Cannes Film Festival 2022: Kristen Stewart, Lea Seydoux, Scott Speedman, and Viggo Mortensen at the CRIMES OF THE FUTURE Photocall

Posted on May 24, 2022

People may say that the Cannes Film Festival is all about celebrating the art of cinema or whatever, but we all know it’s really about looking at pretty people in crazy-to-cool clothes. You know it’s true. They know it’s true too. Shall we get on with it, then?



Viggo Mortensen

He fulfills the pretty brief but we’re afraid the clothes are neither crazy nor cool. He’d look so great in something beachy and light instead of this business casual nonsense.




Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

Having said that, she can show up in business wear any time she likes, so long as it looks this cute. We don’t get why the tie is so long. And okay, yes: maybe a black suit – even with shorts – is a  little odd for a photo call on the Riviera, but like we said: cute.




Scott Speedman

Also cute. The outfit’s dull, but at least he’s got cute going for him.



Kristen Stewart in Chanel

As with so many of her Punk Chanel jawns, it only works because it’s her. And because of those shades. The outfit’s kind of hideous but it feels like she’s leaning into it. The shoes don’t go, but that might be the point of them.




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