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Posted on June 23, 2022

The Library Bar – Toronto, Canada


LUXURY, darlings! It’s THURSDAY and as such, a grand and luxurious space in which to do nothing is exactly what’s required. Settle in and get to procrastinating.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas Launches Sona Home, Her Ode to Indian Entertaining
Priyanka Chopra Jonas has always thought of her company Sona as a holistic feeling rather than any one place or product. She and her business partner Maneesh Goyal originally bonded over their shared desire to show an elegant representation of India in American culture. “I wanted to see the luxury of India that I grew up with, and that I’ve seen in my travels,” Chopra Jonas says.
The first manifestation of that desire was Sona, the restaurant, which opened in New York City’s Gramercy neighborhood in March 2021 with “Indo Deco” interiors, a curated art collection, and an elevated menu that included crab puri with caviar.


Emma Thompson’s New Movie Puts Aging and Sexuality into a Revolutionary New Light
Talking to the actress and her co-star Daryl McCormack about intimacy and the politics of consent.

In this film, there are a number of shots of your characters looking at their own reflection. What do you think Nancy and Leo see when they see themselves in the mirror, and how would you say that is indicative of the way they both move through the world?
Emma Thompson: That’s a really good question. It’s a good question for all of us—isn’t it?—with regard to our relationship with mirrors, which I don’t think are the best invention. [Daryl McCormack laughs.] They’re hard, shiny surfaces reflecting a hard, shiny version of the self, and actually they are very good things to cover up from time to time and forget about so that you can reenter your body and be inside it. We talk about the male gaze and the female gaze and objectification, but we objectify ourselves every time we look in a mirror. We go, “Oh, I’m over there, reflected in that surface.” But is that you? Is that how you feel? It’s so interesting.


Meryl Streep’s Four-Decade-Plus Love Story Is Better Than the Movies
There is much to admire about Meryl Streep—her 21 Oscar nominations, her three Oscar wins, her tireless advocacy for women’s rights, her faultless taste in eyeglasses—not least among them how visible she’s made the warmth and fullness of her personal life over the last several decades. Streep is no tortured artist, stranded in the deserts of her own genius; to the contrary, she’s often made her endless stream of premieres and award show appearances convivial family affairs, arriving with some combination of her four kids (musician Henry Wolfe and actors Mamie Gummer, Grace Gummer, and Louisa Jacobson) and her husband of nearly 44 years, the sculptor Don Gummer.
To help celebrate Streep’s birthday today—long live the queen, and long may she reign!—we take a look back at one of Hollywood’s longest (and most low-key) pairings. Needless to say, we absolutely want what they have.


Ketchup Ice Pops Are Popping Up in Canada
The “refreshingly savory and sweet” treats are being given away for free for three days only.

It’s not easy being ketchup: one of the world’s favorite foods but always an addition, never the star of the show. Now, the condiment specialists at French’s have found out a way to put ketchup front and center without squirting sachets of the stuff into your mouth: a ketchup popsicle.
Launching this week, these limited-edition ketchup-flavored ice pops — called a “Frenchsicle” — are (sadly) only available in Canada, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pique our interested down here in the States. Even in Canada, scoring one won’t be easy. They’re being given out for free for one day each at pop up locations in Vancouver; Toronto; and Leamington, Ontario, from today until June 24.


Mighty Natalie Portman: How She Emerged From the Marvel Sidelines to Wield Thor’s Hammer
Throughout her 30-year career, Portman has grown accustomed to exploiting her lean five-foot-three frame, most memorably in her Oscar-winning performance as an obsessive, spindle-thin ballet dancer in 2010’s “Black Swan.” As the brilliant astrophysicist Jane Foster in 2011’s “Thor” and 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” she spends much of her screen time in varying states of dewy-eyed peril or with her head craned at a substantial angle to pine after Chris Hemsworth’s towering Asgardian warrior.
When Portman returns as Jane on July 8 in director Taika Waititi’s “Thor: Love and Thunder,” however, the 41-year-old will not only be playing a superhero in her own right — the Mighty Thor, Jane’s persona once she comes into possession of the mystical hammer Mjolnir — but one who can stand toe-to-toe, and nearly eye-to-eye, with Hemsworth’s Thor.


These Are the Essential Spices Every Kitchen Should Have
No idea where to start in the spice aisle? Here are the basic building blocks of any kitchen’s spice rack.

No matter how or what you cook, spices are one of the most crucial elements of your pantry. They’re a quick way to add a lot of flavor to whatever you have on hand, from canned beans to roasted vegetables to chicken breast. But they’re also a vast category—what counts as a spice and what doesn’t could be an entire philosophical treatise. Does salt count? Sugar? Vanilla? It’s fair to be overwhelmed by what to buy, how much, and where to buy it from.


The Righteous Sounds of ‘Gemstones’ and the Importance of a Perfect Score
Beyond the misdeeds and greed of the beloved televangelist family featured on HBO’s “The Righteous Gemstones,” one of the most marked elements of its co-creators’ rude, enlightened and hilarious series is its music.
As with every other series creator-writer-actor Danny McBride has co-concocted — including 2009’s “Eastbound & Down” and 2016’s “Vice Principals” — the unique musical tone of “The Righteous Gemstones” comes down to the longtime friendship of college buddies McBride, composer Joseph Stephens and music supervisor Devoe Yates.
Where the musical mix of “Gemstones” is concerned, theirs is a genuinely fresh blend of new or rare sacred songs intimately tied to an equally bracing, secular Southern-fried brand of rock, blues, country and soul, to say nothing of its hot and holy original music and nuanced arrangements.


Salt & Straw Created Perfumes You’re Supposed to Spritz on Ice Cream
The three scents are meant to enhance your ice cream eating experience, or just be worn on their own.

Have you ever noticed that ice cream has no discernibly strong smell of its own? Go ahead, grab that half-eaten carton out of your freezer and double-check if you need to, we’ll wait. Tyler Malek, the co-founder of innovative Portland, Oregon ice cream brand Salt & Straw, saw that as an opportunity to introduce other scents into the ice cream-eating experience and, after four years of work with Portland perfumery Imaginary Authors, they’re releasing a trio of ice cream perfumes.


A Definitive Guide To Curtain Bangs For All Face Shapes And Hair Textures
“Curtain bangs give off a vibe of summer simplicity while elevating your entire look,” says Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair studio, of what makes the look so desirable as the season kicks off. For the California born-and-bred pro, shaggy fringe calls to mind the characters of a groovy Paul Thomas Anderson films while also nodding to Jane Birkin in the French Riviera circa summer 1973. It’s true that curtain bangs have distinct ties to the “Me Decade,” but the style is right at home in 2022. They do hinge on individuality, after all.


“For Me, It Was Just About Playing A Girl Who Really Loved A Boy”: Olivia DeJonge On Playing Priscilla Presley In Elvis
Four months after sending through an audition tape for the role of Priscilla Presley in Elvis, Olivia DeJonge had a sit-down meeting with her agent and tentatively asked him whether he had heard back about the Baz Luhrmann biopic. The Melbourne-born, Perth-raised 24-year-old wasn’t hopeful, but her agent “checked his phone and was like, ‘Olivia, do not scream.’” A new text simply read: “Olivia’s the choice for Elvis.” “It was crazy.” As a long-time fan of Luhrmann’s work, DeJonge remembers “feeling very intimidated” ahead of filming, but the director put her at ease. “He’s this sort of mad genius, who is very encouraging of play,” she says, smiling. With her star firmly in the ascendant, what are her hopes? “It can be easy to get lost in the sauce of Hollywood,” she says. “I just want to maintain a really beautiful, healthy relationship with the work.” Here, DeJonge reflects on shooting the long-awaited film with Austin Butler.


Yes, you should test for Covid before going to a gathering
Covid isn’t over, so you should still test before group events.

Sorry to disappoint, but Covid-19 is still a present and persistent threat. The United States is amid a months-long ascent of confirmed cases — with no sign of leaders reimplementing mask mandates and two new, potentially more infectious omicron subvariants rearing their ugly heads — just as summer party season is in full swing.
Among the tried-and-true mitigation efforts, like masking and ventilation, testing remains essential, regardless of vaccination status, particularly if you plan on gathering in any capacity. (While risk of infection is much lower for outdoor events, testing is important regardless of whether your party is inside or outside.)


When the King met royalty: How Elvis Presley charmed three European princesses
But he turned down the chance to perform for Her Majesty The Queen

With his dominance over the charts, ability to draw unprecedented crowds, and the universal appeal of his hip-swivelling charm, Elvis Presley was famously dubbed ‘the King’. Indeed, so complete was his appeal, that the King was introduced to actual royalty in the 1960s, when a trio of Scandinavian princesses visited the USA.
It was early June 1960 when Princess Margrethe of Denmark (the future Queen) Princess Astrid of Norway and Princess Margaretha of Sweden departed on the first ever Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Los Angeles.


The Netrebko Question
https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/22/arts/music/anna-netrebko-opera-putin-russia.htmlThe Russian soprano Anna Netrebko is opera’s biggest star. But her career is in disarray because of her ties to Putin, and arts companies around the world are divided on whether to welcome her back.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Netrebko announced that she opposed the war but declined to criticize President Vladimir V. Putin, whom she has long supported. Almost overnight she was transformed from one of classical music’s most popular and bankable stars into something of a pariah. Appearances at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Zurich Opera and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany, were called off. The Met Opera, where she has been the reigning prima donna for years, canceled her contracts for two seasons and warned that she might never return.


Secondhand Wedding Dress Shopping? It’s a Buyer’s Market.
“You can find a dress that makes you feel beautiful on a budget — you can save thousands of dollars,” said one bride. “You just have to be willing to do a little digging.”

Beverly Yip had always envisioned getting married in a gown from a bridal line like Monique Lhuillier, Berta or Casablanca. The former owner of a rental business that provided linens, glassware and other supplies for weddings, Ms. Yip, who sold that company in 2017, had identified favorite designers by taking note of what other brides were wearing.
By the time she became engaged in February 2021, “I never thought I’d be the bride,” Ms. Yip, 44, said. Another scenario she had never imagined? Purchasing a gown secondhand.






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