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Posted on June 17, 2022

Rinela Bar and Restaurant – Crete, Greece


You can hear these pictures, can’t you? We won’t ruin the effect with our words. It’s FRIDAY, you made it, now grab a seat.


‘Blonde’ Trailer: Ana de Armas Stuns as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s NC-17 Drama
Netflix has debuted the first evocative footage from Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas as Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. The movie, based on the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates, is notable for its NC-17 rating. The supporting cast includes Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson, Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams.
The official “Blonde” synopsis from Netflix reads: “[The film] boldly reimagines the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, ‘Blonde’ blurs the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening split between her public and private selves.”


Quannah Chasinghorse Straddles Two Worlds
A new short film tells the Alaska Native’s story of navigating life as a runway model and Indigenous land defender.

Most people know Quannah Chasinghorse for her command of runways and iconic Met Gala looks—“but she’s also a hunter,” her mother, Jody Potts-Joseph, wants you to know. She’s speaking beside Quannah at an event before the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of a short film that portrays her daughter’s dexterity in navigating life as a high fashion model and an Indigneous land protector. “She knows how to clean a fish. She knows how to be on her land, build a campfire, chop wood, and she knows how to make fry bread, too.”


Christian Louboutin Debuts “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Shoe Collaboration With Idris and Sabrina Elba
All the proceeds from the collection will go to six organizations promoting education, the arts, and youth empowerment around the world.

The fight for racial equality and social harmony is ongoing, but in the eyes of actor Idris Elba and wife Sabrina Elba, there is always hope. The pair has collaborated for the second time on a collection with longtime friend and legendary designer Christian Louboutin, titled “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.”
While their first collection was born from a unanimous feeling of anxiety, anger, and sadness over the racially-charged hate crimes happening around the U.S., this one came from a place of joy and positivity for the progress we’ve made and the change that is to come.


19 Gingham Dresses That Are Pure Summer
Twirling encouraged.

Gingham dresses are as essential for summer as walkable sneakers and a straw market tote. They’re the first style I consider when I’m not sure what to wear on a sweltering summer day, and the only dress genre that’s been a constant through personal style experimentations too numerous to name online. Something about the fabric puts me in a Cape Cod state of mind. Any given day from late May to early September, you’ll catch me in a gingham midi dress—sunglasses optional.


Smithsonian to Return Looted Collection of Benin Bronzes to Nigeria
In a precedent-setting move, the Smithsonian has agreed to repatriate pieces of Benin Kingdom Court Style artworks to their homeland.

The Smithsonian Institution voted to repatriate 29 of its 39 Benin bronzes to Nigeria, and plans to return to Nigeria’s National Commission for Museums and Monuments “at a later date.” It’s as yet unclear what the institution plans to do with the remaining 10 bronzes.
The Smithsonian is not the first museum to repatriate art to Benin. In March 2021, the University of Aberdeen became the first cultural institution to repatriate Benin Bronzes when it announced it would send back its sole Benin Bronze. In April 2021, Germany promised to begin returning the Benin Bronzes held by state-run institutions this year. In June 2021, the Met, which has some 160 items from Benin City, returned two Benin Bronzes to Nigeria.


Diego Boneta Says Chivalry Isn’t Dead
The Father of the Bride star talks modern masculinity, working alongside Latinx legends, and bridging cultural divides.

“I like opening the door for women, not because they can’t do it, pero por el cariño.” And while he loves doing some of these old-school actions, he says modern-day masculinity is also about showing emotion and being vulnerable. As he said: balance.
This desire to be a gentleman and pay this special respect to women is something Boneta says he learned from watching his father growing up. “He’ll stand up whenever she goes to the restroom when we’re having dinner, he’ll walk on the side of the street where the cars are coming, and he’ll open the door for her,” he explains. “He just loves my mom more than anything. I feel like they both put each other first — that’s why they’re such a great team.”


Amanda Gorman on Her New MasterClass and the Story Behind Her Powerful Uvalde Poem
For Gorman, the priority was to balance the technical side of writing poetry with her own, more personal views on what poetry can bring to the world through performance and activism. “It all began with the question: How do you create or come up with ideas for poetry?” Gorman explains. “What are the tools and instruments of rhetoric that you can use to make a poem stronger? And then how can you bring that poem to life on the stage or in front of an audience? And last but not least, how can that lyricism change and impact the world? I think the class follows the structure that I try to follow in my own life.”


Frozen Salted Espresso Martinis
If you’re an espresso martini fan, you’ll love this frosty twist. First, brewed espresso is frozen in an ice cube tray; once the cubes are solid, they’re processed with coffee liqueur, vodka, and simple syrup in a blender until smooth. The resulting martinis are well-balanced, with notes of caramel and vanilla. The liqueur and syrup give them subtle sweetness, the vodka adds a smooth element, and the espresso brings earthy bitterness. An elegant sprinkle of flaky sea salt finishes the drinks off, and balances the espresso’s bitterness. Make sure to chill the glasses before serving and enjoy right away.


How the Obsidian Collection Is Bringing Black History Into the Metaverse
This Sunday, the Obsidian Collection—a major archive for Black media headquartered in Chicago—drops its first-ever NFTs, an edit of 15 rarely seen images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Photographed by John Tweedle, whose worked appeared in The Daily News, Jet magazine, The Chicago Sun-Times, and other publications, they chronicle King’s efforts during the Chicago Freedom Movement of 1966, which railed against prejudicial housing practices; poor education, transportation, and job access; and other institutional issues faced by people of color. (The movement was later credited with spurring on 1968’s Fair Housing Act, which prohibited discrimination based on race, religion, or national identity.)


Kit Harington Attached to Jon Snow ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoff Series in Development at HBO
A “Game of Thrones” spinoff series based around Jon Snow is in early development at HBO, Variety has confirmed.
Kit Harington is attached to reprise his role as the fan-favorite hero in the live-action show, which would take place after the events of “Game of Thrones” — potentially opening up what many thought was an iron-clad ending to the wildly popular series.
In the final season of “Game of Thrones,” Snow realized his true identity and that he could be an heir to the Iron Throne. The series concluded with his exile from Westeros as he rides into the Haunted Forest with Ghost and the Wildlings to begin a new life.


This Old Gas Station in Mobile, Alabama, Is the Cheese Shop of Our Dreams
The Cheese Cottage is well worth a road trip to the Gulf Coast city.

Nearly a century after Pure Oil was filling gas tanks on Automobile Alley in Mobile, Alabama, customers are still fueling up in the same space. Nowadays, though, it’s on pimento cheese sandwiches melded with aged gouda and homemade bacon jam, fist-sized orbs of soft burrata served with prosciutto, and crumbly cheddars on sprawling cheese boards.
Kristi and Charles Barber opened the Cheese Cottage in 2018. Originally from Mobile County, Kristi Barber traveled for work in her corporate job with Chevron. One trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired the couple to get serious about cheese.


Ruth Ozeki: “I wouldn’t be a writer without the support of women”
The author speaks exclusively to Bazaar about winning the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022

Ruth Ozeki thought she could relax once she came off stage at the Women’s Prize for Fiction Awards. “All the shortlisted writers had gone up and received flowers and I knew that the announcement was coming. And I was like, OK, soon this is going to be over and I can go get a drink and celebrate the winner,” she laughs and shrugs; “I truly didn’t expect it to be me.”
Ozeki did get that drink, but as the recipient of the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022. She won for her sprawling, imaginatively rich fourth novel, The Book of Form and Emptiness; an almost magic realist take on grief, mental health and adolescence, told from the perspective of a book itself.


13 Recipes to Celebrate Juneteenth
Juneteenth is all about celebration, no matter how, where or with whom the festivities take place. This holiday, observed on June 19th, commemorates the day in 1865 when enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, learned of their freedom, which had been declared in the Emancipation Proclamation two years earlier. In her new cookbook, Watermelon & Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebration, Nicole A. Taylor offers exuberantly delicious recipes and stories that draw from her many years of celebrating the holiday. “For a few hours, pure liberation meets a plate of food,” Taylor wrote in Food & Wine about her own Juneteenth parties. Here are a few recipes from Taylor and other cooks, full of flavor and joy to inspire your own Juneteenth menus.


Polo Ralph Lauren reveals new sustainability focused uniforms for Wimbledon 2022
The designs will be worn by the on-court officials

As well as being a stage for world-class tennis, the annual Wimbledon tournament is also one of the highlights of the summer social calendar.
Alongside strawberries and cream and glasses of Pimm’s, Wimbledon is also known for its impeccable style – both from those in the stands and those on the court.
Continuing their ongoing partnership, Polo Ralph Lauren has produced this year’s official uniforms, unveiling its new designs for the chair umpires, line umpires, and ball boys and girls.


“It’s Here, Girl”: How Drag Became Big Business
Drag Race helped launch queens like Bob the Drag Queen, Alaska, and Monét X Change—but that’s not the whole story.

Before he became a household name, Justin Andrew Honard worked every odd job under the sun. “I waited tables. I sold clothing in a boutique. I worked at an adult book store. It never really lasted or worked out.” Now, he’s an internationally touring performer with a fourth studio album, Red 4 Filth; his book, My Name’s Yours. What’s Alaska?; and a musical, Drag the Musical, all available now. What changed Honard’s life? RuPaul’s Drag Race, of course. “I am merely a bumblebee in RuPaul’s beehive,” he tells me, Zooming in from his residence in Los Angeles.


Maya Rudolph Is Hiding in Plain Sight
The former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star on love, loss and using her larger-than-life characters as a shield: “I enjoy the armor.”

Long before she was mangling the English language as Donatella Versace or caressing a loaf of bread as Oprah Winfrey, Rudolph was channeling that energy into a video camera in her best friend’s living room. Between renditions of Annie and Fame, the pair would play “talk show.” Her friend was the host, Dinah Shore, whom they’d renamed Dinah Snore, and Rudolph would be her ridiculously confident larger-than-life guest.
“I think the word we’d probably use today would be ‘diva,’” she says, seated in the backyard of her residential office, acknowledging that she could just as easily be describing any number of characters she’s released into the world as an adult. “Like, it’s not just a lady, it’s a lady with a feather boa and that feeling of, ‘I’m here and I’m very loud.’ “


The Politics of Male Rock Star Style
The fabulous, gender-defying fashion of Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, and Bad Bunny is nothing new. In fact, it’s just a sign of the times.

Every time Lil Nas X steps out in a bedazzled Balmain crop top or Harry Styles flaunts a pink manicure and pearl necklace, their fans fawn, the Internet erupts with a thousand think pieces about the state of gendered fashion, and no-fun social conservative types clutch their own pearls. This is hardly anything new. If you flip through vintage issues of Rolling Stone or Circus, you’ll realize that all that’s really happened is that our rock stars (a term that, today, has little to do with a musical genre) have returned to dressing like rock stars, with all the sexed-up trimmings.


The Juneteenth flag, explained
The flag’s designer shares the story and inspiration for his design.

Haith, a community organizer and activist known better as “Boston Ben,” created the flag in 1997. In an interview with Capital B Atlanta, Haith said once he learned about Juenteenth, he felt passionately that it needed representation.
“I was just doing what God told me,” Haith said. “I have somewhat of a marketing background, and I thought Juneteenth, what it represented, needed to have a symbol.”
Haith wasn’t impressed by his initial version — a “rough draft” — but every Juneteenth holiday he would raise the flag near his son’s middle school in Roxbury, a majority Black community in Boston.
After getting some inspiration, he knew which colors and symbols he wanted in the flag, he just needed to finalize it. That’s when he met illustrator Lisa Jeanne-Graf, who responded to an ad in a local newspaper and finalized the flag in 2000.


40 Popular Medium-Sized Dog Breeds Just Waiting to Be Your Friend
These pups will be the perfect addition to your family.

Some people like to go big or go home by adopting large dog breeds, while some prefer pint-sized pups and go for a small dog breed — but if you ask us and Goldilocks, the perfect pet is right in the middle. These medium-sized dog breeds are as cuddly as their smaller counterparts and often just as playful as larger dogs, in a more manageable package. Generally, dogs in this category weigh in at about 30–70 pounds, although some can certainly grow bigger or stay smaller than that. While they may have size in common, there’s lots to choose from within the category. These breeds totally vary in activity level, trainability, coat type and temperament. Looking for low-shedding dog that won’t set off your allergies? Check out the standard poodle. Need a running buddy that can go and go for miles? A German Shorthaired Pointer or Dalmatian might be just your speed. Or do you need a mold-mannered soul that’ll play nice with the kids? Labrador Retrievers live up to their number-one reputation as the perfect family dogs.


Why emerald-cut engagement rings are back in vogue
Many high-society beauties, past and present, have opted for the style, from Grace Kelly to Paris Hilton

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, with many couples finally able to celebrate their nuptials in style, following years of interruptions as a result of the pandemic. According to new data comprised by Abbott Lyon, emerald-cut diamonds are this year’s most popular style of engagement ring, outranking other favourites including round, cushion, princess, oval, pear, and marquise cut.
With an elongated stone, rectangular shape, chiselled step cuts, and straight linear facets, the emerald cut makes for a dazzling and striking style of diamond. Tatler explores the brides-to-be through history that have sported the shape.


Emma Thompson and the Challenge of Baring All Onscreen at 63
The actress made the choice to disrobe. Still, she says, it was the most difficult thing she’s ever done in her four-decade career.

“To be truly honest, I will never ever be happy with my body. It will never happen,” she said. “I was brainwashed too early on. I cannot undo those neural pathways.”
She can, however, talk about sex. Both the absurdities of it and the intricacies of female pleasure. “I can’t just have an orgasm. I need time. I need affection. You can’t just rush to the clitoris and flap at it and hope for the best. That’s not going to work, guys. They think if I touch this little button, she’s going to go off like a Catherine wheel, and it will be marvelous.”


Inside Vivian Maier’s secret archive of street photography
A new exhibition brings to light the photographer’s extraordinary work, discovered by accident just before she died

In 2007, one of the most extraordinary photographic discoveries of the 20th century was made in an anonymous storage locker in Chicago. This archive of images would not only offer a window into the world of this hitherto unknown artist, but also provide glimpses of poignant moments in the lives of thousands of anonymous individuals immortalised by this unseen and unacknowledged woman moving among them.This lone photographer was Vivian Maier.






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