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Posted on August 05, 2022

Lily’s Bar and Restaurant – Casablanca, Morocco


Darlings, it is FRIDAY and you’ve made it here, where you belong. We’ve got a ton of things to do today, but we’ve set up a tab and booked the whole space for the next 24 hours. Indulge and enjoy.


Brace Yourselves: Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix’s Musical Sequel to Joker Is Coming
Todd Phillips’s Joker made over $1 billion when it was released in 2019 and earned its formidable lead, Joaquin Phoenix, a best actor Oscar. So, it comes as no surprise to hear that the twisted psychological thriller centered on the green-haired super villain and Batman adversary is getting a sequel. What is startling, however, is that the new project is slated to be a musical, and Lady Gaga confirmed on August 3 she will be taking on one of its starring roles in an Instagram post.


Everything We Know About the Upcoming Outlander Prequel On Starz
The new series will be called Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

Outlander just can’t seem to help itself: The enormously popular Starz series is moving through time again. A prequel based on the show (and series of books by author Diana Gabaldon) is officially moving forward, per Variety, with the original series’ executive producer and showrunner Matthew B. Roberts attached to both write and produce the new show, called Outlander: Blood of My Blood.
The story will center on the parents of fan-favorite Outlander protagonist Jamie Fraser, a Scottish soldier who falls in love with Claire Randall, an inadvertent time-traveler whisked from 1945 to 1743. Their love story has now spanned numerous books and will continue for a total of seven seasons of Outlander, the last of which is currently in production. Blood of My Blood will continue the story (and, Starz hopes, the fan fervor) by adding a new dash of romance, one that led to the birth of the Scottish dreamboat himself.


Why Celebrities Are Turning to EMDR Therapy for Their Mental Health
The under-the-radar treatment is one of the most effective for those suffering from PTSD — and experts say you’re probably going to be hearing about it a lot more.

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began with cast member Dorit Kemsley’s shocking home invasion robbery, where she was held at gunpoint. Her subsequent journey with PTSD has been a key part of her storyline and, as she shared in one recent episode, one way she’s coping with the trauma is with a form of therapy called EMDR, which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
If you aren’t a fan of RHOBH, perhaps you’ve heard of EMDR through Prince Harry. Last year, he and Oprah Winfrey co-produced The Me You Can’t See, an Apple TV docuseries on mental health. In his own dedicated episode, the Duke of Sussex discusses the trauma of his mother, Princess Diana’s, tragic death, sharing that he often feels “helpless” and “hunted.”


If You’ve Never Heard of Knotless Braids, It’s Time to Catch Up
We promise you’ve seen this style everywhere.

When it comes to braiding my hair, I always ask the stylist to add extensions. For years, I’ve worn unique braided hairstyles that were created by knotting colorful, long braiding extensions to my natural hair. And while I love braids, there’s a downside: the knots created to secure the extension can be tricky to remove. That’s why my stylist recently suggested I try knotless braids, and let’s just say, I won’t be going back to regular box braids anytime soon. Knotless braids have become a trending braiding technique, and I’m still wondering why I didn’t catch on earlier.


28 New Korean TV Shows on Netflix to Catch in 2022
Get ready for a new year of highly anticipated dramas.

Following the international popularity of shows like Kingdom, Sweet Home, and Squid Game, Netflix is doubling down on the themes and stars that have put Korean entertainment on the map. From zombie thrillers and heartwrenching romances to the return of Kim Woo-bin, Son Ye-jin, and Park Hae-soo, here are the new Korean shows on Netflix to add to your must-watch list. Once you barrel through those, consult our guide to the all-time best Korean dramas on Netflix now.


A Ukrainian Ballet Corps Stranded in Paris
For members of the Kyiv City Ballet, performance has become a matter of survival—but also an act of resistance

The majority of the Kyiv City Ballet arrived in Paris on February 23, ahead of a planned two-week French tour performing the canonical Russian ballet The Nutcracker.The following morning, the entire company awoke to the news that Russia had launched air strikes across Ukraine. A mass-scale evacuation followed. Many of the dancers’ families fled the country, with the exception of the men between the ages of 18 and 60, who were mandated to stay in Ukraine to assist the armed forces; a male soloist who has danced with the company, Oleksandr Dushakov, is there right now, lending his hand to the war effort.


The Outfits in Nope Tell Their Own Story
The outfits in Nope, Jordan Peele’s latest film, tell their own complex and metaphor-filled story. This makes sense for a film that operates heavily through symbols and references — telling the mind-bending story of an alien organism that buckles against being seen or photographed. Another major plot point of the modern Western involves the Haywood siblings, played by Daniel Kuulaya and Keke Palmer, fighting to retain ownership of their horse ranch, kept afloat through Hollywood gigs.


With Prey, Hollywood Finally Delivers an Indigenous Female Action Star
If you’ve seen any of the Predator movies, you know that humans are often placed at a disadvantage, facing off against (terrifying) extraterrestrial species with powers like invisibility and thermal vision. Even the indestructible Arnold Schwarzenegger had a hard time competing with one of them in the original 1987 film. But in Prey—the latest in the franchise, launching on Hulu this Friday—the Predator meets his match in Naru (Amber Midthunder), an Indigenous warrior determined to protect her community on the Comanche Nation at all costs.
The new film from Dan Trachtenberg serves as a franchise prequel of sorts. Set in the early 1700s on the American Great Plains, we first meet Naru while she’s living peacefully. She longs to be a hunter for her people, but faces constant ridicule from male counterparts. “Why do you want to hunt?” asks Naru’s mother in one scene. “Because you all think I can’t,” Naru replies. However, when the mysterious Predator lands near their village and begins killing off their people and animals—which are integral to the tribe’s food source and survival—Naru rises to the occasion and begins using her innate hunting abilities to track, and eventually battle, the beast.


Everything You Need to Know About Merlot
Merlot contributes to some of the greatest wines in the world, but it still doesn’t always get the widespread credit it deserves.

Merlot may not receive the same widespread adulation as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, but it is absolutely capable of producing wines with the same level of complexity and longevity. Sure, there is plenty of over-cropped, excessively oaky, and boringly fruit-forward Merlot to be found, but the good stuff is mind-bogglingly delicious. Best of all, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a bottle of Château Pétrus for the experience (although if that’s an option and within budget, then you should certainly feel free to do just that!) Ultimately, Merlot from Bordeaux to Napa Valley and lots of other locations around the world, is capable of greatness. The trick, as always, is simply knowing where to look.


Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies Are Returning for the First Time Since 2017
The seasonal Oreo cookies are returning for the first time in five years.

More so than many brands, Oreo prides itself on its parade of neverending new flavors and varieties. Already in 2022 alone, we’ve covered limited edition runs of Oreo Pride packs, a new ice cream-inspired Neapolitan flavor, and a truly bizarre Ritz cracker and Oreo cookie mashup.
But though Oreo is consistently looking for new buzzworthy creations, some cookie varieties are successful enough to bring back multiple times – and given the history of the pumpkin spice trend, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Oreo Pumpkin Spice Cookies are one of those flavors. The seasonal treat is slated to return for another autumn run starting on August 15.


These Are the 10 Most Spoiled Dog Breeds in the United States, According to New Data
New data also revealed the most popular breeds—and the most popular dog names in each state.

If you have a dog, you likely enjoy spoiling your four-legged friend in a variety of ways—feeding them treats throughout the day, taking them on walks, and giving them a lot of belly rubs. While this type of puppy love spans across all dog breeds, there is one species that is more spoiled than the rest according to new data: American Staffordshire Terriers.


A private Scottish island with a lighthouse and 5-bedroom home is on sale for less than the average house in America. Take a look.
Pladda Island, a private island with its own lighthouse, has just gone on the market for $426,267.
It’s made up of nearly 28 acres of land and features a five-bedroom home.
There’s also a 2.5-acre garden, as well as a helipad and stone jetty for boat transportation.


Lena Dunham on Sharp Stick, Her Most Healing Film Yet
Dunham masterfully directs, co-stars and writes another poignant coming-of-age tale opening nationwide on Friday, August 5.

In Sharp Stick, Lena Dunham’s second film since 2010’s Tiny Furniture, the auteur directs, co-stars, and writes a dramedy exploring female sexual empowerment and self-discovery. Swedish actress Kristine Froseth stars as Sarah Jo, a stunning, socially awkward caregiver for children with special needs. At 26, she lives a sheltered existence on the outskirts of Hollywood in an apartment she shares with her mother, Madelyn (Jennifer Jason Leigh), and TikTok influencer sister, Treina (Taylour Paige). The two regale her with candid stories of sex and heartbreak, and uninhibitedly dole out (occasionally misguided) love advice.


Is It Time to Try Instant Coffee?
The new wave of instant is certainly not your grandma’s Sanka.

Coffee snobs, beware: Everything you thought you knew about instant coffee is changing. Once demeaned as a lesser type of brew, instant coffee is stepping up in quality, flavor, and even trendy packaging, transforming what was formerly a last resort caffeination option into a go-to beverage. Acclaimed third wave coffee roasters like Partners Coffee, Joe Coffee, Intellegentsia, Waka Roasters, Verve Roasters and more are getting in on the instant coffee game, with each company offering several varietials and styles and you should probably start sipping along.


How Universal Are Our Emotions?
Psychologists have argued that affect is profoundly shaped by culture. They shouldn’t feel so confident.

There’s nothing like migration to reveal how things that seem natural may be artifacts of culture. When I left India for college in England, I was surprised to find that pinching my Adam’s apple didn’t mean, as I had thought it meant everywhere, “on my honor.” I learned to expect only mockery at the side-to-side tilts of the head with which I expressed degrees of agreement or disagreement, and trained myself to keep to the Aristotelian binary of nod and shake.
Around that time, I also learned—from watching the British version of “The Office”—that the word “cringe” could be an adjective, as in the phrase “so cringe.” It turned out that there was a German word for the feeling inspired by David Brent, the cringe-making boss played by Ricky Gervais in the show: Fremdschämen—the embarrassment one feels when other people have, perhaps obliviously, embarrassed themselves. Maybe possessing those words—“cringe,” Fremdschämen—only gave me labels for a feeling I already knew well. Or maybe learning the words and learning to identify the feelings were part of the same process. Maybe it wasn’t merely my vocabulary but also my emotional range that was being stretched in those early months in England.


Behold, the Coolest Fall 2022 Makeup Trends in One Place
The makeup artists behind some of your favorite celebrities reveal what you can expect for eyes, lips, and cheeks this fall.

After a hot summer of undereye blush, manga lashes, and statement liner, what could fall makeup looks possibly have in store for us? Luckily, Allure’s got a crystal ball to help us look into the future and see all the upcoming beauty trends. OK, that “crystal ball” just so happens to be our super talented makeup artists friends. But what they’re telling is a dewy, delicate, and defined mug is what’s about to be poppin’ this fall season.
We don’t want to spoil all the trends just yet, but you can expect eye makeup to be dialed back to softer, more ethereal vibes. Lips, on the other hand, will most likely be punched up with bold hues and matte finishes, according to Alexandra French. You may have seen the Los Angeles-based makeup artist’s colorful looks on the faces of Fletcher, Chloe Cherry, Rina Sawayama, and Addison Rae — just to name a few.


The US monkeypox response is failing queer men
An expert explains how the community has learned to take care of itself when governments won’t.

A full month before the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global health emergency, my gay friends in my group texts had already figured out how to get vaccine appointments, what to do if we were exposed, and where to find the best research on risk and vaccine efficacy. These were the same group chats that once contained gossip, lunch orders, and gentle ribbing between friends, but now, we’d also often devote minutes and blocks of text to a virus that we were struggling to find any information about.
It was June, and at the time, monkeypox had been spreading in Europe and was primarily affecting men who have sex with men. New York City Pride — and the numerous parties and celebrations that come with it — was about to start, but according to New York City health officials, the number of cases in New York was very low. The caveat: Those were the same city health officials who underestimated Covid-19.


New to activism? Here’s where to start.
A conversation with Brea Baker on starting small and getting involved.

Lately it feels like there are just a lot of overlapping crises — repeals of civil rights, legislative attacks on trans people, mass shootings, police violence against Black and brown people, the climate catastrophe — not to mention the pandemic, which is not at all over. I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to feel exhausted and hopeless, wondering what I can do just as one small person moving through the world.
Brea Baker is a writer and activist whose work is focused on action. For over a decade, Brea has been a student organizer, an activist, and a strategist for national progressive movements. As she tells it, the death of Trayvon Martin when she was graduating high school was the radicalizing event that guided her into organizing. At Yale, Brea created reading lists to help educate her fellow students, and in 2017 she was one of the organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, DC.


A Stranger Filmed Her on the Train. TikTok Users Decided She Had Monkeypox.
With little government guidance on a fast-spreading virus, a new form of social-media vigilantism has emerged.

Lilly Simon, a 33-year-old in Brooklyn, does not have monkeypox. She does have neurofibromatosis type 1, a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow at her nerve endings. Those tumors were filmed surreptitiously by a TikTok user while Ms. Simon was riding the subway on a Thursday in late July during her commute.
In the video, Ms. Simon is sitting on the train wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a leaf-patterned mask. She is looking at her cellphone, unaware she is being recorded.
The video was later posted to TikTok with a monkey emoji and a question mark laid on top, appearing to indicate Ms. Simon might be riding the subway with an active case of monkeypox, the virus recently declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization.


Stockholm Instead of Rome? October Instead of July? How Heat Waves Are Changing Tourism in Europe
Shifts in travel patterns are likely to become more common in Europe, a region that climate researchers describe as a “hot spot” for severe summer heat.

After more than two years of putting off their vacations, travelers are loath to cancel their trips, even in the face of headline-making weather. But several people in the industry described a growing number of travelers who are adjusting their plans to account for high temperatures, whether by swapping out destinations, reworking their daytime schedules, or delaying their trips by a month or two.
Given the pace and trajectory of climate change, such shifts are likely to become more common — and more necessary — in the years ahead. That’s especially true for travel to Europe, a region that climate researchers have described as a “hot spot” for severe summer heat, and where they predict that future heat waves will be longer, more frequent and more intense.




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