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Posted on August 23, 2022

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Let’s all be GRANDIOSE and DRAMATIC today, darlings. Let’s vow right here and right now to be entirely too much to handle. It’s TUESDAY and we all deserve to be treated like divas. So say us.



Watch Lea Michele as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl
The actress belts part of “I’m the Greatest Star” in a new promo for her Broadway return.

Lea Michele’s return to Broadway is rapidly approaching; she takes over the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl beginning September 6. In anticipation, the production shared on their social media accounts Michele singing “I’m the Greatest Star.”
Touted as “a star returns” and “the role of a lifetime,” the collection of clips show Michele rehearsing with various cast members—including Tovah Feldshuh, set to take over the role of Mrs. Brice—and practicing the choreography for the show. Funny Girl marks her return to Broadway since she appeared as Wendla in Spring Awakening in the mid-2000s.


Winona Ryder on coming to terms with the past
The Stranger Things actress on making sense of the present, and what to do when you find yourself in the Hollywood version of the ‘Upside Down’

The pressure on young film stars – female ones in particular – to cement their place in the firmament, against the backdrop of an era when leading men were routinely cast with love interests two decades younger, must have been crushing. “This business is brutal,” Ryder says. “You’re working constantly, but if you want to take a break, they tell you, ‘If you slow down, it’s going to stop.'” She pauses. “And then it did slow down. So you’re hearing, ‘It’s going to be impossible to come back.’ And then that changes to ‘You’re not even part of the conversation.’ Like, it was brutal.”


Gugu Mbatha-Raw Finds Balance in Surface and Loki
The talented actress, star and executive producer of the elegant Apple TV+ thriller Surface, is convinced she’s just hitting her stride.

“I’m growing as a person and it’s a great way to express yourself emotionally and artistically. I’m definitely an artist at heart. As much as you learn about the business and you grow, you become that to support the art. I don’t ever really want to walk away from the artistic side. It’s just, you get a little more autonomy, maybe a little more power to steer the gaze of the show, or the gaze of the story, or the vision. But it’s all kind of feeding in to lift up the art and make it more authentic and progressive and push the culture forward.”


Finally, Broadway Is Starting to Represent America
For Colored Girls producer Ron Simons talks diversity onstage and why the Great White Way needs a revamp.

In 2021, in the midst of America’s racial reckoning, Simons, along with 400 other theater artists and Black Theatre United (of which Simons is a member) came together to create the New Deal for Broadway, a plan that outlines commitments the industry must uphold to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. “Just as we are all committed to create safe environments free from discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying, we are committed to create environments that are equitable, diverse, inclusive, accessible and in which everyone has a sense of belonging,” it states.


The Rich—And Scandalous—History of Adelaide Cottage, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s New Home
It’s official: Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving.
Kensington Palace confirmed today that the royal couple and their three children are relocating to Windsor, England. Why? The schools: This fall, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will enroll at Lambrook School in Berkshire, a 15-minute drive from their new home of Adelaide Cottage. A senior royal source told ABC News that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to give their children as normal an upbringing as possible and desire the relative privacy that suburbia provides. They would also be closer to the queen, who recently moved to Windsor Castle full-time.


Jameela Jamil Answers 15 Questions From Celebrity Friends
“I spent a lot of my youth trying to be invisible and not stand out. As I get older, I realize time is running out. We need to celebrate life as much as we can. So now, every day is a party,” she says, letting me in on her secret to wearing bold eyeliner, glitter makeup, and a bright red lip even if it’s just to walk down to the grocer’s. “That, and the fact that I get mistaken for Priyanka Chopra all the time—honestly the honor of my life—but I also have to always represent her well out there on the streets.”


How Three Kentucky Women Are Fighting for Reproductive Rights in Their State
Kentucky has one of the highest domestic-violence rates in the country; in 2010, more than half of the state’s women reported being raped by their current or former intimate partner. It is a reality that is closely linked to accessing reproductive care and one Lawson knows personally. Plan B was her saving grace when she woke up to discover she’d been raped in her sleep by her ex-husband seven years ago. “Domestic violence is as much of a pandemic for us as anything else is,” she says. “When you talk about abortion, you can’t miss talking about domestic violence.”


‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ Begins Production; Find Out Who’s Getting Married
Opa! Nia Vardalos revealed the start of production on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in Athens yesterday in an Instagram video shot in her hotel near The Plaka. Vardalos will be pulling double duty as the film’s lead Toula Portokalos and its director.
Sources tell Deadline that Greece will be the setting for Toula and Ian’s (John Corbett) daughter Paris’ wedding.


Prince Charles Just Launched a Perfume Inspired by His Personal Garden at Highgrove Estate
The royal’s fragrance features lavender, French mimosa, and cedarwood notes.

Out of all his royal relatives, Prince Charles has the most expertise in the garden—and Highgrove Estate, his family residence located in Gloucestershire, England, is dedicated to growing the freshest herbs and most beautiful flowers. While visiting the royal’s personal gardens is possible, it’s quite the trek—which is why the Prince of Wales decided to bottle some of his yard’s most exquisite scents.


What Are Chives? Get to Know This Perennial Herb’s Most Popular Varieties—and Learn How to Use Them
Garnish all kinds of dishes with these tasty alliums.

Like onions, scallions, shallots, leeks, and garlic, chives are part of the allium family. But what is a chive, exactly? It’s a slim, bright green herb with a mild onion-like taste. They differ from other allium crops because they are perennials and less pungent, says Steve Reiners, professor and horticulture section chair of Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Home cooks use fresh chives as a garnish, like they would other herbs, such as parsley or basil, to add a finishing touch of savory flavor.
Get to know three popular varieties of chives—common chives, garlic chives, and Siberian chives—before using them in your cooking.


The most famous dessert in every state
Every state has its own most famous dessert.
Apple pie is arguably the most American dessert, but New Hampshire is particularly fond of it.
Brownies were invented in Illinois, while Boston cream pie is the official dessert of Massachusetts.


Once More Into the Vaults: Blondie on the Music That Defined Its Legacy
Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and their bandmates built a career rooted in wit, excitement, pastiche and sex. A new boxed set, “Against the Odds: 1974-1982,” traces their journey.

As Chris Stein searched for rare recordings to include in “Against the Odds: 1974-1982,” a handsome chronicle of the new wave band Blondie’s emergence from underdogs to pop stars, he rummaged diligently inside a packed barn on his property near Woodstock and —
“I don’t have a barn,” Stein exclaimed in a recent interview, in a tone that was exasperated but also comedic. “The boxed set says I have a barn?” He sighed. “It’s a garage.”
Up in the Blondie stratosphere, something has always gone wrong, even when things were going right. “Against the Odds,” out Friday, documents a volatile timeline of massive chart successes accompanied by personal and professional missteps.
“I mean, missteps is an understatement,” Debbie Harry said with a chortle.


‘If You Can Make a Salad, You Can Make Kimchi’
Kimjang, the act of preparing kimchi, allows Koreans of the diaspora to keep the tradition alive — and invites everyone to join.

Kimchi is like a zombie, said Ji Hye Kim, the chef at Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, Mich. “Not quite alive, but not quite dead.”
In kimchi making, salt stalls the decomposition of fresh vegetables and allows good lactic-acid bacteria to grow through fermentation. Ms. Kim, 44, recalls a time in her life, back in Seoul, when she had to keep watch for the building superintendent as her mother buried a crock of kimchi in the flower garden of their apartment complex. Months later, they would dig it up and enjoy the kimchi in its aged state, with its pleasurable tang and abundance of umami.


One of Britain’s Most Remote Pubs Is Only Accessible by Ferry — or an 18-mile Hike
Cheers to the adventure.

To get to Great Britain’s most remote pub, visitors are going to need a lot more than just a quest for thirst, in fact, they’ll likely need hiking boots and a tent as well.
That’s because the Old Forge Pub, located in the village of Inverie, Scotland is only accessible via a two-day, 18-mile hiking trek or via a small sea ferry, or helicopter.
The village of Invernie sits along the peninsula of Knoydart and is part of the “Rough-Bounds” section of the Scottish Highlands. Invernie is unique to visitors with its lack of streetlights, phone service, and connectable paved roads. Not to mention the only way in without a boat or helicopter is through treacherous paths through mountainous terrain, bogs, lakes with ominous names (like Lake Hell), and at certain times of the year: perpetual rain.


A New Exhibit Dedicated to Princess Diana Is Coming to Las Vegas — and It Includes Rare Personal Items
“Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition” will open on Sept. 7.

“Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition,” will offer fans a glimpse into her royal life through memorabilia which includes her evening gowns, a collection of correspondences, and over 500 other dignified items that once belonged to the late royal and other members of the British royal family.
The exhibition, which will be at The Shops at Crystals (adjacent to ARIA Resort & Casino) opens on Sept. 7, is complete with 12 curated rooms dedicated to Diana’s life and high-profile moments including her iconic 1981 wedding to Princes Charles, her impeccable fashion sense, and more.





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