Brad Pitt at the BULLET TRAIN Berlin Premiere in Haans Nicholas Mott

Posted on July 20, 2022

We’re going to do something we almost never do. We’re going to ruin the scrolldown for you. Brad Pitt is wearing a skirt.


Sorry. We realize the pleasant surprise of finding out that Brad Pitt is wearing a skirt has been denied you, but we feel like we’d be burying the lede if we didn’t put that fact out there first. There are many things to unpack here, not least of which is noting the relatively short period of time between Billy Porter showing up at the Oscars in a gown and this moment. We’ve been doing fashion commentary for a good minute or two here and we don’t think we’ve ever seen such a rapid sea change in fashion norms. This may not seem fair, but the fact remains that a cishet white male movie star of legendary status is likely to open more minds by wearing a skirt than a lot of the queer and nonbinary celebrities who have already done so. We’re not going to over-praise him, though. This is long past the moment when such a thing could be considered shocking, and to be fair, we think this look is pretty awful. But Brad was never going to wear a skirt unless he could dude it up as much as possible. He’s a wrinkled mess in a low effort look, which is pretty much exactly how he’s dressed throughout this tour. Still, good for him for opening himself up a little.



[Photo Credit: Frederic Kern/DDP/ Images]

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