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Posted on August 10, 2022

Blueness Bar and Restaurant – Antwerp, Belgium


Happy humpday, darlings. How about a little bit of low key elegance to help you through your day. Today’s LOunge looks cool and inviting, which is exactly what we’re looking for this week where we’re living on the surface of the sun. Spread out, sample the wares, and keep it chill in every sense of the word all day, kittens.


From Meghan Markle to Brad Pitt — Acting Coach Margie Haber Shares How She Helped Shape Hollywood’s Biggest Stars
The prolific acting coach and author shares exclusive anecdotes from the ‘good old days.’

“We never know what people are going to become, do we?” muses Margie Haber, reflecting on teaching Meghan Markle about auditioning before the actress-turned-duchess landed Suits. In her half-century as an acting coach, Haber has been charmed by Brad Pitt, helped Sophia Bush land One Tree Hill and encouraged Tiffany Haddish to let her guard down. Then there was the day late music legend Prince turned up to class.
“He was the opposite of the electrifying person you saw on stage,” Haber, 76, recalls. “He was sweet, shy and stayed in his comfort zone. A lot of actors are like that.”
And, not just actors. Haber’s new book, F*ck Your Comfort Zone, aims to help anyone shed the “walls” of their comfort zones in order to live more fulfilling lives. Featuring anecdotes from students like Haddish and transcripts from her classes, the book also weaves in lessons from Haber’s own journey.


The Status Brow Era Has Arrived
The demand for expert eyebrow intervention is at an all-time high. How long would you waitlist for a tweeze?

If brows frame a person’s face, mine are the equivalent of clear plastic photo sleeve. Statement brows have been in for two decades. Mine have been whispering all the while. I saw the rise and fall of microblading. I considered Latisse. I stuck to two pencils and brow gel and hoped for the best.
Then a pandemic descended and after 18 months in the harsh presence of Zoom, I decided to make an appointment to see Azi Sacks. Sacks had landed in New York from D.C. the previous summer and arrived in a metropolis desperate for her services. Masks obscured and masks revealed—the exposed portion of people’s faces needed not just grooming but weed-whacking. She started with a rented chair at a salon until her clients overwhelmed the front desk.


How to Meditate on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
While the explosion of the wellness movement has yielded a breadth of cortisol-lowering offerings, any expert will emphasize: Nothing wards off stress as effectively as meditation. And yet, who has the time? is still an acceptable excuse for many with endless to-dos and a go-go-go schedule.
But a slight shift in perspective on what it means to meditate, as well as when, where, and how you choose to do so, can be a game changer. And the shortcut could lie en route. “If you can find a place to sit on a commuter train, in an Uber, or on an airplane, you can by all means meditate as effectively as you could at home in front of an altar,” says Light Watkins, a Los Angeles–based meditation coach and author of Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying. Chances are—with the abundance of travel issues many are experiencing this summer, from tracking lost baggage to hours-long flight delays leaving excess time to kill—you could use some movable mindfulness.


30 Glorious Old Photos of Olivia Newton-John
The tributes came pouring in when the news broke that Olivia Newton-John had died at the age of 73 on August 8, 2022. Archival pictures of the star—in scenes from Xanadu, in her candy-colored “Physical” era, or as Sandy in Grease—swiftly swept social media, as the world learned the actor and singer had succumbed to cancer, a disease she battled for 30 years.
In addition to her glittering showbiz career—Newton-John won four Grammys, among other awards—the star was a dedicated activist, campaigning for environmental causes and animal rights, as well as the advancement of cancer research. Revisit vintage photographs of Olivia Newton-John’s early days of stardom.


The Fine Art of Leaving a Tasting Menu Early, According to a Chef
Sometimes, whether inexplicably or due to a confluence of circumstances that are just too much — too much food, too much wine, too much pressure, and too much time — you just gotta go.

Despite all the preparation you’ve done as a diner — you’ve flown or traveled to a destination restaurant, your friends are counting on you to participate in this meal, you’re pushing through jet lag or physical discomfort, you’ve saved up for this meal — you feel compelled to leave. On the other side of the equation, the restaurant typically knows exactly how many guests are sitting for their tasting menu. They’ve prepped precisely. If you’re recognized as being in the industry, they’re typically going above and beyond for you, putting on their most earnest performance for one of their own.
When the reason you feel compelled to leave is physical, whether from an underlying condition or a result of circumstance (and being open with one’s physicality at a restaurant can, of course, cause its own embarrassment) a graceful exit can be elusive. You can feel like you’re held hostage by this situation, tethered by social conformity and the desire to not offend.


Why the Shape of the Ice in Your Drink Matters
Yes it’s all frozen water, but the kind of ice in your drink changes the whole experience.

Forget shakers, tongs, picks, and glassware — ice is one of the most essential elements into making a good drink, whether it’s a tart and sweet lemonade, a perfect Old Fashioned, or a sipping portion of rum. Ice is as important to your drink as salt is to your cooking, and so it makes sense that you’d want to be picky about what kind of ice you use for your drink. Not only is having ice essential to keeping your drink pleasantly chilly, the kind of ice you choose affects how watered down your drink is going to be. Sure, it’s all frozen water, but different shapes of ice provide different textural experiences. The shape of the ice in your drink matters.


Interior designers share the 10 biggest mistakes people make when decorating a living room
Gena Kirk, the vice president of design at KB Home, told Insider that it’s important to ensure that a rug does more than just work within the design scheme of your home — it needs to fit the room you intend to use it in.
“A rug that is too large will look overwhelming in the space and can make the room appear smaller,” she said. “A rug that is too small forces your furniture to be closer together, leaving the room feeling unbalanced and [creating] the feeling of wasted empty space.”
Kirk recommended using painter’s tape and exact measurements to create mock outlines on your floor so you can envision how the rug might look in your space.


Everything You Need to Know About Vermouth
Lesson number one: put your vermouth in the fridge.

You could say vermouth gets a bad rap, but the truth is, it doesn’t really get much of a rap at all. For many, it’s simply that other ingredient in your Martini, but vermouth can play so much more than a supporting role in a cocktail.
“Without vermouth, we wouldn’t have Manhattans, Martinis, or Negronis,” points out Lydia McLuen, bar manager at Takibi in Portland, Oregon. “Whenever I have a bottle at home, it doesn’t last long.” If she has dry vermouth, McLuen loves to make 50/50 gin martinis with a lemon twist; with blanc vermouth, her move is to drink it over ice with orange or grapefruit wedges. “If I have sweet vermouth, I drink it either on the rocks with an orange, or in Negronis, Manhattans, or Americanos,” she adds. “The possibilities are endless!”


Beauty Nails
How To Wear The French Manicure Trend By @Betina_goldstein
The 2022 way to work French tips according to queen of the Instagram manicure, Betina Goldstein.

If you haven’t already filled your Instagram saved posts with endless images of @betina_goldstein’s dreamy minimalist-meets-chic-maximalist manicures, then where have you been?
Curated and created by editorial nail artist, Betina R.Goldstein, the delicate nail art designs are the most aspirational manicures currently on the internet.
Leaving dodgy ‘claw’ selfies (nailfies??) in the past, Goldstein’s understated nail art gives everything from neon bright paints and diamanté embellishment, to hand painted florals and monogram manis a whimsical and relentlessly modern twist. All perfectly accessorised with the entrepreneur’s seriously chic side hustle, Double Moss Jewelry. Frankly, if our nails aren’t complemented by ultra dainty chain link rings, we don’t wanna know.


The Cute and Horrifying World of Jim Woodring
In “One Beautiful Spring Day,” the cartoonist takes his orders from the imaginary world that he creates.

For as long as there has been art, artists have sought to depict astounding things and thus purge them from their troubled minds. Goya expressed his fear of madness through scenes of paranoia, terror, and supernatural persecution in the Black Paintings. In the lifelong depressive Walker Percy’s novel “Lancelot,” about a depressed murderer confined to a psychiatric hospital, the plot advances as his depression recedes, allowing him to recall his crimes. The Frank corpus, for its part, coheres in one hapless creature’s attempts to amuse himself in between horrifying encounters with monsters that are both unknowable and the building blocks of the world around him.
Woodring was the opposite of an overnight success. His family was poor, and his twenties were lost to alcoholism and occasional homelessness. By the early nineteen-eighties, though, his life stabilized: he had met his wife, Mary, and he was drawing storyboards for Ruby-Spears animation, where he worked on “Turbo Teen,” about a kid who turns into a car, and a “Mr. T.” cartoon.


Mark Your Calendars: This Thursday Will Be Your Last Chance to View a Supermoon in 2022
The Sturgeon Moon will reach its peak around 9:36 p.m on Thursday, August 11, but it will also be visible Wednesday and Friday.

Three supermoons have taken over the night sky so far this year, but if you haven’t yet had the chance to view the celestial event, your last opportunity to do so comes in just two days. On Thursday, August 11, the final supermoon of 2022—the Sturgeon Moon—will reach its peak around 9:36 p.m, according to a report by LiveScience.
While it will shine brightest on Thursday, the full moon will also be visible on Wednesday and Friday evening, too. But what, exactly, makes it a supermoon? The phenomenon happens when a full moon is at its closest point to Earth, also known as perigee, during its monthly orbit. According to LiveScience, the Sturgeon Moon will appear within 90 percent of perigee, making it a supermoon.


67% of Our Readers Think It’s Unsafe to Sit on Their Bed in Outside Clothes—a Doctor and Laundry Expert Settle the Debate
We polled 6,207 of our readers—and most of you said they would never climb into bed with your outside clothes on.

After a long day, few feelings compare to plopping onto our beds and getting comfortable. But when you do so, is it in loungewear or a fresh pair of pajamas—or are you perfectly fine sitting on your bedding in the clothes you’ve been wearing all day? While some of us have an aversion to wearing “outside clothes” in or on our beds, others don’t see anything wrong with it.
In an attempt to glean some insight into how people really feel about this divisive topic, we took to Instagram to see just how many of you wouldn’t dare to wear your day clothes on your sleeping sanctuary. In total, 6,207 people responded to our poll asking if it’s acceptable to wear outside clothes on the bed: 2,050 respondents said it’s perfectly fine to do so, while more than double—4,157—said it is absolutely not.


Lady Butter, a life-long friend of the Queen with numerous royal connections, has died aged 97
The nonogenerian was fiercely proud of her Russian roots, but handed back a top prize after Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

She boasted a royal lineage stretching back to Peter the Great of Russia, so it’s no surprise that Lady Butter counted Her Majesty The Queen as a close friend since childhood, with much for them to bond over.
Born Myra Wernher in 1925, she grew up at Thorpe Lubenham near Market Harborough as the youngest of Major General Sir Harold and Lady Zia Wernher’s three children, with one older brother, Alex, and an older sister, Gina.


The tragic true story of ‘beauty queen’, Empress Elisabeth of Austria
With the upcoming release of Corsage, a period drama focused on the life of Queen Sissi, Tatler asks, who was the real empress?

In a new film, Corsage, which debuted at the Cannes film festival this week and sees Vicky Krieps starring as the empress, the royal’s relationship with beauty and ageing is put in the cinematic spotlight. The adaptation of her life starts with her 40th birthday party, where the queen is officially deemed an ‘old woman’ by her court and country. In a desperate bid to try and maintain her public image, a frustrated Elisabeth undergoes a whirlwind of activities to prolong her youth.


‘House of the Dragon’ Is Coming. Here’s What You Need to Know.
HBO’s new “Game of Thrones” prequel takes us back to the land of Westeros, hundreds of years earlier. We’ve got your cheat sheet.

In the final episodes of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the mad queen Daenerys Targaryen incinerated most of the capital city of King’s Landing. But what was it like when it was all still standing, and the Targaryen dynasty ruled with an iron fist — er, throne?
That’s the question explored by “House of the Dragon,” the new series set in author George R.R. Martin’s revisionist epic-fantasy world. Created by Martin along with Ryan Condal, who serves as showrunner with the veteran “Thrones” director Miguel Sapochnik, “Dragon” takes place far back into the ancestral line of the “Thrones” protagonists Daenerys and Jon Snow, whose own Targaryen identity was revealed late in the original show’s run.


Demand for Italian Beef Is Booming. Thank ‘The Bear.’
The FX series has fueled a spike in sales of the sandwich at Chicago-specialty restaurants across the country.

Mike Klaersch, the owner of the Pizza Man, a mom-and-pop Chicago joint outside Kansas City, Kan., noticed customers piling in for the sandwiches. The restaurant, he said, sold five to six times as many as it did in June.
Jarret Kerr, an owner of Dog Day Afternoon, a Chicago Italian beef and hot dog restaurant in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, said he had seen at least a 50 percent increase in orders of hot Italian beef sandwiches — at $15, the most expensive item on the menu — since the show debuted. The cramped shop used to sell up to a dozen a day; the staff is now slinging 30 or more a day and selling out daily.
“It’s been a godsend,” Mr. Kerr said. “Now every day we say, well, thank you to ‘The Bear,’ thank you to ‘The Bear.’”


Admiring the Trees of Paris
From the dramatic weeping willows along the Seine to the London plane trees that line the Champs-Élysées, trees play a supporting role in the city’s inimitable elegance and grandeur.

As a Paris resident, I scarcely paid attention to the city’s tree-scape until a few years ago, when I stumbled upon an arresting scene of a young man stretched out in the elbow of a low-lying branch of a Japanese pagoda tree, its leaves skimming the pond at Buttes-Chaumont Park in the 19th arrondissement.
From that moment, I came to understand that the city’s trees — from the dramatic weeping willows and their trailing fronds along the Seine to the military rows of London plane trees that line the Champs-Élysées — play an underappreciated supporting role in Paris’s inimitable elegance and grandeur.
It was a belated epiphany, and one that is somewhat understandable: Urban trees can be overlooked, particularly in Paris, where dozens of stately landmarks command the attention of locals and visitors alike.


15 of the Best European River Cruises
Explore France, Germany, and more on these European river cruises.

Much of the appeal of European river cruises, especially as we emerge from the pandemic with pent-up travel demand, is the small size of the ships, casual atmosphere, and accessibility. Unlike oceangoing ships that carry as many as 5,000 passengers, most river cruise ships accommodate around 150 guests, for a more intimate experience. Balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open-air viewing are features of most river cruise ships, and some offer pools, spas, fitness areas, and jogging tracks.




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