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Posted on June 09, 2022

The Clockspire Bar and Restaurant – Sherborne, UK


Let us gather together in prayer today, for the week is almost at its end. And by “prayer” we mean drinking, eating, laying about and doing as little as possible. Belly up, babes.


Remembering the trailblazing artist Paula Rego
The artist Paula Rego has died aged 87 following a short illness, her gallery Victoria Miro has announced. Known for her visceral and provocative canvases influenced by the dark power of fairy tales, the Portuguese-born British artist, to whose immense talent Harper’s Bazaar paid tribute at the 2019 Women of the Year Awards with a Lifetime Achievement accolade, had been exhibiting work since the 1960s, and was recently the subject of a major retrospective at Tate Britain.


Karen Fukuhara Has Always Had a Voice
The Boys star on breaking superhero stereotypes and speaking out against Asian hate.

“I think being Asian, you understand, too, maybe, that there aren’t that many opportunities for people that look like us to be onstage,” she says. “Things are changing — in the past couple of years, especially, we’re making moves. But when I was graduating from high school, I remember my mom told me that I had the choice of going to college or pursuing acting, or joining a theater troupe and doing onstage acting. And I just thought to myself, ‘There aren’t enough roles out there for me,’ especially because I wasn’t living in Asia. I was here in America. I just never thought that was a dream that could be fulfilled.”


Hair Legend Kim Kimble On The Uplifting Power Of Hair
“Now, I finally appreciate my texture and my hair.”

For decades, Hollywood stars like Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Zendaya, and Shakira have sought out Kim Kimble’s gifted hands and sharp eye. The trusted hairstylist has become a celebrity favorite for help achieving impeccable glam, but also for guidance when looking to experiment with their self-expression.
As a third-generation hairstylist who grew up in salons, Kimble has grown deeply attuned to the power, vulnerability, and emotion that exist beneath the surface of our hair. The ways it can make or break a person’s day, impact mental health and confidence, and the connection one can feel by just sitting in a stylist’s chair.


A League of Their Own Is Being Adapted for TV
The Rockford Peaches are heading to Amazon.

The new project is not expected to feature the same women as the original film. (But of course we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some well-placed cameos.) Rather, the series will follow a new group of characters, and will take “a deeper look at race and sexuality.”
“28 years ago, Penny Marshall told us a story about women playing professional baseball that up until then had been largely overlooked. We grew up obsessed with the film, like everyone else. Three years ago, we approached Sony with the idea of telling a new, still overlooked set of those stories. With the help of an enormously talented team of collaborators, an amazing cast, and the devoted support of Amazon to this project, we feel beyond lucky and excited to get to bring these characters to life,” said Graham and Jacobson in a statement.


The Amber Heard Verdict Could Silence a Generation of Women
A social media circus turned a defamation case into a popularity contest — and now survivors will pay the price.

In 2018 Amber Heard wrote 11 words that would change the course of her life. In an op-ed in the Washington Post, she said, “Two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Similar declarations are made by survivors and victims every single day: words said in text messages to friends, police reports, and social media posts. And on June 1, 2022, those words led to Amber Heard being found guilty of defamation. When a survivor opens up about the abuse they have experienced, it can feel like they’re taking back power and control. If that is what Heard was trying to do, this trial sends a loud and clear message to survivors like her, and me: That we don’t have the right to tell our stories.


Fangirling Out with Iman Vellani, the Star of Ms. Marvel
The star of the new Disney+ Marvel series recounts how she went from superfan to superhero and reflects on how it feels to see authentic Muslim representation on the page and on the screen.

Today is the long-anticipated premiere of Ms. Marvel, the Disney+ show based on the groundbreaking Marvel comic series about Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teenager from New Jersey who idolizes superheroes until she unexpectedly becomes one herself. The comics were the first to show a Muslim character headlining their own solo Marvel series, and were co-created by editor Sana Amanat, a child of Pakistani immigrants who was raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, and written by G. Willow Wilson, a New Jersey native who converted to Islam after studying religion in college.


Carmen Monoxide Is the Fashion “Queerdo” Who Shaped Guatemala’s Drag Scene
Five days a week you’ll find drag queen and self-described “queerdo” Carmen Monoxide performing in packed venues in Mexico City. She’ll often be wearing sexy pink bodysuits with cutouts, or more futuristic patent leather harnesses. “It’s Pride [Month] right now, so this is our busiest season,” Monoxide tells Vogue, adding that there’s a burgeoning drag scene forming in the city. “Here in Mexico City, drag queens have their own way that they see drag. There’s something about Latinos—they just have this fiery energy and stage presence.” Originally from Guatemala, the fashion-focused queen moved to Mexico in August last year, and she’s since parlayed her love of the art form into a full-time career. While the 29-year-old has developed her own following and steady gigs in the bustling city, her career hasn’t always been so seamless.


The Difference Between Green Onions, Scallions, Spring Onions, Garlic Scapes, Leeks and Ramps
Get to know these seasonal onions and aromatics

It’s easy to see the difference between a yellow onion and a red one, or a shallot and a pearl onion. But when it comes to the varieties of fresh green onions that are available in the spring, all the white tips and long green leaves can be confusing. So how do you figure out what to choose at the grocery or farmers market? Here’s a simple guide.


Michelle Yeoh on Her ‘Everything Everywhere’ Stunts and the Hot Dog Fingers Scene With Jamie Lee Curtis
“Everything Everywhere All at Once,” A24’s genre-bending, dark comedy, has arrived on Apple TV and Prime Video, giving audiences a chance to experience the film all over again, or for the first time.
The A24 film stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, an exhausted mother and wife whose laundromat is being audited by the IRS. While she’s sitting with her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) across from inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdra (Jamie Lee Curtis), she’s suddenly transported into a parallel dimension and spends the film jumping through multiverses.
Yeoh, no stranger to doing her own stunts, as seen in her films “Supercop” and “Silver Hawk,” took on most of the stunts for this film. Here, Yeoh talks with Variety about preparing for the film and breaking down some of her favorite stunts.


The Tragic Family Story Behind Artist Paula Rego’s Masterpiece
Revolutionary British-Portuguese artist Paula Rego has passed away at the age of 87, Victoria Miro confirmed on 8 June. Below, revisit a personal essay by her son, filmmaker Nick Willing, about the moving role he played in the making of Rego’s masterpiece, “The Dance”.


Butterfly Nails Are Taking Flight This Summer
Another Y2K nail art trend strikes again.

Butterfly beauty is one of the prettiest takes on Y2K trends — see butterfly shadow, clips, and eyeliner. So it makes sense that this decidedly ’90s look would make its way down to our nails. And according to Pinterest data, searches for the look are up by a whopping 356 percent just in time for summer.
“With the rise of Y2K trends, butterflies seem to be the latest craze,” says Nick Drewe, a trend expert and founder of the coupon website WeThrift. He suggests that once the seasons change
we look to the colors and life around us to inform our beauty choices. Drewe says that vibrant blues and sunset yellows — the colors that are all around us in summer — resemble our little winged friends. Hence, butterfly nail inspiration galore.


58 Summer Flowers to Turn Your Garden into the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams
Now this is how you boost your home’s curb appeal.

There’s nothing like a garden full of gorgeous flowers that can withstand the summer heat. From the captivating aromas to the arresting colors, this roundup of the best summer flowers is all you need to begin designing the perfect garden. Our list includes flowers for a large selection of locations and gardening styles, so you’re to find some favorites. Think tall delphiniums, cheery yellow lantanas, perennial flowers and much, much more. But before you begin choosing the flowers you’d like to see in your own yard (or even an assortment of pots) this year, refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone to confirm that you’re selecting long-lasting options for your particular region. And for those that are just starting off with their first garden, we have a helpful gardening guide for beginners that has everything you’ll need.


The environmental limits of eating local
What we still misunderstand about climate change and local food.

Over the last 20 years, eating locally produced food has become synonymous with eating more ethically, healthily, and sustainably.
Locavorism has been touted by popular food writers, local governments, think tanks, and big environmental nonprofits, sold as one clear change that could help to heal our ailing, industrialized food system. It would do so by revitalizing local agricultural economies, supporting small farmers, getting more nutritious and fresher products to people inundated with fast food, and helping the planet by reducing “food miles” — the distance food travels, and the energy that process consumes, to get to your plate.


Travelers Ask, Cash, What’s That?
In a transition hastened by the pandemic, increasingly you can travel abroad and barely ever handle a physical bill or coin, whether pounds, kroner or euros. A guide to going cashless overseas.

On a recent trip to England, Andrew Dodson, 35, and his wife, Erin, 32, who live in Traverse City, Mich., had an unexpected problem: No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t spend the 700 British pounds they’d brought along.
“We traveled all around the country, including many small towns in the Lake District and the Cotswolds, and even the tiniest of pubs took cards,” said Mr. Dodson, a content marketing manager for TentCraft, a manufacturer of customized tents and accessories. “Many wouldn’t even accept cash. As we approached the end of our trip, we went to a nice dinner at this Indian restaurant where we hoped to spend off some of the cash we converted, only to be told they don’t accept cash anymore.”


One of New England’s Dreamiest Gardens Is About to Bloom With Thousands of Sunflowers — How to Visit
Time to take a road trip to Woodstock, Vermont.

Vermont is about to get just a little more summer cheer thanks to the massive sunflowers at the Billings Farm & Museum.
The farm, located in Woodstock, Vermont, is famous for its annual sunflower bloom, which takes up more than 20,000 square feet and features thousands of sunflowers.
The farm is set to open this year on June 24. It’s expecting the bloom to peak toward the end of July through mid-August. Blooms, the farm shared in a statement, can last through early September.




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