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Posted on May 23, 2022

La Plage Parisienne Bar and Restaurant – Paris, France


Good morning! You may be reading this at any time of the day other than morning, but today’s LOunge just feels like the perfect “Wake me up but keep it chic” sort of setting, does it not? Breakfast wine for everyone! It’s MONDAY! Why not?


Kourtney Kardashian Wears a Corseted Dolce & Gabbana Dress to Wed Travis Barker in Italy
This Sunday, Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in Portofino, Italy.
The bride wore a one-of-a-kind Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda lace and satin corset mini dress inspired by 1960s Italian lingerie, all accompanied by a sweeping veil. Hand embroidered into the headpiece were flowers inspired by the seaside town’s many Mediterranean gardens, as well as a depiction of the Virgin Mary. The religious iconography, based on one of Barker’s tattoos, is accompanied by text that reads ​​“family loyalty respect.” She styled it with a pair of tulle gloves and lace pumps. “Designing my dresses with Domenico and Stefano has been a dream come true in every way,” Kardashian tells Vogue. Barker’s black double breasted suit was also designed by the Italian house.


Downton Abbey: A New Era‘s Costumes Reflect a Decade’s Fashionable Evolution
Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Robbins explains how she brought the film’s numerous characters into the 1930s.
A New Era puts Downton characters in places we’ve never seen them before, literally and figuratively. Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) assimilates into her role as the Lady of Downton as Lady Violet (Dame Maggie Smith) winds down, revealing a more relaxed, vulnerable side. Half of the cast heads to the French Riviera, where they wear pastels and linens, a significant contrast to their usual English countryside dark tones and heavy fabrics. Lady Edith wears pants. The characters are also adjusting—some slower than others—to evolving fashion with changes in silhouettes and fabrics. “I can talk about Downton for days,” Robbins says. “I hope it’s a feast for the eyes because the film was bigger from a costume point of view than the first film, and we didn’t really recognize that until we were in the thick of it.”
Robbins, who received Emmy nominations for her work on the series in 2015 and 2016, spoke to W about transitioning Downton characters into the 1930s, dressing Lady Mary in pajamas for the first time (in a silk dressing gown from Robbins’s personal vintage collection), Lady Violet’s more relaxed wardrobe, and playing with color and contrast on the French Riviera.


15 Souvenirs and Gifts for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
All of the gear you need to commemorate and celebrate Her Majesty’s 70th year on the throne.

This year, the Queen is celebrating 70 years on the throne—a milestone that no other British monarch has ever reached. In honor of her Platinum Jubilee, celebrations are going on all over the globe, but if traveling for Her Majesty’s anniversary (the official Jubilee weekend kicks off at the start of June) isn’t in the cards, you can still make the most of the celebrations with some festive, commemorative gifts that pay homage to the longest reigning monarch.


‘This Cannot Happen Again’: How One Mom Found Purpose After Losing Her Daughter To COVID-19
I feel like, a lot of times, life is pretty black and white. There are gray areas sometimes, but protecting other people from COVID shouldn’t have been one of them. I’ve heard people tell me my daughter did not die of COVID, and that I’m crazy, because it was definitely her autoimmune disease that killed her, when in fact, her life expectancy was well over 80 years. But when you’re grieving, anger is such an easy place to go to. If you’re ever going to find peace after your loved one dies, you need to be able to forgive these people and move on.


Shea Couleé Brought Royalty-Worthy Couture to RuPaul’s Drag Race
he theme for the episode’s runway challenge was “crowned queens.” Couleé wanted to embrace high-fashion for it, so she slipped into a regal, floral-printed Valentino gown and robe from the label’s fall 2019 couture collection.
The sculptural hair by Edward Sizzahands really completed the look. “It took Chicago braider Mo G three months to hand-braid,” says Couleé. “I saw this as an opportunity to solidify my unique brand and what I feel exudes royalty. I said in the finale of All Stars 5 that my drag, in its purest form, is a love letter to Black women. For me, there is something so sacred about a Black woman’s hair, and I wanted to use that as inspiration for my crown.” To complement it, she used minimal jewelry—well, by Drag Race’s standards.


This Summer, Fill Your Freezer with Banana Pudding Paletas
With the weather heating up, we’re already dreaming of all the delicious desserts we can make this summer, from berry-topped shortcakes to homemade ice cream. Also on our list? These creamy, white chocolate-covered Banana Pudding Paletas, which Paola Velez shares on this week’s episode of Pastries with Paola. They’re inspired by classic banana pudding, featuring a pudding mixture studded with chunks of banana and crushed vanilla wafer cookies that gets a dose of nutty richness from browned butter. That mixture is then frozen in molds, covered in a white chocolate shell, and finished off with more crushed cookies and chocolate sprinkles for a tasty treat. They will require some patience, since you have to let the paletas freeze for 24 hours, but the payoff is definitely sweet.


Pepsi Pizza? The Beverage Brand Created a Cola-Infused Pepperoni
Pepsi enlisted chefs from the Culinary Institute of America to perfect the odd topping.

Pizza toppings can be a contentious subject. But if you’re bored of the typical pineapple debate, Pepsi has just unveiled a pie that, regardless of how it tastes, is certainly discussion-worthy: a pizza topped with cola-infused pepperonis.
The Pepsi-Roni Pizza is billed as “a complete reimagining of this American staple.” And though Pepsi-infused pepperoni may sound like it was dreamt up by someone with late night munchies, the soda giant actually turned to the experts to get the job done: the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).


A Brief History of Windsor Castle
Queen Elizabeth recently moved her residence to the country castle. Here’s everything you need to know about Windsor Castle, the home of 39 British monarchs.

In the 15th century, Windsor Castle was a “favored royal residence,” home to Henry V, Henry VII, and Henry VIII who all stayed there regularly. During the English Civil War (1642 – 1651), Charles I was held at Windsor under arrest before he was executed. When the monarchy was restored and Charles II came to the throne, “he was determined to establish Windsor as his principal country residence and an important symbol of the restoration of the monarchy itself.”


Inside Alexis Stones’s 6-Hour Dolly Parton Transformation for the Balenciaga Show
Making one’s way through airport security is a chore for anyone, let alone Alexis Stone, who found herself stuck in customs at Heathrow this past Friday laden with a diva’s suitcase worth of prosthetics including a set of double G silicone breasts. But such is the norm for Stone, real name Elliot Joseph Rentz, the famed London-based drag queen and pro “transformer” who showed up at today’s Balenciaga show at the New York Stock Exchange as country superstar Dolly Parton.


Meet The Extraordinary Women Peacekeepers Tackling Global Conflict
As conflicts rage, an important sea change is afoot in the world of peacekeeping: the rise of women.

“There’s a sense that there’s a certain type of person who holds these positions – and that type of person isn’t like me,” she says. We’re in Islington, half an hour from where she was born; her parents had intended to return to Nigeria to raise their family, before the 1967 civil war forced them to abandon that plan. As a Black British-Nigerian woman, she’s certainly unusual in senior foreign policy circles that tend to be reserved for white men from a certain class. She views her new position with a mixture of “pride and disbelief”, though she knows she’s more than qualified. Whatever her feelings, she was soon faced with the enormity of the job at hand following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The invasion wasn’t a surprise to the head of an organisation that assesses the risk of upcoming conflicts. “I wasn’t shocked,” she says, “I was sad.”


How ‘Essex Serpent’ Crew Added Turmoil Through Designs
The Essex Serpent” production designer Alice Normington and costume designer Jane Petrie centered their work on the journey of the show’s protagonist Cora Seaborne, played by Claire Danes.
Normington’s designs touched on the idea of Heaven, Hell and Earth to portray Cora’s turmoil. When the character is at her London house, red tones are a reflection of her past as viewers learn about the abuse she suffered there. “That home is her hell, and the bedroom where she was abused is the mouth of hell,” explains the production designer. The red is meant to show “it was violent and passionate,” she explains.


The Fine Art of Finding Delicious Wine Without Being Intimidated
Restaurants, bars, and wine stores may have changed the way they operate, but the expertise and passion of the wine pros behind them burns brighter than ever.

In the same way our social routines have been upended, the dining rooms and wine bars that we once loved have been on a roller coaster of remodels, pauses, new concepts, and closures for the past two years. Your favorite restaurant interior probably looks much different now from the last time you stepped into it.
These seismic changes have also impacted staffing at these spaces. Before the pandemic, finding a sommelier to help you make a wine selection at a restaurant was a reasonable expectation, but has become increasingly rare. Some of these highly trained stewards have pivoted or transferred out of the industry all together. Still, ingenuity and a passionate commitment to hospitality continue to drive wine pros to adapt their approach — and evolve their platforms — to provide personalized experiences to guests. Here’s what to look out for.


Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We?
From the velocipede to the ten-speed, biking innovations brought riders freedom. But in a world built for cars, life behind handlebars is both charmed and dangerous.
Bicycles are the workhorses of the world’s transportation system. More people get places by bicycle than by any other means, unless you count walking, which is also good for you, and for the planet, but you can travel four times faster on a bicycle than on foot, using only a fifth the exertion. People all over the world, and especially outside Western Europe and North America, get to school and work, transport goods, cart passengers, and even plow fields with bicycles. In many places, there isn’t any other choice.


35 Scary Movies for Kids That Are Good Options for Their First Horror Film Experience
Give kids, from elementary schoolers to teens and tweens, a thrill — without scarring them for life.

Just like adults, some kids just like to be scared, and they’re drawn to scary movies. And on the one hand, sometimes it’s good for them to get a little tingle down their spines: they get taken out of their comfort zones, they get to grapple with frightening ideas in a relatively controlled and safe environment and, if you’re into it, it’s fun! On the other hand, you don’t want to be up with them all night, searching under beds and in closets for monsters.
The best scary movies for kids offer those doses of adrenaline without being too violent, too shocking or too gory. Our favorites below hit that sweet spot for elementary schoolers to tweens and teens. They’re mostly PG, though some are PG-13 (and others were made before the PG-13 rating existed, and would probably get that rating if it came out today). As always, your mileage may vary when it comes to scares: Some kids can handle blood but can’t stand intense suspense, while others are fine with those frights but turn and run at the idea of ghosts. Find the one that matches your family’s sensibilities, throw these on at a sleepover and let the jumps (and giggles) commence!


Peak Edwardiana: Bartlett Sher’s My Fair Lady is the real deal
21 years on from the last production, London is primed and ready for a fresh take on the Lerner and Loewe classic. What would Cecil Beaton think?

The time is right for a production of My Fair Lady, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s 1956 show (based on Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion), which has been absent from the London stage for over 20 years. The songs haven’t aged – I Could Have Danced All Night, The Rain in Spain and On The Street Where You Live are still excellent (especially when performed by voices of this calibre).


The Best National Parks in Arizona
Get ready to explore the Grand Canyon — and much, much more.

Maybe the Grand Canyon is already on your list of must-sees in Arizona (for good reason), but it’s fair to say the state has a lot more to offer than its celebrity park: It’s home to 21 other National Park Service monuments, recreation areas, memorials, and historic sites.
If you’re planning a trip to Arizona and want to take a deep dive into some of the state’s treasured natural and historic attractions, here are the scenic spots that are well worth a visit.


14 Black-owned Businesses to Visit in New Orleans — From Jazz Clubs to Creole Restaurants
They’re some of the best spots in the Big Easy.

Beyond the raucous joy of Bourbon Street, New Orleans offers vibrant and distinct culture that travelers come from all over the world to experience. This Gulf Coast port city is the birthplace of jazz and an ethnic melting pot. And the city’s motto, “laissez les bons temps rouler,” is French for “let the good times roll.” From the rich cuisine to the Mardi Gras parades, the city relishes decadence.
Much of what is most beloved about New Orleans derives from the Black, Caribbean, African, and African American roots of the city, from the second line parades with soulful brass bands to the savory gumbo NOLA is known for. Even as gentrification and climate change disproportionately stress Black neighborhoods in New Orleans, Black businesses continue to thrive. On your next trip to the Crescent City, show some love to the communities who keep NOLA funky and flavorful by supporting these Black-owned businesses.





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