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Posted on June 28, 2022

Projet Pilote Distillery and Brasserie – Montréal, Québec, Canada


Oooh, a cool sort of Industrial Luxe vibe is so very where we want to be today. Join us, won’t you? You won’t be expected to speak or mingle if you don’t want to. Just enjoy the vibes and sample from our Buffet of Distractions.


How Wimbledon style has evolved over the last 100 years
From the 1920s through to current day, the all-white dress code has remained

Tennis has a longstanding fashion history, evolving from pure practicality to style-conscious sportswear, but it is at Wimbledon – one of the most prestigious and well-known championships in the world – that tennis fashion truly thrives. The dress code is notoriously strict; players much be dressed “almost entirely in white” – and this does not include cream or off-white – with no solid mass or panel of colouring (although a single coloured trim of 1cm or less is permitted). This applies to everything from socks and trainers to caps, wristbands, visible undergarments and tracksuits, from the moment the player enters the court.


The 20 Best Drama Movies of 2022 (So Far)
From acclaimed indie films to music biopics.

When you’ve had quite enough drama in real life, turn to a drama-filled movie to get your fix. The best new drama films of 2022 range from much-anticipated cinematic blockbusters Downtown Abbey: A New Era and book-to-movie adaptation Where The Crawdads Sing to acclaimed streaming-service films like HBO Max’s The Fallout. Ahead, our picks of the must-watch films in the drama category to add to your 2022 watchlist. (If that’s not enough drama for you, check out our guide to the best drama films of 2021.)


Tracee Ellis Ross Repped Mom Diana Ross on a T-Shirt During Her Glastonbury Performance
“My mama was glorious on that stage.”

Diana Ross has millions of fans, but her biggest one just might be her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross.
The Black-ish star proved so last night, when she supported her mom during her 2022 Glastonbury Festival performance by repping her on a T-shirt.
Tracee posted a mirror selfie to her Instagram Story that captured her outfit, the centerpiece of which was a vintage T-shirt with an illustration of Diana Ross posing in front of the New York City skyline. She paired the tee with matching blue pants and a chore jacket, and accessorized with a red Prada fanny pack.


I’m a Psychiatrist, and Numb Is a Valid Feeling Right Now
Dissociation may be having a meme moment, but guess what? It’s okay if you feel that way.

When we are stressed — and let’s face it, when have we not been stressed in the past few years — our brains will protect us by looking for a short-term solution to limit the flood of our strong (and often negative) feelings. Emotional numbness, similar to dissociation, is a way for us to psychologically escape when we can’t actually run away. In other words, it’s another way our fight or flight stress response manifests — only instead of running away from danger, we freeze. We know we can’t escape the threatening situation (or we know we cannot change it or resolve it), so we detach to protect ourselves. It’s our body’s way of helping us cope in the moment.


The One Nail Polish Shade Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear for Cancer Season
Leos will want to bring the drama.

June 21 marked the beginning of both Cancer season and the summer solstice.
This seasonal shift is making us all long for beach days with friends and hot romantic nights, sipping frosé with the wind from the ocean running through our hair. But fantasies aside, we’ll all want to update our look by starting with fresh manicures.
Being that we are entering the first month of summer, it’s time to bust out sparkly, neon, and other bold shades to paint our nails with. Anything goes this summer — but these are the best shades for your zodiac sign.
Trust us, with these hues, you’ll be able to manifest an amazing summer.


How Rage Giving Became Philanthropy’s New Normal
A perfect storm of polarized politics, horrific headlines, and social media has transformed our giving habits.

Giving in response to bad news is not exactly new; humanitarian groups and disaster-relief organizations have always fundraised in the aftermath of catastrophe. But rage giving, Taylor says, is “unique and distinct from other types of giving.” Taylor, who co-authored Rage Giving with Katrina Miller-Stevens for Cambridge University Press, first noticed this phenomenon during the 2016 election. Rage donors, she explains, are dissatisfied with something happening in politics or the world, and thus compelled to do something—in part because they actually believe it can make a difference, and in part to get rid of those negative feelings. Taylor calls rage giving a form of effective altruism, a concept that advocates using “evidence and reason to figure out how to benefit others as much as possible.”


Rare Photos of the Summer White Houses of U.S. Presidents
Find out where first families would go to get away from it all.

When the summer heat hits, even presidents need a break. Throughout history, many have found a place to call their own outside of Washington D.C., often dubbed their “Summer White House.” It’s a place where they can relax, celebrate holidays, and spend time with family—with a side of presidential duties, of course.
It wasn’t uncommon for presidents to work from these abodes, or invite world leaders to visit them for meetings. From Jimmy Carter’s family home in a small town in Georgia to Barack Obama’s fabulous Martha’s Vineyard escape, take a look at some of the many places that have served as Summer White Houses through the years.


38 of the Best Chef Cooking Tips We Picked Up at the 2022 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen
Make perfectly seared steak and tender biscuits with this advice from star chefs.

Now that the 2022 Classic is over, we went back and compiled a list of all the helpful tips and tricks we picked up over the weekend so you can use them at home — and turn out some seriously next-level meals. Wondering how to poach lobster tails without overcooking them? Chef Erick Williams has you covered. Making meringue for the first time? Pastry chef Claudia Fleming has advice you don’t want to miss. Read on for all 38 tips, and keep an eye out for when we release details about next year’s Classic.


Emmy Rossum Wore Fake Earlobes to Star in ‘Angelyne’: ‘It Doesn’t Get Much More Full-On Than That Makeup’
In an Emmys season of some truly memorable transformations on screen, Emmy Rossum leading the cast of Peacock’s “Angelyne” may be the most mind-boggling.
The legendary billboard queen of Los Angeles is well-known for her larger-than-life appearance, with breasts, hair and makeup that could only be rivaled by a Barbie doll or drag queen. That is, until Rossum stepped into the role.
She sat in the makeup chair for upwards of five hours on some shoot days and embodied the icon over six decades, with each time period requiring a totally different set of accouterments.


Smallhold Is Shaking Up the Way We Buy Mushrooms
The new ’Shrooms on the Block’.

There are thousands of species of edible mushrooms, but most grocery stores in the U.S.only carry a single variety: the button mushroom.The button’s robustness makes it easier to ship across the country, and while it’s perfectly fine, its ubiquity makes the mushroom shelf pretty uninteresting.
Carter believes in Smallhold’s potential to change this by establishing local supply chains. Through their holistic approach to retail, sustainability, installations in bars and restaurants, and extension of the experience to at-home growers, Smallhold is redefining what mushrooms can mean in America.


David Hyde Pierce Almost Missed His Julia Moment
The pandemic hasn’t given us many good things, but here’s one: In a roundabout way, it’s the reason David Hyde Pierce co-starred in Julia. The producers of HBO Max’s Julia Child series offered him the role of Child’s husband, Paul, many months before the coronavirus crisis. “I read the script and I loved it, then for various reasons, I ended up not doing it,” Pierce says, chalking it up to bad timing and other commitments. That might’ve been the end were it not for COVID — and a few other snags.
“One of the things I thought was a real gift to me as an actor, but also to Paul as a person, was that the writers found as many ways as they could for Paul to not be in sync with Julia. From my research, he could be very prickly and stubborn. What I love about this couple is they’re both really tough cookies, so it’s a wonderful marriage of friction.”


10 Low-Alcohol Cocktails for Easy Summer Drinking
With the sun shining and patio season upon us, there’s nothing like a light, refreshing cocktail you can sip for a while without needing to take a nap. These delicious low-ABV cocktails are perfect for summer drinking.


All 26 Pixar Movies Ranked From Worst to Best
Where did your favorite rank?

Let’s start with this premise: All Pixar movies are good. It’s nearly impossible to find a studio with as good of a track record: Pixar has put out 26 feature-length movies since 1995, and none of them are total duds — each one has something to recommend, be it a technical achievement, an emotional ride or unforgettable characters. But that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Some dazzle with state-of-the-art visuals, others get the tears flowing and many of them make you feel good with tales of unlikely friendships. Here’s the definitive ranking of all 26 Pixar feature films, listed from worst to best. (Disagree? Put your own ranking in the comments!)


Moving to a new city solo can be less lonely than you think
How to make and sustain relationships in a new city as a single person.

I’ve figured out that learning to make the most of frequent moving is learning to make the most out of an imperfect situation: All kinds of relationships are difficult to sustain in the same way over distances and time zones. Being mobile is only one way of living life, and by living this way — for those of us who have the privilege to choose to move or to stay home — we inherently miss out on all the other ways to live and build community. But it’s the only life I know, and it is a life I love. I’ve found a lot of joy and meaning in moving, exploring new cities, meeting people very different from me, and working all over the world. And I’ve learned a lot from people wiser than me about how to move well as a single young person.


Elvis and the trouble with musician biopics
Baz Luhrmann’s movie about The King belly-flops, but in an interesting way.

One could say the reason is simply that its ostensible subject is, well, Elvis. The Elvis. The King. Everybody loves Elvis, or at least knows his songs. Of course he deserves a movie.
But the musician biopic — like its cousins, the historical figure biopic and the based-on-a-true-story drama — needs more than just a set of facts and a bunch of built-in fans to justify its existence. To put it in terms used by nonfiction writers, the events of Elvis’s life are merely the situation; what a good movie tries to do is find the story inside that situation. As I wrote last year, “That many rockers and singers have similar life stories isn’t surprising; what’s frustrating is the tendency to put a person’s true-life events in chronological order and assume that it makes a good story.” A great biopic doesn’t just remind us of what happened in someone’s life and the order in which it all happened. It provides new insight into its subject or uses them as a way to touch on bigger themes.


A Case for Frozen Mixed Vegetables
The medley of corn, carrots and peas is more than just a convenient freezer staple. It’s an essential piece of American culinary history.

Buried inside freezers all over the United States today, bags of corn, carrots and peas — separate, or all together as “mixed vegetables” — are the workhorses of the home kitchen. A pea (or corn or carrot) flash-frozen at its peak ripeness is a thing of wonder, a reliable standby across cultures. Heat can reanimate the vegetables in a big pan of fried rice, in a burbling pot of vegetable-beef soup or in a luscious chicken potpie.


Circling Sicily on Its Regional Trains
A Dutch photographer, documenting the culture of regional train travel, managed to get around the Italian island for less than $100. Here’s what she saw.

I’d imagined a trip where I’d hop on and off the regional trains, visiting rural villages with beautiful Italian names and experiencing the charm of regional train travel at this southern edge of Europe. I also hoped to capture portraits of the people I encountered — daily commuters and train operators — who populated this corner of southern Italy, which is poorer and less developed than the country’s comparatively wealthier north.


Tea and Coffee Are Both Good Sources of Antioxidants and Caffeine, but Which Is Better for You?
Registered dietitians weigh in on the health benefits of tea vs. coffee.

For many of us, starting the day with a drink is an essential morning ritual. And while some folks might opt for beverages like orange juice or plain water, most people reach for tea or coffee. These drinks, after all, are some of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Even the act of consuming each brew offers its own unique experience. But when it comes to health and wellness, is one better than the other? To find out, we spoke to registered dietitians to find out which drink comes out on top.




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