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Posted on March 02, 2022

Catch Bar and Restaurant – Kyiv, Ukraine


We debated whether it was a good idea to pay tribute to Ukrainian bars and restaurants all week, since this LOunge is usually touted as a place to get away from the cares of the world. But because of the nature of our site, we don’t have many ways to show our support. As we’ve said many a time over the last five or six years, we may pride ourselves on our ability to distract you from your cares and woes, but we still have to live in the world and be of the world. All our best hopes and wishes go out to the brave people of Ukraine and we hope the owners and patrons of these fine bars and restaurants will be able to return to them in celebration soon.

Having said all that, you should still take the time to relax and enjoy yourselves, kittens.



Jane Goodall and Margaret Atwood Still Have Hope for the Planet
The writer and conservationist on the urgent fight for climate justice, their legacies as feminist trailblazers, and finding optimism in disheartening times

Over the course of their respective 60-year careers, Jane Goodall and Margaret Atwood have each translated a reverence for the natural world into groundbreaking work that’s shifted the conversation around the fight for environmental justice. In 1960, at age 26, Goodall relocated from the U.K. to what is now Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park to live with and study the Kasakela chimpanzee community. There, she made a monumental discovery: that they had unique personalities and emotions. Her work forever changed the science of primatology. Since then, she has been fighting to conserve the habitat of her beloved chimps, as well as those of other species, through the Jane Goodall Institute and its global youth program, Roots & Shoots. For Atwood, climate change has long been a through line in her work, along with gender, identity, and religion. In her prescient 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale, environmental crises including toxic radiation and chemical spills have devastated what was once the United States, which has become a dark totalitarian patriarchal theocracy known as the Republic of Gilead. Outside of her writing, Atwood also works with the conservation nonprofit BirdLife International, for which she has served as an honorary president of its Rare Bird Club. This month, Atwood will publish a new book of essays, Burning Questions, a collection of nonfiction pieces she wrote between 2004 and 2021.


King Richard‘s Demi Singleton Talks “Surreal” SAG Awards and Her First Red Carpet
The actress wore a Celine LBD to her first awards show, which was held on the night of her 15th birthday.

Singleton, originally from New Orleans, has been an artist since she could walk. When she was just a toddler, her family moved to New York City, where she began to study dancing, acting, and music. Now, she’s a ballerina, plays several instruments, and has an undeniable talent for acting—both on TV and on the theater stage. When she was 10, she made her Broadway debut in School of Rock the Musical and later starred in The Lion King, where she played young Nala. “I am the biggest theater nerd. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of Broadway shows, like over 30. That’s the type of person I am,” she says. Her first TV role was in the show Godfather of Harlem, and King Richard is her first Hollywood movie.


14 Outlander Filming Locations to Visit in Scotland
No time travel required.

The perfect antidote to “droughtlander”—or even the stretch between new episodes—is planing a vacation to visit some of the beautiful castles, villages, and highlands in Scotland where Outlander was filmed. From the picturesque hill where Claire first traveled through the stones to the castle where scenes at Lallybroch were shot, here are fourteen Outlander locations worth planning a trip around.


18 Modern Spins on Classic Julia Child Recipes
From luscious chocolate soufflés to truffle-infused French onion soup, these delicious new takes on classic recipes by the legendary Julia Child are the perfect way to celebrate the iconic chef.


Lindsay Lohan to Star in Two New Movies at Netflix
Lindsay Lohan is expanding her partnership with Netflix, signing a deal to star in two new films for the streaming service.
The news comes ahead of Lohan’s leading role in Netflix’s upcoming holiday-centric romantic comedy “Falling for Christmas,” which will premiere later this year. “Falling for Christmas” marks Lohan’s first acting role in years. In the movie, she plays a newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress who gets into a skiing accident and suffers from total amnesia. During her recovery, around Christmas time, she finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner (Chord Overstreet) and his precocious daughter.
Netflix has not revealed any information about the upcoming movies, which will be in addition to “Falling for Christmas.”


Every Question You Have About The Talented Mr Ripley Reboot, Answered
The story of the titular grifter who becomes obsessed with a rebellious playboy, brought to life by Anthony Minghella in the irresistible 1999 film of the same name, is making its way to the small screen. Here’s everything we know so far.

Andrew Scott, the hot priest from Fleabag who charmed audiences more recently in The Pursuit of Love, is taking on the part of Tom Ripley for the show’s eight-episode run. In the 1999 film, the titular conman journeys to Italy to strike up a friendship with Dickie Greenleaf, the son of a shipping magnate, who has settled there with his girlfriend Marge Sherwood. Stepping into Jude Law’s butter-soft Gucci loafers as Greenleaf? None other than Emma’s Johnny Flynn, while Dakota Fanning is set to don crisp white shirts, printed midi skirts and a series of excellent coats as Sherwood.


How to Make Kombucha at Home
Anyone can brew kombucha in as few as four simple steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making this fermented beverage at home.

Effervescent, bursting with sweet-tart flavor, fermented, and wildly popular, kombucha has been around for more than two thousand years. It has become more in-demand in the last few years; Kombucha Brewers International, a trade organization of kombucha brewers, estimates yearly sales of this fermented tea at over $500 million as consumers seek out a drink option that is low in sugar compared to soda and also boasts probiotic benefits.


Sam Elliott Rails Against “Piece of Shit” Movie The Power of the Dog
Elliott slammed the 12-time Oscar nominated film’s “allusions of homosexuality” and questioned Jane Campion’s credentials for directing a Western.

The Oscar nominee then directed his criticism at the film’s writer-director, Jane Campion, who is up for three Academy Awards at this year’s show. “[Jane Campion’s] a brilliant director, by the way. I love her work, previous work,” Elliott began. “But what the fuck does this woman from down there, New Zealand, know about the American West? And why in the fuck does she shoot this movie in New Zealand and call it Montana and say, ‘This is the way it was?’ So that fuckin’ rubbed me the wrong way, pal.”


America’s Second Largest Beer Brand Is Eliminating Plastic Six-Pack Rings
The brewer of Coors Light says that the switch will eliminate 400,000 pounds of plastic per year.

Even before reducing plastic use in general became a popular environmental cause, plastic six-pack rings specifically were already seen as problematic due to their highly-publicized impact on marine life. Still, despite the multiple strikes against them, plastic six-pack rings have managed to outlive Americans’ tolerance for plastic straws.
But progress has been — and continues to be — made. Over the years, breweries large and small have dreamed up six-pack ring alternatives, though in the end, the primary switch brewers have made is returning to traditional cardboard packaging — especially in regions like the United Kingdom where major brands like Budweiser, Guinness, and Coors have all ditched their plastic for paper.


Helen Mirren on Battling Sexism, Advice for Young Actresses and Why She “Begged” Vin Diesel for a Role in ‘F9’
The legendary British actress reflects on her humble beginnings in London, becoming an American citizen and why she appreciates and encourages the debate about authenticity in casting sparked by her upcoming role as Golda Meir: “It’s a healthy discussion to have.”

An Oscar, Emmy, Tony and BAFTA Award winner, Mirren has had the equivalent of four or five ordinary careers. She was the youngest actress to be accepted into the Royal Shakespeare Company and helped lead the 1980s and 1990s revival of British cinema with roles in John Mackenzie’s The Long Good Friday (1980), Peter Greenaway’s The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) and Nicholas Hytner’s The Madness of King George (1994) — the latter securing Mirren her first of four Oscar nominations. Her primetime depiction of police detective Jane Tennison on ITV’s long-running Prime Suspect, a role that garnered Mirren six Emmy nominations and two trophies, was groundbreaking, and in the 2000s, following her performances in Robert Altman’s Gosford Park in 2001 (also Oscar-nominated) and her Oscar-winning turn as Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006), Mirren was finally elevated to “national treasure” status in Britain.


How Beauty Products Get Picked for Your Favorite On-Screen Characters
For beauty lovers who can recognize products from their packaging alone, the types of items a character keeps in their bathroom, purse, or vanity can speak volumes.

It is, in fact, never a coincidence when a character plucks, say, a Dior lipstick from their vanity instead of a Wet n Wild one. It’s the job of set decorators (if the item lives within the set, like inside a bathroom cabinet) and prop stylists (if it’s physically handled by the actor) to select beauty products that help further character development.
“It’s all very deliberate and very considered,” says Lydia Marks, a set decorator who has worked on films like The Devil Wears Prada. She considers factors like time period (if a movie takes place in the ’90s, Glossier products would be a big no-no), availability to the character (someone living in a rural town might not have access to lines sold only at department stores), and how the packaging jibes with the rest of the set.


How the era of travel nursing has changed health care
Travel nursing is a short-term and unsustainable solution for medical understaffing.

The rise of the travel nurse in the time of Covid-19 isn’t that surprising. From the earliest days of the pandemic, registered nurses bore the brunt of the increased strain on the health care system. With ICUs across the country overflowing, hospitals were forced to open specialized Covid-19 wards and staffing was strained. Nurses were often required to work grueling hours with heavy patient loads, a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), and limited access to Covid-19 testing.


Unseen photograph of Diana, Princess of Wales shot by David Bailey to be included in new exhibition
The black and white portrait from 1988 was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery

Shot in 1988, the black and white portrait shows the People’s Princess in profile, wearing a one-shoulder dress and simple drop earrings. It was commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery, but didn’t make the final cut. There is still a hint of ‘shy Di’ in the expression on the princess’s face, a nickname she was particularly known for in the 1980s press. By the 1990s, and certainly after her separation from Prince Charles, she had a newfound confidence, epitomised by her agenda-setting fashion choices and slicked back hairstyle.


Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte – Golda Rosheuvel – is the April cover star
She declared Daphne Bridgerton ‘flawless, my dear’ in her scene-stealing turn as Queen Charlotte. Now, Golda Rosheuvel is back in season two of Netflix’s Regency sensation. Julia Llewellyn Smith is granted an audience

Much was made, when Bridgerton first entered our lives on Christmas Day 2020, of how mixed-race Rosheuvel had been cast in accordance with some historians’ belief that Queen Charlotte was of African descent. But given the show’s colour-blind casting, Rosheuvel herself wasn’t particularly concerned about whether that theory was accurate or not. ‘I did some research into Queen Charlotte, but it wasn’t really a deep dive,’ she says. ‘Bridgerton is more of a meta, fantasy world than a documentary – an amazing genre piece, pushed and twisted to work with our modern sensibilities.’ Anyway, she adds, ‘I didn’t need to do much research because I knew the world this character came from already – it was my mother’s world and that makes her very easy to play. Every time I dress up as Queen Charlotte, I pay homage to my mother.’


What to Do, Where to Stay, and What to Eat in Basel, Switzerland
Basel is often overlooked for other Swiss cities, but this art capital has plenty of style. Here’s how to make the most of your trip.

The best way to understand Basel is to walk along the Rhine River, which divides the city into Grossbasel on the left bank and Kleinbasel on the right. Go north far enough, as I did recently, and you’ll arrive at the city limits, which press up against the borders of France and Germany. While I ambled toward the point where the three countries meet, just north of downtown, I thought about how this location makes Basel-Stadt the least Alpine of Switzerland’s 26 cantons. It’s cut off from the rest of the country by the Jura Mountains, further adding to the city’s unique identity.





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