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Posted on July 07, 2022

Barfly’s at Josefine Hotel – Vienna, Austria


We’re feeling the need for a LOunge that’s swanky, moody, and lush. It is THURSDAY, after all; a day that calls for pressing pause and getting a little sleazy if one wants to. Pull up a velvet throne and spend the day holding court or sneak into a dark corner and spend the day judging everyone bitterly. All are welcome here.


Geena Davis on A League of Their Own’s 30th Anniversary and Why There’s No Cat-Fighting in Baseball
These patronizing questions serve to highlight what a rarity the film was at that time: not only was it about women in sport, it was directed by a woman and had an ensemble cast of mostly women—and showed them collaborating, getting dirty, and being competitive. “[It was] a phenomenon,” Davis agrees. “I don’t think there’d been a movie with that many female characters – especially being athletic and successful. So it did strike me as very strange,” says Davis, who was offered the part of Dottie after playing ball in a miniskirt and high heels at director Penny Marshall’s home.


Patti Smith and Debbie Harry Inspired the Romantic Regency Costumes in Persuasion
From the delicate romanticism of Keira Knightley’s linen dresses in Joe Wright’s dreamy Pride and Prejudice to the candy-colored delights of Autumn de Wilde’s Emma, Jane Austen adaptations have long had a track record for delivering memorable fashion moments. So, for costume designer Marianne Agertoft, who was enlisted to create the wardrobe for Netflix’s fresh new take on Persuasion, the pressure was on from the very beginning. Her mission? To reinterpret the classic codes of the Regency period—the Empire line gowns, ruffled sleeves, feather-strewn bonnets—for an adaptation that gleefully rips up the rulebook.


How To Read the Game of Thrones Books In Order
That sixth book may or may not be coming, but here’s how to catch up on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series to date.

Nobody understands the waiting game quite like Game of Thrones fans. Loyal devotees of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series have been hanging on for more than a decade since the last novel, A Dance with Dragons, was released in 2011, and the author has been pushing the next book’s release date back ever since. (A clarifying point here: the HBO series based on the novels is named Game of Thrones, after the first novel. The collective novel series is titled A Song of Ice and Fire.)


21 Celebrities Who Prove That Underarm Hair Is the Ultimate Show of Confidence
As more celebrities publicly transcend the gender binary, beauty standards are thankfully broadening. But this long overdue shift in society’s standards of beauty has a precedent in the stars who bucked body hair conventions during decades past. In the Old Hollywood days, Sophia Loren redefined bombshell beauty by displaying grown out underarm hair in curve-hugging halter dresses, while Grace Jones’s underarm fuzz was a cool complement to her gender-bending style in the ’70s and ’80s. Equally radical were two of the latter decade’s biggest rule breakers, Madonna and Lisa Bonet, who each tossed the razor with aplomb.


60 Vintage Photos of Old Hollywood Stars on Their Honeymoon
Including Liz Taylor and Mike Todd’s tropical escape.

Marrying the love of your life shouldn’t be followed by any old vacation—especially when you’re a celebrity and used to the glitz and glamour that comes with stardom. While, sure, some of these famous marriages ended in heartache—and often dramatic, messy divorces—that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back at the happy times. Here, rare photos that offer a peek inside the most lavish Old Hollywood honeymoons—from Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher’s tropical escape to Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s Japanese getaway.


Everything You Need to Know About Chardonnay
The Chardonnay grape variety produces some of the world’s most popular white wines, in styles that range from rich and oaky to crisp, mouthwatering, and mineral.

For many consumers, Chardonnay is synonymous with white wine. Whether it’s a rich, buttery bottle from Napa Valley, an age-worthy and complex white Burgundy, or one of the thousands of standout examples from around the world, Chardonnay can do it all.
Yet that popularity and widespread recognition has come at a price: Chardonnay’s ubiquity makes it easy to forget just how special it can be — often, at an excellent value. To fully appreciate all that the grape is capable of, check out our Chardonnay wine guide below.


The Apartments That Inspired Only Murders in the Building Have Their Own Bloody History
Though it’s filmed at the nearby Belnord, the Arconia building in the Hulu series seems much more closely linked to the Ansonia—a real-life apartment complex that’s been home to murder, mayhem, and a swingers club.

Sure, Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez may be top-billed. But there’s only one true, titular star of Hulu’s comedy-crime-whodunit Only Murders in the Building.
Officially, the crime-solving podcasters’ Upper West Side residence is the Arconia, filmed using a cobbled mix of the Belnord’s facade, interior sets with statement wallpaper galore in the Bronx, and countless outdoor locations in and around the city. Though the Belnord tends usually hog attention from fans, the Arconia’s name and colorful residents seem much more closely linked to the Ansonia, the legendary real-life luxury apartment building that occupies a full city block on Broadway between 73rd and 74th Street.


Courteney Cox Is a Bona Fide Clean Freak
Like Monica Geller, Cox has a near-obsessive habit of tidying up, giving away old items, and organizing.

It makes total sense that the actress Courteney Cox would start a home care line that consists of products like finely scented dish soap, counter spray, and antibacterial hand soap. During the height of the pandemic, Cox spent nearly every day wiping down surfaces and tidying up (if you’re wondering, yes, she was one of those people who sanitized bags of groceries before bringing them into her Los Angeles home). But she wasn’t convinced that everything needed to smell like Clorox to be considered spotless, nor did the uncomely bottles of all-purpose cleaner that clogged her house need to be such an eyesore. As a result, Cox created Homecourt, a collection that includes the aforementioned cleaning goods made in alluring scents of rose, neroli, and orange blossom, but also everyday necessities like hand cream, candles, and lotion.


Kevin Bacon delighted fans by taking part in a viral ‘Footloose’ TikTok challenge with his wife, saying it was ‘just as hard as it looks’
Kevin Bacon and his wife have gone viral on TikTok for taking part in a popular dance trend inspired by “Footloose,” the 1984 dance movie Bacon starred in.
In a video posted to Bacon’s TikTok account on June 30, the celebrity duo could be seen walking into the shot as “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, the title track of the movie, played in the background.


A Scottish man bought an abandoned stone cottage in his village and turned it into his first tiny home over the course of 11 months — check it out
George Dunnett grew up in the small Scottish village of Kinnesswood, about an hour north of Edinburgh. For years, he’d been walking past an abandoned, two-story cottage just down the street from his parents’ home.
There were plenty of nice houses in the village, but this building was one of the few that was left to crumble. The cottage was old and weathered, and the masonry walls were full of cracks.
“It was kind of dilapidated, so I always thought it was a bit of a shame that it was left to this condition,” Dunnett, a 28-year-old video editor, told Insider.
Even so, he could see the potential the home had.


7 Indigenous-Owned Beauty Brands Making Their Mark on the Industry
Infusing their lipsticks, compacts, and soaps with culture, tradition, and powerful pigments, these founders are creating a space for Native American representation in the beauty industry.

What do you look for in a beauty brand? It’s a topic of conversation with answers that vary, depending on who you ask. As the beauty community grows, we’re seeing more Indigenous-owned beauty brands launch in hopes of creating a space where the Indigenous youth not only feel represented but seen. Inspired by their traditional garments and vibrant color patterns from their native upbringing, their culture is seen throughout these Indigenous-owned beauty brands’ packaging and formulations — infusing their products with both tradition and culture.


How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies
Big Hollywood movies are being made with Chinese audiences in mind.

Every movie that wants to show in China has to be approved for release by the Chinese Communist Party. So when a studio has locked a film that it wants to play in China, it has to send a copy of that movie to the ministry of propaganda, where it screens for a group of folks. I tried to really figure out like, who are these people? It turns out that they’re often party bureaucrats who kind of shuffle through; they even put retired film studies professors in the room to try and watch for deeper subtextual meanings of films.
They watch the movie, and a couple of things can happen. They can say, this is approved for release with no changes. Or, this will be approved for release if you cut these three things. Or, it’s not being approved at all, and we’re not going to tell you why.


Lesley Gore’s Archive, Open to All, Arrives at the New York Public Library
The collection, which includes family photos, scrapbook pages and annotated music, traces the singer’s arc from releasing bubble gum hits to creating a powerful feminist statement.

As a teenage singer in the 1960s who fit the all-American girl mold, Lesley Gore may have seemed like an unlikely figure to carve out a lasting legacy of feminist resilience and independence. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts has now made the musician’s archive available for anyone interested in her artistic evolution, giving fans a chance to browse through notated music sheets and an unfinished memoir.


Designing The Rolling Stones: the band, the branding and the Sixty tour
In this exclusive interview, creative director Mark Norton looks back on three decades of collaboration with The Rolling Stones on their visual identity, from a first lucky contribution to the Steel Wheels tour to his latest work for their Sixty tour

As The Rolling Stones Sixty tour is in full swing across Europe, we talk to creative director Mark Norton of London-based agency Thinkfarm. Norton has collaborated with the band for over three decades, starting with the Steel Wheels tour in 1989, and was most recently in charge of the visual identity for Sixty, the band’s 60th-anniversary tour.




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