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Posted on April 08, 2022

Grotta Palazzese Bar and Restaurant – Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy


Hallelujah, darlings. You made it. Grab a grotto to call your own and celebrate the impending weekend. What are your plans, assuming you ever leave today’s LOunge?



Lindsay Lohan Relives Her Life in Looks, From The Parent Trap to Mean Girls
“Why am I wearing flip-flops and a scarf?” This is what Lindsay Lohan ponders as she looks back at a casual outfit she wore back in 2002, when she attended the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund’s Annual Tour for a Cure in a blue Juicy Couture sweatsuit. The actor may be unsure of this particular look now, but over the course of over two decades in the business, Lohan has had many fashion wins, too. In a new video, she sat down with Vogue to relive some of best style moments on and off the big screen.


Ketanji Brown Jackson Just Became the First Black Woman Confirmed to the Supreme Court
After a long and often contentious confirmation process, the Senate voted 53-47 on Thursday to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Jackson’s swearing-in ceremony this summer will make her the first Black woman to serve on the highest court in the land. New York senator Chuck Schumer reminded the world of the historic nature of Jackson’s confirmation, asking, “How many millions of kids in generations past could have benefited from such a role model?”


Every Question You Have About Anatomy of a Scandal, Answered
An adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s gripping novel of the same name, the show is billed as a six-part psychological thriller set in the shadowy parliamentary offices of Westminster. At its heart are James and Sophie Whitehouse, a government minister and his doting wife whose lives are upended when the former is accused of rape. The pair are thrust into the spotlight, but Sophie is convinced of her husband’s innocence and determined to protect her family. Meanwhile, Kate Woodcroft, the barrister poised to prosecute the case, is equally certain of James’s guilt and hellbent on making him pay for his alleged crimes. It’s set to be a riveting examination of privilege and power which will also, according to the show’s creators David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson, tackle “entitlement, truth, and the boundaries of consent.”


Gio Swaby’s Textile Portraits Are a Love Letter to Black Womanhood
Ahead of her first solo museum exhibition, the 30-year-old Bahamian artist discusses her goal to make art more inclusive and accessible.

The 30-year-old Bahamian multimedia textile artist took the art world by storm after her debut exhibition in New York City’s Claire Oliver Gallery, “Both Sides of the Sun,” sold out before it officially opened in April 2021. Since then, she has participated in two major art fairs (1-54 Art Fair in London and Untitled Art in Miami), and at least six major national museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago, have added her work to their collections. This month, Rizzoli is publishing a monograph of her work to coincide with her first solo museum exhibition, “Fresh Up,” which will open at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida, on May 28.


Friends and Family Who Don’t Tip Enough
A veteran server shares his best advice for dealing with misers at your own dining table.

It’s happened to all of us. We’re out to dinner with someone who insists on taking care of the check and when you sneak a peek at the tip they leave for the server, you are absolutely horrified by how inappropriate it is. Or maybe you have separate checks and you leave the customary 15-20%, but someone else only leaves 5%. After you pick your jaw up off the floor and insert your tongue back into your mouth, what do you do? Different circumstances require different reactions. The only certainty is that something must be done.


‘The Crown’ Producer Left Bank Has Discussed a Prequel With Netflix
Netflix and “The Crown” producer Left Bank Pictures have been in discussions over a prequel to the British royal drama series, a source confirmed Friday. However, the prequel is not in development nor greenlit.
The prequel would start with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, and would run up to where “The Crown” began, which was with the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II in 1947. “The Crown” creator Peter Morgan would also pen the prequel, which would run for three to five seasons, according to a report in the Daily Mail, described by Variety’s source as “speculative.”
The period covers the reigns of four kings in 50 years: Edward VII (1901-10), George V (1910-36), Edward VIII (1936), and George VI (1936-52).


How ‘Severance’ Uses Lighting to Enhance Its Sci-Fi Storytelling
To underscore the strange spin on work-life balance in the new Apple TV Plus series “Severance,” cinematographer Jessica Lee Gagné worked closely with production designer Jeremy Hindle on a variety of subtle lighting choices to deliver a world of contrast to audiences.
In the sci-fi drama, which is currently streaming, workers at tech company Lumon Industries have agreed to be microchipped, dividing their memories between home and office.
The corporate world of Lumon is windowless and sparsely furnished, with stark white walls, a deep green carpet and four cubicles for new employee Mark, played by Adam Scott, and co-workers Helly (Britt Lower), Irving (John Turturro) and Dylan (Zach Cherry).


The Cost of Glass Bottles May Be Driving Up the Price of Your Wine
Price increases from current global events could move more wineries to consider alternative packaging.

Pandemic-driven inflation has increased the price of everything: snacks, cereal, pizza, you name it. And the reasons behind these broad price increases are equally diverse: things like shipping issues, labor issues, and — since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — fuel costs.
Wine is certainly not immune from all of these outside price pressures (and is also prone to environmentally-driven issues of its own). But one factor affecting the price of wine may be the part your taste buds are least concerned about: the bottle. And at least one analyst suggests wineries may need to consider alternative packaging.


Everything You Need To Know About Working The ‘Audrey Brow’
As seen on Zöe Kravitz.

Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn continues to inspire countless make-up moments, on and off the runway. Just look to the 2022 Oscars where actress Zoë Kravitz opted for a modern take on Hepburn’s signature style with a swept over micro-fringe, sharp feline flick and strong, groomed brows.
A far cry from those skinny arches that dominated the Nineties, the Audrey brow is full, arch-less and, according to the experts, flattering for all. ‘It’s a modern, effortless look that creates the illusion of lifted eyes,’ says Sherrille Riley, brow expert and founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair.


16 Passover Recipes for a Delicious Seder
With Passover just around the corner, we’ve gathered some of our best Passover recipes to fill your Seder menu with all kinds of tasty dishes. There’s traditional recipes like Haroset, as well as a stunning Matzo Ball Soup that gets a springy touch with the addition of seasonal herbs and edible flowers. Brisket’s on the lineup, too, as is Chicken, Potatoes, and Leeks with Pine Nut Gremolata for some impressive main course options. Looking for vegetable sides? Try a Carrot Farinata inspired by stewed carrot tzimmes, or whipped sweet potatoes made with coconut yogurt. Read on for those recipes, and 10 more dishes to make for Passover. Some of these recipes call for dairy, flour, and other ingredients that more observant households avoid during Passover. Review each recipe and make substitutions or omissions where applicable, using kosher wine, pareve margarine, and matzo meal as you prefer.


Viola Davis Will Open Up About Her Life Story In A Sit Down With Oprah
Filmed on Oprah’s porch on Maui, the duo will discuss Davis’s painful memories of her upbringing and her journey of healing and forgiveness. She will also delve into all it took to reach her heights, primarily achieved by playing a range of powerful women (she’s set to add another to her portfolio with her upcoming portrayal of Michelle Obama in The First Lady), and how she manifested her happiness.


Justice for Girls: Looking Back at Lena Dunham’s Opus 10 Years Later
A decade after the controversial series debuted on HBO, a V.F. staff writer takes stock of who really won and who lost on Girls.

For six seasons, from 2012 to 2017, Girls was a controversial juggernaut, a cultural lightning rod—the watercooler show for anyone who went to liberal arts school and was struggling, as Dunham says in the pilot, “to become who I am.” When the show debuted, I was an 18-year-old college freshman—old enough to commiserate with the mishaps and minor tragedies that befell the central girls, but young enough to believe that I would learn from their poor decisions (don’t convince your teenage student to get their frenulum pierced; don’t get married to a man you barely know named “Thomas-John”; don’t accidentally smoke crack at a Brooklyn warehouse party). I was wrong, for what it’s worth.


For Jennifer Venditti, Casting is About Instinct
Her first book, Can I Ask You a Question?, details the artistry that goes into finding talent for Euphoria, Uncut Gems, and more.

To find talent for Euphoria, Venditti and her team of scouts tore through many cities, including Los Angeles; Panama City, Florida; Ohio, and Miami. At that time, details of the project—from Sam Levinson’s involvement to the fact that it would stream on HBO—were kept under wraps. “So no one knew what it was,” Venditti recalls. “We had an open call for season one—a real, in-person, open call at a church. It was such a bust. I thought it was gonna be great just because there was something intriguing about it, it wasn’t just a student film. Barely anyone good came. For the second season, we did an online open call [above] and it was 5,000 submissions.”


10 South and Southeast Asian Women With Curls Share Their Hair-Care Routines
With a mix of traditional ingredients and newer products, these women have found a routine that works to make their natural textures pop, despite a dearth of representation.

Finding the perfect hair routine can be difficult no matter your texture, but people with curly hair often face additional challenges to find what works for them — especially if they exist in a culture that highlights pictures or videos of people with similar hair textures to theirs less frequently than straighter textures. But once you do get there, it can be a beautiful thing: For many, a hair routine is an extension of self-love or can serve as a connection to their culture. Whether you swear by using coconut oil or are a diehard fan of co-wash to maintain your natural textured hair, there are few things as satisfying as finding a product that consistently just works.


The endless debate about spoilers keeps us consuming boring art
Is it all just part of a capitalist plot? Well?? Is it???

Our current cultural conversation around spoilers remains frustratingly stuck in the same gear it has been for decades now: Spoilers are bad, and we should not have to hear them. That conversation reduces stories only to their most shocking plot points. Too often, it is only interested in binary questions around which characters live or die. I’ve argued at length in the past that modern spoilerphobia, while understandable, is fundamentally antithetical to the discussion of art, as well as a historical anomaly in terms of how we consume stories.


From the Edwardian age to the abdication crisis: Five Netflix sequels to The Crown are reportedly in the works
The new shows would cover the years from Queen Victoria’s death in 1901 to Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne in 1947

According to the Daily Mail, the first series will focus on the aftermath of the death of Queen Victoria, with the next four covering the years until Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, where The Crown begins. This 46-year period from 1901 to 1947 would cover the reigns of four monarchs, King Edward VII, George V, King Edward VIII and King George VI, as well as the First and Second World Wars, the abdication crisis and the rise of communism in Europe.


Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? A Country-by-country Guide
From lounging on Caribbean beaches to sightseeing in Europe, Americans now have options when it comes to international travel.

Last year may not have brought an immediate end to the coronavirus pandemic, but it brought a renewed sense of hope when it comes to traveling. And many Americans are taking advantage of that feeling, looking ahead, and planning their next vacations.
The options for those who want to add another stamp to their passport have steadily grown since the world was first put on hold last year — albeit often with more paperwork, testing, and pre-planning required. Now, foreign national air travelers to the United States will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination status and a negative test prior to boarding an airplane to the United States. The United States’ new international air travel policy, replaces the existing country-by-country restrictions, putting in place a consistent approach worldwide.


America’s Oldest National Park Ranger Retires at 100 Years Old
Soskin became famous for her personal tours at Rosie the Riveter National Historical Park.

​​Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest active park ranger for the National Park Service (NPS), retired last week at the age of 100.
“Betty has made a profound impact on the National Park Service and the way we carry out our mission,” said NPS Director Chuck Sams, said in a press release. “Her efforts remind us that we must seek out and give space for all perspectives so that we can tell a more full and inclusive history of our nation.
Soskin’s retirement marks the end of 16 influential years with the NPS.




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