and she might even have potential casting directors, publicists and producers looking at her sideways and wondering if she was capable of headlining future projects. This is just a dick move on his part, knowing what she’d have to do to get ready for this event. He once hit the Met Gala in a Thom Brown skirt, so we don’t buy any sort of defense that fashion is… we don’t know, painful for him or whatever excuse fans might devise whenever a male star gets criticized like this. We get that this is entirely his brand, but there’s no reason he can’t put on his big boy pants for his co-star.

She looks cute. We might have had some quibbles or suggestions, but she’s so clearly not the issue here.




Style Credits:
Kaley Cuoco: Dolce & Gabbana Velvet-trimmed Sequined Crepe Blazer | Manolo Blahnik Shoes
Styled by Brad Goreski and Daniela Viviana Romero | Hair by Tommy Buckett | Makeup by Natasha Smee


[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, – Video Credit: Peacock/YouTube]

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