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La Cucina del Tramonto d’Oro Restaurant and Rooftop Cafe – Praiano, Almafi Coast, Italy


Darlings, we’re all skidding into a 3-day weekend at the height of summer – all of the American kittens reading this, anyway. The content pickins’ are slim but we have one or two things to throw at you before we head out the door (metaphorically speaking, since we’re going nowhere for the next 72 hours); the Drag Race recap will be up tomorrow, but unforch, you’ll have to wait until next week for the next podcast. Stay safe and hydrated this weekend!


Margot Robbie’s Viral ‘Barbie’ Costumes Are Created by Oscar-Winning ‘Little Women’ Costume Designer
Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran is behind the “Barbie” costumes that are going viral on the internet. Variety has confirmed Gerwig has teamed up with her “Little Women” costume designer to bring Barbie and her neon world to life.
Photos of Margot Robbie, who is playing Barbie, and Ryan Gosling, playing Ken, have been circulating on social media for several weeks. In one viral photo, the duo are seen rocking hot pink neon spandex outfits while rollerblading along Venice Beach. The Oscar nominees were accessorized with bright yellow rollerblades along with matching kneepads.


The Best Jane Austen Film and TV Adaptations
What’s not to love about a genre that includes both Clueless and Colin Firth in a wet shirt?

“Perhaps after all it is possible to read too many novels,” muses Henry Tilney, hero of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. In Austen’s world, unabashed novel-readers get into hot water; romantic notions cloud their judgment; these days, we’re only in danger of watching too many movies and bingeing too many TV shows.
This year has already proven to be another big year for Janiacs, starting with the release of Fire Island, a modern-day rom-com based on Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice. Also due out is Persuasion (July 8), starring Dakota Johnson in a Netflix adaptation. To usher in this newest Austen season, we rounded up our very favorite adaptations.


We Can Expand Women’s Reproductive Rights—Starting At The Pharmacy
With the end of Roe v. Wade, local pharmacies could play a critical role in removing barriers to access birth control.

Growing up in East New York and Jamaica, Queens, we didn’t have comprehensive sex ed in our high schools—so we took matters into our own hands. When Rochelle was 15, she started working at Protecting The East, an organization that led street outreach to teach young people about STIs and healthy relationships. Humyra had spent her high school years volunteering at her local mosque and a number of private practices to better understand how social stigma, lack of health insurance, and education affect vulnerable people in her community. We learned that reproductive access isn’t just provided by doctors—everyone (including teenagers!) could play a role in expanding our reproductive rights. That’s why we’re working with young people across the country to push for pharmacist-prescribed birth control—an easy way to help young people get birth control at their local CVS or Walgreens.


House Music Is Back. Let’s Remember Its Roots.
Drake, Beyoncé and more have brought the genre back into the mainstream. But it’s always been the sound of Black queer resistance.

First things first, house music is Black queer music. A vehicle used to transcend earthly troubles and a soundtrack for the disappearing of bodies on dance floors snatched up by the AIDS virus. Music found at weekly parties and weekly funerals. Contemporary Negro spirituals. The ballroom culture surrounding house music provided a sanctuary for people who were kicked out of their homes, shamed into silence, and at times shunned by churches, mosques, and cathedrals. House music spoke to “the children” who, when expelled from their biological families for being gay, found protection and belonging with chosen families. They formed queer kinships with parental figures in places like New York City, Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. So, when Mr. Fingers penned and produced one of the first of many house anthems asking the question “Can You Feel It?” it was far from rhetorical. And when Marshall Jefferson ordered people to “Move Your Body” in his equally epic anthem, it was a rhythm directive. DJs and house music producers, some queer and some straight, were calling on witnesses of the AIDS crisis to grieve and groove.


Alexandra Daddario Wore Danielle Frankel for Her Laid-Back Wedding in New Orleans
Actor Alexandra Daddario, who recently starred in the HBO hit series The White Lotus, and producer Andrew Form’s initial chance encounter was thanks to a layover. Andrew was on his way to Europe for work and had to connect through New York City as flights were limited during the pandemic. “I was waiting for my co-op to approve me so I was sleeping on an acquaintance’s couch and would take frequent walks,” Alexandra remembers. “He was also on a walk, and we passed each other downtown. He turned back and said ‘hi’ just as I was turning around to glance back at him. I laughed and said ‘hi,’ and then we both laughed about how we were the only two people on what is normally an incredibly busy street, and he asked if he could take me to dinner.” Andrew had to catch his connecting flight the next morning but explained that if she wanted to get dinner, he would be back in town in a couple of weeks. “I said ‘okay’ against my better judgment,” Alexandra jokes. “Nowadays, you’re supposed to meet people on dating apps!”
Alexandra turned to Danielle Frankel for her dress. “I fell in love with Danielle Frankel’s dresses,” she says. “I followed them on Instagram. They sent me a message, and we chatted, and when I went to their studio, I just felt beautiful in everything. I chose my dress because it felt like it belonged in New Orleans and was the right choice for the Louisiana heat.”
Accessories and wedding-day beauty were kept light and easy. “I wanted it to feel like it all worked in the heat too,” Alexandra says. “Nothing too heavy or serious.”


Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset, Speaking Up For Abortion Rights, and Being in an ‘Unlocked’ Relationship
If you’re a reality TV devotee, you likely need no introduction to Chrishell Stause, the actor and real estate agent who’s been stealing scenes on Netflix’s Selling Sunset since the show premiered in 2019. (If you’re wondering about the origins of her unusual name, let me share what is arguably my favorite story of all time with you: Chrishell’s mother went into labor at a Shell gas station in Kentucky, and an attendant named Chris helped deliver the baby.)
These days, Stause is as committed as ever to helping people find their L.A. dream homes, but she’s also not shying away from speaking out about the things that matter to her, from reproductive freedom to LGBTQ+ rights.


John Waters on Pink Flamingos, Divine, and 50 Years of Filth
When John Waters unleashed Pink Flamingos for public consumption in 1972, the response from critics was polarized (to say the absolute least).
“One of the sickest American movies ever made,” Fran Lebowitz decried in Interview. “And also one of the funniest.” New York dubbed Water’s film “beyond pornography,” while Variety called it “one of the most vile, stupid, and repulsive films ever made.” But of all the reviews Waters pored over, his favorite came courtesy of the Detroit Free Press: “Like a septic tank explosion, [Pink Flamingos] has to be seen to be believed.”
“Even the underground press took a while to embrace me,” Waters laughs. “[But] I always knew it could be a hit if the right people saw it.”


Everything You Need to Know About Carignan
An important grape variety in Southern France, Spain, and beyond, Carignan often gets overshadowed by its more famous blending partners, but it plays a crucial role in some of the world’s best wines.

Carignan is a grape variety that, according to the renowned wine writer and critic Jancis Robinson, “was the single most common vine variety planted in … France until it was overtaken by Merlot at the end of the 20th century, [and] most wine drinkers have never heard of it.” But that doesn’t mean that it deserves to remain that way. Carignan, after all, offers the significant advantage of producing a substantial amount of fruit in the vineyard, which means more wine from the winery. In the world of wine, there is often an inversely proportional relationship between volume and quality, but the ranks of producers who are crafting well-made Carignan are growing.


Wardrobe Stories: Yara Shahidi On Making Bold Decisions, Suit Love And Her ‘Committed’ Style
‘One evening I was at the Met Gala and then the next day I was in class studying the Frankfurt School.’

The 22-year-old activist and actor was propelled to superstardom as a young teen thanks to her role in hit series Black-ish and its spin-off Grown-ish, and her star has been on the rise ever since.
When it comes to her style, Shahidi is known for rocking a bold, bright monochrome look on the red carpet like nobody else. ‘I love vibrant colours,’ she explains. ‘They help me take up space, especially in grand settings that can be nerve-wracking as a young 20-year-old.’


24 Vegetarian Grilling Recipes That Are So Right for Summer
Long gone are the days when “cookout” merely meant a grill full of hot dogs, ribs, and burgers. Vegetables take the spotlight in this selection of satisfying meatless recipes for the grill, and you’ll find that our vegetarian burgers, grilled pizzas, stuffed and grilled vegetables, and more will delight your family and friends—and that’s true whether or not they eat meat.
Whether you’re hosting a big backyard barbecue or just want a healthy weeknight dinner with plenty of flavor, these vegetarian grilling recipes deliver. There’s plenty of inspiration here for the long summer nights ahead, so get cooking!


The Water Wars Come to the Suburbs
A community near Scottsdale, Arizona, is running out of water. Amid the finger-pointing, the real question is: how many developments will be next?

As the Southwest enters its second decade of megadrought, and the Colorado River sinks to alarmingly low levels, Rio Verde, a largely upscale community that real-estate agents bill as North Scottsdale, though it is a thirty-mile drive from Scottsdale proper, is finding itself on the front lines of the water wars. Some homeowners’ wells are drying up, while others who get water delivered have recently been told that their source will be cut off on January 1st. “It’s going to turn into the Hunger Games,” Harris said grimly. “Like, a scrambling-for-your-toilet-water-every-month kind of thing.” The fight over how best to address the issue is pitting neighbors against one another. “Water politics are bad politics,” Thomas Loquvam, the general counsel and vice-president of epcor, the largest private water utility in the Southwest, told me. “You know that saying, ‘Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting’? That’s very true in Arizona.”


16 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes Perfect for Summer Sipping
Iced tea is the go-to drink when temperatures rise. Whether you prefer a grassy green or sweet-as-a-peach iced tea, there’s no denying that the cooling beverage is ideal for summertime sipping.
Here, we’re highlighting some of our favorite iced tea recipes that make use of summertime berries, fresh herbs, and even surprising ingredients like lemongrass.
Make a batch of any of the options featured in this collection and watch as it drains from its pitcher during barbecues, picnics, holiday parties, and more. Or just make some to enjoy when you relax on your porch. From sweet to citrusy, keep these iced tea recipes in your back pocket all summer long.


20 Kitchen Plants to Clean the Air and Brighten Your Space in an Instant
Aloe vera, chives and parsley are only a few houseplants to bring indoors.

It’s no secret that greenery helps to brighten your mood and elevate a space. Houseplants are a great way to add a pop of color to your home, especially if you opt for a stylish pot or planter. They also evoke a relaxing feeling in the bedroom and can even refresh your living room. And no matter how far you are from being an expert in the world of plants, shrubs or florals, there are plenty of indoor plants that are easy to care for and almost impossible to kill. You might even consider low-light plants if your home has some shady spots that could use a bit of personality. That said, we’re sharing the best kitchen plants to help surround your cooking space with the calming power of nature.


Just about everyone in America is finally eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. Now what?
The youngest children may prove to be the hardest to vaccinate.

More than 18 million of the youngest children in the United States can finally get Covid-19 vaccines, closing one of the largest remaining gaps in eligibility.
“The United States is now the first country in the world to offer safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months old,” said President Joe Biden this week at a vaccine clinic in Washington, DC.
Children as young as 6 months old have two choices: a three-dose sequence from Pfizer/BioNTech or a two-dose regimen from Moderna. But how many kids will actually get the shots?


Tiara of the Month: How the Chaumet Diamond Bessborough Tiara sparkled at two coronations
Dating back to the 1930s, this exquisite diadem was commissioned as a gift to the Countess of Bessborough from her Governor General husband

Created by the distinguished Parisian jeweller Chaumet in 1931, the Bessborough Tiara is a truly magnificent piece. It features white diamonds mounted in platinum and set in an Art Deco style of clean symmetrical intersecting lines, rising to a 5.6 carat marquise-cut floating central diamond.


In Athens Creativity in Art, Food and More Rises
The Greek capital has added impressive arts venues, daring restaurants and a blossoming hotel scene to its well-known Classical draws.

While Athenians were locked down because of the pandemic, a flurry of creative and entrepreneurial activity was underway. The outcome? A total of 272 new restaurants, according to the local industry association, as well as hundreds more cafes and bars. The city also acquired 34 new hotels, offering 1,982 rooms over the last two years. And its cultural landscape blossomed, with major national projects coming to fruition.
“We’ve witnessed a cultural revival and a growing gastronomical scene that showcases the new dynamism of the city,” said Vassilis Kikilias, Greece’s tourism minister. Adding in the construction of new hotels and the upgrading of older ones, Mr. Kikilias said made him “optimistic for the season.”


The Original Orient Express Is Returning to Europe in 2024 — With 17 Beautifully Refurbished Carriages
Seventeen of the original Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express carriages were discovered in Poland in 2015. They’re now being restored in France and will hit the railways in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

When, in 2015, French historian Arthur Mettetal was tasked with documenting the remaining original cars of the legendary Orient Express for France’s national train service, SNCF, he came across an anonymous video of a train on YouTube. After some research and analysis, Mettetal discovered that 17 of the original Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express carriages were lined up at a remote train station between the border of Belarus and Poland. It took a few more years for the then-owner to agree to sell them to the Orient Express brand, which is currently co-owned by Accor, but, finally, in 2018, the train cars were returned to France. And yesterday, the company announced that the cars are set to welcome back travelers in 2024 after a meticulous renovation.


This new film deep dives into Mary-Kate and Ashley’s cultural legacy
Zara Meerza’s ‘The Twins’ explores the iconic sisters’ relationship with each other and the media, their ascent to stardom and subsequent silence, and the ways in which they guided her as a first-gen British Indian teen growing up in the West

In her new documentary The Twins, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Zara Meerza leaves the audience with one lingering question: “are you a Mary-Kate, or are you an Ashley?” Those of us of a certain eye cream-wearing age will have an immediate answer. Meerza – who, despite wishing she was an effortlessly bohemian Mary-Kate, says most of her friends would describe her as an Ashley – is asking which of the Olsen twins you identified with during their inescapable reign of pop culture: Ashley, the girly goody-goody, or Mary-Kate, the chaotic, artsy, tomboy.





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