Grammys 2022: BTS in Louis Vuitton

Posted on April 04, 2022

We feel like we owe you this post after the Justin Bieber one. It’s something of a corrective to see male pop stars in fine suiting that fits well and pops off the screen. Granted, it’s not exactly newsworthy to see the men of BTS werking the looks. Part of the reason we find them slightly difficult to cover is because we literally never have so much as a quibble with anything they wear.


As we said in our Cosmopolitan piece, it’s really all about the unusual and eye-catching color story here. It’s almost counterintuitive to come up with a scheme incorporating clay, beige, lavender, teal and white and expect it to look cohesive, but here they are, looking amazing and well coordinated, as per the usual with them. V’s corsage is glorious.


[Photo Credit: Eric Jamison/CBS, Francis Specker/CBS]

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