THE SANDMAN World Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 04, 2022

We gave Dream, Death and Lucifer their own spotlight posts, but now it’s time for the other dreamers and immortals of The Sandman cast to come in for their premiere red carpet style assessments.



Donna Preston in Valerio Gioia

This is a whole hell of a lot of look and we can’t really claim we love it, but we love that she went for it. She plays the human embodiment of Despair in the series and as you might imagine, she does not exactly get to glam it up in the role. We think the hair is too wiggy and the satin of that skirt is clearly unworkable in a practical sense. It’s all giving Adele just a bit too much. But like we said, we think the lady deserves her drag moment if she wants it.



Ferdinand Kingsley

Not to over-analyze something that looks like you could buy in a military outlet store, but this could work with a little more in the way of styling. Nothing wrong with a pair of classic Doc Martens, but more interesting boots and a shirt with some style to it could do a lot here. To those familiar with the lore, he plays Hob Gadling and we’re not allowed to tell you this yet, but he’s perfect.



Joely Richardson in Roksanda

This is bold and unexpected; a real statement look – and that’s not the kind of thing we’d have credited her for even wanting to pull off. We go back and forth on the color. It suits her, but we’re so tired of all these bright pinks. The shape is dramatic and she’s to be commended for appearing completely free of wrinkles, but we’re not entirely in love with the design. The collar looks unresolved. Love the clutch and the unexpected choice of shoe. It’s almost like the entire look is less than the sum of its parts.




Niamh Walsh in Self-Portrait

Kinda loving all of this until we get to the hem, which should definitely be about six inches longer.




Razane Jammal in Dior

Hmm. The use of fishnet mesh with lace is kind of interesting, but we really don’t like the disconnect between the bodice and the skirt. She looks like she has yet to put her top on.




Vanesu Samunyai

It could be argued that this doesn’t feel as formal as some of the other looks here, but the longer we take it in, the more we like this whole vibe. The hair helps a lot, but it feels really youthful and fresh, the pieces suit her, and it’s quietly attention-getting. LOVE the tears.




Vivienne Acheampong in Valentino

The Valentino Drago is iconic, but we don’t entirely love this iteration. The textile is too shiny and we don’t like the contrasting lining at all. Love the rest of the design, though. We’re not convinced gloves go with it. She is SO good as Dream’s right-hand woman Lucienne.




[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimag/Cover Images, John Rainford/Cover Images, MICHAEL SIMON/ Images]

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