GAGGING Over the New Trailer and Images for THE LORD OF RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER

Posted on July 14, 2022

SOMEHOW, we have gotten behind on our coverage of Prime Video’s upcoming adaptation of Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Given how ridiculously excited (and nervous, it has to be admitted) that we are for this series, that is an offense for which we are truly sorry. Last week, Prime Video released another teaser trailer, in which we got glimpses of a whole bunch of characters watching something fall from the sky:




And this morning, they released an even longer tease, in which we get to see all of the races of Middle Earth in their habitats:



We are positively vibrating with excitement. Admittedly, this is all testing our knowledge of Tolkien lore, especially in regards to the Second Age, the period in which the series is set. We see glimpses of the Dwarven kingdom of Khazad-dûm and the human kingdom of Númenór at the height of their glory; Lindon and Eregion, the Elven realms, and what appear to be a nomadic tribe of proto-hobbits, the Harfoots. The plot remains mostly a mystery, but the title makes it clear that it will be about the forging of the rings of power and the latest trailer makes it seem like it’s a man who falls out of the sky, which makes us wonder if it’s a wizard, even though this is supposed to be long before Gandalf’s time on Middle Earth.

There have also been a TON of gorgeous promotional pictures released:



We are DYING and GAGGING over here. The costumes alone! This will be the most expensive television show in history, with Amazon having paid $250 million for the rights alone and $465 million on the first season. We’re relieved that you can see that money onscreen. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. We can’t claim whether this is going to honor Tolkien or bastardize his point of view, but every indication so far makes this look like a faithful and very respectful interpretation of his work. Between this, The Sandman, and the new Game of Thrones series House of the Dragon, we’re going to have a very busy late summer/early fall talking about some stunning fantasy costumes.



[Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein/Prime Video, Courtesy of Prime Video – Video Credit: /YouTube]

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