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Posted on June 22, 2022

Gigi Bar and Restaurant – Paris, France


Let’s all gaze out at expansive views of Paris today, darlings! It’s WEDNESDAY, which is a day that calls for such things. Procrastination and fantasy isn’t just a potent combination, it’s good common sense these days. Pull up a chair and order something super-Frenchy to get your day started.


Everything you need to know about the new Emily Brontë biopic
The film will star Sex Education‘s Emma Mackey

Emma Mackey, the Margot Robbie look-alike who rose to fame through her appearance in Netflix’s Sex Education and the Agatha Christie adaptation Death on the Nile, is now flexing her talents in the realm of period drama.
Mackey is set to star in Emily, a biopic about the celebrated author, Emily Brontë, who is best known for the achingly romantic novel, Wuthering Heights. Inspired by her own tumultuous love stories, the film will follow the tale of Brontë’s life in 19th-century England, set against a backdrop of sweeping Yorkshire moors.


Go Ahead, Wear Your Blazer with Nothing But a Bra Underneath
A fashion trend that’s been around for a while and shows no signs of slowing down.

Of course, the combination of a bra sans-shirt under a blazer or jacket is nothing new. There are numerous iconic references throughout pop culture history—several of which predate the Sue Ellen Mischke Seinfeld episode, which aired in 1996. Notable examples include Brooke Shields at the Staying Alive movie premiere in 1983 (knotted navy bra, oversized white blazer), Iman at Hooray For Hollywood’s AIDS Benefit in 1988 (white bra, fitted white blazer), and Madonna in the Vogue music video, which was released in 1990 (black bra, long black velvet blazer).


Everything We Know About Bridgerton Season 3
“We’re planning to be in the Bridgerton business for a long time to come,” Netflix said.

Rumors are currently swirling that the Duke of Hastings himself could return to the world of Bridgerton for it’s upcoming season. The actor famously passed on returning for season 2, claiming his contract was only for the original first season and wanting to pursue other projects.
“Regé-Jean was always very open about his intention to quit the show after the first season and to move on to other projects. But recently there has been a dialogue between him and the show’s bosses,” a source told The Sun. “Nothing has been formally agreed yet, but watch this space.”


The 12 Best Glitter Nail Polishes for Grown-Ups
Consider Essie Luxe Effects in Set in Stones for your next mani.

When I was first introduced to glitter as a child, I was mesmerized by how sparkly and pretty it was. As an adult, I can concur that not much has changed. I still find myself subconsciously walking toward shiny things, but instead of the chunky, arts and crafts type of glitter, my sense of style has become a little more refined.
Glitter nail polish is one of the most stylish ways to wear this trend, but not all glitter nail polishes are created equal. They run the gamut from sloppy formulas that look less-than-chic, to radiant, high-quality lacquers that redefine elegance and glamour.


FKA Twigs Used to Sell Viktor & Rolf Perfume at a Department Store — Now She’s the Face
The new scent, called Good Fortune, seems like kismet.

One of the most magical things about fragrance is the feelings or memories it can evoke. Smell can often trigger nostalgia, bringing up something from our past or perhaps even provide a glimpse into the mysterious future. And Viktor & Rolf, the brand synonymous with bottling up iconic scents, played right into this by adding a new perfume to its arsenal with a brand ambassador who is providing a fresh take on a classic scent.
FKA Twigs has partnered with Viktor & Rolf to launch their new perfume, Good Fortune, and to be honest, the singer-songwriter is the perfect fit.


A Definitive Guide to Curtain Bangs for All Face Shapes and Hair Textures
“Curtain bangs give off a vibe of summer simplicity while elevating your entire look,” says Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair studio, of what makes the look so desirable as the season kicks off. For the California born-and-bred pro, shaggy fringe calls to mind the characters of a groovy Paul Thomas Anderson films while also nodding to Jane Birkin in the French Riviera circa summer 1973. It’s true that curtain bangs have distinct ties to the “Me Decade,” but the style is right at home in 2022. They do hinge on individuality, after all.


A Men’s Makeup History Lesson With Darian Darling and Jake Wesley Rogers
“We think of men wearing makeup and embracing femininity as a modern concept, but it’s been happening for hundreds of thousands of years,” says makeup artist Darian Darling. Throughout her career, Darling has channeled her encyclopedic knowledge of beauty history into bold and directional looks that defy conventional ideas of gender and, in turn, celebrate the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. “As someone that’s trans, I’ve always loved gender bending,” Darling says. She grew up in the ’80s on a pop culture diet of glam rock and cult-classic films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. “Makeup has no gender and can be for anyone and everyone. It’s all about self-expression and being free.”


Starbucks Adds New Chicken Sandwich, Plus ‘Paradise Drink’ and Pineapple Passionfruit Refreshers
Both drinks and breakfast sandwich, plus a new cake pop flavor, are joining the permanent menu.

Starbucks is, first and foremost, a coffee brand, so with today’s announcement of the chain’s summer menu, per usual, the new beverages were announced first… even though neither of them are coffee-based.
Meanwhile, as more and more chains have jumped on the chicken sandwich bandwagon, that fervor certainly has fallen from its former highs. And yet, despite its relatively unceremonious launch, the facts remain: Starbucks has just launched its first chicken sandwich — as a breakfast menu item, no less.


At 73, Meryl Streep Is Still Queen Of Fresh Beauty Looks
In The Devil Wears Prada it was Miranda Priestley’s immaculately coiffed silver quiff; Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again saw her with the freshest skin and long, tousled locks; and who could forget the sculpted glamour of Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her? There’s no doubt that Meryl Streep, who is 73 today, is a master at shapeshifting on screen – physically as well as emotionally. As for her own beauty signature? She has always favoured an immaculate, alabaster complexion, often choosing to wear lighter peachy tones to enhance her skin tone, while experimenting with darker colours around her eyes for definition.


Erin Doherty Is So Much More Than The Crown’s Princess Anne
In the lead-up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the U.K.’s mega celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, Erin Doherty received a request from her mom: Would she come to her Jubilee street party—and, most importantly, would she do so dressed as Princess Anne? “My mom lost her mind about [me being in] The Crown,” Doherty, who broke out with her portrayal of the royal in seasons 3 and 4 of the hit Netflix series, says with a laugh from her apartment in South London. “I was like, ‘Mom, no. I’m not going to do that.’ And she was very much like, ‘But… you’re Princess Anne!’”


Krispy Kreme Is Rolling Out ‘Original Glazed’ Ice Cream This Summer
The doughnut brand’s first attempt at soft serve will be available in ten cities, with more are already on the way.

Krispy Kreme excels at getting people excited about limited time offerings — from collaborations with other brands like Twix and Oreo to seasonal products tied to things like Halloween to something as simple as a new lemon glaze. But constantly churning out new variations on the same theme isn’t easy. At some point, it helps to have an exciting new product altogether. And on the first day of summer, Krispy Kreme is launching what may be their next big thing: ice cream.


How Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan’ and ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Shed Important Light on Coercive Control
‘Bad Vegan’’s Sarma Melngailis and ‘Tinder Swindler’ victim Pernilla Sjoholm open up about their experiences with the relatively unheard-of form of domestic abuse that’s about domination and manipulation.

Richards believes that women are more prone to being coercively controlled than men because of the power imbalance and structural disadvantages and equalities that keep them entrapped, as well as the grooming and conditioning of girls from an early age. In fact, according to DomesticShelters.org, one in three women who experience domestic abuse report coercive control, as compared with one in 20 male victims of domestic abuse. “Every message for a girl growing up is to be kind, to be empathetic, to put others’ needs above your own. And even in relationships, we are taught to be the homemaker, the nurturer — and when we’re not, people judge us as being very cold,” says Richards. ” ‘She’s very calculating. She’s very strategic.’ They don’t judge men in the same way.”


A woman kept her grandma’s dress in an attic for 25 years. A viral TikTok has helped her discover its origins, and reconnect to her family history.
On April 30, 36-year-old Adeline Vining posted a video on TikTok in a Dior dress that belonged to her late grandmother. Vining told Insider that at the time she had no idea that a dress she stuffed in a suitcase in her attic for nearly 25 years would garner 7.5 million views and over 8,000 comments on social media.
“I’ve heard a lot about trolls on TikTok so it was quite overwhelming to have thousands of strangers telling me I look beautiful because of something as simple as a dress,” Adeline told Insider.
All the attention connected Vining with a fashion historian and auctioneer who helped her understand the value of the vintage Dior piece. Through the process of digging and unveiling new information on TikTok, she was also able to reconnect with her family history.


Inside ‘Pachinko’, The Apple TV+ Hit From Soo Hugh That Captured Hearts
After learning about the project, Kim sped through Lee’s book overnight and sent in her self-tape. Hugh was initially cynical when the casting director first claimed she found the perfect fit. She had heard that line before. But after a worldwide search with a number of “extraordinary actresses”, callbacks and conversations, it was clear to Hugh and her team that Kim had cracked the Sunja code.
“You just got sucked in. There was something, everything we wanted. Timeless and yet specific. Innocent yet wise. Real and authentic,” Hugh recalls of Kim’s audition tape. “It was there from the very beginning.”
Throughout the series, Kim stretches her abilities to embody the joyous highs and devastating lows of Sunja’s coming of age. She stands tall in her silent defiance against the Japanese in the fish market. She shrinks in heartache and tears when she reveals her accidental pregnancy to her on-screen mother Inji Jeong. While seemingly effortless in her portrayal of the series’ central matriarch, Kim’s work wasn’t without rigorous research.


Finding Traces of Harriet Tubman on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
A historian marks the 200th birthday of a fearless conductor of the Underground Railroad with a visit to her birthplace, only to learn how climate change is washing away memories of “the ultimate outdoors woman.”

This year commemorates the 200th anniversary of her birth and tributes to Tubman abound, including those set in the landscape of her native Dorchester County. I headed to the Eastern Shore to learn how people there remember this Black American freedom fighter, only to discover that the rising waters of climate change are washing away the memories of Tubman that are embedded in the coastal marshland she knew so well.


Receipts culture has gone too far
We’ve all taken a screenshot of a cringe Tinder profile or an annoying tweet – but is relentlessly surveilling each other doing any good?

We’ve all done it: instinctively reached for the lock and volume up buttons on our iPhones at the slightest trigger. An off-colour remark from a softboi on Hinge, perhaps, or a sweet message from your mum, or – God forbid – a stomach-churning ‘miss you’ from your ex sent at 3am. We’ve all screenshotted a private conversation and posted it to a group chat.
Apple first premiered inward camera technology in 2008 and by now, screenshotting, whether we know it’s happening or not, is a part of everyday life. People take and share screenshots of other people’s comments for myriad reasons: on one end of the spectrum, it might be to share a joke. On the other end, it might be to pour scorn on someone.


An Incredible 5-planet Parade Is Happening in the Sky This Week — and Won’t Be Seen Again Until 2040
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are putting on a show this month — but it peaks on June 24 during the waning crescent moon.

The star of the show in June’s night sky isn’t a star at all. It’s the parade of not one but five planets in alignment, a phenomenon decorating the pre-dawn sky through the end of the month.
Planets on display include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. What makes the sighting particularly spectacular is the planets’ order in the sky. It will follow the same sequence of their respective orbits around the sun, according to Space.com.





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