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Posted on June 29, 2022

J&M Cocktail Bar – Sydney, Australia


Gorgeous decay, darlings! Crumbling Chic! We don’t know why, but the aesthetic just feels right for the moment. Join us for the end of the empire!


Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Skater Barbie and Ken Costumes Are a Neon Explosion
New set photos from the Barbie film have come out, along with the first clip of Robbie’s Barbie voice.

Barbie, what is quickly becoming one of 2023’s most highly-anticipated movies, is filming in Los Angeles now, and yesterday, the second look at the wild fashion of Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken on set were released. The two were seen decked out in matching neon pink and yellow skating outfits. Twitter noted that the looks seem to be inspired by 1994’s Hot Skatin’ Barbie.


Yes, Your Vintage Jewelry Might Be Haunted
Here’s how to cleanse it of the previous owner’s energy.

It may seem a little out-there, but the truth is, energy can attach to everything, and despite not being able to see it, we can definitely sense it. Once that piece of vintage jewelry is on our body — even if it’s coming from a relative or loved one, rather than a random shop — it might not feel quite right. The previous wearer’s energy may not mesh well with your own, and it could even end up interfering with your personal vibrations and mood.


Shirley MacLaine’s Manhattan Murder Mystery
The star steals the show in the new season of Only Murders in the Building, and she’s just getting started.

When Only Murders in the Building, the hit Hulu comedy about a trio of podcasters investigating suspicious deaths in their Manhattan co-op, comes back for its second season on June 28, the mystery central to the drama involves finding out who it was that offed Bunny Folger, the grouchy board president of the fictional Arconia apartment house. (The three have been accused themselves, of course.) But, what lurks at the heart of that grisly crime might not be the season’s most exciting surprise. That honor belongs to Shirley MacLaine.


Here’s How to Combat Travel Anxiety, According to Psychologists
If you’re anxious about flying again, you’re not alone.

For the most part, the word “travel” tends to be associated with images of delight: far-flung beaches and epic mountaintops and chance encounters with new friends around the globe. But for many people, travel can also create feelings of discomfort, unease, and worry — a sensation psychologists refer to as “travel anxiety.” While the term is not officially recognized as a medical condition, feeling anxious about travel before and during a trip is incredibly common, especially in our current pandemic-era world. The good news? It’s manageable, too.


A New Generation of Filipino American Chefs is Finding Joy and Community in Cooking Their Heritage
In cities across the country, they’re proving that Filipino cuisine has always been a movement and not a moment.

It’s just past 5 p.m. on a Thursday evening in Seattle, and Musang, chef Melissa Miranda’s modern Filipino restaurant, is packed. Tables quickly fill up with plates of jet-black cuttlefish-ink pancit, a tangle of thin noodles with a gentle salinity from the seafood that crowns it; mounds of garlic rice laced with enough alliums to slay a vampire; and bowls of black cod sinigang, a sour soup where a crispy fillet of cod floats in a broth pulsing with tamarind. The air is electric with the sounds of conversation, and the dining room is brimming with a mix of curious locals, out-of-towners drawn by the restaurant’s rave reviews, and younger Filipinos bonding with the older generation over a menu that lists each dish first in Tagalog, second in English. Musang is part of an explosion of standout Filipino American restaurants, led by proudly Filipino chefs, across the country.


Hair Care Over 50: How to Get Thicker, Healthier Strands According to the Pros
Thanks in no small part to the famous women who’ve gone gray (and made it a cultural phenomenon, no less), hair care for women over 50 has never been more top of mind. Between advancing science and the beauty industry recognizing it needs to cater to the needs of aging hair, it’s a fruitful time to examine how you can nurture the thickness and texture of your strands through aging, radical hormonal shifts, periods of high stress, and beyond. Addressing hair care for women over 50, here three experts break down what happens to hair as it ages and what you can do to make it more resilient for fuller, softer, and shinier lengths.


This Rare Scotch Whisky Was Just Named Best in the World
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition declared this 40-year-old single malt “best in show.”

At a time when coveted bottles of whiskey regularly sell for five, six, or even seven figures, who wouldn’t want to know what the next hot Scotch will be? Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition bills itself as the “the oldest and largest competition of its kind,” and over the weekend, the annual event revealed the winner its 2022 “Best in Show:” a limited-run bottle from a small Scotch distillery, Benromach 40 Year Old Single Malt.

Gloria Steinem, the Duchess of Sussex, and Jessica Yellin on Abortion Rights, the ERA, and Why They Won’t Give Up Hope
Steinem, the face of American feminism, and Meghan, a vocal advocate for paid leave and fair labor rights for women, have been friends since 2020. After Meghan learned that they were both sheltering in place in Montecito, California, she asked if Steinem wanted to help her make calls thanking voter-registration organizers. Steinem agreed.
That connection soon blossomed into an alliance, and for the past several months, Steinem and Meghan have been formulating a plan to get the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified. (“It would explicitly extend to women the rights granted in the Constitution to men,” Yellin tells Vogue. “The ERA would change the playing field for women’s reproductive rights, women’s workplace rights, and so much more. For decades Steinem has been advocating for its enactment, and now Meghan is joining in.”)


Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away More Free Doughnuts for the 4th of July
Krispy Kreme is already giving away free doughnuts all summer long. Now you can grab freebies in honor of Independence Day, too.

The Independence Day long weekend kicks off at the end of the week, and regardless of your current level of patriotism, Krispy Kreme is giving everyone a reason to don the red, white, and blue… more free doughnuts.
In honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, today, the doughnut chain has just released a fresh batch of four limited time only doughnuts — the “I Heart America” collection — which are being sold at participating locations both individually and in a Fourth of July-themed box.


In Poland, a Pride Parade Doubled as a Peace March for Ukraine
How do you celebrate Pride when your country has been occupied and your people are being persecuted? That was the question for many LGBTQ+ Ukrainians, whose plight was commemorated on Saturday at a parade held in Warsaw and organized by KyivPride. The event is normally held in Kyiv, but this year, about 300 people traveled from Ukraine to the nearby Polish capital to remind the world of the horrors that are still ongoing in their home city—and, of course, to celebrate queer and trans identity and love, even as it’s being increasingly imperiled by Russian occupation.
“It is not a celebration,” KyivPride director Lenny Emson told the L.A. Times of Saturday’s event, adding, “We will wait for victory to celebrate.” Even so, there was plenty of rebellious joy on display at Saturday’s event, along with a clear desire to celebrate Eastern Europe’s LGBTQ+ community in all its glory.


Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years for Sex Trafficking Underage Girls with Jeffrey Epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years for facilitating financier Jeffrey Epstein in sexually abusing underage girls.
The British socialite and close confidante to Epstein was convicted in December on federal sex trafficking charges for luring underage girls to engage in sex acts with Epstein.
On Tuesday morning, Maxwell was brought into the courtroom in ankle shackles where judge Alison J. Nathan said, “I find that the defendant’s criminal activity was extensive,” according to the New York Times. The judge later said, “It is important to emphasize that although Epstein was central to this criminal scheme, Ms. Maxwell is not being punished in place of Epstein or as a proxy for Epstein.” The judge called the crimes “heinous and predatory.”


15 Best TV Shows of 2022 (So Far)
Now that we’re halfway through the calendar year, and another set of Emmy nominations will soon be upon us, it’s time to take stock of which television shows have so far emerged from the pack to remain front of mind. The shows that have stuck with Variety’s chief TV critics Daniel D’Addario and Caroline Framke include some new entries into the awards conversation, including ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” and Hulu’s “The Dropout,” and some returning series that made the case for their greatness in novel ways, like HBO’s “Barry” and Netflix’s “Russian Doll.” They also include shows that deserve a second look — both from awards voters and from TV fans who may have missed them amid the ongoing glut of content.


How Elisabeth Moss Became the Dark Lady of the Small Screen
The actor—who is also a director, a rom-com fan, and a Scientologist—likes to swim in the weird.

Moss, who was raised in the Church of Scientology, is one of the most unconventional stars of her generation, and her career traces the trajectory of the past quarter century of television. At seventeen, she began playing the President’s daughter on “The West Wing,” perhaps the high-water mark of turn-of-the-millennium network drama. At twenty-three, she was cast as Peggy Olson on “Mad Men,” which starred Jon Hamm as the adman Don Draper, part of a wave of prestige cable series centered on male antiheroes. But as the show went on—and Peggy morphed from mousy secretary into tart copywriting whiz—she became its stealth heroine, pointing the way to TV’s more female-centric next phase.


‘Wicked’ Songwriter Stephen Schwartz on Why the Movie Must Be a Two-Parter: Nothing Can Follow ‘Defying Gravity’
According to Stephen Schwartz, nothing can follow “Defying Gravity.” And for the “Wicked” songwriter, that’s one key reason why the movie version of his blockbuster Broadway musical has to be split into two parts.
“We found it very difficult to get past ‘Defying Gravity’ without a break,” Schwartz says. “That song is written specifically to bring a curtain down, and whatever scene to follow it without a break just seemed hugely anti-climactic.”
The Universal films will be directed by Jon M. Chu and have Cynthia Erivo as the Wicked Witch delivering “Defying Gravity,” with Ariana Grande as her blonde-privileged counterpart.


Elmo Gets His First COVID Vaccination Shot
Elmo just got a COVID-19 vaccine shot — in a new public service announcement from Sesame Workshop aimed at persuading human parents to get their young kids COVID shots, too.
The beloved red Muppet is three-and-a-half-years-old, according to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind “Sesame Street.” That means he recently became eligible for a COVID shot, now that the vaccines have been approved for children 5 and under.
“Yeah, there was a little pinch. But it was OK!” Elmo says in the spot, which also features his dad, Louie.


As A League of Their Own Turns 30, Geena Davis Talks Remakes, ’90s Feminism, And Why There’s No Cat-Fighting in Baseball
It’s been 30 years since the world was introduced to Dottie and Kit, Betty “Spaghetti” and “All the Way” Mae in A League of Their Own, which arrived in cinemas in the summer of 1992. Star Geena Davis talks to Vogue about how the classic film shaped her career.
The film helped to shape Davis’s life in a couple of ways. Unexpectedly, it helped unlock previously unnoticed athletic ability. “It was very, very exciting to find out that I was coordinated, even though it was at 36 that I found out!” She would turn 41 before taking up archery. “I watched the Olympics in ’96… and I thought, well, wait a minute. That is a very dramatic and beautiful sport.” Being Geena Davis (she’s a Mensa member, as well as an Oscar-winner), she naturally excelled, going on to win a string of competitions before narrowly missing out on a spot in the US Olympic team for the 2000 Games.


Modern Art and the Esteem Machine
Picasso was a joke. Then he was a god. How did his art finally take off in America?

Hugh Eakin’s new book, “Picasso’s War: How Modern Art Came to America” (Crown), isn’t really about Picasso, or about war, or about art. Its subject is the creation of a market for a certain product, modern art.
One (mostly) good thing about the digital revolution, which is otherwise sucking us all into a plutocratic dystopia, is that the Internet has reduced the barriers to cultural production enormously. Many types of cultural goods are now much easier to make and much cheaper to distribute. You don’t need an investor to capitalize your production costs or a distributor to get your stuff before the public. You just need a laptop and a camera (and maybe an inspiration). And, no
matter how small you are, you always open worldwide. 


Everything You Need to Grow Basil in the Comfort of Your Own Home
Consider this fragrant and delicious herb to make the perfect pesto.

Homemade pesto is not only delicious, but easy to make. While you can always buy some at your local supermarket, using minimal ingredients to make your own is worth every minute of your time because it’s delicious. Basil is a popular herb that can be grown indoors all year round, with sweet basil being the most common (check out more indoor plants that are impossible to kill). If you’re looking to take your recipe up a notch, here’s how to grow basil at home as well as how to harvest and cook it.


The Best Hobbies for Your Personality Type, According to Mental Health Experts
Find a hobby you’ll enjoy—and stick to—by understanding which personality type you are: extroverted, agreeable, open, conscientious, or neurotic.

There are five basic personality dimensions, which are known as the Big Five. They are broad groupings used to describe personalities and are often referenced by the acronym OCEAN: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
“Each of these five personality factors represents a continuum between two extremes,” says Dr. Vermani. “Most people possess traits somewhere in the mid-point of the polar opposites.” Plus, as people mature, learn, and grow through life experiences, their traits shift.





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