Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey on the Set of DISENCHANTED in New York City

Posted on April 06, 2022

Giselle and her True Love’s Kiss are back on the streets of New York. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey have returned as their characters from 2007’s Enchanted for a sequel to air later this year on Disney Plus.



She’s adorable no matter what, but are we wrong for thinking her costume is kind of ugly?

It’ll be interesting to see how a film like this lands in 2022, after a full decade of live action Disney princess projects. Part of the charm of the first film was seeing a Disney princess pastiche (with all the accompanying trappings: evil witch queen, dashing prince, talking animal friends) navigate the real world. It’s not going to feel as fresh the second time around. On the other hand, if they lean into the idea of what happens to a Disney princess when she hits middle age and has to do that assessing thing, that could be a fun and interesting way of justifying a return to the characters.

Dempsey looks great. Still working that hair like a champ.





[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/, BauerGriffin/, Roger Wong/]

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