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Posted on June 15, 2022

Salvaje Velázquez Bar and Restaurant – Madrid, Spain


Today’s LOunge looks like a great place for a war council, wouldn’t you say? Grab a seat and start plotting the downfall of your enemies. It’s WEDNESDAY and they deserve what’s coming to them.


Come on, Vogue!
The entire cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 has been bringing fabulous fashions—and major camp—to our television screens on Paramount+ since May. This season, eight drag superstars Jaida Essence Hall, Raja, Monét X Change, The Vivienne, Shea Couleé, Trinity The Tuck, Yvie Oddly, and Jinkx Monsoon have been competing for the crown, where the grand-finale winner will be dubbed the “the queen of all queens” and rewarded with a cool $200,000 (you know, no pressure). Over a month in, there’s already been some stellar snatch games, epic runway serves, and “lip sync for your legacy” performances.
To mark Pride Month, however, Vogue presented the cast with a challenge of our own. The eight queens were tasked with recreating our archival covers and giving them a drag-ified twist. The end results include riffs on illustrated covers from 1926, to Oprah’s iconic 1998 cover photographed by Steven Meisel. While the covers range in style and decade, the one thing uniting all of their savvy recreations is a heavy dose of creativity. The Drag Race panel won’t crown a winner, so sit back, scroll through below, and decide for yourself. As Madonna once said, “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it—vogue.”


The origins of the Royal Ascot dress code
How the best-dressed man in 19th century London made the Royal Ascot the smartest event on the social calendar

Royal Ascot is one of the smartest events on the social calendar, with a rigorous dress code to match. Decoding what you can wear by each enclosure is a minefield, with tops and tails required for some, while others are a little looser. Unsurprisingly, it is the Royal Enclosure that has one of the strictest sets of rules, requiring men to wear morning dress and a top hat, while ladies must wear their finest dresses and hats.


BTS Announce They’re ‘Going on Hiatus’: ‘We Have to Accept That We’ve Changed’
“We have to talk about the direction we’re taking,” Suga said during the group dinner.

“We have to accept that we’ve changed,” RM said as his bandmates looked on with decidedly more serious faces than during the earlier part of the celebratory dinner. “For me, it was like the group BTS was within my grasp until ‘On’ and ‘Dynamite,’ but after ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance,’ I didn’t know what kind of group we were anymore.” He said that whenever he writes lyrics and songs, the story and message he wants to spread is very important, “but it was like that was gone now. I don’t know what kind of story I should tell now.”


Julianne Moore and Tory Burch Urge for Stronger Laws to End Gun Violence
“The majority of people believe in common sense laws. The majority of people want this,” the actress said during the annual Embrace Ambition Summit.

Tory Burch has teamed up with Julianne Moore to speak out against gun violence and urge for policy change.
Today marked the Tory Burch Foundation’s third annual Embrace Ambition Summit, an event that works to confront “new stereotypes and create new norms,” per the summit’s website. For the keynote conversation, the actress and designer called out gun violence as an urgent public health crisis.
“The majority of people believe in common sense laws. The majority of people want this,” Moore said during the summit. “Simply raising the age to buy a gun would decrease [gun violence] significantly.”


Tiffany & Co. Reintroduces Itself Abroad With Revamped Exhibit
Alexandre Arnault on the strategy behind Tiffany’s latest big swing.

The American jeweler, founded in 1837, shows up in so many parts of American life and culture. Abroad, though, it’s a different story. Across Europe and parts of Asia, the brand isn’t as culturally enmeshed. “The perception of the brand is different, people haven’t lived with Tiffany,” says Alexandre Arnault, the executive vice president of product and communications. Arnault, 30, the third eldest of LVMH chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault’s five children, moved to New York when he assumed his role at Tiffany in 2021. (Previously, he was CEO at luggage brand Rimowa.) “Being French,” he explains, “Tiffany has been in France for a long time but not necessarily in the same places as you would see competitors.”


The 45 Best Romantic Movies of All Time
For your next date night.

Blame it on the heat. As soon as the calendar hits Memorial Day, all we want to watch are steamy romances. The romance film canon is immense, encompassing all genres from comedies and musicals to tragedies, even thrillers (see: Ghost). Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve rounded up 45 of our favorites, from classic ’90s rom-coms like Say Anything and Pretty Woman, to tear-jerkers like Blue Valentine and A Star is Born, to groundbreaking LGBT stories like Carol and Brokeback Mountain.


Wolf Cut Hairstyles Are Taking Over Hollywood
Here’s exactly how to style a wolf cut, according to the experts.

In case you missed it, everyone in Hollywood has the wolf-cut hairstyle now. The edgy, shaggy style has been spotted on the likes of Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Keke Palmer, and more, so it’s officially time that you took note of one of the biggest 2022 hair trends. And, because we at Marie Claire take dramatic hairstyle changes very seriously, we spoke to a few hair experts about what exactly you should ask for when you get to the salon.
But where did the style even come from? And why is it trending in 2022 alongside styles like ultra-voluminous blowouts a la Rachel Green from Friends?


Kim Kardashian Allegedly Damaged Marilyn Monroe Dress at Met Gala
Pop Crave tweeted out two side-by-side snaps of the dress, one that was supposedly taken prior to the Met Gala and a second pic that was allegedly taken after Kardashian put it on. In the second photo, the dress seems to be visibly damaged around the back closure, where the fabric is missing some crystals and noticeably stretched out, with some signs of tearing in several places.
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum — the owner of the dress — has yet to confirm the authenticity of the photos. However, the museum did previously address the criticism surrounding their choice to loan Kardashian the “fragile” piece in a statement to the New York Post, in which they called it “no easy decision.”


Yep, I’m Che: Sara Ramírez Reveals All About ‘And Just Like That,’ Romancing Miranda and TV’s Buzziest Queer Character
In just 10 episodes of “And Just Like That …,” HBO Max’s successful revival of “Sex and the City,” Che Diaz became the most visible (and often most ridiculed) queer character on TV. We’ll get to why in a second. But for those who love Che, do not fear. Sara Ramírez, the nonbinary actor who plays the nonbinary podcaster, comedian and aspiring sitcom star who falls in love with Miranda Hobbes and breaks up her marriage, will be back on the second season of “And Just Like That …” with an even more robust storyline.


Netflix Announces Squid Game Reality Series That Misses the Point of Squid Game
Squid Game: The Challenge will invite 456 players to engage in Squid Game–esque events for a historic $4.56 million cash prize.

Days after Netflix greenlighted Squid Game for a second season, the streamer has announced a reality-competition spin-off that forces one to ask: Have the execs actually seen Squid Game? Netflix has ordered Squid Game: The Challenge, a series that claims to boast the largest cast and lump sum cash prize in reality TV history.


Mirror Images: Marlene Dietrich Through Her Daughter’s Eyes
In Marlene Dietrich: A Life, the icon’s daughter, Maria Riva, paints a damning portrait of the screen siren who raised her.

My daughter is the only one who knows the real history. She’s my official biographer. Read her book.”
So said Marlene Dietrich, the legendary, boundary-pushing star of classics like Morocco, Destry Rides Again, and Witness for The Prosecution. But Dietrich was evidently wrong to believe her only child, Maria Riva—“the only love of my life”—would portray her in a flattering light.
Published in 1992, Marlene Dietrich: A Life is an exhaustive, 787-page portrait of a domineering mother through her jaded daughter’s wide, all-seeing eyes. Its length is warranted: it’s chock full of personal letters, telegrams, and reams of suspect “remembered” dialogue. Riva is a gifted, brilliant writer with a lyrical touch. Still, one wonders why Riva—now a 97-years-old, who seems to have had a happy, healthy adulthood—would want to dwell another second on a mother she portrays as a manipulative, egomaniacal liar.


“Running Up That Hill” with Kate Bush, Again
What’s lost when TikTok and television shows shine a spotlight on old songs.

It’s tempting to see this phenomenon as a refreshing exception to social media’s dogged recency bias—a serendipitous detour through memory lane that creates a mini-avalanche of attention for an old song. It is genuinely delightful when old songs bubble up in unexpected ways. And yet there’s something a little disconcerting about a once-in-a-generation artist like Bush being removed from the larger backdrop of her strange and singular vision, and accidentally refashioned as a viral event. There is magic in discovering and exploring her work, magic that is difficult to access when all you’ve done is simply turn on the most popular television show in the world.


What Makes a Bathing Suit So Expensive?
Inside the construction of a one-piece swimsuit, a complicated symbol of “the most vulnerable time of the year.”

There is a machine in South Brooklyn that looks like a transparent coffin and whirs like an industrial fan. Its metallic innards flit and glide until, within an hour, it releases a swimsuit, dropped from the machine’s underbelly like an egg.
It is a high-tech process that seems simple: Click a button, get a very nearly finished swimsuit. In a way, it mirrors the automated, on-demand, two-day-shipping experience that defines shopping for many people in 2022.
Yet dozens of decisions were made before the idea of that swimsuit became a tangible thing — decisions that ultimately led to its being priced around $250 and not $25, which is roughly the amount an adult woman spends on a swimsuit in the United States, according to the market research analysts at the NPD Group.


Hold Onto Your Hats (and Bags). Travelers to Europe Face Chaos.
Hours in security lines. Canceled flights. Lost baggage. Here’s a look at how you could be affected by travel disruptions this summer and tips on how to prepare.

The start of the summer travel season in Europe has been marred by chaos at airports and popular tourist destinations as airlines, government agencies and industry operators struggle to meet travel demand, which, in some spots, has already surpassed 2019 levels.
The mayhem is likely to get worse, travel experts warn, as more people decide to travel following the recent decision by the Biden administration to drop its coronavirus testing requirement for international air travel.
Hundreds of flights have been canceled and delayed daily at major European airport hubs over the past two weeks. At London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airports, passengers waited up to six hours in security lines, and those waiting to check-in spilled out of the terminals into parking lots.


This New West Virginia Trail Connects 29 Stunning Waterfalls Across the State
West Virginia’s brand-new Waterfall Trail is open just in time for summer.

West Virginia is drawing travelers to the state this summer with a new Waterfall Trail that connects more than two dozen cascades.
The trail, which stretches across the state, includes 29 waterfalls — from popular spots to lesser-known gems, according to the West Virginia Department of Tourism. The falls on the trail are just some of the more than 200 that West Virginia boasts.
“We invite all travelers to put the West Virginia Waterfall Trail on their must-see list this summer and beyond,” West Virginia tourism secretary Chelsea Ruby said in a statement released to Travel + Leisure. “Whether you reconnect with your favorite falls or find hidden gems, we want to reward your explorations with exclusive prizes that leave you eager to visit Almost Heaven again.”


Charleston Is Getting a New Museum Spotlighting African American History — and We Got a First Look Inside
The long-awaited International African American Museum is set to open in Charleston in January 2023.

One of the first things you notice as you enter Charleston’s new International African American Museum (IAAM), is the “Wall of Departure”: a list of names and ages, recorded from the captured and corralled before they were forced onto slave ships and across the Atlantic in chains. A few steps on, the “Wall of Arrival” tells a very different story: Americanized nicknames branded onto those lucky enough to survive the horrific crossing — “Big Sam,” “Friday,” “Bella.” Their identities, along with their freedom, now half a world away.
After 20 years of planning and more than $100 million in investment, the IAAM — one of the most anticipated museums in U.S. history — will open its doors to the public in January 2023. And Travel + Leisure was invited in for an exclusive first look.





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