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Posted on May 27, 2022

Elsa Bar and Restaurant – Monte Carlo, Monaco


Insert long sigh here, darlings. We’re all feeling it, no? It is FRIDAY and here is your spot for the day, which you have earned. American kittens will be enjoying the first holiday weekend of the summer season and we hope all of you make the most of it, even if that means watching movies on your couch the whole time. We have a ton of red carpetry to report on today, but we’ll be postponing the podcast until early next week. Drinks are, as always, on us. Ciao, kittens!


Meghan Markle Visits Uvalde, Texas, After Tragic Mass Shooting At Robb Elementary School
The Duchess of Sussex placed flowers on a memorial outside the Uvalde courthouse.

The visit was a rare unannounced public appearance from Markle, who currently lives in California with her husband, Prince Harry, and their two children, Archie and Lili. She paid respects while accompanied in Uvalde by a bodyguard, but Prince Harry was not in attendance. According to The Daily Mail, she did not speak to any press during the visit, instead maintaining her focus on the memorial. At Garcia’s cross, in particular, she paused to silently bow her head. Markle is one of the first public figures to visit Uvalde following the tragedy; President Joe Biden is expected to visit in the coming days.


Suffs Creator Shaina Taub On Those Hamilton Comparisons And Her Musical’s Broadway Future
The women of Suffs had a plan. Much like the characters in their buzzy musical—which traces the fight for women’s suffrage from 1913 to the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920—creator Shaina Taub and her team had considered the perfect time to make their case to the country: In Sept. 2020, the show would premiere, falling right after the centennial of the 19th Amendment and right before the litmus test that was the presidential election.
But like the path to suffrage, there were still a few twists to come. The pandemic ended up shutting down productions across the country, and Suffs wouldn’t open at the Public Theater in New York City until March 2022. With President Biden in office and the Supreme Court poised to overturn abortion rights, Suffs entered at an even more complex, and perhaps even more fitting, moment in time.


Jake Gyllenhaal Smells Good
And lately, he’s been using fashion (and fragrance) to spread joy.

“When I was growing up, we had — it was like a carport? And there was this honeysuckle that grew on it, and the smell of that — and then also actually being able to taste it, like you could pull out the stem and taste that — that evokes the memory of my first home that I grew up in, in Los Angeles.”
“You know, I think I’ve just started to realize that I really do love expression through clothes, and there’s a real opportunity to learn there, and learn from people who see things in a different way. My curiosity has led me to listen to people’s ideas, and push my own, and move into places that I could learn from. The choices I’ve been making have been a lot about brightness and joy and just trying to have fun. And that’s been really important to me.
Also, my sister has always been really, really fashionable and really bold, ever since we were kids.”


Dressing for the Office Is Confusing, So We Asked Stylists for Their Best Outfit Ideas
Fashion professionals share 11 must-try tips for nailing this new era of workwear.

You have to admit, up until recently, claiming you had “nothing to wear” was a slightly dramatic declaration. Chances are, you had something to wear, you just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together. And that’s fine, no judgments here.
But then Covid happened, and the majority of us spent a solid two years and change in zoom meetings looking professional from the waist up and comfy from the waist down. Cue the world opening back up again, and now you really don’t have anything to wear, nor do you have the first clue how to ease back into dressing for the office. You know, the one that existed outside your home before March of 2020.


Why Are So Many Survivors Supporting Johnny Depp?
Women who have survived sexual assault have been talking about their experiences to defend Johnny Depp in his defamation case against Amber Heard. Why?

Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard has captured an unparalleled amount of attention, with millions of people taking to social media to share their opinions about the case. But they aren’t always taking the side you might expect. Over the past few weeks, many survivors who championed believing women during the #MeToo movement are now some of Johnny Depp’s most outspoken supporters. Why is this happening?
As much as Heard’s critics might want us to believe that she lost (some) survivors’ support because she is a liar or a “bad victim,” it’s actually pretty common for women to doubt other women, even if they, too, have experienced violence.


26 Memorial Day Cocktail Recipes To Make For Your Summer BBQ
Kick off the season with these refreshing (and easy to make!) drinks.

There’s no better way to kick off the summer than with a bright, refreshing, easy-sipping cocktail. From twists on the classic margarita to delicious ways to use that fresh summer fruit and of course, the perfect pool-friendly thirst quenchers, we’ve got all of the recipes you need to make this holiday one to remember.


The 40 Saddest Movies On Netflix For When You Need a Good Cry
Better out than in.

There’s nothing that salt water can’t solve–whether that’s sweat, seawater, or yes, tears. Sometimes a cathartic cry really is the best medicine. And, in our humble opinion, movies provide an optimal means to bring you to the brink of tears. Thinking too much about your own life or the real world? Dangerous. Perhaps it’s better to leave it up to the Nicholas Sparkses and Jean Valjeans of the world to make you emotional. Whether you’re looking for a happy cry or sad cry, anticipated tears or surprise tears, we’ve got you covered with an all-encompassing list of tear-jerkers to accommodate your every weepy mood.


The Wrong Formula
In the face of a baby food shortage, desperate moms are turning to strangers on Facebook to help—but social media shouldn’t be the answer.

Many of the women I spoke with found the formula they needed through a Facebook group founded by Julie Leffell called Mom Friends of Friends. Leffell founded the group in 2019 about a year after the birth of her daughter, hoping to build a small community of new moms; three years later, the group, which is private, has more than 7,300 members across the United States and internationally. Leffell was so inspired by the community she helped build that she quit her job as an attorney to focus on supporting new parents; she now runs support groups that she calls “virtual villages” and has been hired by corporations to coach new parents through their transition back to work. Since the formula shortage has grown increasingly dire, nearly all of Leffell’s time has been devoted to helping moms get the food they need to feed their babies. In the two days before we spoke, she’d made “about 15 or 20” drops of formula to moms in the tri-state area; she estimated that within the same time frame more than 50 swaps, donations, or sales had been facilitated through her Facebook group.


How to Make Kebabs on the Grill
From selecting a skewer to arranging meat on the grill, the Martirosyans—the family behind Mini Kabob, a beloved family-owned restaurant in Los Angeles— share their tips for a kebab feast with all the fixings.

We recommend serving the kebabs as the Martirosyans do, wrapped in a blanket of lavash or piled atop Aleppo pepper–dusted crispy Mini Kabob Potatoes, alongside Toum, Charred Jalapeños and Tomatoes, and Shaved Onions with Sumac and Parsley. The sides not only fill the table with colorful vegetables and a variety of textures, but they also balance and enhance the rich and fatty meat kebabs. Loaded with several make-ahead options, the entire feast is easily achievable for your next backyard party.


Girl Scout Cookies Now Have an Official Makeup Collection
HipDot’s cookie-inspired line of palettes, lipsticks, and brushes are already available.

The L.A.-based beauty brand HipDot is no stranger to makeup meets food collaborations: They’ve partnered with Peeps, Reeses, Tapatio, and, earlier this month, Cup Noodles. But this week, the brand announced a new partner that sounds like an absolute coup: the first-ever official Girl Scout Cookies cosmetics line.
The limited edition HipDot x Girl Scouts makeup collection features “two deliciously scented eyeshadow palettes, three creamy lipsticks, two custom-designed eye brushes, and a collector’s box for Girl Scout Cookie enthusiasts and beauty lovers alike” — plus a chance to show off your cookie obsession even when it isn’t Girl Scout Cookie season.


The Sweetest Photographs of the Queen as a Young Girl
As the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee continues, her 70 years on the throne will be rehashed in minute detail, but the quarter-century preceding her coronation was equally remarkable. From the moment she became heir presumptive following the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, her father, George VI, set about training the young Elizabeth for the role of Queen. (The famously diffident George struggled constantly with anxiety about his position. “I never wanted this to happen,” he tearfully said to Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten after Edward’s surprise royal exit. “I’ve never even seen a state paper. I’m only a naval officer—it’s the only thing I know about.”)


Lisa Perry Opens Onna House, a Space for Women Artists in East Hampton
It’s easy to forget that before it was a haven for wealthy New Yorkers, East Hampton was a haven for artists: Mark Rothko, William de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Lee Krasner all had studios there. But eventually, the bohemian enclave morphed into an elite one, its creative history relegated to museums and plaques reminding about who once lived there.
Fashion designer and ardent art collector Lisa Perry, however, hopes to bring some of that energy back to East Hampton. This weekend, she opens Onna House, a dwelling that aims to support female artists from around the world. Some featured names? Silk and bamboo textile artist Mitsuko Asakura, California ceramicist Simone Bodmer-Turner, and abstract painter Candace Hill Montgomery. “I wanted to help women who are lesser seen and need visibility,” Perry tells Vogue of her new project.


Yara Shahidi Wore Custom Dior for Her Harvard Graduation
You’d think juggling a busy acting career in Hollywood would keep Yara Shahidi busy enough, but in 2017, the Black-ish and Grown-ish star also began her four-year undergraduate program at Harvard on top of it all. Studying in the institution’s Social Studies & African American departments, the 22 year old spent four years (plus a gap year) concentrating on “Black political thought under a neocolonial landscape.” Today, after completing her 136-page thesis paper, Shahidi is celebrating her official graduation. “It’s surreal to have finally hit this major milestone,” Shahidi tells Vogue. “I’ve known I wanted to go to college since I was four. By 17, I knew exactly what I wanted to study, so to see that come to fruition is a goal fulfilled.”


Laverne Cox Gets Her Own Barbie Before Her Birthday — and Calls It a ‘Full-Circle’ Moment
The star says she was “very involved” in every step of the design process as Mattel brought her Barbie to life

Laverne Cox is a Barbie girl!
The iconic brand is celebrating the actress, producer, writer and activist by launching a doll in her likeness, in honor of her impact as an advocate for LGBTQ rights.
Cox, who turns 50 on Sunday, tells PEOPLE that inspiring a doll in Mattel’s legendary lineup feels “surreal.”
“I can’t believe it. I love her outfit,” Cox says with a laugh. “What excites me most about her being out in the world is that trans young people can see her and maybe get to purchase her and play with her, and know that there’s a Barbie made by Mattel, for the first time, in the likeness of a trans person.”


An exhibition on Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s career is coming to London and we can’t wait
Chanel lovers, listen up. We’ve just heard that the V&A are set to host an exhibition all about the work of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. That’s right, the exhibition will cover the French designer’s whole career, from the opening of her first boutique to the showing of her final collection.
It is set to take place in London in 2023, and we are already counting down the days. It will showcase 180 looks, alongside jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes. What more could you want?


Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain Look Like Betty Draper 2.0 in Mothers’ Instinct
We now know why Anne Hathaway left her first-ever Cannes Film Festival early. The 39-year-old Academy Award winner had a prior commitment in a place far from the south of France both literally and figuratively: suburban New Jersey. On Thursday, she resurfaced on the set of her upcoming film Mothers’ Instinct looking like a brunette Betty Draper, channeling the same 1960s style as her costar, Jessica Chastain. If you’re into Mad Men-era fashion, from the look of the paparazzi photos, this is the movie for you.


25 Poisonous Plants That Are Deadly and Dangerous Additions to Your Indoor or Outdoor Space
Here’s a visual guide of toxic plants you might have in your home.

Plants are beautiful additions to your home, whether they’re placed indoors or outside. While you may enjoy sprucing up your space with greenery, there are some that are too dangerous to keep around you. If you consider yourself to be a plant mom or experienced in the world of blooms, trees and herbage, we’re sharing a list of poisonous plants you should stay clear of.


The rise of the sadboi big man
From John Cena to Jason Momoa, our most muscular movie stars are increasingly our most vulnerable too.

Before we get into how Bautista, Cena, and Momoa subvert (or don’t subvert) the archetype of a man so enormous even God cannot lift him, it’s worth understanding what that archetype is. A complete rundown of the role of the muscleman in American culture would be impossible in so limited a space, so let’s narrow things down. When considering the current crop, it’s worth understanding three major roles that mountains of man-flesh have played in our popular imagination: the action star, the professional wrestler, and the object of queer desire.


Picasso painting formerly owned by Sir Sean Connery sells for £17 million
The proceeds for the work will be donated to charities dear to the late actor

After Andy Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue Marilyn portrait sold earlier this month for approximately £157 million (the highest of any 20th century painting to date), the world was reminded of just how valuable an artistic masterpiece can become. Often considered just as crafty an investment as buying property or shares in companies, the business of buying and selling (great) art is renowned for being astronomically profitable – to say the least.
In the latest turn of events, a Pablo Picasso painting formerly owned by the late Sir Sean Connery has sold for £17.7 million. The 1969 musketeer portrait titled Buste d’homme dans un cadre, was sold at Christie’s in Hong Kong yesterday, with bidding for the piece starting at £10 million.


The fabulous history of the Cannes Film Festival in pictures
Originally set up in protest at Mussolini and Hitler, the annual French cinematic extravaganza showcases some of the biggest films in the world, and often acts as a yard stick for the Oscars

Considered one of the ‘big three’ film festivals, alongside Venice and Berlin, the Cannes Film Festival lights up the French Riviera city annually in May, premiering the latest films from around the world. Originally launched in 1938 shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, it was first touted as a rival to Venice, which had been used as a propaganda machine by the Italian Fascist Party. The first edition saw Hollywood’s biggest stars transported to the South of France via an Ocean Liner chartered by MGM Studios, with Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Norma Shearer, Spencer Tracy and James Cagney on board.


Everything You Need to Know to Trek Patagonia’s Torres del Paine
Considering how beautiful this corner of the world is, planning a backpacking adventure here is worth the effort.

As we crested the rise of John Gardner Pass, our breath was taken away — and not just from Patagonia’s famous fierce wind. Below us lay the eight-mile expanse of Grey Glacier spread out like an icy sea. Its big toe trailed icebergs into Grey Lake, its head disappeared up the valley in a wash of light, and a rainbow graced its far side. We were, quite literally, struck with wonder.
It was day three of an eight-day trek on the O Circuit in Torres del Paine, the Chilean national park famous for its iconic skyline. It’s also quickly becoming known for its multi-day O Circuit (and the shorter front side of the circuit called the W Trek) as a way for more adventurous tourists to see the park.


‘Grandfluencers’ Are Sharing a New Vision of Old Age
On TikTok, the over-65 set is thriving.

Most of the TikTok influencers living in so-called collab houses — mansions where they film content together — are barely old enough to legally sign a lease. But the Old Gays and their fellow “grandfluencers” are proof that recording viral videos under one roof isn’t reserved for the young. And while these senior influencers may very much be performing for the camera, they’re also sharing a new vision for what it means to live meaningfully with age.
By 2030, 70 million people in the United States will be over 65 years old, according to census data; for the first time, the country will have more seniors than children. Most older Americans live alone or with only a partner, according to research from Pew. And they want to stay that way: A recent AARP survey found that 86 percent of people over 65 want to age in place rather than in a care home.



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