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Posted on May 17, 2022

Con Fuego Bar and Restaurant – Breda, Netherlands


Let’s surround ourselves with fabulousness today, darlings. Pick a spot that allows you to look at gold and crystal while touching velvet all day. That’s how we do self-care round these parts.


The Andie MacDowell Renaissance Is Upon Us
The ’90s icon has always done things her own way. Now, the world is finally catching up to her.

Last fall, she gave an unforgettable performance in the Netflix series Maid, based on the memoir by Stephanie Land. In it, MacDowell is Paula, the undiagnosed-bipolar mother of domestic-abuse survivor Alex (played by Margaret Qualley, MacDowell’s real-life daughter). Her character is fiery and heartbreaking, with a brilliant silver mane, showcasing a different side of the actress whose ethereal beauty and Southern lilt made her an ’80s and ’90s movie muse. A few months before the series premiered, MacDowell debuted her natural gray hair at Cannes. Audiences have always known her with her iconic chestnut curls, and in Hollywood, where youth is king, it felt like a bold step forward for age positivity.


The Flight Attendant‘s Season 2 Wardrobe Pivot Makes So Much Sense
Once the queen of iconic overcoats, Cassie is an LA cool-girl now, according to costume designer Mari-An Ceo.

“We’re always trying to find unique designers. It’s a little tricky for the multiples, but as soon as we called a company [to feature an item on the show] they would try to find whatever we needed from different distributors which is really helpful. Like the pink coat isn’t super well-known; it’s from Rebecca Vallance. We loved that coat and it was really great because [Rebecca Vallance] doesn’t have a shop in town and nobody carried it in L.A. at the time; I’d just seen it online and loved the color. It literally came in at the last minute right before the fitting so it was amazing that that became The Coat. We did a lot of Max Mara coats as well because they’re great.”


Lisa Marie Presley’s Enthusiastic Reaction to Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis
“Austin Butler channeled and embodied my father’s heart and soul beautifully,” Elvis’s daughter said of the new Baz Luhrmann biopic.

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley approves of the brand-new biopic Elvis. Lisa Marie, Elvis’s only daughter, has now seen the Baz Luhrmann film twice, and like her mother Priscilla Presley, she enthusiastically approves.
“I’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s movie “Elvis” twice now,” she wrote on Twitter. “Let me tell you that it is nothing short of spectacular. Absolutely exquisite. Austin Butler channeled and embodied my father’s heart & soul beautifully.”


How Does Hulu’s Conversations With Friends Compare To Sally Rooney’s Original Novel?
The new series stays pretty true to the text—with a few noticeable changes.

Suffice it to say that Conversations with Friends—the 2017 book on which the new series is based—captured the imaginations of readers everywhere. A sort of literary touchstone for millennials (never mind the fact that the book’s protagonist is technically Gen Z), Irish author Sally Rooney’s debut novel overwhelmingly resonated with young women who have ever felt displaced, caught between chapters of their lives, overwhelmed by ill-advised love affairs, and alienated from their own bodies. The book follows Frances and Bobbi, two college-aged best friends and ex-girlfriends, as they become intertwined in the marriage of an older couple named Nick and Melissa. Bobbi has a crush on Melissa, but Frances is inexorably drawn to Nick—a fascination that quickly gives way to an all-consuming affair. Heartbreak and emotional chaos ensue.


Weddings Are Back — And They’re More Expensive Than Ever
The wedding boom of 2022 isn’t making it easy for couples with long-postponed nuptials to pull off the party of their dreams.

As a wedding boom erupts across the United States, dominating many social calendars for the season, stories like these represent a trend among couples who tried to get married at any point in the last two years only to face closures, cancellations, or at the very least a long engagement and lots of uncertainty. And vendors and venues attempted to weather a storm that effectively shut down their industry outright, as many predicted it would when we spoke to them in 2020. At the time, they worried about making their next month’s bills. Now, the wedding industry looks a lot leaner than it did then, and vendors who managed to stay in business find themselves busier than ever — and they’re raising prices to meet demand.


‘Seinfeld’ Fans Can Now Order the Show’s Official Coffees
The limited time only beans are available for preorder online starting today, no need to get in a car.

As popular ’90s sitcoms go, Seinfeld was not quite as coffee-centric as Friends. The latter’s Central Perk coffee shop is ingrained in our memory whereas the name of the diner where Jerry and George spent hours pontificating about nothing isn’t as well known. (For the record, it’s “Monk’s Cafe.”) But Seinfeld characters certainly drank coffee in that cafe. And so similar to how Friends has had its fair share of promotional coffee tie-ins, Seinfeld has finally scored coffee beans of its very own. No need to get them in cars with comedians.


Cannes: How Japanese Anime Became the World’s Most Bankable Genre
It was once considered a niche genre just for hard-core fans, but streaming has helped turn it into a globally popular juggernaut. Now the Japanese animation industry is scrambling to meet an almost insatiable demand: “It’s increasingly becoming a borderless form of mass entertainment.”

The coronavirus pandemic has yielded many surprising insights for the global film and TV business. One of the most curious new facts to emerge is that Japanese anime might just be the world’s most COVID-resistant form of popular entertainment.
The key force behind such growth has been a widening demographic embrace of anime culture, both within Japan and among consumers virtually everywhere. Once the province only of otaku — Japan’s hard-core anime and manga fans, formerly stereotyped as socially awkward misfits too absorbed in their fantasy worlds to participate in “normal society” — anime is already far along the well-trodden path of niche subcultures that have found themselves suddenly embraced by mainstream society as the next cool thing.


I Ate Food Waste Every Meal for Three Days, and This Is What I Learned
Saving raspberry marshmallows and Ethiopian beef stew from a landfill is pretty great.

For three days this month, I set out to eat only food that was destined for a landfill using Too Good To Go. Launched in Copenhagen in 2016, the anti-food waste app lets users buy “surprise bags” filled with perfectly good surplus food from restaurants, bakeries, and other purveyors that would otherwise be thrown away. In 2020, the app launched in the U.S., first in New York and Boston before expanding to Philadelphia and beyond. Nowadays, nearly 52 million people in 17 countries are buying bags of leftovers, saving about 200,000 meals each day.


‘Black Mirror’ Returns: New Series in the Works at Netflix
It’s been almost three years since Season 5 of the dystopian drama premiered on the streaming service in June 2019, but sources indicate that a new anthology series of “Black Mirror” is shaping up, and casting is now underway.
While details about specific stories are being kept under lock and key, Variety understands that Season 6 will have more episodes than Season 5, which comprised of just three instalments and starred Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace and Miley Cyrus.


Vogue’s Favourite Alternative Bridal Looks Of All Time
While many celebrity brides choose to uphold tradition on their wedding day, many famously opt for a more unconventional approach. Elizabeth Taylor was a bride eight times over (to seven men: she exchanged vows with Richard Burton twice), and wore everything from a traditional ivory satin and lace gown by Helen Rose to marry Conrad Hilton in 1950, to a green silk dress with a hood to marry Eddie Fisher nine years later. Our favourite, though, is the buttercup-yellow, chiffon babydoll dress by Irene Sharaff she wore the first time she married Burton, in 1964.


Hugh Dancy’s New Era
Despite being English and one of the dozens of cast members in Downton Abbey: A New Era, Hugh Dancy has never seen Downton Abbey. But the actor did not intentionally avoid watching the series. “I remember the borderline hysteria that greeted it when it first came out,” Dancy told W over the phone in early May. “I was in England briefly at the time of the first season and I just remember, you turn on the radio and it’s all anybody was talking about. But for whatever reason, it passed me by. Then, you know how it goes when you’re three seasons in and you’ve missed the boat?”


The hidden history of “Hand Talk”
A North American lingua franca.

Centuries before we had American Sign Language, Native sign languages, broadly known as “Hand Talk,” were thriving across North America. Hand Talk would be influential in the formation of American Sign Language, but it has largely been written out of history.
One of these Hand Talk variations, Plains Indian Sign Language, was used so widely across the Great Plains that it became a lingua franca — a universal language used by both d/Deaf and hearing people to communicate among tribes that didn’t share a common spoken language. At one point, tens of thousands of Indigenous people used Plains Indian Sign Language, or PISL, for everything from trade to hunting, conflict, storytelling, and rituals.


Leave the Sweatshirt at Home. Dining Dress Codes Are Back.
A number of restaurants are betting that Americans want to get gussied up again, but not everyone is thrilled about the fashion screening.

Whatever the particulars, the calculation is the same — a belief that many diners are eager to dress up again after an epoch of record-level dowdiness.
“Everywhere we went, people were walking around in sweatpants and T-shirts and their hair was not done,” said Rosea Grady, the general manager at Thirteen, a high-end Houston restaurant founded by the professional basketball player James Harden that opened in March 2021. “We wanted Thirteen to be a place where people put their best on.”


The many, many costs of breastfeeding
Breastfeeding isn’t free — and it isn’t a solution to the national baby formula shortage.

The Plutus Foundation puts the monetary cost of breastfeeding at around $950 for the first year compared to $1200 for a year of infant formula. Not exactly the dramatic savings people are claiming.


Living the #ConventLife
Sisters are joining TikTok to offer a window into their cloistered experiences. “We’re not all grim old ladies reading the Bible,” one nun said.

Before she entered the Community of St. John Baptist in 2012, Claudette Monica Powell performed in an acoustic rock duo and an improv comedy troupe in Los Angeles. Now she goes by Sister Monica Clare, sings in a church choir in Mendham Township, N.J., and posts matter-of-fact videos about convent life on TikTok.
“Most people have no idea that there are Episcopal nuns,” she said. On @nunsenseforthepeople, she answers questions about religious rituals (“What’s up with the ashes?”), posts animal videos and teaches her sizable audience about Episcopalian values like gender equality and inclusion. (Offline, she has marched in Black Lives Matter protests and showed her support for women’s rights.)


A Deacon, Retired Teacher, And Grandparents Among Victims In Buffalo Shooting
Thirteen people were shot Saturday afternoon at a Tops Friendly Market store in a predominately Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, on the city’s near East Side. Eleven of the people shot were Black and two were white, police have said. Ten people have died.
On Sunday evening, authorities released the names of the, among them a security guard hailed as a “hero” for trying to stop the gunman and a deacon who often drove shoppers home. Their ages range from 32 to 86 years old.


5 Charming Small Towns Within a 2-hour Drive of Big Cities
From a tiny island in South Carolina to the rocky cliffs of Maine, these small towns pack a big punch.

It’s always fun to travel to a well-known destination, but as tourism picks up, you may prefer an escape that’s close to all the action without being in the center of it. These small towns don’t just serve as jumping-off points to other places; they are fantastic destinations in and of themselves, offering distinctive options and a charm you likely won’t find in their neighboring big cities.


The Best Time to Visit Spain for Great Weather, Famous Festivals, and Travel Deals
Start planning your trip to Spain now.

Here’s some good news for all of you out there wondering when the best time to visit Spain really is: Any time is a good time.
Spain is a nation filled with history, a delightful food scene, and a varied landscape that’s ideal for those looking for a city escape, a mountainous getaway, or a beach adventure unlike any other. Ready for your ideal vacation? Here’s everything you need to know about finding the best time to go to Spain based on the weather, your fellow tourists, and more.





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