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Posted on August 30, 2022

Misu Bar and Restaurant – Karnataka, India


WAKEY WAKEY, KITTENS! It’s TUESDAY, aka SATAN’S DAY aka THE WORST DAY OF THE WEEK. Mondays at least have the potential to be all “A fresh start! New tasks!” or whatever. But Tuesdays are when the reality sets in. So we figured you could use some fun and fantasy and stimulation today. Grab a seat and start talking loudly.


Meghan of Montecito She’s left the Firm behind. Harry’s found a polo team in Santa Barbara. The kids are doing great. Now she’s ready for her next act.
“I​​ was an actress,” she says. “My entire job was ‘Tell me where to stand. Tell me what to say. Tell me how to say it. Tell me what to wear, and I’ll do it.’ And I’ll show up early, and I’ll probably bake something for the crew.” Every movie about an American woman who ends up becoming a princess has a pivotal scene in which she thinks she’s doing the job correctly, just by being herself, but then some older royal gives her a speech about duty and decorum. I cite, specifically, The Prince & Me. She hasn’t seen it. “Yeah. That would’ve been really helpful. That would’ve been a very key tutorial to have had in advance of all this,” she says, not quite sarcastically, but the delivery is a sentence with a steel rod in it. By her own analysis, her problems stemmed from her being an American, not necessarily a Black American, she explains. Her desire to ask lots of questions and to never be involved with something she couldn’t totally have her hands on seemed to violate an unspoken social norm.


Vogue Philippines’s Stunning First Issue Is A Celebration Of Filipino Talent
This year’s slate of September issues includes a welcome newcomer: Vogue Philippines, which makes its debut on newsstands this month. Helmed by the accessories designer (and Manila native) Bea Valdes, the publication’s first cover story features Filipino-American model Chloe Magno exploring the wonders of the Philippines in spectacular fashion. Among the destinations highlighted in the 36-page editorial captured by photographer Sharif Hamza? The blue lagoons of Bucas Grande, the marble boulders of the Tinipak River, and the rock formations of Biri Island.


Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination
All your most pressing questions, answered.

“Brow lamination is a chemical treatment process to the eyebrow hair, in which the intention is to take out any of the curl or kinks or texture and make the brows lie very flat and straight,” says Joey Healy, resident brow expert and Trusted Person No. 2 on my list. “It is the same solution that people use for lash perms.” Once the brows are chemically straightened, they can be re-positioned into a “full, lifted shape” adds Bailey. “Because brow lamination removes the natural bend or curve of the hair, the hairs can easily be repositioned and fanned out which helps give the illusion of fullness for six to eight weeks.”


Spring Renewal Is Out. It’s All About Fall TV Energy.
R. Eric Thomas sounds off on Abbott Elementary and aching for the old-school television seasons of yore.

I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about how we had to wait all summer for new TV. I don’t have grandkids, or kids, so I’m unsure how this will occur, but I’ve never been beholden to the tyranny of reality. I was, however, beholden to the agony and ecstasy of the old TV schedule. New content would end mid-May, and the TV would tell you to “Go outside! Find a pool! Cultivate a personality!” Tough love. Ah, but then fall would roll around, the TV Guide would debut its supersize Fall Preview issue, and the channels would be filled with NCISes in a variety of cities, townships, and unincorporated lands.


The Reeducation of Miss Porter’s School
Considering the battle between tradition and modernity at the storied academy, an alumna asks why not have both?

Katherine G. Windsor, the head of Miss Porter’s since 2008, doesn’t mince words when it comes to her intention to steer the school’s students into a future where their voices will need to be heard. “Preparing young women to shape a changing world,” she says when asked to state her mission. For an all-girls boarding institution that’s nearly 200 years old, the idea might sound modern, but in fact it harks back to the wisdom that started it all.


The Don’t Worry Darling Drama, Explained
What is going down between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh? And what does Shia LeBeouf have to do with it?

We are worried, darling. For months, there have been been rumors of drama between Olivia Wilde, director of Don’t Worry Darling, and lead actress Florence Pugh. That speculation was seemingly confirmed this past week with new revelations from Shia LaBeouf, who was originally attached to star opposite Pugh in the project.
There’s also controversy surrounding Wilde’s relationship with pop star Harry Styles, who replaced LaBeouf in the lead role, and how the director was served custody papers from her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis while promoting Don’t Worry Darling.


Outlander Star Sam Heughan to Launch a Gin Next Year
The Outlander actor is following up his successful whiskey and tequila bottlings with a new spirit.

Sam Heughan’s spirits empire continues to grow. The actor who stars as Jamie Fraser in the popular time-travel drama, launched his first, wildly successful foray into the spirits world in early 2020 with a whisky brand called, appropriately, The Sassenach Whisky. Last year, he upped the ante with news of a tequila offering in partnership with El Tequileño, The Sassenach Select. Now, it appears he’ll be expanding his palate even further, thanks to the latest announcement that there will be a new Sassenach Gin coming in 2023.


How an OCD Diagnosis Set Me Free
Putting a label on my struggles has helped me make the illogical logical.

I like to tell people I have clinical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder pretty early on in our relationship for precisely this reason: It adds a layer of understanding and, ideally, patience to my behaviors that I’m not sure I’d be lent otherwise. It also explains why it takes me ages to leave the house; why I need reassurance about basic things; why I’m chronically late to everything. It’s difficult to run out the door when I need to check the doors, the windows, and the stove several times over. Sometimes, I even take photos of these things in anticipation of the inevitable moment I question myself later.


11 Wreaths That Will Look Beautiful on Your Front Door Through All 4 Seasons
Many of them use dried flowers and leaves or durable materials that can withstand the elements.

You may associate wreaths with winter holidays, but they don’t have to be specific to one season. Instead of spending extra money on four wreaths each year, invest in one quality piece that will work beautifully whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall. All season-wreaths also make perfect housewarming gifts, and they’re versatile enough that you can hang them inside or place them flat on a tabletop with a vase or candle in the center.


How to Prevent Dust Before It Forms, According to Cleaning Experts
While it’s impossible to eliminate dust entirely, you can drastically slow down how fast it builds up in your space by heeding these helpful tips.

Wherever you live, one thing you’ll inevitably have to deal with is dust. It forms on your television, shelves, in corners, and under your furniture. But what if there was a way to proactively tackle dust before it forms, rather than constantly cleaning up the aftermath? Believe it or not, it’s possible. There are a few simple maintenance measures you can take to minimize the dust in your home, like regularly changing your air filters, grooming your pets, and frequently washing your bedding.


The Obsessive Pleasures of Mechanical-Keyboard Tinkerers
On the right machine, typing can be like playing a Steinway grand. Is tactile perfection possible?

The first commercially practical typewriter was co-invented by a Wisconsin newspaper publisher who had recently served in the state senate. It was sold, beginning in 1874, by E. Remington & Sons, which also made sewing machines, bicycles, steam-powered canal barges, and, of course, guns. The standard qwerty keyboard layout originated with that machine. There are lots of theories about where the layout came from—including the fact that a salesman could type the word “typewriter” using only keys on the top row—but no one really knows.


Pumpkin spice lattes — and the backlash, and the backlash to the backlash — explained
Pumpkin spice is America’s most hatable seasonal flavor. But Starbucks is leaning in even more heavily this year.

August 30 is not a day that is particularly known for feeling especially crisp or autumnal in most parts of North America. And yet it’s the day in 2022 — somehow not even their earliest release date ever — that Starbucks chose to ready its blazing orange jugs of “pumpkin sauce” and unleash its annual run of pumpkin spice lattes upon its customers.
You’d be forgiven for mistaking this tone for one of disdain. Since its inception in 2003, the pumpkin spice latte has become something of a straw man for discussions about capitalism, seasonal creep, and the meaning of “basic,” resulting in widespread hatred for an otherwise innocuous beverage.

Americans keep moving to where the water isn’t
People are still flocking to Sunbelt regions where the housing is cheaper and plentiful — but climate change and extreme weather are worsening.

Even with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act — which, name aside, is the most ambitious piece of climate-related legislation ever passed by Congress — the US is locked into decades of rising temperatures and more extreme weather. Just how warm it will get will depend on how quickly we can reduce carbon emissions and how sensitive the climate proves to be, but average global temperature increases of between 2 and 3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial norms seem most likely, with some regions experiencing much worse extremes.
Nonetheless, Americans are responding to these forecasts by moving in large numbers to some of the hottest, driest, and most vulnerable parts of the country.


‘House of the Dragon’: Steve Toussaint on Playing Lord Corlys, Boat Guy
One of the most powerful people in Westeros made his reputation as a fearless sailor. The actor who plays him does better on land.

Legendary explorer, naval commander, lord of a noble house that has long earned its living from the sea: Corlys Velaryon, a.k.a. the Sea Snake, is a boat guy, through and through. Steve Toussaint, the British actor who plays him on “House of the Dragon,” is not.
“It’s a weird thing,” he said, laughing. “The last couple of times I’ve been on a boat, I suddenly started getting seasick. I’ve never had that in my life, but just recently it started happening.”
Whatever Toussaint’s shortcomings as a sailor, Lord Corlys’s prowess on the sea is so formidable that even the dragon-riding scions of the ruling monarchy, House Targaryen, must show him deference. In the show’s second episode, he even rage-quits the Small Council led by King Viserys (Paddy Considine) — he’s one of the few people in the Seven Kingdoms who can turn his back on the ruling monarch and live to tell the tale.


Serena Williams’s Fashion Smash
The game-changing tennis player used her clothes as a statement of self and a weapon of change.

When Serena Williams steps out onto the hard courts of the U.S. Open on Monday for what may be her last tournament, she will do so in a little black (tennis) dress with long sheer sleeves, a six-layer skirt — one tier for every U.S. Open title she has won — and a bodice sparkling with a galaxy of stars. It is a dress made for a supernova’s farewell. It is fitting, in more ways than one. If you’re not paying attention to the symbolism, you’re whiffing the point.





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