BLONDE Star Ana de Armas in Brunello Cucinelli at the LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT

Posted on September 20, 2022

A New York street at dusk isn’t always the best place and time to pose for pictures, but we think these shots of Blonde star Ana de Armas on her way into Stephen Colbert’s studio are worth looking at, bad lighting aside. “Dazzling” is the word here – as in, “Wow, that suit Blonde star Ana de Armas is wearing is pretty dazzling!”



We’ve mentioned this a time or two before, so if we’re being repetitive, sue us, but for our money, pewter and bronze are WAY more interesting metallics to wear than the overused silver and gold. Perhaps it would be best to consider this suit under the conditions for which it was meant to be worn:




She really looks spectacular. We continue to think her hairstyles have been pretty underwhelming throughout this promo tour, but we want to reiterate that it’s not because we think she should be doing some sort of Marilyn drag. If anything, we think she’s been threading that needle rather nicely; choosing ensembles (like this suit) that don’t really call back to Marilyn’s or even evoke it all that much, but still managing to deliver the glamour and sex appeal (to use a very Marilyn era-appropriate term) that a screen goddess is expected to. In short: Love the look, but we wish the hair had a little more volume to it.


Style Credits:
Brunello Cucinelli Sequin-embellished Double-breasted Jacket, Single-breasted Waistcoat and High-rise Sequin Trousers from the Spring 2022 Collection

Styled by Samantha McMillen


[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images, Janet Mayer/ Images, – Video Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube]

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