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Posted on August 31, 2022

Kappeli Cafe, Bar and Restaurant – Helsinki, Finland



Our boy Lorenzo really outdid himself on this one, right? What a gorgeously soothing, fabulously elegant space in which to spend the day. Finland, we’re on our way. Save us a seat. Today is WEDNESDAY, darlings. Let’s focus on the good parts of that. We’ve got some lovely bits of celebrity fashion to show you as well as an early-in-the-week podcast to record, with all of our thoughts on the latest House of the Dragon, among other topics. Must dash! Talk amongst ya’selves!


What Marilyn Monroe Means to Me
It wasn’t until my 33rd birthday that I really understood Marilyn Monroe, in all her beautiful and pained glory. It wasn’t, as these things go, a very happy birthday. The year 2018 had already yielded three humiliations: a stint in rehab, the loss of my fertility, and a breakup that everyone expected (hard to know if that’s the better or worse kind). Unlike the reticent Marilyn—whose early 30s produced her own 50-car pileup of public humiliation, but who rarely spoke about any of it—I never shut up and I certainly didn’t put red lipstick on to cover the sad truth. My resistance to celebrating was so great that my friends decided to throw me an arts-and-crafts party, as if I were an obstinate 11-year-old whose class needed to be bribed into attending her festivities. Amid tempera paints and sequins and press-on googly eyes, we drank ginger ale—the sober woman’s Dom—and friends nodded with loving patience as I decorated a jewelry box in muted tones. I was well past any illusion of adulthood being ahead of me, but dogged by a sense that I was still not living like a grown-up, and I couldn’t find much reason to try.


Meghan Markle Discussed Being Mixed Race With Mariah Carey—and How Dating Harry Changed How She Was Treated
The second episode of Meghan’s podcast Archetypes explored the term diva along with how the public treats mixed race stars.

Meghan Markle’s weekly series Archetypes returned with its second episode this morning, just one day after Meghan’s big The Cut interview came out. Meghan had guest Mariah Carey on to discuss the negative connotation attached to the word “diva.” While the two spent the bulk of the 45-minute episode discussing Carey’s own journey and career, the women also discussed very candidly how being mixed race shaped the public’s view of them—and the way they saw themselves because of it.
Meghan admitted that it wasn’t until she was Prince Harry’s girlfriend that some of the public started treating her as a Black woman more than a mixed one.


Your Midterm Elections Guide: Key Races Where Abortion Is On the Ballot
Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion and sending the issue back to the states, pro-abortion rights politicians and activists have been urging supporters to do one thing: vote in the midterms this November. Nearly 21 million women in the U.S. have already lost access to almost all elective abortions in their home states, per The Washington Post, and the elections this fall will be crucial in determining the future of reproductive rights across the country.
“One of the things the fall of Roe has done is reminded people that we need to be paying attention to races at all levels,” A’shanti Gholar, the president of Emerge, an organization dedicated to recruiting and training Democratic women to run for political office, told ELLE.com. “Right now we need a full-fledged effort from all offices to protect abortion rights.”


The Deep Meaning Behind Serena Williams’s Iconic Bejeweled US Open Outfit
“No words can summarize the pressure and responsibility that come with designing a piece of history,” Nike lead designer Carly Ellis tells BAZAAR.com.

In front of a crowd of fans, friends, and family, Williams made an entrance in a bejeweled cropped sports jacket, layered over a matching tennis dress with sheer sleeves and a detachable black-and-gold glittered train. She styled the look with a dazzling headband—also designed by Nike—and black PE NikeCourt Flare 2 sneakers embellished with diamond-encrusted Swooshes, shoelaces, and diamond deubré shoelace tags from her Serena Williams Jewelry brand (solid gold, 400 2.0-carat diamonds, and black ceramic, and that spell out QUEEN and MAMA).


The 15 Best Places to Visit in Mexico
Be it windswept tropical beaches, charming cobbled towns, or the welcoming nature of its culture that has a way of drawing visitors in, Mexico delights as one of the top travel destinations in the world. According to Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism, from 2020 to 2021 alone tourist rates to the country grew a staggering 28.1 percent to round out at 31 million visitors in 2021—and with this year’s numbers set to outpace the last, it suffices to say that interest in Mexico is only set to increase.
During a visit, you will likely begin your trip in Mexico City, the country’s thriving capital where some of the country’s top boutique hotels, architectural wonders, and eateries await. From there, even more regional destinations await, from La Paz, a relaxed coastal town on the languid Sea of Cortez, to Chiapas, a mountainous region in southern Mexico overflowing with Maya archaeological sites and Spanish colonial architecture.


Hardee’s Turned Its ‘Made from Scratch’ Biscuits into a New Beer
The 5.2 percent ABV cream ale was made with 200 pounds of biscuits.

Hardee’s may seem like your typical fast food burger joint, but when you dig into the numbers, something surprising emerges: The chain sells an impressive amount of biscuits. According to the brand, Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuits have made up over 31 percent of their total sales over the past 18 months, moving over 300 million biscuits a year.
Now, in honor of National Biscuit Month, on September 1, Hardee’s is giving customers a way to experience their biscuits like never before: drink ’em down in beer form.


How Natalie Portman got in godlike shape for Thor
Expert personal trainer Naomi Pendergast reveals how she turned the award-winning icon into a literal deity in the latest Marvel blockbuster

Whether she’s giving an Oscar-winning turn as a prima ballerina in Black Swan, stealing hearts and minds in Star Wars, or shaving her head for V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman always commits to going above and beyond for her roles.
For this year’s Thor: Love And Thunder, she completed another physical transformation for the role of Mighty Thor, one of Marvel’s newest batch of formidable female super heroes.
Here, PT Naomi Pendergast explains how she helped Natalie, 41, get strong – giving Chris Hemsworth a run for his money in the process.


Artisan Pizza Dough
Despite its reputation as a convenience food, the most essential element of great pizza is time. A slow fermentation gives our pizza dough its chewy-crispy texture and depth of flavor. It starts with your choice of sourdough starter (aka levain) or a simple mixture of flour, water, and active dry yeast (poolish) left to ferment for 12 hours.


David Bowie to Be Honored With a Stone Disc on London’s Music Walk of Fame
David Bowie is to be posthumously honored on London’s Music Walk of Fame.
Bowie, who is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, will join other British music legends including Amy Winehouse, The Who, Soul2Soul and Madness by getting a stone inlaid into the pavement near Camden Town tube station in London.
Bowie died in 2016. He would have celebrated his 75th birthday this year.
The ceremony will take place on Sept. 15 followed by a private event with guests expected to include Bowie’s friends, fans and collaborators.


Preview This Fall’s Must-See Art Shows, Events, and More
Not everything feels “normal” just yet, but a fully packed September arts calendar certainly does. And the spate of shows like a restaging of a monumental Diane Arbus retrospective and screening of Meriem Bennani’s delightfully kooky lizard videos opening in the weeks to come are just the beginning: October will see Alex Katz mark a career milestone with a takeover of the Guggenheim Museum, Paris host its first-ever Art Basel, and so much more. Here, a guide to all the goings-on you’d do well not to miss.


The Life and Times of Hilma af Klint
As the groundbreaking artist enters the canon, a new biographical comic situates her firmly in her own times.

When the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint died, in obscurity, in 1944, she left behind instructions that her work not be shown for twenty years after her death. Af Klint was stung by the indifference of her contemporaries. She believed that future audiences might be more receptive to her work’s abstraction and mysticism.
More than seven decades passed before the Guggenheim put together a comprehensive retrospective and made her a star. The New Yorker’s art critic Peter Schjeldahl wrote, in his review of the 2018 show, that “something about [the art] resonates with a restlessly searching mood in present culture, hostile to old ideas. Af Klint has a lot of people’s rapt attention.” The show became the most heavily attended in the museum’s history.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW: ’90s one-hit wonders
The ’90s was one of the biggest decades for beloved one-hit wonders.
Hanson’s catchy Grammy nominated smash hit “MMMBop” was inescapable in the late ’90s.
Vanilla Ice’s hit 1990 record “Ice Ice Baby” is credited with making hip-hop more mainstream.


‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 2: Take A Look At Exclusive Photos Of The Cast
In March, ABC announced the renewal of its breakout comedy Abbott Elementary for its second season. A few weeks ago, we got word of its upcoming premiere date. Today, ESSENCE has exclusive photos of the show’s cast in anticipation of season two.
Abbott Elementary’s second season will pick up where it left off after its finale in April. The sitcom premiered in December 2021, and grew to become one of cable television’s highest rated shows, earning multiple awards, including seven Primetime Emmy nominations.


Queen Rania of Jordan: A life of elegant style in photos
Since marrying the then Prince Abdullah of Jordan in 1993, Queen Rania has captivated the world with her breathtaking beauty, esteemed grace and, of course, her impeccable royal style. As elegant in traditional Jordanian clothing as bedecked in diamonds at lavish gala dinners, the philanthropist and education advocate knows how to dress for any occasion. As the royal beauty turns 52, we take a look at her greatest style hits.


The Enduring Echoes of Moorish Spain
Exploring the country’s Arab influence is an impossibly romantic journey, involving palaces with intricate geometric designs, castles and grand mosques reconfigured by Christians into cathedrals.

Arab influence in Spain dates to the early 700s, not long after the founding of Islam, when Muslims from North Africa crossed the Strait of Gibraltar (from the Arabic for “Tariq’s rock”). The Europeans called the invaders Moors, after Mauretania, the Roman name for North Africa. Over the centuries, the Moors left a legacy in Spanish architecture, music, food and language in the region they then called al-Andalus. The name of Spain’s greatest hero, El Cid, comes from the Arabic honorific, Sayid. The 16th-century novelist Miguel de Cervantes framed his fictional story of the knight-errant Don Quixote as the translation of a recovered Arabic manuscript.


10 Songs That Have Defined the Americas
From salsa to punk rock, music keeps reinventing ideas about the continents

In 1973, Spanish singer Nino Bravo released “América, América.”
An instant hit in Spain and Latin America, the song described the continents as the Garden of Eden. This single repeated ideas that had been around for centuries, echoing colonial chronicles that portrayed the Americas as a paradise.
In a similar way, Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” (1986) created a version of a heavenly Latin American island. The song, full of stereotypical representations of the continents and their people, conflated Latin America with Spain (she even took on the role of a flamenco dancer in the music video).


6 Things to Always Clean Before Guests Come Over
You don’t have to give your house a top-to-bottom scrub before guests arrive, but there are a few areas you should pay attention to.

Whether you’re gearing up for a holiday or hosting loved ones from out of town, getting your house ready for entertaining friends and family can be stressful. “Your home is a reflection of you, so you want it to be clean and lovely to greet guests upon arrival and to set the tone for their stay,” says Jove Meyer, the owner and creative director of Jove Meyer Events.
But there’s no need to get overwhelmed when it comes to preparing your space for guests. Kristine Cooke, event planner and owner of Simply Charming Socials, says one easy way to get started is to clean the main guest-facing areas of your home first. “Start at your front door and the entryway, the go into the main living area, dining room, and/or kitchen,” she says. This will give you a good idea of the spaces to prioritize; but don’t overlook more intimate areas, like the bathroom and guest rooms.



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