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Posted on July 14, 2022

Dream Bar and Restaurant – Dubai, UAE



We’re feeling terribly dramatic today, kittens. We suggest we all congregate in a place full of drama today. It’s THURSDAY and we could all use the push to get us to that finish line. So grab a seat and take in the dazzling surroundings. Someone will be by shortly with something amazing for you to eat or drink. In the mean time, please sample from the Buffet of Distractions and feel free to change your seat frequently, as the mood strikes you.


Olivia Colman Is a Chilling Miss Havisham in the First Stills From Great Expectations
Olivia Colman has made a habit of choosing less-than-expected roles through the years; the former Peep Show star won an Oscar as a gout-riddled Queen Anne (The Favourite), then turned around and played the lead in a series about Susan Edwards, a real-life murderess who did away with her own parents before spending their fortune on Hollywood memorabilia. Her next major TV role? Appearing as Miss Havisham in the BBC and FX’s forthcoming Great Expectations adaptation.


Everything to Know About The Devil Wears Prada Musical
“All right, everyone! Gird your loins!”

Finally, some good news: The Devil Wears Prada will be adapted into a musical, and will premiere in Chicago in the summer of 2022.
The iconic 2006 film, based on the novel by the same name, has provided a generation with timeless entertainment, withering comebacks, and a buffet of Instagram captions (“I refuse to be sick. I’m wearing Valentino, for crying out loud.”). Now, expect to see the movie ascend from the silver screen to the stage. Here’s what we know about the upcoming musical adaptation of the film so far.
It’ll premiere in Chicago in the summer of 2022. After multiple postponements, the production is now scheduled to hit the stage at the Nederlander Theatre in Chicago. The show will run for five weeks from July 19 before transitioning onto Broadway.


Incredible Photos of Celebrities Visiting Buckingham Palace for the First Time
Even some of Hollywood’s biggest names get intimidated by the royal residence.

Over the years, the halls of Buckingham Palace have been graced by some of the biggest figures in history. Celebrities from every industry—film, music, television, politics, and even sports—have entered through those famous gates to meet Queen Elizabeth or other members of the royal family. Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, and The Beatles, to name a few, have all attended state dinners, award ceremonies, and more. Find out when your favorite celebs visited the palace and, more importantly, what they wore in these photos.


Lea Michele, Fanny Brice, and the Art of Trying Too Hard
Will Funny Girl finally revamp Lea Michele’s image
The character of Lea Michele in the public imagination is not unlike Fanny Brice, the aspiring comedienne and vocal powerhouse whose ascent to stardom is the subject of Funny Girl, the musical that catapulted Barbra Streisand into her own stratosphere. Fanny is pushy and bold and unapologetic about wanting to be a star. And now that Michele is taking over the role from Beanie Feldstein in the first Broadway revival, an air of triumph seems to be turning the tides on perceptions of the Spring Awakening ingenue.


This Bill Wants to Stop Anti-Abortion Groups From Getting Your Private Data. Period
The end of Roe v. Wade means period tracking apps and search history suddenly have serious implications. Congresswoman Sara Jacobs discusses how her My Body, My Data bill would protect against those.

While you may believe that your health information is safe, data from period tracking apps is actually not protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally, according to a 2019 study published in The BMJ, 79 percent of sampled health apps available through the Google Play store regularly shared user data and were described as “far from transparent.” Despite many period tracking apps promising to protect user data, it remains unregulated and women have to put their trust—and even their lives—in the hands of corporations.
Before the SCOTUS ruling, I sat down with Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D-CA) to learn more about her My Body, My Data Act, which she introduced on June 16, 2022, and how it addresses data and safety concerns for women.


Fashion’s Part in Polluting Our Oceans
Global waters are littered with microfibers from clothing that end up on the ocean floor. How can we fight against this ever increasing pollution?

“Our consumption of clothing is increasing so we end up with more microfibers in the oceans. And even if natural microfibers could degrade faster than synthetic microfibers, they don’t belong there—the oceans are not adapted to deal with this problem,” says the specialist in the circular economy.
So how to deal with this growing problem? “We must buy less, wash our clothes less, not wash them at more than 30° Celsius, or reduce the speed of spinning,” explains Carry Somers. But efforts must not come only from consumers. “Brands must also reveal what’s in their clothes and list all the chemicals that are in them,” the activist continues.


Cowgirls and Cowboys Show Off Their Finest at the Longest-Running Traveling Black Rodeo
After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo (BPIR) returned to Oakland, California, for a two-day showdown at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Ground. Just as exciting as the barrel racing and lassoing are the looks that the athletes and spectators wear, and they didn’t disappoint this year.
Named after the pioneering cowboy and performer, Bill Pickett (he invented the technique of “bulldogging,” a stunt that features the rider grabbing a steer by the horns and wrestling it to the ground), the BPIR is a fourth generation family-run organization. It is also the longest touring Black rodeo, traveling across the United States from Denver to the DMV.


Isabelle Huppert on Dark Humor, Difficult Women, and the Political Subtext of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
Asked whether she chooses her roles on the basis of subverting expectations, however, Huppert offers a firm no. “What people expect of me as a performer is beyond my preoccupation,” she says. “That would mean that you have some kind of strategy, and I don’t care. I just do a film because I want to do it, and that’s it. I don’t ever think about changing people’s perceptions of me.” She’s also quick to note—quite rightly—that while her best-known performances internationally lean towards darker fare, she’s never been afraid to tackle cheerier, humorous roles too, whether her mischievous turn in François Ozon’s 8 Women, or her madcap performance in David O. Russell’s I Heart Huckabees.


Everything You Need to Know About Gewürztraminer
The Gewürztraminer grape variety produces wines of expressive fruit, spice, and complexity.

Gewürztraminer wine is produced from the grape of the same name. Historically, its most famous sources have been Germany and the Alsace region of France, but it also does very well in the Alto-Adige region of Italy. Where and how it’s grown can have a significant impact on the character of the wine that’s produced from Gewürztraminer grapes, but in general, the wine will showcase some combination of lychee and stone fruit, spice, and floral notes.


Eleanor Tomlinson wears fairytale gown to marry Will Owen
The actress opted for the very first dress she tried on, a statement voluminous gown by Pronovias

Over the weekend, actress Eleanor Tomlinson and rugby player Will Owen tied the knot, making things official at Euridge Manor in Chippenham, where the bride wore a beautiful white gown by Pronovias – which happened to be the very first dress she tried on.
We caught up with Tomlinson right after her big day to find out all the details of her breathtaking bridal look, from the sparkling De Beers diamonds to her dewy, glowy make-up and of course her enormous train, which took up so much space on the ride to the alter that her dad couldn’t fit in the back of the car with her.
Choosing something that was a world away from the slinky, sleek dress or the Grace Kelly-inspired design that she thought she would be drawn to, here’s how Tomlinson decided on the most important gown of her life.


Lizzo’s Style File: Every Single One Of The Singer’s Most Epic Looks
Looking and feeling good as hell

‘I am my inspiration,’ Lizzo once famously said – and we can certainly understand why. The Detroit-born singer has been serving epic looks since long before her music hit the mainstream in 2019, but with great success comes great designer ‘fits – and few wear them with quite as much confidence and panache as the ever-stylish Lizzo. From her internet-breaking tiny handbag at the 2019 AMAs to her custom Thom Browne gown and cape for the most recent Met Gala, these are Lizzo’s most fabulous fashion moments to date.


The 15 Greatest Sex And The City Episodes Of All Time
The best Sex And The City episodes fall into one of two categories. There are those that provide joyful, carefree escapism: endless Cosmopolitans, rent-controlled Upper East Side apartments, journalists who can afford Prada, and flings with guest stars ranging from Bradley Cooper to Vince Vaughn. Then there are those that grapple with the complicated (and often harsh) realities of being female in a patriarchal society: casual workplace sexism; tired ageist standards of beauty; the constant, never-ending pressure to settle down; and the omnipresent dilemma of whether or not to have children when everyone seems to expect you to. There were 93 instalments in the drama’s original six-season run – some good, some bad, and some deeply ugly. Ahead of the second instalment of And Just Like That…, here are the best ones to rewatch now.


Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Reaction to Her Emmy Nom Is 50 Years in the Making
No one is having a better day than Sheryl Lee Ralph. On Tuesday, the beloved veteran actor answered the phone to discover that she’d just marked a career milestone: her first nomination for an Emmy Award. She’s nominated in the Comedy Supporting Actress category for her standout performance as Barbara Howard, the only competent teacher at a poorly funded Philadelphia school in Quinta Brunson’s ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary. (Kate McKinnon, Hannah Einbinder, Alex Borstein, Juno Temple, Hannah Waddingham, and Ralph’s Abbott Elementary costar Janelle James round out the category.)


The Secret Art of the Family Photo
They’re the pictures that mean the most to us. What makes them good?

Portraits of more than one person imply relationships, and so the meanings of our family pictures shift as families age, change, and regenerate. Recently, I came across a portrait of one of my cousins, made when she was young. It was taken long ago, at a lake house that was in our family for a century but isn’t anymore. A much beloved but long-gone dog is sitting at her feet. Kneeling by the pair, however, is her ex-husband, and, as a result, my cousin hasn’t used or shared the picture in years. But she’s a diehard fan of the singer Barry Manilow, and I’m proficient in Photoshop. So I found a picture of Manilow as a young man, in which the lighting matched the portrait’s, and grafted his face over the ex-husband’s. My cousin loved it, and shared it with everyone she knew. Problem solved.


How to admit you’re wrong
Admitting wrongdoing isn’t a failure, it’s an opportunity.

Being wrong is an unavoidable aspect of the human condition. Defining what constitutes “wrong,” however, can get messy. People can be wrong about any multitude of things, from misremembering the name of a ’90s pop song to incorrectly casting blame onto a friend during a heated argument. Mistakes happen on scales big and small, topics tangible and moral or ethical. In the 2010 book Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, author Kathryn Schulz loosely defines being wrong “as a deviation from external reality, or an internal upheaval in what we believe” — with the caveat that wrongness is too vast to fit neatly into either category.


Napoleon III’s former London home is on the market for £4.5 million
The St James’s property was a safe haven for the exiled future president before he returned to France to claim power

In the years before he became France’s first ever elected president, Napoleon III, the namesake nephew of the famous emperor, sought refuge during exile in London’s high society. More specifically, he lived at 1C King Street, a fitting enough address, entertaining the likes of then Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and novelist Charles Dickens. Now, that property, which also features the earliest example of a Blue Plaque, is on the market for £4.5 million in St James’s.


In Portugal, Taking a Dive Into Sardines
The canned fish are having a moment in the food world. A tour of a canning factory in Porto gives an up-close view of a century-old business.

Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, is the capital of one of the country’s major industries, fish canning. Canned sardines are having a moment in the food world. With exquisitely decorated tins, perceived if questionable sustainability and the decadence of being drenched in oil, they’ve earned a devoted following among youngish people who love them with their whole heart. At Conservas Pinhais e Cia in Matosinhos, a fish-canning factory just a few miles from the center of Porto, visitors are invited to see that their new favorite treat is, in fact, a very old operation.


The First Images from NASA’s Webb Telescope Reveal New Scenes of Galaxies, Stars, and More Planetary Phenomena
The space station recently released three full-color shots of previously hidden nebula and a cluster of five far-off galaxies.

The highly anticipated James Webb telescope launched in December 2021, and we’re just now seeing the first full color images captured by the infrared space observatory. With out-of-this-world photos of far off galaxies and cosmic phenomena, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has given us a true glimpse into the intricacies and mysteries of our universe.




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