Pop Style Opinionfest: Everything You Wanted to Know About THE SANDMAN

Posted on August 05, 2022

Sandman Week continues here at Sandman Headquarters! We told you to brace yourselves for a ton of opinions from us about Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s legendary series of graphic novels about myth, storytelling, and death.


You didn’t think we were just going to restrict ourselves to writing exhaustive recaps of each episode, did you? In the words of Cher the Lesser, as IF. Tom’s an expert, Lorenzo’s a newbie, and between the two of us, we think we’ve got the whole thing covered from every angle. We’ll tell you about the history of the graphic novel series, why it’s considered so important, and most important of all, whether the new series is worth your time.




Also, one of us cries. Just for a second. Quality entertainment! And thank you once again for listening.


[Photo Credit: Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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