Brad Pitt, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the BULLET TRAIN Paris Photocall

Posted on July 18, 2022

The stars of Bullet Train hit the Seine for a photo call and they definitely did not coordinate their looks ahead of time.


This looks like four randomly selected but uncommonly good-looking people just sort of wound up together in a shot.


It’s like they’re actively pretending to not know each other, for some weird reason. Perhaps each of them is embarrassed by the others’ outfits.


This is … we don’t even know. Formal scrubs? The color of circus peanuts? We suspect the thinking here was that a creamsicle-colored drawstring panted suit would likely stand out in photographs and that Brad would be able to work it effortlessly. That thinking was pretty much correct. Yes, the ensemble is giving “escaped inmate,” but on him, it works.


That top looks uncomfortable and it’s unflattering. A shame, because we like the rest of the look, even down to the insanely huge boots.



This is all kind of great, from the shirt to the jacket to the jewelry. We think the shirt could’ve used some starch and he should’ve buttoned it up a little more.



We have to believe that someone told Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play-act being the villain in an ’80s rom com for this photo call, for some reason. Otherwise, we would be forced to conclude that these poses and facial expressions are somehow a genuine representation of his behavior and that he is completely unaware of how he comes across in pictures. Seriously, what on earth is THIS:


That guy is about to get slapped by Mary Stuart Masterson or Molly Ringwald. We can’t deny that the outfit suits him. If he was going for “dude who slipped something in your drink” realness, we’d say he nailed it.







[Photo Credit: David Niviere/ABACA/INSTARimages/Cover Images – Video Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment]

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