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Posted on July 05, 2022

Rocco Bar and Restaurant – Lisbon, Portugal


Wake up, darlings! Wake up! It is TUESDAY, but it is also the official start of one of the longest work weeks of the year. Such is the way after a holiday weekend, kittens. We don’t make the rules. We’re simply here to help guide you gently through your day, with distractions and procrastination triggers scattered about for you to find. Like a scavenger hunt, except far less productive or ambitious. Just pick a bright, stimulating spot, order something that will tickle your nose, and get down to the important business of doing as little as possible.


Inside “Shocking! The Surreal World of Elsa Schiaparelli” With Designer Daniel Roseberry and Curator Olivier Gabet
“Shocking! The Surreal World of Elsa Schiaparelli” opens with hundreds of the couturière’s detailed fashion drawings printed like wallpaper, plus several originals—including a lithe figure wearing the famous lobster dress—mounted in glass cases. The exhibition’s final room showcases drawings by Daniel Roseberry, whose first haute couture collection as artistic director for the Maison in 2019 began with him at a drafting table, sketching from the runway.
For some, the most shocking aspect of this enthralling retrospective at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris will be the incomparable level of artistry; that her body of work is both indebted to and imagined as art. “The idea was to pay homage to Elsa’s relationship with artists, but also with visual culture,” explained curator Olivier Gabet, the museum’s outgoing director (he will begin a newly created role at the Louvre in September). “It’s very interesting for us to show she has this visual and literary culture that very few people had at the time.” Roseberry points out that she seized on the shifting creative forces of her time. “I think when she was working with Cocteau and Dalí and others, those barriers between art and fashion were begging to be broken down. There was an invitation in a way for that to be culturally challenged.”


Go Behind the Scenes of Mr. Malcolm’s List with Freida Pinto
The actress shares her favorite photos from the set of the period romance, out now.

“I was super excited for the film during our fittings. Obviously they measured me, but when you’re pregnant things start to not fit. Somewhere in the middle of filming, our costumer had to come and let out all of my costumes. The corsets and the jackets and dresses were all fitted to me at this stage. I’ve never done anything in period costume before, but also the mannerisms of this time and the way my character carries herself or speaks are so different from the way things are right now. That’s why things like costumes play such an important role in helping me transform entirely.”


How to Mute Friends & Not Alienate People
A brief guide to secretly navigating the joys of Instagram’s most valuable button.

“This is an age of over-politicization. We are awash in outrage content, most of it ignorant. I’m always dismayed watching people I know to be curious and compassionate over cocktails transform on social media into loud, unthinking partisans who post 20 times a day,” he continues. “There’s no bigger turn-off than meeting someone at a party who you think is cool or sexy and then, later, discovering their Instagram page to be a conveyor belt of shitty opinions peppered with mundane selfies. I mute because I care.”


The Duchess of Cornwall, as photographed by The Duchess of Cambridge for Country Life
In a royal double, the cover image of the July 13 issue of Country Life, which is guest-edited by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, was taken by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.
‘The Duchess of Cambridge took our cover images at the request of our Guest Editor, The Duchess of Cornwall, and we could not be happier with the results — in fact, the set of images she took was so good that we struggled to choose only three, from which The Duchess of Cornwall made her final selection,’ says Country Life’s Managing and Features Editor, Paula Lester, who has worked closely with a small team from Clarence House for the past six months to pull together the souvenir 244-page issue, which marks The Duchess of Cornwall’s 75th birthday and celebrates her passion for the countryside.


Master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian on taking the helm at Dior Parfums and the future of fragrance
We speak to Francis Kurkdjian in the prime of his prolific career about awe-inspiring perfumes and the evolution of the industry

While we’ve all come to crave newness as consumers, consider how lengthy the creative process of perfumery is, he says. “In perfume it takes about 18 to 24 months, so my real first fragrance [as Dior’s perfume creation director] will be launched around September 2023.” It’s a timeline that’s very different to that of fashion. “Every six months or every year you can create a new silhouette, and this is the basis of fashion – to update what was created the year before. In fragrance it is completely the opposite. We try to keep customer loyalty on each fragrance that we sell – this is basically how the business works. It’s successful because you keep buying the same perfume over and over.”


37 Pieces Of Bridal Jewellery You’ll Be Obsessed With From Mejuri, Missoma, Cartier And More
We’ve turned to Mejuri, Cartier, Missoma and more for their expertise. Here’s a list of the best bridal jewellery items to buy for your wedding day.

Bridal jewellery for the big wedding might be an important detail, but it’s commonly overlooked until the last minute while other parts of the outfit (like the dress) are prioritised.
Once you get engaged, most brides have laser focus on their outfit for the nuptials. After all, there’s so much to choose from, whether it’s a modern dress, a wedding dress inspired by Bridal Fashion Week and a wedding suit, or even a second-hand wedding dress. Once a wedding look has been decided, soon comes the decision for bridal shoes that provide comfort and style, with timeless designs on the table from the likes of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, as well as high street versions from Dune and John Lewis.
As a result many brides are left deliberating about their bridal jewellery in the final weeks before their wedding day. And with so many colours and styles to choose from – gold vermeil, sterling silver, rose-gold, gemstones and charms – it can lead to unwanted wedding stress (believe us, we’ve been there).


In The Black Fantastic Is The Must-See Exhibition Of The Summer
On 29 June, the Hayward Gallery hosted the opening of the highly anticipated new exhibition In the Black Fantastic. Curated by Ekow Eshun, the writer, broadcaster and chair of the Fourth Plinth Commissioning Group, it is the UK’s first exhibition dedicated to the work of Black artists who use the realm of the fantastical – including mythology, folklore, spiritual traditions, science fiction and Afrofuturism – to explore racial injustices and identity. In Eshun’s own words, it’s “a way of acknowledging, a way of looking at the racialised everyday beyond the constraints that the Western imaginary has put around Black beings, Black personhood and Black experiences.” He continues: “In a world where we are constantly, as Black people, subject to the fantasies and myths of others, one of the ways through for us is to embrace the fantastic. Not as an escape from reality, but as a way to explore further the possibilities and the imaginative reaches of our own experience of being. Essentially, In the Black Fantastic is about saying there is no finite criteria or barrier to what being Black looks like.”


British Independent Film Awards Move to Gender-Neutral Acting Categories
“Marking the Awards’ 25th year with a shake-up to traditional performance categories, BIFA will present five acting awards that celebrate and reward the outstanding acting talent on display in British independent film,” organizers said and also unveiled new honors.

The British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs) is moving to gender-neutral performance categories and adding a new feature documentary debut director category. It is also splitting its music honor into two categories.
“Marking the Awards’ 25th year with a shake-up to traditional performance categories, BIFA will present five acting awards that celebrate and reward the outstanding acting talent on display in British independent film,” organizers said on Tuesday. “The new performance categories are best lead performance, best supporting performance, best joint lead performance – for two (or exceptionally three) performances that are the joint focus of the film – and best ensemble. BIFA’s established Breakthrough Performance award sponsored by Netflix remains unchanged and rounds out the new set of awards.” That final award has always been gender-neutral.


Ask Catherine Cohen: Can I Tell the Bride I Hate My Bridesmaid Dress?
This month, the comedian tackles queries about jealousy, a lifelong friendship turned sour, appropriate birthday gifts, and bad outfits.

Is it ever ok to tell a bride I hate the bridesmaid dress she chose for me?
Even though I hate wedding culture (a pageant you pay to be in???) and think that part of my brain atrophied during the 14hr day in which I was a bridesmaid, I have to say no, it’s not okay. Just wear the dress. It’s one day. Famously not your day. And it’s not worth causing the bride, who you presumably care about, any stress. Put on the dress, wear a sexy shoe of your choosing, and have a cocktail or seven.


The Complicated Life of the Abortion Pill
A French doctor’s invention and post-Roe America.

The abortion pill was created in the nineteen-eighties; mifepristone was the 38,486th molecule developed by the French drug company Roussel-Uclaf, hence the name RU-486. It was never called Xyglam B or Zyklon B. Bentley’s fabulations were likely inspired by anti-abortion groups that have long tried to exploit a tenuous link between the two products: Roussel-Uclaf was owned by a German company that once belonged to another German company, a subsidiary of which helped manufacture and sell Zyklon B.


The best $79 I ever spent: Paint for my very own bedroom walls
The idea that I could help myself recover was unknown to me. Then I decided to paint my room.

Buy three buckets of paint. One 5-liter bucket of white paint for the ceiling and two 10-liters of paint for the walls. Choose a color you would paint a room to symbolize a new beginning. As many coats of cream white paint as needed to silence dirty baby blue walls. Paint. Hang a framed black-and-white photographic portrait. Purchase new sheets. Discover the womb of your healing. Create the space to love yourself. Start again.


Tom Ford’s Gucci party palace is the hottest property to buy in Mayfair right now
The mansion is on the market for £55 million

For many, Gucci is synonymous with glamour and excess, so it’s unsurprising that its former London HQ is a Neo-classical palatial mansion with centuries of history, including a guestbook signed by Queen Victoria.
The 14,000-foot Gucci Mansion on Grafton Street is on the market for £55 million, boasting architecture by Sir Robert Taylor, magnificent gold leaf interiors by renowned plasterer Joseph Rose and joinery by cabinetmaker John Mayhew. Originally built between 1769-1772, it was the home of Lord Chancellor Lord Brougham during the Victorian age, with the Queen herself and the 1st Duke of Wellington often entertained at the property.


Kurt Markus, Photographer of Cowboys and Models, Is Dead at 75
He traveled the world and shot celebrities and fashion luminaries. But he never abandoned his roots in the open spaces of the American West.

The award-winning photographer Kurt Markus led a life and career that seemed as vast and varied as the Western landscapes he captured on film.
As a West Point graduate and a former Army Ranger, he felt at home in the rugged outdoors, and he could load film while traveling on horseback at a trot. While he was celebrated as a fine artist and a chronicler of the American West, he also rose to the pinnacle of his profession shooting Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington for top fashion magazines, as well as producing gallery-worthy portraits of entertainment luminaries like Meryl Streep, Paul Simon and B.B. King.


The Gift of Jewelry Was an Ancient Love Language
If you’ve ever given a lover a little token of your affection, you’re not alone—people in antiquity did it too.
Love played an instrumental role in the lives of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They had a multiplicity of gods and goddesses to represent all facets of love and used literary works, pottery, wall paintings, mosaics, and jewelry to express their feelings.
Brooches, cameos with carved gemstones, and golden rings with a romantic inscription or allusive drawing on the inside were particularly popular gifts among the wealthy as proof of, or a declaration of, love. These pieces of jewelry, often called “love tokens,” helped people remember those dear to them when apart and served as reminders of departed loved ones.


The U.S. Will Stop Honoring Expired Passports As of July 1 — What to Know
The rule was initially implemented to help travelers navigate delays in passport processing due to the pandemic.

The State Department will no longer honor expired United States passports next month, ending a pandemic-era practice implemented due to delays in processing.
Starting July 1, travelers will no longer “be permitted to use your expired U.S. passport to return to the United States,” the State Department wrote on its website. Previously, U.S. citizens who were abroad were allowed to enter the country if their passport had expired on or after Jan. 1, 2020.
“If your passport has expired, please contact your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply for a U.S. passport,” the State Department added.






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