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Posted on April 26, 2022

The Gallery at Sketch Bar and Restaurant – London, UK


Today’s LOunge is a gloriously golden remodel of the formerly very pink Gallery at Sketch Bar, which we’ve featured before. Truth be told, we think we liked it better when it was all pink, but the update’s pretty gorgeous. Grab a comfy seat and judge all the changes, which is always the best part about someone else’s remodel. We’re off to the content factory to tighten some nuts and bolts before launching our new product for the day. Chat amongst yourselves, darlings!



How ‘Pachinko’ Uses Beauty to Create a Timeless Period Piece
The series’s showrunner and hair and makeup designers on the show’s braids, less-is-more makeup, and creating “honest portraits.”

Pachinko, based on Min Jin Lee’s 2017 best-selling book of the same name, weaves a narrative that shifts between 1910 and the late 1980s. The result is a sweeping story about resilience and strength, especially for women. For the series, showrunner Soo Hugh assembled a team that included the likes of directors Justin Chon and Kogonada, along with formidable actors like Lee Min-Ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Youn Yuh-Jung (Minari) as well as relative newcomers Minha Kim and Jin Ha, to tell the tale of multiple generations of Zainichi (Korean diaspora in Japan) families.
Since the eight-episode Apple TV+ show portrays a sensitive part of history that included Japanese colonization of the Korean peninsula, Hugh says she was hyper detail-oriented and faithful to period credibility. She sought out a hair and makeup team that she could trust to see that vision through, eventually landing on hair designer Sanna Seppanen and makeup designer Rebecca Lee.


How The Northman’s Costume Designer Brought the Viking World to Bold, Breathtaking Life
When it comes to costuming a period epic, there are plenty of resources a designer seeking to achieve the utmost historical accuracy can turn to: museum pieces, fashion plates, archives, even extant scraps of textile. But when it came to working with the auteur Robert Eggers on his new Viking epic, The Northman—a jaw-dropping, go-for-broke tale of savagery and spirituality starring Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, and Björk as an Eastern European seeress—costume designer Linda Muir was faced with an entirely new set of challenges. In fulfilling Eggers’s wish that every last detail be as thoroughly researched as possible, Muir had to visualize a world whose presence in popular culture bears little resemblance to the historical reality.


Cups of the Caribbean
A guided map to the home of the world’s classic tropical cocktails.

Cocktails are as quintessential a part of the Caribbean experience as its idyllic combination of sun, sea, and sand. The dreamy amalgam of a brightly hued beach drink, sunny skies, and turquoise seas cranks the happiness dial to 10. How, you have to wonder, can life be any better than when you’ve got your toes in the sand and a vibrant, fruity drink in hand, especially if it’s served with a mini paper umbrella in a fresh coconut or pineapple?


All the Portraits of the Royal Children Over the Years
For fans of all things monarchial, a royal portrait release is an exciting time. And while any Windsor family moment is a fascinating one, there’s a particular frenzy around snapshots of the children—George, Charlotte, Louis, and Archie—since they aren’t seen at events quite as often as their parents. The most recent example? An adorable picture of Prince Louis playing on the beach, in honor of his fourth birthday.


The Fine Art of Being a Good Hotel Guest
Tipping is only part of it and yes, you can take the little shampoo bottles home — within reason.

For most travelers, staying at a hotel is par for the course when it comes to planning a getaway. While hotels do their part to offer a host of perks, amenities, and accommodations, the guest plays just as important a role in fostering a pleasant experience — for themselves, for their fellow travelers, and for their hosts. Corinne Finn-Heyl, general manager of The Boca Raton Yacht Club, says having grace with hospitality professionals as they navigate the new travel norms can go a long way. “Now more than ever, appreciation, respect, and gratitude are important for our industry. There are staffing issues all over the world, and hospitality is still working, but with less. Good hotel etiquette will make their day,” she says. Now that travel is once again on an upswing, here are some tips to navigate the new landscape and be a welcome guest.


A First Look at Alicia Vikander in Olivier Assayas’s Bold New Irma Vep
When Irma Vep first premiered at Cannes, the film—written and directed by Olivier Assayas—was screened in Un Certain Regard, the festival’s sidebar for somewhat less established filmmakers. The year was 1996, and Assayas, who had riveted critics with his teenage cris de coeur Cold Water two years earlier, hadn’t yet begun work on Sentimental Destinies (2000), a sprawling period drama that kept being pushed back. So, he’d made Irma Vep in the interim, devising a story that reconciled the ghosts of cinema’s past with a looser, more experimental future. (It was also kind of a comedy, a first in his career.)


Taco Bell Announces Drag Brunch Tour, Promises ‘Thrilling Lip Syncs’ and $5 Breakfast Boxes
The five-stop tour will hit the chain’s booze-slinging Cantina locations across the country and raise awareness for a great cause.

Taco Bell has already staked its claim on the late night meal, but now the Tex-Mex chain is bringing its “live más” attitude to the late morning. Starting next month, Taco Bell is launching the Taco Bell Drag Brunch, a five-stop restaurant tour to celebrate drag culture and the LGBTQIA+ community.
Taking place at five different Taco Bell Cantina locations (yes, there will be mimosas) across the U.S. from May 1 to June 26, the Taco Bell Drag Brunch tour is touted by the brand as “a new immersive fan experience” hosted by “fabulous drag performer and taco extraordinaire” Kay Sedia and featuring additional local queens and kings. Customers will be able to enjoy “captivating visual backdrops, craveable breakfast menu items, thrilling lip syncs and extraordinary high kicks and dips.”


Florence Welch on her Band’s Euphoric New Album, Dance Fever
In an age that favors—often demands—the constant reinvention of its pop stars, there is a reassuring familiarity to Florence Welch, front woman of Florence + the Machine. Here she is, a Saturday lunchtime in February, nearly 15 years after she crash-landed onto the music scene,
still looking as though she has walked out of a Renaissance painting: flowing Titian locks, untamed and tumbling around her sculpted, makeup-free porcelain features, a long, floral Vampire’s Wife dress picking out the gray-blue of her eyes.


Everything You Need to Know About the Battle of Versailles Before Seeing “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”
Held in 1973, the Grand Divertissement à Versailles—as it was officially designated—was a tony charity event designed to raise money for the restoration of the historic palace. “Millionaires Sip to Save Versailles,” “ ‘Party of the Year’ to Restore Versailles’ Splendor,” “Versailles Invaded by Jet Set,” and “Millionaires Take Checks to Party for Versailles” were among the headlines announcing what was billed as a “hands-across-the-sea” event. It was held in Théâtre Gabriel, the palace’s opera house that was inaugurated in 1770 for the celebration of the dauphin’s marriage to Marie Antoinette. Contemporary observers covering the gala didn’t miss the chance to poke at the “let them eat” cake aspects of the evening, which required flights across the Atlantic in the midst of the 1973 oil embargo.


Krispy Kreme Teams Up with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Cereal Milk Doughnuts
The collaboration doughnuts comes in three varieties topped with cinnamon milk glaze, cereal pieces, and cream cheese or dulce de leche icings.

As far as mainstream doughnut brands are concerned, Krispy Kreme is pretty forward-thinking. This is the company that, a mere two months ago, shoved an entire Twix bar inside of a doughnut. So, yes, the whole “cereal milk” trend isn’t exactly new — it’s been well-over a decade since Milk Bar first opened — but when Krispy Kreme brings the flavor to their doughnuts for the first time, they’re going to do it right… with the help of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Sarah Jessica Parker Shares the Stories Behind Her Met Gala Looks
When it comes to the Met gala, Sarah Jessica Parker has always understood the assignment. No matter what the theme or dress code is, the stylish star has consistently shown up to the annual event’s red carpet dressed to the nines. “Whenever I go to the Met, I don’t understand how everyone else didn’t spend 7 to 10 months working on it,” Parker tells Vogue. “The assignment is the theme, and you should interpret it. It should be labor-intensive and challenging.” In a new video, Parker sat down with Vogue to revisit some of the stories behind her memorable (and on-theme!) looks.


Did ‘A Very British Scandal’ Film at the Duke of Argyll’s Real Scottish Castle?
“A Very British Scandal” production designer Christina Moore spent time driving around the Scottish Highlands as she sought locations for the Amazon Prime limited series. Set in 1963, the historical drama charts the tumultuous marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, played by Claire Foy and Paul Bettany.
The Duke, who had inherited Scotland’s crumbling Inveraray Castle, married a series of women hoping to use their money to maintain the castle. His third marriage was to society figure and serial adulteress Margaret Whigham. As rumors of adultery, violence and alcoholism come into play, their divorce becomes a subject of hot gossip.
Moore found numerous locations around Scotland and London to help steep audiences in the history of the story.


Dior’s New High Jewellery Collection Is A Dazzling Ode To Braiding
It comes as no surprise that, in addition to Christian Dior’s beloved gardens and roses, the world of couture has been a rich seam of inspiration for Victoire de Castellane. In 2014, Dior Jewellery’s artistic director looked to flounces and pleats for her classic-with-a-twist Archi Dior collection, a year later to ribbon and silk for Soie Dior, while lace was muse for 2018’s ultra-feminine Dior Dior Dior. What is surprising however is how de Castellane has now brilliantly revisited all these couture elements in one go, her latest Galons Dior high jewellery collection marking a culmination of her 23 years at the helm.


Natasha Lyonne Believes in Happy Endings
The wisecracking Russian Doll star and creator on why she’s hopeful for the future.

Do you think it’s more difficult to be original today than it was 20 years ago, when we weren’t as inundated with images and points of comparison?
I’m guessing that it’s the other way around. We live in such a reply-all, email-chain, zero-attention-span society that the tricky part is getting enough focus to see your own thoughts all the way to the finish line. If you can muscle through the constant distraction and get there, you’re well set up, because everybody is doing such fly-by-night, surface bullshit 24 hours a day. Once upon a time, you had to actually read books and watch movies and listen to music and go to the museum and have life experiences in order to form an opinion. So anyone who’s still doing that is breathing rarefied air, unfortunately. They have a huge advantage.


Hollywood’s hot new trend: Parents who say they’re sorry
Everything Everywhere All at Once and Turning Red are part of a burgeoning subgenre: the millennial parental apology fantasy.

Stories about parents realizing they’ve failed their children and should apologize before it’s too late were not invented in the last couple of years. One of my favorite examples, for instance, is the 1952 film The Holly and the Ivy, in which a reverend realizes over a family Christmas celebration that his grown children are terrified to tell him about their problems because they’re worried he’ll be disappointed in them. He becomes aware of the ways in which he has hurt them, and he comes to them to make amends, rather than the reverse.
What defines this recent crop of films, I would argue, is their focus on how the basic tropes of this story intersect with identity, particularly when it comes to the immigrant experience and queer identities, and their focus on the ways trauma, toxicity, and abuse cycle through generations.


One Good Thing: The Two Fat Ladies proved pleasure was for every body
The late-’90s cooking show was a revolution before we knew much about body positivity.

I first started watching Two Fat Ladies not long after graduating from college. Living alone for the first time, in a sweaty little studio apartment on the ground floor of a Dupont Circle brownstone in Washington, DC, I developed a routine: On Saturday mornings, I walked my granny cart to the farmers market at the top of the Metro escalators, bought whatever I could get for $20, hauled it home, and turned it into food while watching the hours of cooking shows the local PBS channel would broadcast on weekend afternoons.
Two Fat Ladies aired as part of that block of programming, and technically, it was a cooking show. Each week, its stars traveled to a different peculiarly British institution to prepare different peculiarly British dishes for the people who kept those institutions running. They roasted a Christmas goose for the Winchester Cathedral boys’ choir and deviled kidneys for North Yorkshire brewers, soused herrings for lock keepers at the Welsh-English border and made Queen Alexandra’s favorite sandwiches for Oxfordshire cricketers. They fed teams of workers and hobbyists laboring in the region’s most prominent historic establishments with food that was rich and messy, aimed at providing comfort rather than novelty.


A guide to Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed
In light of the upcoming Downton Abbey film sequel, Tatler brings you everything you need to know about its real-life location, Highclere Castle

Excitement mounts for Downton enthusiasts, who eagerly await the arrival of the long-awaited film sequel, Downton Abbey: A New Era. Fortunately, there’s plenty of Downton trivia with which to occupy ourselves in the meantime – such as the rich history of Highclere Castle, where much of the original television programme and the upcoming movie were filmed.


Is a Kitchen Island Essential? No, but You Know You Want One
Here’s how to design an island that works for your particular space and the way you use your kitchen.

As the kitchen evolved from a work space hidden from guests to the place where everyone wants to congregate, the kitchen island became a must-have for many homeowners.
It’s easy to understand why: An island doesn’t just provide an extra work surface and add space for storage and appliances — it creates an area where family and friends can pull up a seat.
“No matter how large your home is, everyone tends to gather around the kitchen island,” said Jessica Nicastro, an interior designer based in Los Angeles. “Any party that you have, your kitchen island is the central meeting point. It also acts as a buffet, a homework center for children and a breakfast table.”


This Ozarks Destination Was Just Named One of the South’s Best Mountain Towns — With Healing Springs, Hiking, and a ‘Glass Church’
Come for the hiking, stay for the natural springs with healing properties.

There are plenty of beautiful mountain towns, but some offer a little something extra, pushing their appeal over the top. That’s the case for Eureka Springs, a little town in Arkansas that was literally built into the mountains and has more than 60 natural springs believed to have healing properties.
The pure, clear spring water and the town’s mountainside perch have drawn travelers for more than a century — and the magic of Eureka Springs remains today. The town was just awarded a top ranking in Southern Living’s 2022 roundup of the South’s best mountain towns. Readers cast their vote for the best mountain town in the South, securing Eureka Springs the No. 5 spot.





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