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Posted on June 16, 2022

Masala Bar and Restaurant – London, UK


Today’s LOunge is giving us elegance, ambience and whimsy – the perfect setting for two capricious bitches such as we. Come and indulge all your moods with us today! Drinks and nosh are on us, distractions are helpfully provided below.


‘Barbie’ Movie: First Look at Ryan Gosling as a Real-Life Ken Doll
Margot Robbie stars in the Greta Gerwig-directed movie.

There is a quote that’s been credited to Ryan Gosling: “All my characters are me. I’m not a good enough actor to become a character.”
One can only hope that the below first-look photo of Gosling as Ken in the live-action Barbie movie reveals the La La Land actor’s true self.
Here’s Gosling as Barbie’s iconic beau.
Barbie represents the first time the toy has been rendered as a live-action movie


Why Are People So Mad About Netflix’s Persuasion?
A lover of Jane Austen explains.

Austenites are a tough crowd. Known to renounce any adaptation that isn’t a faithful, sacred rendering of the source material (the bitter war over Joe Wright’s 2005 take on Pride and Prejudice wages on to this day), they are unforgiving of interpretations that seem to favor consumer universality above historical accuracies. Unfortunately for them, quirky quasi-rom-coms on traditional Regency love stories seem to be on the rise as of late, if the Bridgerton boom is any indication.
The commercialization of a story as widely celebrated as Austen’s most mature body of work has, at first glance, produced a cast of characters unrecognizable from their origins. Would Anne Elliot quip snarky, girlboss one-liners to a knowing audience? Would we even want her to? When we lose the beauty of subtext—Austen’s greatest storytelling strength—what else exactly do we gain?


A Love Letter to Venice and Its People
For the locals, the most breathtaking city in the world is not all Bellinis and Biennales. It is also home. When you visit, remember you’re a guest in the Maybery of the Adriatic. Benvenuti!

A long view of its history suggests that Venice has seldom been the placid place of legend. True, its geography made it seem a place apart, a liminal city straddling East and West. It is also the case that as an oligarchic republic it was rigidly kept under the control of a few. And yet throughout the centuries of its global might, outlanders thronged the place. This was well before tourists became its primary money crop.


Curly Bangs: 5 Things I Learned When I Got My First Fringe
My new curly fringe did everything a great, transformative haircut is supposed to do, like make me feel like a whole new-and-improved person and incite oohs and aahs from strangers and loved ones alike. While I never say never when it comes to my hair, I truly can’t imagine ever, ever not having curly bangs again. Below, a quick-and-dirty breakdown of what I’ve learned so far about life with curly bangs.
By nature, bangs have a dramatic impact on your facial features and proportions. It’s only natural that a fringe haircut would have transformative effects. I found that my shag softened my face—slightly diffusing the severity of my thick, dark brows—while adding definition and placing greater emphasis on my cheekbones.


A New Era of Barbiecore Fashion Is Upon Us
In 2022, the doll is still a style icon, so it’s no surprise she’s inspiring outfits everywhere — again.

Beaming from the front seat of her hot pink convertible, dressed in a blue and white striped halter with a matching bracelet and headband, Margot Robbie looks just like Barbie in the flesh. In this case, that’s a good thing, especially since the actress is playing the iconic character in a live-action movie, set to be released in 2023. While we’re pumped to see the star do her thing on screen (it’s a comedy!), we may be even more excited for all the clothes. Barbiecore as a trend already seems to be bubbling up in the fashion world, and the colorful aesthetic exudes confidence and fun — something we’ll happily take more of.
Hong Kong’s Iconic Floating Restaurant Has Been Towed to an Undisclosed Location
Jumbo Kingdom shut down in March 2020 after 44 years of serving everyone from locals to tourists to visiting royalty.

In early March 2020, Hong Kong’s iconic Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant posted a short message on its social media accounts. “Due to the impact of the current situation, Jumbo Kingdom will suspend its services from March 3rd until further notice,” it wrote.
The Jumbo Floating Restaurant — which, together with the neighboring Tai Pak floating restaurant, have been known as Jumbo Kingdom — never reopened. And, earlier this week, tugboats arrived in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbor to tow it away to an as-yet-unidentified location.


Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder: What’s the Difference?
It’s all about the science.

Whether a beginner or a pastry pro, you probably use baking powder and baking soda frequently. That’s because they are some of the most common leavening agents in baking, which create the rise and expansion of batters and doughs. Both white powders are chemical leaveners, meaning they interact with other ingredients to produce carbon dioxide during mixing and baking. That gas expands to provide the lift in your cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.
They may sound and act similarly, but have you ever stopped to think about why a recipe uses one instead of the other or both? Turns out, it’s all about the science.


Internalized Fatphobia Prevented Me from Getting the Short Haircut I Always Wanted
I used to think long, voluminous hair was the only thing that could distract from my big body. I was very wrong.

When you’re a big girl, you don’t get short haircuts. You just don’t. That’s the mentality I’ve been carrying with me for most of my life, and I don’t even know where I picked it up — most likely a combination of media, recommendations from low-key fatphobic hairstylists, and my own deep-seated insecurities about my body. Whatever the source, I truly believed from childhood until young adulthood that I could control how people perceived my body simply by having a certain hairstyle. If my hair is long and voluminous enough, I thought, it might shroud or distract from my broad shoulders, my wide hips, and maybe even my soft, curved belly.


Oreo’s New Neapolitan Cookies Have Three Creme Flavors in the Middle
The ice cream-inspired cookies feature layers of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry creme sandwiched between “waffle cone” wafers.

Oreo cookies come in many flavors and varieties. Our 2019 ranking of “every Oreo flavor we could get our hands on” — meaning what was only available at the time — featured 17 different Oreo iterations. And the brand has continued to roll out new flavors since, including the announcement of five new flavors that same year, all the way up to an unexpected half-Oreo, half-Ritz cracker concoction last month.
So what’s next for Oreo? Well, you could make the argument that Oreo’s next flavor isn’t really a flavor at all… but three flavors. Yes, today, the cookie giant has announced that their next limited edition Oreo is Neapolitan Sandwich.


Queen Bee: Angelina Jolie is a woman on a mission
How a starring role in Tomb Raider led to a new mission for Angelina Jolie – empowering women while protecting the honeybee in Cambodia and beyond

We’ve all had those moments when we can transform something in our lives depending on whether we take this road or that… when something helps us to grow. I feel very fortunate that this place came into my life all those years ago.”
Angelina Jolie is reflecting on her first visit to Cambodia in 2000, when she was filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on location at the Ta Prohm temple in Angkor. That shoot was to be the start of a lifelong relationship with the country where she went on to adopt her eldest son, Maddox, establish a foundation and buy a home whose protected acres have offered a safe haven at difficult moments in her life. “For me, going there was this awakening of many things in the world I didn’t know about, like what it meant to have been a refugee, and I felt very honoured when, years later, I was able to become a mother to a Cambodian son and have citizenship in the country,” she says. “I feel at peace when I’m in Southeast Asia.”


The best dried flowers for summer 2022
They’re chic and long-lasting

While we will always love a freshly cut bouquet, dried flowers have become a mainstay in our homes – and on our social media feeds.
With more than 2.5 million tags on Instagram, dried flowers are one of the most sought-after interior trends around. The likes of pampas and palm spears are two of the most popular, garnering around 460,000 and 19,500 tags respectively. From oversized pastel-hued blooms to whimsical posy bouquets, the bunches we’ve seen in recent months are varied in style, texture and colour – they’ve come a long way from the tired, dusty arrangements of old.


Beyonce Reveals ‘Renaissance,’ Forthcoming Project Set for July 29 Release
The long wait for a new Beyonce project will soon come to an end, with the singer officially posting a July 29 date (with pre-save and pre-buy options) for a project titled “Renaissance.”
It will be Beyonce Knowles’ first drop of new music since 2016’s “Lemonade,” which was itself a surprise release and her sixth solo album. “Renaissance” will mark her seventh, though the secondary title, “act i,” suggests it’s part of a larger, or multi-part, project.


Kevin Spacey Makes First U.K. Court Appearance for Sexual Assault, Granted Unconditional Bail
Kevin Spacey has made his first appearance in a U.K. criminal court on charges of sexual assault.
Last month the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), similar to a District Attorney in the U.S., authorized charges to be brought against the actor, whose full name is Kevin Spacey Fowler. He has been charged with four counts of sexual assault in the U.K. against three men between 2005 and 2013. He was also charged with “causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.” The alleged victims are now in their 30s and 40s.


Wardrobe Stories: Yara Shahidi On Making Bold Decisions, Suit Love And Her ‘Committed’ Style
‘One evening I was at the Met Gala and then the next day I was in class studying the Frankfurt School.’

The 22-year-old activist and actor was propelled to superstardom as a young teen thanks to her role in hit series Black-ish and its spin-off Grown-ish, and her star has been on the rise ever since.
When it comes to her style, Shahidi is known for rocking a bold, bright monochrome look on the red carpet like nobody else. ‘I love vibrant colours,’ she explains. ‘They help me take up space, especially in grand settings that can be nerve-wracking as a young 20-year-old.’


How To Identify A Toxic Friendship
In BFF: The Truth About Female Friendship, journalist Claire Cohen studies friendships in detail, asking why some platonic relationships last, why some end, and why still others do us more harm than good. In an extract for Vogue, she considers what makes a friendship toxic – and what to do once you’ve officially decided to cut ties.
For a long time afterwards, though, I asked myself the same questions: was it all in my head? Were they creating a tighter bond between themselves by singling me out? Some of their actions were probably thoughtless, but there’s surely no way they all could have been. There was some responsibility on my part, too. I was trying to be someone else. I relinquished too much control over my own emotions, in the way many of us might when trying to fit in, or when we go along with a situation because of peer pressure.


Simone Ashley Is A Style Star In The Making
It’s official: Simone Ashley is one of the most stylish emerging stars of the moment. Since her breakthrough role as Kate Sharma in Netflix’s Bridgerton, the actor has served a multitude of noteworthy looks, from eye-catching Moschino co-ords at the 2022 Met Gala to a mesmerising chartreuse number by Galvan at Cannes that was understated and exceptionally glamorous all at once.


Why we need rituals, not routines
How rituals can help you approach basic tasks more mindfully.
Anyone can devise a simple ritual and integrate it into their day, week, or even month. In Zen monasteries, even ordinary activities, like bathing and eating, are ritualized and given the complete attention of practitioners. This encourages a mindful approach to basic tasks, imbuing them with a transformational ethos. It can be as simple as taking a walk at a certain time of day, baking bread, or cleaning your space. You might not feel moved or changed by a ritual the first time you attempt one; you might be self-conscious or distracted. This is where repetition or experimentation could help.


Personal coronation gift from the Queen and Princess Margaret’s diamond brooch fetch £240,000 at auction
The piece presented to the late Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk, was modelled from Her Majesty’s own handwriting

Noonan’s auction house had a successful day yesterday with the sale of two diamond brooches, both with striking royal connections. A personal brooch, which was given by Queen Elizabeth II to the late Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk, for assistance prior to her coronation in 1953, sold for £180,000; while an Art Deco diamond brooch, dating from approximately 1930 and formerly owned by the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret, went for £60,000.


How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Universal Studios Hollywood
Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, from the best rides and restaurants to seasonal events and more.

Did you know that in the heart of Los Angeles you can sip on Butterbeer, come face to face with terrifying dinosaurs, and have an epic journey with adorable Minions? No acting experience required.
Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park like no other, connected to a working movie and television production lot that’s been around since the early 20th century. The film studio first got into attractions with a tram tour in 1964 but has since evolved and grown into a bonafide theme park with thrilling rides, live entertainment, immersive lands, and thematically pleasing (and delicious) foods.





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