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Posted on August 29, 2022

Ardent Bar and Restaurant – Antwerp, Belgium


Quiet Belgian eleganza… is a phrase no one has ever uttered or written before, so our week is off to a great start, creatively speaking. It is MONDAY and we kinda figured all y’all wanted to ease into the week, but fabulously; hence, today’s LOunge, which is soothingly chic. Also, the chairs look very comfy, so there’s that. Grab one and start the intense business of doing as little as possible today. Quiet quitting, T Lo style.


Why Are We Still So Fascinated by Anne Boleyn?
King Henry VIII had six wives, but none of them have captured the public’s imagination like the second, Anne Boleyn.

King Henry VIII remains one of England’s most famous kings. His nearly four-decade reign marked a period of huge change for the country, and the complications of his line of succession would continue to shake the bedrock of the monarchy for years after his death. And yet, if there’s one thing that Henry is best known for in the public mindset today, it’s his wives—six of them, to be precise.
Henry’s queens have been the subject of movies, books, television shows, and Broadway plays, yet even among their number, one stands out above the rest and continues to captivate our imaginations: Anne Boleyn.
Even in her own time, Anne was a divisive persona, and the years haven’t done anything to stop the speculation about her true character and motives. To some, she was a ruthless manipulator, seducing her way into power no matter the cost. To others, a misunderstood young woman; a pawn making the most of a circumstance she found herself trapped in.


The Third Season of Emily in Paris Is Officially in Progress
God help us, Emily Cooper is back. After confirming on January 10 that there would be at least two more installments of Emily In Paris, Netflix has commenced filming the third season, with Lily Collins captured on the streets of Paris shooting with costar Lucas Bravo.
So what’s been revealed about the next installment of the Emmy-nominated series thus far? First of all, virtually the entire cast is returning, including Bravo as Gabriel, Camille Razat as Camille, Ashley Park as Mindy, and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie. Lucien Laviscount—who appeared as Alfie in the most recent season—has also been upgraded to a series regular, meaning Emily’s messy romantic life is about to get even more complicated.


Glennon Doyle on how to reframe your relationship with regret
“We have to define it differently – it’s not that I don’t think I’ve made any mistakes; I’ve lived almost only making mistakes”

By definition, regrets keep us living in the past, where the choices have already been made – or not made. If we’d just started trying for a baby earlier. If only we’d said “yes” instead of “no”. If we’d just taken the thorny road, instead of the well-beaten path. We regret the decisions we made; the mistakes that led to resentment or disappointment. And, perhaps even worse, we regret the choices we didn’t make; the opportunities for love and purpose that we missed because we were too afraid to try.


There’s Never Been More Queer Representation. So Why Don’t I Love It?
From Fire Island to Queer as Folk to Bros, our critic unpacks his gratitude—and frustration.

There is an important distinction to make between that feeling—that ineffable lack—and genuine, worthy calls for better representation. Most of the projects I’ve mentioned center on cis men, which leaves trans people and cis women out in the cold. Whiteness is still the default filter of lots of these projects. Those matters are not entirely separate from the other want, but they can at least be addressed concretely. The more diffuse sensation, though, of watching this spate of queer media and feeling something missing, is trickier to solve. It’s a bit like a trip to the uncanny valley, close enough to the real thing—whatever that is—that slight differences register all the more glaringly.


MTV VMAs: See the 25 Most Outrageous Red Carpet Looks Of All Time
If you show up to the MTV Video Music Awards in a simple ball gown, you’re doing it all wrong. Unlike the Academy Awards or Met Gala, the network’s signature awards show is not the place for couture. Instead, it’s a chance for music’s biggest stars to let their freak flags fly, sartorially speaking. And fly they have. Over the years, we’ve seen Lady Gaga come in her now infamous meat dress, Katy Perry pay homage to Britney Spears’s denim gown circa 2001, and Pamela Anderson don a very, very fuzzy pink hat. Then, of course, there has also been plenty of skin, starting with Carmen Electra in 1997, leading all the way up to Miley Cyrus’s metallic moment in 2015 that left little to the imagination. Ahead of Sunday’s awards, we take a look back at the 25 most memorable and outrageous red carpet looks of all time.


Why R U Mad at the Name Kayleigh?
Names, like household objects, don’t have the same kind of durability that they used to. According to the Social Security Administration, Mary was the most popular name in America for six decades, from the 1890s to the 1950s. John owned the spot for three decades, and then shared the top two with Robert for a while. A quarter of all kids born during the 1950s were given a name in the top ten.
For decades, social psychologists have researched the links between given names and life experiences. In the ’70s, research on stereotyping was fashionable, and numerous studies looked at the impact of negative stereotypes associated with first names. In Germany, the term Kevinism refers to the negative bias against people named Kevin (and Chantal, which is, according to Germans, its femme counterpart in basicness). Kevins are also maligned in France.


Amy Schumer’s Mom Com
A comic adapts her bawdy, bodily routines to marriage and parenthood.

Audiences have always responded to Schumer revealing herself. In 2016, she became the first female comic to headline—and sell out—Madison Square Garden. “Inside Amy” won three Emmy Awards. She wrote and starred in the hit film “Trainwreck” (party girl experiments with commitment), which was followed by “Snatched” (party girl gets kidnapped with her mom) and “I Feel Pretty” (party girl sustains head injury and gains freakish confidence in her looks). But Schumer is married now, with a three-year-old son, and her tone has shifted.


A Mickey Mantle baseball card just sold for $12.6 million, breaking the record for the most expensive sports collectible ever
A Mickey Mantle baseball card was sold for a whopping $12.6 million on Sunday, according to Heritage Auctions, a Dallas-based auction house.
The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card beat the record for the most expensive sports collectible known to have been sold, eclipsing the $9.3 million sale of Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” jersey.
Mantle was a Baseball Hall of Fame member who played 18 seasons for the New York Yankees, where he debuted as a rookie in 1951. He won seven World Series titles and was a three-time American League MVP.


A British art dealer spent 15 years building a boathouse that looks like a medieval castle. Now he’s selling it for $5.8 million — take a look inside.
Southwick, an art dealer from the UK, told Insider that he was inspired to design the boathouse in 1993 after visiting Ninfa, an Italian town 50 miles south of Rome that’s known for its ruinous buildings. He said he wanted the exterior of the building to look like the ruins of an ancient building or a castle.


32 Best Gifts You Can Give to Impress People in Your Life Who Have Everything
Creative and unexpected finds for all the men and women in your life.

Some people are just impossible to shop for (we’re looking at you, Dad). Think of the friend who can’t seem to pinpoint what she’d like for Christmas, the indecisive teenager who has a new favorite item just about every week or the parents who are adamant about not wanting anything at all this year. That doesn’t mean you have to listen. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a thoughtful gift to show appreciation for your relationship and all they’ve done for you. But where to start? Let our list of gifts for people who have everything help guide you.


Foreign Films, English Titles and the Dilemma Distributors Face
Leave as is? Translate? Change altogether? A movie’s success doesn’t depend entirely on what we call it, but it can have a big effect.

Two years ago, international film releases in the United States reached a new pinnacle with the crowning of Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” as best picture at the Academy Awards. But before “Parasite” or any other non-English-language film even hits theaters, a basic question has to be settled: the title.
Distributors say the title can be the first impression a movie makes on prospective audiences, and so they give it a great deal of thought. How do you translate the original title? Do you add a word or two to clarify? Or do you leave the Spanish or Korean or French as is?

14 Chicken Recipes Our Readers Can’t Get Enough Of
Baked, tossed into a salad, served with rice, and more ways to prepare everyone’s favorite poultry.

A chicken dinner shouldn’t be a gamble; it should leave you feeling like a winner, winner.
Whether you prefer your chicken bone-in or bone-out, the meat white or dark, the pieces cooked low and slow or fired hot and high on a grill, there’s a New York Times Cooking recipe out there for you. Our readers have found a lot to love about the 14 recipes below, our most-saved chicken dishes from this year so far.


These Little-known Islands in Maine Offer a Charming Getaway — With Delicious Seafood and Picturesque Views
Lobster, lighthouses, and quaint scenery await on the Casco Bay islands off the coast of Maine.

From national parks to sandy beaches, Maine is a destination with no shortage of picturesque spots to explore. And off the state’s southern coast, on the little-known islands of Casco Bay, even more beauty awaits.
While craggy cliffs and crashing waves dominate the Maine coastline, the delightful islands of Casco Bay — just a boat ride away from Portland — offer a gentler counterpart, with soaring pine, oak, and maple trees, homes nestled among lush gardens, and docks with hammocks peeking out from dense foliage.


Why Paris in Winter Is Always a Good Idea — and What to Do While You’re There
Winter in Paris is a quieter and more festive time to visit — here’s a guide to the season’s best offerings, from ice skating and Christmas markets to hotels with the best decor.

There’s no such thing as a bad time to visit Paris. (Bon, maybe in August, when the French flock south and everything shuts down.) The city retains its romantic charm all year long, with winter offering its own unique appeal: Trees and Haussmannian boulevards gleam with twinkle lights, cafes glow with red heat lamps, and department stores go all out with lavish holiday displays. While the gray gloom (the French have a special word for it: grisâtre) gets old after a while, it lends a rather seasonally appropriate appeal for a shorter séjour.
Whether you’re looking for festive activities to fill up your holiday itinerary, or are wondering what to pack or where to stay, here’s everything to know about how to make the most of your trip to Paris in winter.





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